Wednesday, 30 November 2011

'TVI Express' is judged to be a pyramid fraud in Australia, but the beneficiaries of this major crime have not faced charges

An Australian federal judge (in broad-agreement with the analysis previously posted on Corporate Fraud Watch) has recently ruled that the so-called 'MLM Income opportunity' known as 'TVI Express' is an unsustainable pyramid scheme under Australian law. 
However, this common-sense judgement came only as a result of a low-level, national, civil investigation and prosecution, and not as a result of a rigorous, international, criminal investigation and prosecution. Furthermore, the front company for this global racket is registered in Cyprus. Thus, the real beneficiaries of this major crime have not faced the slightest charge in Australia. Exactly like the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob (whom they have copied) the 'TVI Express' bosses have set up their Mafia-style labyrinth of corporate structures in order to prevent investigation and isolate themselves from liabiltiy.

In an unprecedented case brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Justice John Nicholas has found that 3 promoters of  'TVI Express' in Australia,  Lualhati (a.k.a. 'Teddi') Jutsen, Tina Aroha Brownlee and David Graeme Scanlon have been breaking the sections of the (Australian) Trade Practices Act which prohibit misleading and deceptive conduct. They now each face a maximum fine of $220 000.
Undercover agents of the ACCC infiltrated 'TVI Express' and posed asnaive recruits in order to gather evidence that its so-called 'MLM income opportunity' was a 'deliberate scam designed to benefit the originators while taking advantage of later recruits.' Government agents discovered that 'TVI Express' actually operated on the economically-unsustainable basis that participants could receive payments by recruiting new participants, who then could also receive payments by recruiting  new participants, etc., ad infinitum. Thus,  the so-called 'TVI Express MLM business model' was not only fundamentally unlawful under existing Australian civil legislation, but also a form of theft as defined by Australian Common Law. The organization's attractive offers of 'discounted accommodation and travel opportunities' and 'income-earning opportunities' were found to be lies. Victims of these lies were obliged to hand over $US 250 to obtain what was arbitrarily defined as a'travel certificate - entitling them to free accommodation for six nights and seven days, a free companion flight, access to an exclusive website and access to exclusive business tools'. These lies had already generated in excess of $300 000 in Australia. Predictably, no evidence could be produced to prove that any victim had received any of the material benefits which had been promised.
Judge Nicholas said:
'I am satisfied that the TVI Express System was a pyramid-selling scheme... I am satisfied that the single most important inducement held out to prospective members of the scheme in this case was the prospect of them making money, large amounts of it, by encouraging other people to join who would have to pay a membership fee to do so... The vacation representation was misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive because people would not expect the travel certificates to be of no value.'
It was also discovered that the 3 Australian promoters of the 'TVI Express' racket had decieved their victims into believing, and into promoting, the additional lies that 'TVI Express ' has created hundreds of thousands of successful business owners in  150 countries, and that the company acts in association with the 'Hertz Group, Carnival Cruise Lines and Malaysia Airlines.'
I'm sure that the free-thinking readers of Corporate Frauds Watch would be very interested to know why, during the previous 30 years, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has never investigated, or attempted to prosecute, any of the countless promoters of the essentially-identical, self-perpetuating  'MLM income opportunity' lie?
Indeed, numerous 'MLM' racketeers have been allowed to operate, and are still being allowed to operate, in Australia, behind the reality-inverting cloak of 'direct selling.' Classically, their de facto agents (in the form of the officers of the so-called 'Australian Direct Selling Association') have sought to subvert the democratic process and the rule of law.
Corporate Frauds Watch (copyright 2011)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Police freeze Rs. six crore in Bank accounts of RMP Infotec

One of our free-thinking readers Mr Jaipal Reddy writes the following facts about RMP Infotec for the world-wide audience of our blog. However, the apologists of RMP have been spreading rumours about the company that they re-started the business.  This is only to attract new victims into the scam. That facts are as follows:
Dear Sir,
Few days back Andhra Pradesh Government Authorities / Ongole(Andhra pradesh) police arrested RMP INFOTEC Directors in Chennai. Police booked cases and raided in Chennai by special team and arrested two directors Rajesh Chandan, Dilip Chandan and others. And police seized Rs 25 lakh worth gold, Rs 2.27 lakh in cash, Rs 6 crore amount from bank accounts of the company. 

The recovered amount is very small. The company has amassed thousands of crores of Rupees and diverted to their other sister companies. 
All the Bank accounts of the company were frozen and all the websites were closed by the authorities so that company cannot dupe more innocent people.
The names of three websites which were closed are as follows:
However, In order to collect the money from the people of far areas of other states of the country, who do not know the above facts, the agents of the company are fully promoting the company in Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujrat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh ect. and the company has made its new website at different web address which is as follows:
I request you to use your good offices to bring the above facts to the knowledge of the Govt. Authorities so that the new website ie.  WWW.RMPINFOTEC.NET  is  immediately closed down. This will save so many innocent people from the fraud as the agents of the compny are showing this new website and collecting money.
Thank You,
 Jaipal Reddy

Monday, 28 November 2011

James Arthur Ray's pseudo-scientific racket is essentially no different to 'Scientology' or to 'Amway'

 I have been asked two questions by a journalist :
 - Even if he once worked for 'Amway,' what has James Arthur Ray killing people in a sweat lodge, got to do with 'Amway?' 
- Why do you consider 'self-betterment' to be so dangerous?  
The answers to these questions have already been given, but I'll try to make my responses even more clear. 
James Arthur Ray's so-called 'self-betterment business' is one of countless, essentially identical, pseudo-scientific rackets which have all been effectively authorized in the USA by stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, legislators; for all pernicious cults have been built around fraudulent, pseudo-scientific mystification invariably designed to fit the spirit of the times. Cultic charlatans all seek to overwhelm their adherents emotionally and intellectually by pretending that progressive initiation into their own superior or superhuman knowledge (coupled with total belief in its authenticity and unconditional deference to the authority of its higher initiates) will defeat a negative or adversarial force of impurity and absolute evil, and lead to future, exclusive redemption in some form of secure Utopian existence. By making total belief a prerequisite of redemption, cult adherents are drawn into a closed-logic trap (i.e. failure to achieve redemption, is solely the fault of the individual who didn't believe totally).
Thus, if, on the pretext that you are an entirely honest person who wants to benefit humanity, you coerce ill-informed individuals into submitting to impermissible techniques designed to shut down their critical, and evaluative, faculties and, thus program them to dissipate all their mental, and/or physical, and/or financial resources to your benefit, and to persist in following a demonstrably-unviable 'plan'  no matter what suffering this entails, then you are perpetrating, and dissimulating, a blame the victim fraud. Furthermore, a mountain of quantifiable evidence proves that, when taken to extremes, the co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion which have been inflicted on many millions of ill-informed individuals by unqualified pseudo-scientific charlatans like James Arthur Ray and his criminal associates, L. Ron Hubbard and his criminal associates, and by the billionaire  bosses of the 'Amway' mob and their criminal associates, can cause serious psychological, and/or physical, damage and even death. 
David Brear (copyright 2011) 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

James Arthur Ray's so-called 'Science of Success' is an unoriginal title for an unoriginal fraud

Senior Law enforcement agents and legislators around the world should take note that James Arthur Ray is just one of many copy-cat charlatans who have been peddling the closed-logic pseudo- 'Science of Success.' Classically, Mr. Ray, has steadfastly pretended moral and intellectual authority. Even though he has just been sentenced to prison, he still poses as a philanthropic, autodidact scientist and philosopher who, after years of selfless research, has discovered the secret magic formula by which anyone (no matter what their sex, race, creed or colour), can lawfully achieve wealth, health, happiness, freedom, etc. .  Tellingly Mr. Ray has traded off the names and reputations of widely-respected American television celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Larry King. He has organized his fraud behind a legally-registered corporate-front known as 'James Ray International.' He has produced several, strangely-familiar works of fiction presented as fact, including one entitled 'The Science of Success.'  Apparently, this absurd comic-book has sold 20 millions copies around the world. However, I very much doubt whether this (also strangely-familiar) unsubstantiated claim is entirely accurate, whilst Mr. Ray has been reported as drawing an annual salary from his company of $10 millions. The vast majority of money flowing into 'James Ray International,' has come from the sale of endless publications, recordings and tickets to meetings; the contents of which can be summarized in just a couple of lines, because they have constantly bombarded the followers of Mr. Ray with a mass of incomprehensible 'New-Age, Mystic-Dream' hocus-pocus behind which has lurked a classic, 'negative versus positive' totalistic, thought-reform program.
In accurate terms, what Mr. Ray has actually been peddling is a dissimulated religion, or a non-rational belief system, based on a closed-logic pseudo-science. Mr. Ray has called his dissimulated religion 'The Secret of Harmonic Wealth'  or 'The Science of Success.'  Thus, he has taught his followers that they can only achieve their dreams and goals (i.e. paradise on Earth) through excluding all negative influences and by developing 100% positive thinking (i.e. unquestioning faith). Self-evidently, this type of fraud is not at all original.  
A while ago, the free-thinking readers of Corporate Frauds Watch were treated to some welcome comic-relief in the form of a string of intellectually-castrated comments from a poor Indian 'MLM' 'Amway' adherent who had fallen under the spell of Napoleon Hill (1883-1970), the best-selling charlatan author of : 
The Law of Success (1928)
The Magic Ladder To Success (1930)
Think and Grow Rich (1937)
How to Sell Your Way through Life (1939)
Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (1960)
You Can Work Your Own Miracles (1970)
Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement
Grow Rich!: With Peace of Mind
The Master-Key to Riches
Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion
Mr. Hill has been described as the first 'Personal Success/Development' or  'Rags to Riches Guru' and, by an extraordinary coincidence, one of his above comic-books, 'Think and Grow Rich,' also has apparently sold 20 millions copies around the world.
In brief, as a young man, Mr. Hill got a job working for the once-ruthless, multi-millionaire steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie, who after suffering an attack of conscience in his later years, had decided to give most of his fortune away to educate the masses, whom he'd previously exploited without mercy. As part of this philanthropic campaign, starting in 1908, Hill (aged 25) was paid by Carnegie to interview hundreds of the most famous, and rich, men and women of the day (many of whom were Carnegie's ruthless business rivals), to discover their own secrets of success so that these could be passed on to humanity. Strangely, not one interviewee suggested that he/she had become wealthy as a result of any lack of morality. Hill then spent the rest of his life trading off all these widely-respected celebrities' names and reputations whilst peddling essentially the same fiction as fact. In a series of never-ending publications, recordings and pay-to-enter meetings, Hill steadfastly pretended moral and intellectual authority. He posed as a philanthropic, autodidact scientist and philosopher who had conducted years of selfless research from which he had discovered the secret magic formula by which anyone (no matter what their sex, race, creed or colour), could lawfully achieve wealth, health, happiness, freedom, etc. . 
In accurate terms, what Hill was actually peddling was a dissimulated religion, or a non-rational belief system, based on a closed-logic pseudo-science. Hill called his dissimulated religion, 'The Philosophy of Personal Achievement' or 'The Science of Success.'  Thus, Hill taught his followers that they could only achieve their dreams and goals (i.e. paradise on Earth) through excluding all negative influences and by developing 100% positive thinking (i.e. unquestioning faith). 
Obviously religions, or non-rational beliefs, and closed-logic pseudo-sciences are not dangerous in themselves, but the propagation of one form of exploitative non-rational belief  (popularly known as a pyramid scam or dissimulated money circulation scheme) is forbidden by law. Unfortunately, if racketeers apply co-ordinated devious techniques of persuasion designed to shut-down individuals' critical and evaluative faculties in order to perpetrate a dissimulated money circulation scheme and prevent victims from facing reality and complaining, then the result can only be described as evil. However, as James Ray has again recently proved, when taken to extremes by narcissistic charlatans, these techniques (which are, in fact, impermissible experiments on humans) can cause serious physical, and/or psychological, damage, and even death, to the ill-informed persons upon whom they are inflicted. 
Once you know what Napoleon Hill was actually doing, it becomes immediately obvious that this narcissistic charlatan really had hit upon a secret magic formula, but only to benefit himself. Indeed, it would have been far more accurate for Mr. Hill to have entitled his best-selling comic-book : 'Stop Thinking and Make me Rich.'
The latest generation of narcissitic 'Personal Success/Development' or 'Rags to Riches' gurus, like James Arthur Ray, are no different. They have simply worked out how Napoleon Hill's age-old, blame-the-victim fraud functioned, and they have tailored it to fit the spirit of the times. But then L. Ron Hubbard, set up essentially the same unoriginal fraud in the early 1950s, which he also first peddled as the 'Science of Certain Success'.
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

James Arthur Ray gets just 2 years, but he should have faced far more serious charges

This video clip shows American television coverage of the trial of James Arthur Ray, and it also includes an interesting analysis of cultism by a psychologist.
It has now been announced that Mr. Ray has been sentenced to a total of just 2 years in prison for the 'negligent homicide' of three of his followers in Arizona. He has also been ordered to pay $57 000 to each of the families of his victims. In theory, Mr. Ray could have been sentenced to 27 years (i.e. 9 years for each count of negligent homicide). However, despite his tearful assurances to the judge that he has learnt his lesson, Mr. Ray has stated his arrogant intention to file an appeal. For years, he has exhibited the diagnostic criteria of severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder; the tragic events of October 2009, had come very close to happening on previous occasions, but Mr. Ray had sought to prevent this damning evidence from being introduced into his recent trial.
Tellingly, Mr. Ray, who once declared his intention of becoming the world's first self-betterment billionaire, initially ran away from the scene of his crime in 2009.
Undoubtedly, Mr. Ray  remains a highly-dangerous charlatan/guru associated with'Amway' and 'Herbalife' and reputedly initiated into 'Scientology.'  Significant quantitiesof marijuana, vitamins, food-supplements and pseudo-medical products (some claimingto slow-down the process of human ageing), are reported to have been recovered during the investigation of 2009.  It seems that Mr. Ray was peddling all manner of over-priced wampum to his followers, and that they were being induced to recruit 'Spiritual Warriors' on the pretext that consumption and recruitment of more consumer/recruiters, ad infinitum, was a 'secret positive plan' which, if followed without question, could enable all 'Spiritual Warriors' to achieve their dreams and goals. Thus, Mr.  Ray was running his very own, pint-sized  'MLM'  racket in which victims were subjected to co-ordinated devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion, designed to shut down their critical and evaluative faculties and render them incapable of distinguishing between what was, and what was not, in their own interests. The deaths and serious injuries which were inflicted on 21 of Mr. Ray's deluded followers in what was, in fact, a giant steam-oven for pushing persons to the limit of their physical endurance (and beyond) after having been previously deceived into a vulnerable psychological state where they had become unable to save themselves from what would obviously be a life-threatening situation, forms part of wider-pattern of racketeering activity as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act, 1970.  Furthermore, since Mr. Ray is neither a qualified scientist nor a licensed medical practitioner, by posing as a form of scientist and trustworthy self-betterment mentor and by performing such an obviously-dangerous series of experiments on human beings (without their fully-informed consent and with the sole purpose of making money by means of a fraud), he was clearly in breach of the Nuremberg Code which, since 1947, has governed all physical and psychological experimentation on humans, in the USA.
Under the Nuremberg Code, the voluntary consent of a human experimental subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him/her to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject , there should be made known to him/her the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonable to be expected; and the effects upon his/her  health or person which may possibly come from his/her participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.
The ten points of the Nuremberg Code are:
  1. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.
  2. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.
  3. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
  4. No experiment should be conducted where there is a prior reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
  5. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
  6. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
  7. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
  8. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty
  9. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Warning, 'MLM Self-Betterment Guru,' James Arthur Ray, Kills !

I thought that your free-thinking readers might be interested to learn that a self-styled 'Self Betterment' guru, previously linked to 'Amway' and 'Herbalife,' is currently awaiting sentencing in Arizona after having been found innocent of manslaughter, but convicted of the 'negligent homicide' of three of his followers. 
In reality, in the Autumn of 2009, James Arthur Ray (b. 1957) persuaded 50 adults to give him payments of up to $10 000 each. In return, he lured them to a remote 'Retreat Center' where, for 7 days, he planned to subject them to a barrage of potentially-lethal, co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion, designed to shut-down individuals' critical and evaluative faculties, but without their fully-informed consent. However, Mr. Ray has been running this frighteningly-familiar, blame-the-victim, advance fee fraud for many years, and he has apparently made millions of dollars out of it. He seems to got many of his unoriginal ideas from L. Ron Hubbard's  'Scientology' scam. Amongst his many published lies, Hubbard claimed to have lived amongst the Blackfoot Indians as a small boy after WWI and during the early 1920s, and to have been initiated into the secret medicine of the tribe. Hubbard began peddling what he described as 'Purification Rundown' to his 'Scientology' adherents in the 1950s. This comprised a progressively-expensive program of intense fasting and sauna baths which Hubbard claimed could remove negativity (in the form of invisible extra-terrestrial creaturesfrom the human mind and body, and enable 'Scientologists' to transform into superior human beings, physically and intellectually.
In brief, exactly like L. Ron Hubbard, James Ray (who has appeared on US network television and who features on the New York Times Best-Sellers List) has also steadfastly pretended that he possesses a secret 'spiritual/scientific' knowledge which can help anyone to achieve whatever it is that he/she most desires from life, and that (for a price) he is prepared to share this exclusive wisdom.
Using a typically-hypnotic cocktail of pseudo-scientific/'New Age Religious' bullshit (partly plagiarized from traditional Native American beliefs), Mr. Ray (the son of a preacher) persuaded his Arizona victims to stop eating for several days and to enter a 'sweat lodge' (i.e. a form of rudimentary sauna bath comprising a tent structure in which water is turned to steam by pouring it over a pile of rocks which have been previously heated in a bonfire). Whilst Mr. Ray continued to perform what he arbitrarily defined as a 'purification ceremony,' more than 20 of his starving, would-be 'Spiritual Warriors,' began to exhibit the symptoms of dehydration and kidney failure.
Kirby Brown (aged 38), James Shore (aged 40) and Liz Neuman (aged 49) died, whilst 18 others were hospitalized.
In the introduction to his best-selling comic-books, Mr. Ray boasts that he has worked as a self-betterment consultant to many famous companies, including 'Amway' and Herbalife.' 
Mysteriously,  James Arthur Ray has (so far) not been charged with fraud, or with racketeering, by US federal or Arizona state prosecutors, but presumably his surviving victims will be filing a civil action.
Predictably, Mr. Ray says that,  after sentencing,  he will file an appeal against his recent conviction.  His attorneys continue to describe Mr. Ray's highly-organized crime in Arizona as 'a tragic accident.' 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Kerala High Court throws out writ filed by RMP Infotec

Kerala High Court on 21-11-2011 rather angrily threw the writ petition filed by RMP Infotec Private Limited out after it was found that the fraudulent company suppressed the material facts.
The RMP Infotec filed a writ petition in the Kerala High Court with a plea to instruct the Police Department to reopen their shops. Another writ petition filed a public-minded persons is pending in the Division Bench headed by the Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court and the RMP suppressed this fact.
It may be recalled that this fraudulent company is already facing a number of criminal cases all over country. Andhra Pradesh Police had filed at least five criminal cases and are seriously investigating the case.
The fraudulent RMP stated in its writ petition that it is actually distributing laptops concealing the fact that it is distributing suit lengths and other things.
Corporate Frauds Watch is looking forward for the full judgement of Kerala High Court in this regard.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Team Life Care is violating IRDA regulations and indulging money circulation scheme

One of our free-thinking readers Mr B K is writing: Before reading the following The Editor of this blog feels it is apt to recall that the Corporate Frauds Watch filed a criminal case against Team Life Care and Bajaj Allianz for indulging in money circulation scheme in selling life insurance policies. 

Why the fuss is only about 500/- membership fee when everything TLC is doing is unethical n illegal? Can any of the TLC supporters explain the below violations by TLC and still say TLC is LEGAL? 
1. Amended IRDA regulation clearly says procuring business by any means other than by specified agents is a violation. Procuring insurance by Referral method (popularly known as MLM and Chain system) and passing on commission to referrers is being done by TLC which is a clear violation.
2. The defending members of TLC are unaware that TLC has two different companies to carry out their fraudulent ways intelligently.
3. TLC universal is the company in which all the members are working under and paid their commission. TEAM LIFE CARE Co. I Pvt Ltd is the company which has a corporate tie up with Bajaj Allianz and supposed to procure business through their specified agents licensed by IRDA.
4. Sourcing of insurance business by TLC universal members and submitting to Bajaj Allianz through Team Life care is a clear violation of IRDA regulation act which is not known to most of the members.
5. Every single insurance proposal form should have Specified Person attestation about details of how long he has known the policy seeker .In case of TLC Universal sourced business, the same is done by Team Life care staff later on before submitting to Bajaj Allianz. The customer who receives a policy bond through TLC doesn’t even know the attested licensed agent as mentioned in the policy bond. Doesn’t it ring any bells? 
6. None of the pending petitions are against IRDA regulations and allows getting the business in the above mentioned methods and doesn’t regularize the violations of IRDA Corporate agent’s policy.
One can access the amended regulations on 12th July 2010 in this respect by pasting the below link in browser… >> Life >> Regulations

The purpose of inflicting regulations is to avoid mis-selling and allowing transparency to the insurance seeker to know the complete details of the policy being taken. This can only be done by an IRDA licensed agent.
Now, the said company has many people sourcing business by inducing the money to be earned by being a member of the system. To be a member one has to buy insurance policy and refer more people for income. The members are not aware anything about insurance and products being sold. One can verify the same by attending their seminars as listed on their website which incidentally happens in Mr.Shyam’s town also regularly.
The owners of the company are getting richer and richer by getting huge commission from Bajaj Allianz by fooling the members about the legality of the TLC Universal P Ltd & Team Life care Co I P ltd and suppress the facts. For a corporate agent the commission received would be around 40 % to 60% product wise on the sourced business. For every 1 lakh they get about 50 k first year the amount spent for commission would not be more than 10k for all sort of commission payments to the members.
One has to decide what is fair….. real pain to see that none of the above bloggers even think about the poor man who has bought insurance only because of the dreams shown to him about earning in lakhs which doesn’t serve his purpose …TLC claims to be having over 30 lakh members, but never mentions the success ratio. 

Friday, 18 November 2011

'MLM income opportunity' fraud is central to understanding the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest

'MLM Income Opportunity' fraud is only part of a much wider historical phenomenon which has been described as a 'corporate coup d'etat.' For, today, in the USA (and many other countries), there exist a host of insatiable corporate parasites, feeding off the people and off our planet, but which are controlled by a minority of fabulously-wealthy bosses who have been allowed to subvert the democratic process, and the rule of law, through the bribing of stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, legislators via a criminogenic system arbitrarily defined by its instigator/beneficiaries as 'lobbying'. That said, 'MLM income opportunity' fraud is perhaps one of the most-extreme examples of this secret revolution, but which many people (including the members of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement) still have not fully-recognised.
In now appears that the US authorities are making a conscious effort to break up the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement on the grounds that by occupying a public space, its members are breaking the law. . Ironically, just like you and me (and the supporters of Corporate Frauds Watch) the members of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement, are only asking for the rule of law to be restored.
The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement started two months ago and has quickly spread all accross the USA. Although, the mainstream corporate media has generally tried to dismiss its members as an insignificant minority of work-shy, left-wing nut-cases, violent anarchists, dangerous radicals, without any elected leaders, or clear objectives to their futile protest, in reality, the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement has mainly comprised free-thinking, everyday Americans of all ages, sexes, ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. In short, these are the ordinary decent people of the American Republic - dissidents who recognise that they have been betrayed, not by traditional capitalism or their traditional democratic system of government, but by successive elected-governments whose stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, members have ignored the US Constitution and allowed themelves to become financially-dependent on gangs of corporate racketeers posing as 'compassionate capitalists.'
A perfect illustration of the tragedy that is now unfolding in the USA, occurred yesterday, when a retired Philadelphia police Captain, Ray Lewis, was arrested. He was one of the 'Occupy Wall Street' protestors. Proudly wearing his dress uniform, Ray Lewis was cheered and applauded by the crowd as he was handcuffed and led away by the officers of an unthinking police force whom he pities as 'Wall Street mercenaries'.
Far from being dangerous radicals and revolutionaries, dignified men like Ray Lewis, are actually conservative heros; for he has been acting in defence of his Republic and of its Constitution, in the face of a corporate coup d'etat.
In my not so humble opinion, Ray Lewis should be given a medal. 
David Brear (copyright 2011) 
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have been buying stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, legislators for decades

Your free-thinking readers (including some honest, senior law enforcement agents), know that, for more than half a century, 'Amway' has been the thought-stopping title for a pernicious/criminogenic cultic organization (i.e. 'Amway' hides a self-perpetuating, non-rational, totalitarian belief system instigated for the clandestine purpose of human exploitation). They are also aware that 'Amway' has generated such vast profits for its greedy bosses, that it has been copied by countless greedy racketeers. We now have a tidal wave of essentially-identical, parasites and parasitic organizations - a criminogenic cancer consuming the unprotected population and quietly multiplying, and gnawing, its way into the democratic process and rule of law in every country it visits. Meanwhile legislators have remained too stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, to identify, let alone cut out, this malignant disease, whilst the mainstream media (with a few notable exceptions) has concentrated its attention in other more-marketable directions.
When is the wider-world finally going to face up to the ugly reality that, for decades, the secret goal of 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers has been to introduce, their own thought-stopping jargon into legislation around the world, subverting the democratic process and, thus, obtaining a corrupt license to reap billions of dollars from the rest of us, by running dissimulated money circulation schemes and related advance fee frauds, on an unprecedented scale, but without any risk of being held to account for these titanic crimes. Although it remains very difficult for many people to accept, the plain truth is, that these absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, cultic gangsters disguised as 'pious and philanthropic capitalists,' have infiltrated traditional culture and have effectively legalized a particularly cruel type of mass-theft by deception, which traditional culture has (to-date) failed to identify accurately as being just another form of closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme.
Closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities' are always essentially the same false beacon of hope which can lure their most vulnerable victims into a delusional, self-destructive state, akin to a chronic gambling addiction. In reality, no matter how they are disguised, closed-market swindles only enrich their instigators and a few early recruits, with their latest victims' money, but since (by definition) a closed-market has no real external revenue, the latest victims are, in turn, promised the same chance or right to be paid from future victims, ad infinitum. Thus, closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities,' propagate the malicious false promise that endless-chain recruitment + endless contributions by the recruits = endless profits for all contributing recruits. Self-evidently, by design, this economic Utopia cannot be fulfilled, but the cruel illusion has been sustained simply by hiding its catastrophic results. Thus, preventing its victims from complaining. Consequently, although all 'MLM income opportunity' rackets have secretly produced loss/drop-out rates of effectively 100% (other than for their instigators and earliest recruits), they have continued to function, because this key-information has been deliberately withheld from the wider-world by criminals. Indeed, the act of occulting this information, has itself been fraudulent.
'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have sought to prevent prosecution of endless-chain recruitment schemes by laundering most of these schemes' unlawful internal transactions through what they have arbitrarily defined, in their thought-stopping jargon, as 'product purchases.' Each smokescreen 'purchase' has included at least 40-50% margin for apparent 'profit payments' collectively, to persons arbitrarily defined as 'Distributors' or 'Business Owners' , but who have actually been insolvent victims of a closed -market swindle - temporary de facto slave recruiters, doomed to failure. This 40-50% has been apportioned according to an incremental percentage-formula based on the victims' position in the endless-recruitment chain above the latest victims. Thus, any payments to the instigators and to the earliest recruits have been the product of fraud, whilst the remaining payments going to the so-called 'MLM' companies from the smoke-screen 'purchases' of the latest victims, were also the product of fraud.
In the USA, various court decisions, and some State laws, specify that any payments apportioned to the participants in a multi-tiered sales organization (ignoring the fact that these organizations, have all been criminogenic) must derive from outside of the sales organization and be the result of genuine retail sales to the public, not from smokescreen 'purchases' made by the recruits themselves. However, to avoid court rulings in the USA that might identify, and outlaw, closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities,' their instigators infiltrated and subverted an existing, US-registered, corporate structure known as the 'Direct Selling Association,' to acquire influence over legislators in more than a dozen States. Thus, existing US anti-pyramid laws were rewritten in precise, but essentially meaningless, terms (like 'anyone' , 'products', 'consumers', etc.) to exempt closed-market swindles in which the revenue is secretly derived from smokescreen transactions arbitrarily defined as 'product purchases,' thereby illegally  removing the key-distinction as to whether the participants are actually making authentic retail sales to the public. Using these subversive tactics, closed-market swindles dissimulated as 'MLM income opportunities' have been effectively legalized in the USA (and in various other countries), but the false promise that endless-chain recruitment + endless contributions by the recruits = endless profits for all contributing recruits, upon which all 'MLM income opportunities' have been based, remains intrinsically fraudulent under universal criminal laws which define theft by deception.
Corporate Frauds Watch has recently uncovered these same subversive tactics evidently being pursued in the Indian State of Kerala, where the de facto agents of the'Amway' bosses (i.e. the officers of the 'Indian Direct Selling Association') have also been attempting effectively to legalize dissimulated money  schemes which launder illegal internal payments through smokescreen transactions arbitrarily defined as  'product/service purchases'.  Stupid, and/or Lazy, and/or corrupt Kerala officials have recently been caught red handed trying to redefine traditional direct selling in the familiar, effectively meaningless terms, to include the unlawful continuous-recruiting of insolvent victims (arbitrarily defined as 'direct sellers'),who illogically will not be obliged to sell anything directly to the public, by fake corporate structures (arbitrarily defined as 'direct selling' companies), which illogically will be allowed to derive the overwhelming majority their revenue from their victims, who merely make smokescreen 'purchases' under the delusion that eventually, by exactly duplicating a plan of recruitment and self-consumption, ad infinitum, they will be able to retire and receive reward in perpetuity. However, all such closed, money circulation schemes are already banned by existing, Indian, criminal legislation. 
Readers of CFW should be aware that the subversion of the democratic process and the rule of law in the USA by 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers, included a proposed Bill, HR1220, in the US Congress. This shameful document was written by officers of the so-called 'Direct Selling Association' and it was introduced into the US House of Representatives by a traitor to the American Republic, who, ironically, was an elected Republican Member for Texas, Joe Barton. Co-traitors, included a small flock of apparently pious Republican/Christian Congressmen/women whose political campaigns had been largely-funded by money produced by 'MLM income opportunity' fraud. In simple terms, these legislators had been bribed with stolen cash, but they have not yet been held to account. The corrupt Bill they proposed, would have created a federal law, maliciously designed effectively to legalize 'MLM income opportunity' fraud throughout the USA, and to override common-sense federal court decisions which had previously served as the guide in all other federal court cases dealing with the 'MLM' question. However (probably due to the invasion of Iraq in 2003), the law was never passed.
Jack Abramoff has recently admitted that he was part of an extensive, corrupt 'lobbying' system in Washington which has been partially exposed, but not halted. Abramoff has confessed that he was paid millions of dollars to bribe stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, US federal legislators to conceal modifications in federal legislation which were secretly of great financial benefit to his clients, and against the interests of the people. These modifications were the product of crime. They were written in precise, but incomprehensible, terms often referencing (but not explaining) previous laws or obscure sub-sections of previous laws. Similarly, 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers have used corrupt 'lobbyists' to cloak their own modifications to legislation in thought-stopping, apparently pious terms like, 'reform' , 'updating', 'anti-pyramid,' etc. To casual observers, terms like,  'anyone',  'consumer' , 'product', etc.  can appear quite harmless. However, to intellectually-rigorous observers, this obvious subversion of the democratic process and the rule of law by the manipulation of language, is revealed as a co-ordinated devious campaign launched by cultic gangsters, to redefine traditional direct selling, and thus, include, and effectively legalize, the cancer of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud (which has no real connection with traditional direct selling), from which these parasites continue to reap billions of dollars from countless millions of their constantly-churning victims. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Amway suddenly posing as a pious woman

Amway, nowadays, is heavily advertising throughout India spending several millions of rupees. What happened to its principle of no advertisement all these years.
An adage in Sanskrit says, "vriddha naari pativrataa". Suddenly this aged prostitute is posing as a pious woman. It says that there is no entry fee to become a distributor and there is no compulsion to purchase products at entry level. In the headlines of the Advertisement itself Amway says that it is regularizing its business activities. That effectively means it has been illegally and irregularly doing business all these years spanning over a decade. What is the punishment for Amway's illegal business activities all these years and what happened to the stolen money from the gullible all over India and the rest of the countries.
However, its business model is still enrollment which is a banned activity under the provisions of Prize Chits &; Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Amway's website states that if a Distributor sells Amway products along with his 'GROUP' they are entitled commission ranging from 6 % to 21 %. From where does this group emerge without enrollment. That is the crux of the racket Amway is indulging in.
Moreover, the price of these products is so exorbitant that no sane person would buy these products unless he is promised with huge returns by way of enrollment.
For instance, the price of Glister toothpaste ranges from Rs. 125 to Rs. 199. No fool would buy these products at such exorbitant price. A 250 ml coconut oil bottle is sold at Rs. 109, a toothbrush for Rs. 116, a 
250 ml shampoo for Rs. 379, one litre Dish washing liquid for Rs. 519. These are only samples. There are more.
Amway also states in its website the Distributor should give a hand written receipt to the purchaser while selling products. Is there any sanctity to the hand written receipt? Who would recognise it? IF there is any patent or latent defect in the product, will the consumer forum recognise it as an authentic receipt? 
The main issue is the money circulation scheme camouflaged with sale of products and services. If Amway believes  its products are of great value, it could sell them in the open market. Anyway, it is advertising heavily spending millions and there is now no justification for its camouflaged activity. It is high time, people realised its nefarious activities and throw Amway out.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kerala officials have been caught red handed helping 'MLM' racketeers

The bosses of the 'Amway' mob continue to behave as though the rest of the world is  too stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, to work out how their insidious racket functions.
The ongoing, extensive 'payment for legislation' racket that Jack Abramoff has admitted once being a part of  in Washington, and which he lately-condemns, is exactly the same as the one which is now evidently appearing in the Indian State of Kerala.
Abramoff has described how, just by introducing precise, but essentially meaningless, language into US federal legislation, it was possible to subvert the democratic process to the financial advantage of anyone who supplied him with piles of loot to bribe greedy US politicians and key members of their advisory staff, with valuable gifts and highly-paid job offers. These traitors to the American Republic, then unlawfully gave Abramoff a free-hand to write the legislation. Abramoff does not hide the alarming fact that he had significant influence in the offices of around one hundred key Washington legislators, and that his ambition had been to own all of them.
The available evidence strongly suggests that the 'Amway' bosses are currently attempting to buy  stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, key legislators in Kerala in order to try to continue to commit the same fraud which they have already paid stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, key Washington legislators to ignore.
The size, and duration, of this (still-largely hidden) scandal is absolutely without precedent, but where the Hell is the mainstream media?
Some more of the obvious questions I have, are:
-  What are the names of the Kerala officials who claim to have written the 'direct selling guidelines,'  but who obviously haven't written them at all?
-  What has been the exact nature of the relationship between these Kerala officials and persons representing 'Amway India Enterprises' from the so called 'Indian Direct Selling Association'  who have been allowed to draft these precise, but essentially meaningless,  'direct selling guidelines' to the financial advantage of the billionaire 'Amway' bosses in the USA?
- How can we get a rigorous corruption investigation started in Kerala? 
David Brear (copyright 2011)