Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Amway is an endless chain my friend

Looking through Amway eyes one may imagine that Amway is not an endless chain. But reality is entirely different. Every IBO is encouraged to enroll more members under him under the notorious 6-4-3 plan of Amway. That means every IBO should enroll six persons who in turn have to enroll four more each and they in turn have to enroll three more each to complete one leg. This is what exactly the Amway has submitted to the Andhra Pradesh High Court in its affidavit. And mind it, all these 101 people are IBOs and they are also supposed to enroll more IBOs to get more commission. That is the inducement. Now tell me how it is endless chain my friend. And where do they find so many people on earth.
One thing is sure. The IBOs tend to look at everything with Amway eyes and say everything is great and normal.
It is very difficult for some to accept an expert as an expert.
These people conveniently keep silence when a pertinent question is asked and it is easy to say that it is all rubbish instead of coming to the point, my friend. What I wonder is why Amway has changed its name as Quixtar in the US?
Honourable people really worry when they face even a single criminal case. For the habitual offenders not even three are sufficient. That is their problem. Hope people understand it.
Let us be truthful and answer a straight question. How many of the 1.5 million Amway distributors in India are actually active? After losing their initial investment of Rs. 4400 they would be staying home licking the wounds.


IBOFB said...

So the FTC in their nearly decade long investigation got it wrong?
The UK courts got it wrong?
The EU parliament in it's Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, got it wrong?
etc etc etc

But you got it right. Uhuh. Such incredible arrogance.

You're a scammer. How do I know? Well I read your website - and I can tell someone else about it, and they can tell someone else about it etc etc etc, until the whole world knows! It's an endless chain! Scam!!!! Scam!!!!

No. An "endless chain" scam refers to the flow of money, the idea that every person in "the chain" can or will earn money, and needs to recruit other people to make money. That's how illegal pyramids work.

It's not how Amway works, and until you understand that, you're destined to be forever disappointed. Folk with your misunderstanding have tried to challenge Amway and other legitimate MLMs in courts around the world. And they inevitably always lose, because they've got their facts wrong. You have your facts wrong.

By the way, did you notice in the Andhra Pradesh appeal one judge found against Amway but said "if these allegations are correct", ie if what the police were claiming was true.

Unfortunately the poor police have been misled by folk like you - an endless chain scammer by their own poor and false definition. Sad.

quixtarisacult said...


Again, for your readers enlightenment, I must explain that this ibofb chap, a.k.a. insider, a.k.a. David Steadson, operates a vast web portal where he significantly describes Amway as a success, while those engaging in the swindle generally become part of the near 100% rolling failure rate.

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States requires Amway 'distributors' (heavy irony) to retail to 10 customers and sell 70 percent of their purchases to non distributor real world customers in order to maintain a legal business. Significantly enough, this rule is completely disregarded by folks who believe being their only Amway customer is a way of life. Their money significantly becomes part of Amway's 'take'.

Representing the billions Amway has 'extracted' from your homeland as Amway success is like saying the millions of people taken by conventional mafiaso's as evidence that the taken have been somehow benefited.

This fellow is a out and out liar, all promoting as success the Amway closed market swindle. He intentionally wants to defraud your fellow man.

Again, thank you Shyam for having the intestinal fortitude to take on these Amway interlopers in your country. You are a hero to your people, one who doesn't have to wear a mask as he does in his avatar.

Just as author David Brear has said in a recent blog post on Quixtar Cult Intervention, 'Truth is the Greatest enemy of any cult."