Saturday, 27 June 2009

ZRII or Noni both fruit juice concentrates out to cheat like Amway

A query from a reader made me to browse the Net to find about another fraudulent company which is cheating American people.
ZRII is a fruit juice concentrate which is made out of a citrus variety called Amla. It is a household name in India and anywhere in India you see a sizable number of trees with that fruit which is full of Vitamin C. People make pickles, cook curries with red gram and it is very popular in India.
That is the very reason, that fruit juice is not being marketed in India. But a lesser known variety Noni fruit juice concentrate made from Morinda Citrifolia is being marketed claiming to have magical remedial qualities.
Both are mere fruit juice concentrates and how can it be possible they have curative qualities for all disease.
It is like Amway selling its products at a very high price and lining its pockets. There is hardly any difference. That is why I call the Amway mother of all scams.
The modus operandi is similar to that of Amway. One has to become a member and enroll new members to claim hefty discounts on the product and commission on membership fee.
These fraudsters are not ashamed of their act and do not hesitate to do anything under the sky to make fast buck.
It is high time, people realised the facts and throw these fraudsters behind the bars.
My fellow humans all over the world! Do not fall prey to these fraudsters and lose your hard-earned money.

Friday, 26 June 2009

TVI Express is another racketeer fleecing the gullible! Beware!

Yet another racketeer entered the long list of fraudsters in the name of direct selling. This fraudulent company is showing enormous profits through out life. But it never clarifies how it works. A friend from the North-East part of India reported that already several people had fallen prey to this fraudster.
I appeal to all Indians and people of other parts of world not to fall prey and lose all your hard-earned money to these crooks.
It is also a classic case of pyramid structure where only in the top of it would earn money and all others eventually lose their money. This is what is called mathematical impossibility. Do not be induced or lured by this type of quick bucks. You will lose all your money and finally blame yourself for losing money in such scheme. It is a mirage, my friends. Do not fall for them.
There is nothing like easy money and no short cuts for getting rich quick. You work hard and save money then only you will become rich.
There are enough number of fraudsters around us to rob our money. Beware of such fraudsters.
Now several insurance companies are coming out with multilevel marketing schemes and beware of such insurance policies.
Save money and enjoy your life with your own money. Do not give it away to these fraudsters in the false hopes of getting more money.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Criminal case filed against Kunnath Pharmaceuticals

A Criminal case was filed against Kunnath Pharmaceuticals on charges of advertising in newspapers about its drugs which is a prohibited activity in India. Drugs & Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954 controls the advertisements of drugs in certain cases and prohibits the advertisements for certain purposes of remedies alleged to possess magic qualities.
The accused Kerala-based pharmaceutical company advertised in newspapers that its product Musli Power Extra improves the capacity of human beings for sexual pleasure. Vijayawada-based Consumers' Guidance Society wrote a letter to the pharma company to stop advertising its products since it is illegal. Instead of stopping the advertisements, the accused pharma company defended its products stating it is a fine product without any side effects. It also added that its products proved to be efficacious up to 80 to 85 per cent success rate. In other words, whoever complains that the drug is not working, the pharma company says that the unfortunate user falls in the 20 per cent failed cases. That is the trick of this cheating company.
After asking the pharma company in vain to re-issue the advertisement after including the 80 per cent success rate, the Consumers Guidance Society filed a criminal case against company for cheating and misleading the public with its advertisements which is a banned activity.
Drugs & Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954 states in its schedule 54 diseases or disorders or conditions for which there should be no advertisements which includes among others - form and structure of the female bust, obesity, sterility in women, stature of persons, sexual impotence.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Look behind the sale of Herbalife products that is illegal

Recently a friend asked whether Herbalife products are safe and good. One thing everyone should remember is if the products are good and safe they could be sold in the regular market.
Herbalife induces people to become members of the scheme and later induces them to make bulk purchases with the promises of huge commissions. Soon these gullible people are laden with huge stocks which they could not sell to anyone without making them join the scheme. I know dozens of people who have huge stocks worth several hundreds of thousands of rupees. Recently a physiotherapist approached me with the same problem. She has now with her more than hundred thousands of rupees worth Herbalife products. She realised rather belatedly that she was duped by the company. This is how this fraudulent company is deceiving our people. The physiotherapist cannot prescribe the products to her patients as it is unethical and she could not sell the products. That is the pathetic situation.
Now to the point of what exactly is in the products of Herbalife. The Herbalife claims that it is food supplementary products. It traps the obese people to become thinner by using its products. Who can afford to buy these products such an exorbitant price. Then they would be told to become members and buy the products in bulk. The chain of deceit continues.
What exactly is in the products is the trade secret. It is nothing but soya powder which kills your appetite. Naturally, you will no longer feel hungry and once you stop these products you will become obese again.
It costs a minimum of Rs. 3,000 to Rs, 8,000 every month to use these products for personal use. You have to forgo food and how long one remains without taking tasty, spicy food. Once you start taking regular food you would get back your weight.
The important thing people should remember is the cunningness of becoming member in the scheme of Herbalife. That is how the Herbalife is making lot of money by cheating people.
My friends! Do not fall for these tricks of such fraudulent companies like Herbalife, Forever Living Products.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Corporate Frauds Watch files writ petition against Amway

Corporate Frauds Watch in its relentless fight against Amway and other illegal swindlers has filed a writ petition against Amway India Enterprises appealing to the High Court of Andhra Pradesh to direct the officials of Andhra Pradesh State Government to stop the illegal business activities of Amway India. It has been pointed out that the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh has already adjudicated that the business scheme of Amway India attracts the provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Still, Amway India is continuing its illegal operations through out the country.
Andhra Pradesh Government has issued an Order, G.O. M.S. No. 178 of 15-09-2008 restraining Amway India from advertising its illegal business activities. Still, not only Amway India advertises in the electronic and print media, it also updates its illegal business plan and solicits the public to join members of the scheme.
It shows that Amway India cares nobody and goes ahead with its arrogance.
Corporate Frauds Watch also sent notices to 22 TV channels and print media houses for publishing the advertisements of Amway India knowing fully well that it is illegal and lawfully banned from advertising its business scheme.
Let us wait and see for the outcome.