Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Funny apologists of Amway

What kind of funny apologists Amway cult people are could be understood by the way my learned friend reacted to the continuous enrollment. According to him, a wholesaler recruits six regional distributors who in turn recruits each four salesmen and who in turn recruit each three customers. The customer should remain a customer through out his life buying Amway products spending a huge chunk of his earnings. IF he 'wishes' to become 'rich' or 'millionaire' very fast, he has to upgrade himself to upline membership. Otherwise, he would remain a customer through out his life. Now he is lured with false promises of easy and quick rich, he tries to find more people under his downline. The question is where does he find so many people? Here comes 'mathematical impossibility' my friend.
The scheming model is nothing but a trap of inducement with false promises of easy/quick rich. So many families are being destroyed all over India with one of the spouses is dissenting to continue in the scheming model of Amway.
An honest man feels guilty when he is fined by the authorities of some crime. A habitual offender laughs 'hahahaha'. What an apology to claim that was due to the opening to a new market and untested local manufacturer. Let us remind the apologists that Amway has been penalised in 2007 but not several years ago and Amway has been present in India for over decade. It is a not new market.
Whether one lakh rupee fine or a hundred rupee fine, one has to look into why the company was penalised in the first place. The Amway products were found to be adulterated, misbranded, overpriced during the trial of the consumer court. The findings were established by the Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratories. That is the 'quality' of Amway. For our gullible Indian, anything from America is of great quality and they fall for it.
Regarding the Rs. 1100 crore turnover purortedly achieved by Amway may be another lie in the series of lies put forward by Amway. But no one is sure, because Amway never reveals facts. So are its distributors who exaggerate their earnings to lure into the trap more people.
The delay in writing this response is due to the attendance to a workshop at Bangalore.


IBOFB said...

I'm curious as what experience you have as a business owner? You say some very odd things.

The customer should remain a customer through out his life buying Amway products spending a huge chunk of his earnings.

Huh? It would be nice to have a customer for life, and having exclusives like Nutrilite helps, but holding onto customers and getting new ones is the lifeblood of any business. Why do you hold Amway to some bizarre standard where the struggle to obtain and retain customers is some how a bad thing?

But your bizarre standards continue. Amway screwed up somewhere along the line, and received an extremely small fine. They fixed the problem and move on. Companies, and people, make mistakes all the time. It's part of life! Seriously, if that's all you've "got" then it is indeed laughable - but I'm not laughing at the fine, or the mistake, I'm laughing at you!

quixtarisacult said...


Again, I want to remind your fellow man that this fellow, IBOFB, a.k.a. Insider, a.k.a. David Steadson, represents Amway in a fraudulent manner, and therefore is guilty of intent to defraud your fellow country men and women.

One might twist an honest man's words in an attempt to make you out to be somehow wrong on some insignificant manner, but this fellow's reputation is in the toilet and he has the nerve to laugh at you?

Joecool said...

What Amway customers?