Saturday, 31 July 2010

Amway's 'us vs them' fiction is a dangerous fairy tale

A few years back, I met a very humorous man from the North of England who had encountered some active 'Amway' adherents in his village. He called them 'Jackpot Witnesses' and described them as being far more determined and annoying than 'Jehova's Witnesses.'
I don't suppose that your resident 'Amway' clown, Mr. Scott ('Tex') Johnson, will ever deduce that your resident 'Amway' propagandist, Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson, is nothing more than a comic-book character who (by posing as a rational scientist and a secular humanist) is himself an absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, inversion of reality. Mr. Steadson has steadfastly pretended that 'Amway' might have been created by right-wing American Christians, but the organization itself has absolutely no direct connection with extremist religion, politics, cultism, etc. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.
Indian judges have yet again shown their capacity to see clearly the initial danger posed by all pernicious money circulation schemes dressed up as 'MLM Business Opportunities.' This (once all-American, but now international) racket is, indeed, an ongoing menace to society, and the fact that governments have refused to warn the public about it, has been a major factor helping it to spread. Unfortunately, the same statement could be made about totalitarian cultism in general, because it is a phenomenon that, historically, has been proven to feed off official ignorance and apathy.
The series of disturbing, totalistic comments which have recently been left on Joecool's Website by a fanatical (presumably American) core-adherent of the 'Amway' myth, begin to reveal the true nature of the abusive counterfeit 'religious' horror lurking behind 'Amway's 'kitsch counterfeit 'commercial' fa├žade. In the USA, core-'Amway' adherents have been missionaries for what is commonly-referred to as the 'Prosperity Gospel.' They have been programmed to believe that unquestioning belief in 'Amway' and unquestioning belief in 'Christ' will automatically make them prosperous, happy and free. They even cite selected passages from the Bible which can appear to prove their case. In the USA, core-'Amway' adherents have been bonded by their unconscious acceptance of the self-gratifying, but wholly imaginary, scenario that they represent a positive force of purity and absolute righteousness derived from their leadership's access to a God-given knowledge, and that they alone oppose a negative force of impurity and absolute evil. In essence, this formulaic 'us versus them' fiction, is the dangerous fairy-tale which transforms and controls the personalities and behaviour of cult adherents.
Sadly, casual observers only see the specific behavior of cult adherents. So a group like 'Amway', that requires its followers to stop thinking and to reject all established commercial practises, and another group that requires its followers to stop thinking and to reject all established medical practises, can appear to be somewhat different. However, the restricted mental processes of core-cult adherents are always essentially identical.
Due to various anti-commercial factors which were completely beyond the control of their so-called 'Independent Owners', all so-called 'Amway Businesses' have been insolvent.
Amazingly, whilst they have all gradually bled to death financially, core- 'Amway' adherents have been programmed to believe that just by remaining 100% positive they will soon achieve 'Total Financial Freedom.'
Currently, if you want make a billion dollars, probably the best way to do it is start your own blame-the-victim fraud and call it a'MLM Business Opportunity.
David Brear (copyright 2010)


IBOFB said...

all so-called 'Amway Businesses' have been insolvent.


corporate frauds watch said...

Lord hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

IBOFB said...


Do you seriously believe that all Amway businesses, everywhere, for all time, have been insolvent, as Brear claims? That none of them have or do make any money?


You're as delusion as Brear.