Tuesday, 30 March 2010

IBOFB proves to be an inflexible little fake

One would have thought that the billionaire bosses of the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, would have the gumption to order him to abandon his transparent, thought-stopping provocation tactics, because they obviously don't work. It appears that these inflexible racketeers are never going to twig that their habitual devious techniques have no effect on us - other than completely the reverse of those intended.
His latest posts are just more proof that Mr. Steadson is an inflexible little fake who is the apologist for an inflexible large fake. His criminal role has been steadfastly to deny the quantifiable evidence which proves (beyond all reasonable doubt) that, for 50+ years, the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' has had virtually no revenue other than that deriving illegally from its own transient, insolvent partipants (whom Steadson and his bosses arbitrarily define as 'retail customers'). Therefore, 'Amway' has been the kitsch corporate front for a cruel closed-market swindle, because, without significant and sustainable external revenue, it could never generate an overall profit for the overwhelming majority of its contributing participants. Indeed, during the shameful period of its operation, tens of millions of ill-informed individuals around the globe have been churned through this swindle and related advance fee frauds. The reasons why the counterfeit 'Amway Business Opportunity' has had virtually no authentic retail customers are manifold:
- banal 'Amway' products with fixed high prices which have rendered them (effectively) unsaleable on the open market.
- no limits set on the numbers of persons being recruited into 'Amway' in given geographical areas.
- no limits on the commercial aptitude of persons being recruited into 'Amway'.
- commission payments given to 'Amway' adherents on products purchased by themselves, and by their recruits, and by the recruits of their recruits, ad infinitum.
- (effective) authorization of the unviable closed-market pseudo-economic belief system that 'Amway' adherents have actually been indoctrinated to accept (by persons who have profited-massively from this system) without question.
- (effective) authoriztion of the devious coordinated techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion that 'Amway'adherents have actually been exposed to (by persons who have profited-massively from these techniques) without their fully-informed consent.
- etc.
Unless he is a complete imbecile, Mr. Steadson knows full-well that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob, whom he serves, were secretly responsible for maliciously creating, and maintaining, all these conditions which produced, and sustained, an unviable and unlawful closed-market market for 50+ years, but which (during this entire period) they have peddled as a viable and lawful 'Business Opportunity.' However, at the same time these ambitious thieves maliciously created a set of meaningless 'rules' in order to deceive investigators and judges.
Unfortunately, the scripted sophistic argument that Steadson is now putting forward, in the form of a rhetorical thought-stopping question, has been used previously by apologists of the 'Amway' mob. Indeed, essentially the same closed-logic line was used by the officers and attorneys of 'Amway UK Ltd.', who obstructed justice by preventing this counterfeit 'Direct Selling' company from being closed under UK civil laws (which would probably have triggered a criminal enquiry) by posing as innocent victims and asking a UK High Court Judge how could 'Amway UK Ltd.' be held responsible for the unlawful actions of its agents, since 'Amway UK Ltd.' was 'not the police' and had no means of enforcing its own rules?
David Brear

Monday, 29 March 2010

Amway's dreamers still continue to dream

One Ananta Padmanabha Swami from Madanapalli writes that he has been well motivated by Raja Naren to become an Amway distributor. He claims to be a taxi driver and a dreamer. However, he did not say how much amount he is investing every month to purchase products and how much commission he is earning. He is all praise of Raja Naren, a Diamond, but he was not clear whether he is working for him or a mere admirer. It is hoped that the dreamer would wake up some day and realise the futile exercise of dreaming.
At the disrupted venue of Amway meeting at Vijayawada, a newly joined distributor said that he became a distributor by paying Rs. 1000 and he is purchasing products worth Rs. 1000 and earning a commission of Rs. 60. When asked he said that he would have to purchase products worth Rs. 18,000 to earn a commission of Rs. 1000. He just smiled when asked what he would do with products worth Rs. 18,000 every month.
Now the Clueless Tex, the stupid, asks what is the evidence of the new distributor. He is such a nitwit he could ask any question. Anyway, it seems Tex, the stupid did not make a phone call to the police officer to verify veracity of the 'story'.

Masked IBOFB uses the same tedious tactics

The masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, is (as ever) using the same tedious and transparent tactics. However, it turns out, that these go back centuries.
In Steadson's latest intellectually-feeble post, he again endeavours to extrapolate a simplistic meaning from what I have clearly stated on your Blog which does not, and cannot, exist (in that unambiguous text). To this twisted end, Mr. Steadson pretends that I believe that the police must be to blame if laws are broken which they do not enforce. What I actually believe is that any individual, including Mr. Steadson, who has been part of the pattern of major racketeering activity lurking behind the kitsch corporate front of 'Amway,' is a criminal who should be held to account for his/her crimes.
As Steadson knows full-well, the employees of the mystifying labyrinth of corporate structures most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' are neither democratically-accountable nor are they law enforcement agents. The self-appointed billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have simply created their own reality-inverting 'rules' for the benefit of public consumption. When the wider-picture is examined, these documents are revealed as being an integral part of the pattern of major racketeering activity lurking behind 'Amway's' kitsch corporate front; for these 'rules' were self-evidently designed to obstruct investigation by appearing (to casual observers, including journalists, law enforcement agents and judges) to have been introduced to keep the activities of 'Amway' adherents within laws made by democratic institutions defining what is criminal, and/or unethical. However, 'Amway's' own 'rules' have not been enforced, because they have always been malicious fakes. Their real hidden purpose was criminal - since they were never meant to be enforced, they were actually designed to authorize the closed-market swindle which (to casual observers) they appear to prohibit. A mountain of witness evidence proves that, in reality (for decades) millions of transient adherents of the 'Amway' myth have been secretly told by their 'Admired and Respected Leaders' to ignore 'Amway's Rules' on the pretext that attempting to retail 'Amway' products is for 'Losers' : 'Winners Duplicate Exactly' a 'Proven Plan' of 'Self-Consumption and Recruitment' - only '100% Positive Belief' in this 'Proven Plan,' can bring 'Total Financial Freedom'.
Unfortunately for Mr. Steadson, it was Cardinal Richelieu who observed:
'To make a law, and not enforce it, is to authorize the thing you would seek to prohibit.'
Interestingly, Richelieu was speaking about sexual activities which, although apparently forbidden by canon law, were actually rife amongst the senior clergy of the Roman Catholic Church during the 17th century. In effect, at that time, the democratically-unaccountable individuals who posed as upstanding legislators and law enforcement agents within the Roman Catholic Church, were secretly the organization's main law breakers.
David Brear

Sunday, 28 March 2010

File criminal cases against TVI Express

Mr Madangopal Agarwal wanted to know what to do with the cheating companies like TVI Express. He says that he was cheated by the company.
Actually this TVI Express is indulging in money circulation scheme and cheating the gullible in many countries. If Mr Madangopal is from India, he could file a criminal case against that company under the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. If the police did not accept to file the criminal case, Mr Madangopal could file a private complaint against the company in a Metropolitan Magistrate Court and seek directions to the police to file the criminal case against that company.
There have been a number of unscrupulous companies sprouting all over country cheating the public with smooth talk and inducement to become rich in a short span. All these companies take cue from the mother of all scams, Amway. The victims realise only after losing their hard-earned money. Still, they prefer not to file a complaint with the police. At least they could come out openly against such companies and write to the newspapers and authorities about the fraudulent practices of these companies. Then only the government authorities and the police would take action.
My dear fellow humans! Do not believe these smooth-talking con men and fall prey to their schemes -- be it binary or 6-4-3. Do not lose your hard-earned money.

Amway mob produces meaningless 'rule book'

The classic tactic of all reality-inverting, abusive cultic groups, is to blame their victims using closed-logic. In his latest particularly-feeble post, the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr.'IBOFB' Steadson, has given your readers another typical demonstration of this ignoble cultic art. Like all cult apologists, he has absolutely no concern for the suffering of his group's victims and their relatives.
The (apparently independent) corporate structures which comprise the major organized crime group most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' have concocted all manner of visible'rules' and 'codes of conduct' which, to casual observers (including judges, journalists and law enforcement agents), can appear to keep these structures' activities within laws made by democratic institutions defining what is criminal, and/or unethical. When the wider picture is examined, the 'Amway Rule Book' is revealed as part of the organization's reality-inverting smoke-screen; for, in practise, it cannot be (and has not been) enforced, whilst a mountain of witness testimony from former 'Amway' adherents proves that (no matter what Mr. Steadson pretends) millions of individuals over a period of 50+ years have been secretly taught to duplicate exactly the 100% Positive Example of their 'Admired and Respected Leaders,' and to ignore 'Amway's' rules (particularly about retailing) as the 'Proven Plan to Achieve Total Financial Freedom'.
In exactly this way, the late Mr.Venugopal was obviously deceived into buying significant quantities of (effectively ) unsaleable 'Amway' wampum, leaving his widow, Mrs. Sujata, in severe financial distress. Predictably, in order to evade prosecution for fraud, the corporate officers of 'Amway India Enterprises' have produced their meaningless 'Rule Book' like a rabbit out of a hat. They now point to this highly-convenient counterfeit and steadfastly pretend that, by purchasing all these world-class 'Amway' products and lying about having retailed them (in order to qualify for commission payments), the late Mr. Venugopal was in breach of 'Amway's Rules.' Obviously, this is a perfect illustration of how a cultic group blames its victims. The fact that Mr. Steadson uses this tactic in his latest post, falsely stating that the late Mr. Venugopal is responsible for his widow's present situation, is yet more proof that Steadson is the vile little foot-soldier of racketeers who has attempted to obstruct justice on their behalf on countless occasions.
The puerile and abusive, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, systematically refuses to accept the testimony of persons like Mrs. Sujata who have been adversely effected by the 'Amway' mob's criminal activities in India. However, even he has to accept that (for 12 years), as an unquestioning core-adherent of the closed-logic 'Amway' myth, he was subjected to a devious program of totalitarian 'positive versus negative' indoctrination (disguised as'training and motivation') which (effectively) coerced him into committing fraud in the USA on behalf of the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses of the 'Amway' mob.
David Brear

Clueless Tex proves what he is

Clueless Tex, the stupid, strongly believes that every one is a liar because he is a born liar. He never believes even in his dream that people could be honest and truthful. His reaction to the earlier post on Amway reflected his original self. The confused IBOFB asked a sensible question. The whole episode is divided into two parts. One pertains to the grievance of Ms Sujata and the other is the complaint lodged by the Corporate Frauds Watch.
It is easy to find out through his co-apologists whatever happened to the grand meet at Vijayawada. Why Mr William Pinckney returned on the same flight without participating in the meeting. Instead of finding out the truth, the Faceless, Spineless, Brainless Tex simply says that it is a story.
IBOFB should ask himself the question whether there is anyone who follows rules set by Amway. The famous ENT surgeon from Vijayawada prescribes Amway's dietary supplements to his patients.
Tex, the stupid, check the incident with your fellow apologists and find out the truth. Ms Bhavani, the area manager of Amway India along with some distributors was kept in the Machavaram police station in Vijayawada till late night and finally let off after slapping a minor case. It seems Tex, the stupid is taking advantage of my open blog and squawking whatever he wants. Just learn the truth, only truth, nothing but truth.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Amway India chief Mr Pinckney virtually chased out

Why did Amway India chief Mr William Pinckney and Diamond Raja Naren run away from Vijayawada without participating in the much-publicised India Success 2010 meet at a college auditorium on Saturday. The obvious reason - Police chased them out.
It all started when an Amway victim, Mrs. Bitra Sujata approached the office-bearers of Amway India at Vijayawada with the plea that Amway India should refund the Rs. 3 lakh (Rs Three Hundred Thousand) which was spent by her late husband, Mr Venugopal to purchase products. The Amway India bluntly refused to take back the stock.
Hurt by the rejection, Ms Sujata pleaded with Amway officials that after husband died, she was not in a position to sell the products and that she is in a financial distress and badly in need of money. When nobody heard her, she approached an advocate, Mr Madanmohan Choudary who in turn contacted the Corporate Frauds Watch. A criminal case of cheating and money circulation scheme was filed against Amway India.
Mrs Sujata took the opportunity to raise the subject when the Amway India announced the grand meeting. Corporate Frauds Watch took up the matter and contacted the police officials. The police officials promptly reacted and disrupted the meeting chasing away the members from the venue. They have even removed the flexi boards, festoons and other publicity material from the venue and dumped them at the police station.
Mr Pinckney who alighted the King Fisher Airlines plane at Gannavaram airport was compelled to return on the same flight to Hyderabad without participating in the meeting only to dodge the police grilling. Raja Naren also took the same course of action.
Police said that the organisers of the meeting did not take permission for conducting the meet and that is the reason it was disrupted. If any victim comes out with allegations of money circulation scheme, they are ready to file more criminal cases against the company, the police asserted.

Amway's business model is counterfeit commercial scheme

As 'Joecool' rightly observes on his own Blog, what the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have got away with running for the previous 50+ years, can be called a 'pyramid,' but the 'Amway' pyramid cannot be described as lawful (and certainly not in India). In truth, since WWII, American-spawned pyramid fraud has been a constantly-evolving criminogenic phenomenon which, for many reasons (not least, widespread political corruption), has been allowed to evade serious criminal prosecution and infect the rest of the globe. It is as a result of US legislators and prosecutors failing to recognise this extremely dangerous development, that this shameful situation has come about. The wider evidence (including tens of millions of individuals who have wasted their time and money) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Amway,' and its many 'MLM'copy-cats, have always been intrinsic frauds, but maliciously designed to infiltrate traditional culture, escape all less-than-intellectually-rigorous investigation and, thus, be sustainable.
It beggars belief that, when 'Amway' was originally challenged in the 1970s by the Federal Trade Commission as being an intrinsic fraud, a US administrative judge limply accepted asevidence the organization's own reality-inverting claims abouthow lawful its future activities would be, rather than only examining what had actually occurred.
US legislators have yet to accept the self-evident truth that pyramid fraud, no matter how heavily it is camouflaged, is always based on essentially the same economic fallacy - that a counterfeit commercial scheme (i.e. an unviable system of economic exchange without any significant, and sustainable, source of revenue other than that derived from its own contributing participants) can lawfully generate endless profits for the majority of its existing contributing participants, provided the scheme continues to find more contributing participants.Tellingly, the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have spent decades investing a proportion of their considerable ill-gotten gains to steer the legislative debate (in various countries) away from the essential identifying 'closed-market' characteristic of the absurd pyramid fraud which they have run. To this end, their apologists have created all manner of thought-stopping sophistic arguments which can appear to less-than-intellectually-rigorous observers (including legislators and law enforcement agents) to prove that 'MLM' is a perfectly lawful commercial enterprise that has had a significant and sustainable source of external revenue.
Lately, when cornered with the wider evidence, 'Amway'apologists steadfastly pretend that the majority of contributing 'Amway' participants weren't contributing participants at all, they were actually retail customers. This absurd, legalistic inversion of reality, is a comic-book license to steal from the rest of humanity which the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have awarded themselves.
David Brear

Thursday, 25 March 2010

It's Amway's age-old strategy to rope in officials

I notice that both the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, and the puerile and abusive, self-confessed'Amway' fraud victim, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, are now attempting to portray their 'admired and respected 'bosses' racketeering activities in India as legitimate, because a senior Indian police officer has attended an (apparently) innocuous event sponsored by 'Amway India Enterprises,' and it has been reported that this officer made an innocuous statement about the same event.
" In order to raise awareness about exercise and its impact on health, Amway and FICCI came together and organised a 5-km Health Walk, which started at 6 am at KB R Park, Banjara Hills. Over 3000 health enthusiasts comprising Amway business owners, corporate executives and FICCI’s partners participated in this event.
According to A K Khan, IPS, commissioner of police, Hyderabad, who attended the event as chief guest, 'Today health is a concern area. This health walk by Amway and FICCI is a step in the right direction.' Ajay Misra, IAS, principal secretary - home, government of Andhra Pradesh, was also present at the event."

This latest feeble and transparent propaganda tactic is not without precedent.
Unfortunately (given their unlimited, stolen capital assets) it's rather easy for the billionaire bosses of major organized crime groups, like 'Amway' and 'Scientology', to entice ill-informed, law enforcement agents, politicians, celebrities, etc. into their puerile games of make-believe and, thus, make it appear that these groups are acting entirely within the law.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, nothing could be further from the truth.
I would suggest, Shyam, that you take this perfect opportunity to contact A. K. Khan, IPS, commissioner of police, Hyderabad, and ask him exactly where (when he accepted the highly-flattering invitation to attend a corporate-sponsored event as 'chief guest'), did he believe the overwhelming majority of 'Amway India Enterprises' revenue to have ultimately derived : -
from legitimate external sources, namely: persons who were not under contract to 'Amway India Enterprises' as temporary non-salaried agents?
or :
from illegitimate internal sources, namely persons who were under contract to 'Amway India Enterprises' as temporary non-salaried commission agents and who have, therefore, all been unlawfully peddled infinite shares in what can only be their own finite money?
I, for one, will be fascinated to hear A. K. Khan's answer.
David Brear

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Masked IBOFB is actually double-masked

What possible legitimate reason could any individual have for using one mask to pretend that the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses, of the 'Amway' mob haven't peddled a Utopian myth, and another mask to propagate exactly the same myth?
After looking at the all the reality-inverting Utopian 'Amway'videos currently posted on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/user/insider201283, your readers should now have realized exactly why a devious propagandist is constantly lurking on your Blog. He is there to attempt to disrupt all free-thought and, thus, obstruct 'Amway' victims in India (and elsewhere) from filing criminal complaints with law enforcement agencies; for 'Insider 201283 'a.k.a. 'IBOFB', is Mr. David Steadson, 'Amway's squawking Internet Lord Haw Haw.
Ironically, the very existence of this omnipresent, masked agent provocateur, is proof positive that 'Amway' is an American-based, major organized group with billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses, who have run a series of global frauds and who are known to have corrupted numerous politicians and public officials in the USA in order to avoid being held to account. Indeed, given what's at stake, it's no wonder these thieves will go to almost any lengths to avoid being held to account. Given the wider evidence, Mr. Steadson's extensive Internet propaganda operation is self-evidently part of a pattern of this racketeering activity controlled from the USA. In reality, he is a transparent fraud himself who (under the US federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt organizations Act 1970) risks being fined $250, 000 and imprisoned for 25 years per racketeering count.
As ever, Mr. Steadson (in the guise of 'IBOFB') will steadfastly pretend to find these detailed accusations highly-amusing, but we all know that's just part of his inflexible 'Amway' script.
David Brear

IBOFB denies yet another self-evident truth

I observe that the implausible, masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' (or should that be 'ABOFB') Steadson, steadfastly denies yet another self-evident truth - that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have peddled the myth of redemption in a future secure 'MLM' Utopia, where all inhabitants are prosperous, happy, healthy and free, provided they exclude all doubt in the existence of this guided-fantasy world.
Difficult to believe, isn't it, that hypnotic key words and images, like the ones constantly-repeated in this recent 'Amway/Quixtar'video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzB80KvKfz8 are just to persuade people to buy the odd packet of soap or tube of toothpaste? Perhaps Mr. Steadson will try to pretend that we made this expensive reality-inverting, totalitarian propaganda film ourselves, just to incriminate the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob.
Remember Shyam, over the past 50+ years, tens of millions of people all around the world have paid through the nose for their exclusive tickets to enter the 'Amway' Utopia, but they have all failed to arrive, because it only exists in fraudulent material like this attached 'Amway/Quixtar' video.
Laughably, this video is just one of countless examples which present the absurd, but nonetheless pernicious, 'Amway' Utopian fiction as fact, but which the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw steadfastly pretends do not exist, but then he is an apologist for the sanctimonious racketeers who peddle it.
It is interesting to note, Shyam, that the person leaving all the pro-'Amway' comments under this Youtube video, using the name of 'Insider 201283,' is none other than the 'Amway' man of straw, Lord Haw Haw Steadson, hiding behind another one of his masks.
David Brear

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Amway Utopia can never arrive

Despite the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. IBOFB Steadson's, transparent efforts to provoke us and to divert your reader's' attention from external quantifiable reality, we have come back to the only important question:
Is the so-called 'Multilevel Marketing' scheme most commonly-referred to as 'Amway,' a lawful commercial enterprise run by honest sponsors who have derived the majority of their multi-billion dollar revenue from supplying merchandisable goods and services to the participants in their scheme who have then sold the overwhelming majority these merchandisable goods and services on to non-participants for a profit, or is 'Amway' the front for a premeditated closed-market swindle, or camouflaged money circulation scheme, run by a gang of absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, economic alchemists who, exactly like Bernie Madoff, have had no significant, and sustainable, source of external revenue other than the victims of their swindle to whom they have, therefore, been peddling infinite shares in what can only be these victims' own finite money?
Setting aside the 'Amway' organization's own reality-inverting propaganda (which has often been repeated by third parties, including judges, journalists and legislators, without the slightest qualification), there is absolutely no evidence that the'Amway' scheme has been a lawful enterprise run by honest individuals. In fact, the joint instigators of 'Amway,' Messrs. DeVos and VanAndel were once proven to be accomplished liars who had set up a series of counterfeit companies in order to perpetrate the largest tax fraud in Canadian legal history. The pair only escaped extradition and imprisonment by striking a plea bargain in which they agreed to pay fines and penalties which eventually totalled more C$70 millions. In the past, both US and British commercial regulators' less-than-intellectually-rigorous efforts to put an end to the 'Amway' swindle have become bogged-down in the organization's own labyrinth of thought-stopping 'commercial' terminology, deluded core-adherents, misleading rules, mystifying mathematics and (apparently independent) corporate structures. However, there is a growing mountain of quantifiable evidence proving that not only have the bosses of the 'Amway' mob been running one of the most profitable closed-market swindles of all time, but that they have also been occulting a series of secondary advance fee frauds, most-commonly referred to as the 'Amway Tool Scam,' which have netted even larger cash sums without any payment of tax.
The made-up word, 'Amway' (corruption of the 'American Way'), is merely the reality-inverting title for a parallel world - an abusive totalitarian State in microcosm complete with its own economic pseudo-science ('Multilevel Marketing') and fictitious dualistic scenario of control in which the State's self-appointed sovereign leaders, and their wives, have been steadfastly portrayed as intellectually, and morally, perfect, paternal/maternal benefactors. Exactly like the self-appointed sovereign leadership of 'Scientology,' the bilionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have illegally acquired absolute control over vast capital assets by peddling the unoriginal attractive myth of exclusive redemption in a future Utopian existence available only to obedient believers who accept the authenticity of their group's pseudo-science, and its higher initiates' authority, without question. Typically of a totalitarian group, by making total belief a prerequisite of redemption, 'Amway' adherents are drawn into a sinister closed-logic trap (i.e failure to achieve redemption is solely the fault of the individual who didn't believe totally).
However, in the adult world of external quantifiable reality, the mythical future 'Amway' Utopia, where every unquestioning believer is prosperous, happy and free, can never arrive.
In plain language, 'Amway' and 'Multilevel Marketing' are pernicious rackets designed to steal their victims' time and money, and then destroy their victims' ability to complain by steadfastly pretending that the victims alone were responsible for their own (inevitable) failure, thus, loading them with crushing guilt and shame.
David Brear

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Amway's 'Proven Plan to achieve Total Financial Freedom' is a misguided belief

'Joecool' is perfectly correct. Any attempt by current, and former, temporary 'Amway' non-salaried commission agents to sell 'Amway' wampum by advertising it openly is still against the anti-free-market rules of the organization which every temporary non-salaried 'Amway' commission agent has been contractually obliged to obey on pain of summary excommunication, and/or litigation. In the past, the 'Amway' mob have tried to prevent all 'Amway' wampum from being offered at its paltry, real market value, but, with the advent of the Net, this embarrasing reality has proved almost impossible to hide. Interestingly, during the FTC hearings in the 1970s (which were supposed to examine charges that 'Amway' was an inherent fraud), this particular closed-market practise was judged to be an unwarranted restriction of trade. One former 'Amway' adherent (who gave testimony to the FTC in 1975), had placed adverts in a local newspaper to offload unsaleable'Amway' wampum that the organization had refused to buy back. He found himself being harassed, first by brainwashed'Amway' adherents who threatened to tell on him, and then by the organization itself. When the FTC became involved, the'Amway' mob suddenly couldn't refund this person fast enough. Even though this aspect of the 'Amway' closed-market was clearly identified in the 1979 FTC ruling, the organization has continued to try to maintain it.
The inflexible 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. Steadson (an apologist for billionaire racketeers) just never gives up posing as the innocent, honest little victim under attack. Whatever, he steadfastly pretends, the Net continues to be perpetually full of unused 'Amway' wampum being offered for sale at bargain prices. Despite the organization's anti-free-market rules, this wampum must be being offered by adherents, or former adherents, because they have been virtually its only customers. The esoteric publications, recordings and badges of rank which the billionaire 'Amway' bosses, and millionaire under-bosses, oblige their adherents to pay through the nose for, are also there. Apparently, Steadson is now claiming that some people are selling 'Amway' wampum for a higher price (at auction) on e-bay than it can be bought for from the 'Amway' mob. However, he doesn't explain who is actually buying it or selling it (for that matter).
Steadson's latest twisted-logic comments relating to the Volvo and Apple companies are typically misleading. Unlike 'Amway', the overwhelming majority of the revenue of both these public companies derives lawfully from external sources, not unlawfully only from their own shareholders. I don't see one former salaried, or non-salaried, commission agent for Volvo or Apple trying to unload piles of unused i-pods and vehicles on e-bay which they have been obliged to pay over-market prices for in the misguided belief that this was part of a 'Proven Plan to achieve Total Financial Freedom.' However, I do see owners of used Volvo vehicles and Apple i-pods buying and selling them on e-bay (without any attempted interference from their suppliers) at their real market price.
David Brear

Friday, 19 March 2010

Selectively blind IBOFB unable to find Amway junk

It's a curious thing, but the masked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. Steadson, steadfastly pretends that I am diverting your readers attention from 'Amway' by giving them information about 'Scientology.' Yet, given the wider evidence, it is perfectly obvious (to anyone with fully-functioning critical faculties) that these two, American-spawned, global cultic rackets are essentially identical. Yet again, Mr. Steadson assures your readers that I'm giving your readers false information. This time, it's because he steadfastly pretends that he was unable to find the piles of untouched 'Amway' wampum perpetually available on e-bay at bargain prices, which I described.
Yet, when I take another quick look on e-bay, what do I find? - More than 400 unwanted 'Amway' goodies today (including various pots and pans) with prices starting at around one dollar.
Granted, today I did see two of 'Amway's' $1000+ sets of pans for sale on e-bay at a sizeable percentage of the original fixed price, but these don't appear to have any takers.
I wonder why?
Remember, this is just one day's e-bay listing taken at random. On certain days, there are literally thousands of examples of unwanted 'Amway' wampum which people are attempting (often in vain) to unload. No doubt, the selectively-blind Mr. Steadson will be unable to find these as well.
David Brear

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Diversion tactics of Amway apologists familiar to all

The transparent, diversion tactics employed by your Site's little flock of resident intellectully-castrated 'Amway' apologists are painfully-familiar to anyone who has had to deal with fanatical 'Scientology' apologists who unconsciously believe theselves to be absolutely righteous, enlightened, positive and pure souls engaged in a never-ending struggle against a negative, unenlightened, impure force of absolute evil.
Recently, two counterfeit corporate structures registered in France as independent private companies, but which were obviously controlled from the USA by the billionaire bosses of 'Scientology' mob, were convicted of organized fraud, and given hefty fines. Their senior officers were also convicted of fraud, given suspended prison sentences and fined. Although all these convictions and sentences have been appealed, it was proved beyond all reasonable doubt in France that 'Scientology' has been the front for a global racket, in which vulnerable targets are first persuaded that that they have significant personal problems which obstruct them from being happy and successful in their lives and which can only be overcome through their following 'proven self-betterment technology' and purchasing all manner exclusive 'positive' materials and services including publications, recordings and training courses. In this way, one of the original plaintiffs in the recent French case, was (effectively) coerced into parting with about $40 thousand. The most expensive single item that she was peddled was an elementary gadget (capable of detecting natural minor fluctuations in the electrical resistance of a person's skin) labelled 'e-meter,' which she was assured could'detect negativity.' This particular piece of fraudulent 'Scientology' wampum cost around $4000. According to the apologists of 'Scientology', this enterprise is not criminal, because individuals make a free-choice to buy reasonably-priced materials and services which can be of great benefit to them. Typically, obedient 'Scientology' adherents are given ego-inflating names, and/or ranks, and/or titles, whilst non-initiates are referred to using derogatory, dehumanizing terms. Although initiation can at first appear to be reasonable and benefits achievable, the 'Scientology' pseudo-science becomes evermore costly and mystifying. Ultimately, it is completely incomprehensible and its claimed benefits are never quantifiable.
The 'Amway' closed-market swindle or money circulation scheme, and related advance fee fraud or 'Tool Scam' , function in essentially the same way as its 'Scientology' equivalent. Vulnerable targets are first persuaded that they have signfificant personal problems which obstruct them from being happy and successful in their lives and which can only be overcome through their following a 'proven Business plan' and purchasing all manner exclusive 'positive' materials and services including publications, recordings and tickets to meetings. According to the apologists of 'Amway', this enterprise is not criminal, because individuals make a free-choice to buy reasonably-priced materials and services which can be of great benefit to them. Typically, obedient 'Amway' adherents are given ego-inflating names, and/or ranks, and/or titles, whilst non-initiates are referred to using derogatory, dehumanizing terms. Although initiation can at first appear to be reasonable and benefits achievable, the 'Amway' pseudo-science becomes evermore costly and mystifying. Ultimately, it is completely incomprehensible and its claimed benefits are never quantifiable.
The recent low-level investigation of 'Amway UK Ltd.' was conducted only under UK civil laws by officials from the Company Investigation Branch of the Ministry for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform who are prevented (by the UK Companies Act) from investigating, or prosecuting, criminal activity. However, when the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses, of the 'Amway' mob realized that not only their closed-market swindle, but also their related advanced fee fraud was potentially under threat of full official exposure and criminal prosecution in the UK, they took evasive action to avoid being held to account. Two 'Amway Diamond Distributors' (Patrick Gregory and Jerry Scriven) who had been running the UK advanced fee fraud for decades on behalf of Dexter Yager, were immediately expelled from 'Amway' and the company officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' promised government regulators that, henceforth, the sale of all publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc., would be strictly controlled. Despite what Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson pretends, at no time, has there been a rigorous criminal enquiry into this vast advanced fee fraud which was allowed to operate in the UK for 34 years behind the perpetually-insolvent corporate front of 'Amway UK Ltd.' Just this UK branch of the global 'Amway' racket, has been estimated to have netted hundreds of millions of tax-free dollars for the grinning bosses of the 'Amway' mob in the USA.
It's no wonder that the squawking 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. Steadson, is quite happy to attempt to focus your readers' attention on to the alleged merits of 'Amway' wampum.
David Brear

Amway apologists always try to divert people's attention

No one could wake up a pretending person. IBOFB is once again pulling an innocent face and asking if everybody wants to complete one's own leg, it won't be 6-4-3 business model. He knows well that it is exactly what every IBO does as a distributor of Amway junk. The real motive behind the business model is to create an infinite chain of membership and to exploit people in the name of selling products. Such crooks unfortunately inspired many and many joined the bandwagon out to loot people.
Tex, the stupid don't even remember what the scheme is but inquires whether someone prompted me to submit that question. I have made it many times clear that I rely on the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court and the judgement was based on the affidavit submitted by Amway India itself.
Tex should realise that purchasing of tools is not compulsory but purchasing of products is must in the Amway scam. Unless one purchases products worth Rs. 2000 every month, he stands to lose his commission. That is the trap. They may be induced or even hypnotised to purchase tools.
These crooks always try to deviate the issues and divert the attention of people from the real dangers of joining such schemes.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Do not fall prey to the devious tactics of these crooks and lose your hard-earned money.

Hooded IBOFB extrapolates non-existing meaning

The world according to the puerile and abusive Mr. Scott 'Tex'Johnson, is a pretty odd place. Apparently, he believes that by exposing the totality of the 'Amway' mob as a major organized crime group, we are assisting its millionaire under-bosses to commit advance fee fraud. He also apparently believes that Mr. Steadson is not part of the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth and that Bernie Madoff investigated, arrested, prosecuted, judged, fined and imprisoned himself.
Yet again, we have the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. ABOFB Steadson, demonstrating the devious art of reading a clear unambiguous text and then extrapolating a meaning from it which does not, and cannot, exist, and then calling me a 'liar'. However, your readers can see that it clearly states in my previous post that I obtained an 'Amway' steel cooking pan which originally cost in its set about $1000. Mr. Steadson has very foolishly directed us to a Website which reveals that the actual amount of money individuals are required to hand over in exchange for this collection of 11 banal 'Amway' cooking pans, and their 11 plastic-mounted lids, is closer to $1500. On the same Site, individual items from this set of are priced at several hundreds dollars. Remember, these everday products are supposed to be directed at ordinary customers, not millionaires, but what ordinary person would voluntarily shell out several hundreds dollars for a frying pan when superior equivalents are widely-available in traditional retail outlets for just a few dollars?
Ignoring all common-sense, the inflexible Mr. Steadson keeps assuring us as to the good value and high quality of all 'Amway' wampum, and who does he bring forward as his unbiased witness? - His dear old mom. Frankly it's just absurd. All one has to do, is take a look at the photos on 'Amway's' own Site to see that the insignificant pans the organization offers (at prices so stiff that they make a free-thinking person's jaw drop) are a pretext to induce ill-informed victims to make significant contributions to a closed-market swindle or money circulation scheme. Like the rest of 'Amway's' overpriced junk, these pans are nothing out of the ordinary and, thus, they are (effectively) unsaleable on the open market. Indeed, don't take my word for it - just look on the open-market of e-bay (particularly, in the USA) where there is always piles of untouched 'Amway' wampum (including the cookware) constantly being off-loaded at prices that represent a mere fraction of the original fixed cost to wide-eyed 'Amway' adherents.
David Brear

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The real inducement for buying overpriced Amway junk

In the video interview which I attached to my previous post, Mr. Harry Markopolos (a highly-qualified mathematician and financial analyst) explains how, by 'reverse-engineering' Bernie Madoff's fiercely-complex so-called 'split-strike conversion strategy,' he was able to prove (within a few hours) that what Bernie Madoff claimed to offer to his so-called 'investors' (i.e.'perpetual profits') was a seductive, but nonetheless pernicious, lie. In simple terms, even though Mr. Markopolos knew the mathematical theory of how Bernie Madoff's apparently infallible 'investment strategy' was supposed to work, he was unable to get it work on paper.
However, in the end, in order to send Bernie Madoff to prison for 150 years, US law enforcement agents and prosecutors didn't have to submit any complex calculations to the judge. Amazingly, only after Bernie Madoff confessed, was the full panoply of US law enforcement able to uncover the self-evident truth that Bernie Madoff's miraculous ever-growing 'multi-billion dollar hedge fund' was an absurd fairy-tale spun by a dangerous, mythomaniac economic-alchemist. For years, Bernie Madoff had steadfastly pretended to be taking wealthy people's capital assets and multiplying this money by making endlessly-profitable trades in financial markets. Yet, by just looking at the virtually non-existent external bank transactions of 'Madoff Investments,' FBI agents were able immediately to confirm that Bernie Madoff hadn't been making any external trades at all. Indeed, in the end, his so-called'hedge fund' (which only contained his victims' cash) had a $50+ billions deficit. Many years previously, Mr. Harry Markopolos had explained this frightening closed-market reality to senior officials at the US Securities Exchange Commission (when Madoff's scheme's deficit was much smaller) but, unbelievably, these highly-paid ostrichs refused even to check whether Bernie Madoff's obviously-fraudulent money circulation scheme had a significant and sustainable external source of revenue other than its own victims.
Essentially, the identical situation exists today at the US Federal Trade Commission with regard to numerous closed-market swindles and allied advance fee frauds disguised as fiercely-complex so-called 'Multilevel Marketing Schemes,' but which have never had a significant and sustainable external source of revenue other than their own victims.
We know for certain that various highly-paid ostriches at the FTC (including former Chairman, Timothy Muris) have been in receipt of stolen cash from the 'Amway' mob, and that the Republican administration which appointed these selectively-blind officials was itself in receipt of stolen cash from the'Amway' mob. As yet, we don't know what inducements might have been given to senior SEC officials and their political masters to turn a blind eye to Mr. Madoff, or even if this strong possibility has been rigorously investigated.
For those of your readers, Shyam, who might be interested, information about the US Securities Exchange Commission can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Securities_and_Exchange_Commission . In reality, despite its thousands of legally-qualified officials and multi-billion dollar budget, the SEC has been proved to be little more than a joke. During all of the period that Bernie Madoff was allowed to pillage the world, the SEC maintained an 'Office of Investor Education and Advocacy.' It still exists today. However, it is very difficult to imagine what the people in this office actually do all day other than dose, because (according to them) they are supposed to: 'help educate the public about securities markets and to warn investors of fraud and stock market scams.'
The Amway' Lord Haw Haw keeps squawking his latest inane question which turns out to be a big mistake on his part; for your readers might be interested to know that, a while back, I was asked to obtain a range of overpriced 'Amway' wampum by some European consumer advisors and investigative journalists. They found 'Amway' coffee to be particularly coarse and repulsive (at the time, this was about 4-5 times the price of similar low-quality products in French discount stores), but the journalists were mostly interested in a steel cooking pan (originally-priced in its set at around $1000). This shiney object was appraised by the former manager of a large Parisian hotel, turned-restaurateur (a man with over 30 years experience in buying kitchen equipment). He stated that the 'Amway' pan was of the thinnest gauge metal which would melt on direct induction cookers, and that a similar low-quality pan could be bought for a few Euros in any discount store. He simply couldn't believe how much it had been originally sold for. What this man couldn't know was, that by handing over around $1000 in exchange for this 'Amway' Wampum, 'Amway' adherents could immediately pretend the level of so-called 'Business Volume' which, if maintained, would allow them to qualify for a much higher level in the 'Amway' hierarchy. This was the real inducement for 'buying' this overpriced junk.
David Brear

Every Amway IBO tries hard to complete one leg of 102 members

Let us move on to the next step. The masked IBOFB poses an idiotic question. How come there be more than 103 persons in the Amway.
In the 6-4-3 scheme, if a member/distributor completes one leg that is 102 members, he is sure to earn Rs. 62,150 every month (as per the new business plan of Amway India) assuming all these members purchase products worth at least Rs. 2000 every month. But all these members would not sit idle purchasing products. Everyone of them wants to complete his own leg and everyone tries hard to enroll more members to complete that one leg comprising 102 members. That is why it is called infinite chain and that is what the Supreme Court of India described it as mathematical impossibility.
Let us go back to the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court. In the para 34 of the judgement the Honourable Court stated that it is evident that the whole scheme is ingeniously conceived that the inducement for aggressive enrollment of new members to earn more and more commission is inherent in the scheme. By holding out attractive commission on the business turned out by the downline members, the scheme provides for sufficient inducements for its members to chase for new members in their hot pursuit to make quick/easy money.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Overpriced Amway wampum is a red, white and blue herring

I see that Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson's has offered your readers his unsolicited, simplistic version of the complex events surrounding the arrest of Bernie Madoff.
According to Mr. Bernie Madoff (who plead guilty at his trial) and his attorneys, when the world economic crisis hit and too many of his victims demanded their fictitous profits (which obliged him to confess to his close associates, including his wife, sons and attorneys) Mr. Bernie Madoff was the only person in the entire world who knew about the absurd Ponzi scheme camouflaged by 'Madoff Investments' and its miraculous ever-growing '50+ billion dollar hedge fund.' After receiving a comprehensive statement from Madoff's sons, via their attorneys, agents of the FBI finally arrested Madoff in New York City and charged him with multi-billion dollar securities fraud. In reality, Mr Harry Markopolos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D8asfMtx1o had worked out exactly what Madoff was doing many years previously, and on several occasions he approached senior officials at the US Securites Exchange Commission in two cities with detailed explanations and complaint, but these officials did absolutely nothing to stop Madoff and hold him to account. Amazingly, all these dunces with diplomas had to do was simply verify that Madoff was actually making all the endlessly profitable tradeswhich he claimed. However, it was common-knowledge in certain quarters of the financial community that Bernie Madoff was a psychologically-dominant charlatan, protected by an aggressive echelon of attorneys, who wasn't actually trading at all. There is a long list of companies and individuals who refused to have anything to do with Madoff, but who never breathed a word of what they knew to the federal authorities. It turns out that there were various low-level officials at the SEC who knew that Harry Markopolos was perfectly correct, but who were obliged to remain silent. I've actually talked to some of them.
A whole hat-full of individuals (including Madoff's wife, sons and attorneys) had been receiving piles of stolen cash for years. A mystifying labyrinth of legally-registered corporate structures (known as 'feeder funds') existed all around the globe which had been used to deceive victims and channel billions of dollars into Bernie Madoff's control. Many of the well-heeled victims who handed their wealth to these 'feeder funds', had no idea that Madoff was behind them. Despite Madoff's claims, various individuals who were involved in this criminogenic labyrinth have now been held to account.
I'm fascinated to observe that Mr. Johnson doesn't have the slightest empathy for his fellow 'Amway' victims. Indeed, he finds the fact that millions of people around the world have been defrauded, a huge joke. Interestingly, Mr. Johnson does not attempt to refute my deconstructed analysis of what are the essential identifying characteristics of all closed-markets swindles, no matter how they are camouflaged externally. His childishly infexible affirmations can be likened to some arrogant clown in 2008 saying to Harry Markopolos:
'I don't give a toss for your stupid and long-winded opinion of Bernie Madoff as a thief; if the SEC are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, then so should you.'
As for the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw's latest inane question: - 'Have you used Amway products?' - it should be abundantly clear (to anyone with fully-functioning critical faculties) that 'Amway's' overpriced wampum has always been a red, white and blue herring. This (effectively) unsaleable all-American junk really does exist, but only as a pretext for getting ill-informed individuals to make regular contributions to a camouflaged closed-market swindle or money circulation scheme.
David Brear

It is only money circulation scheme, Masked IBOFB

After Clueless Tex and Baffled Trivedi, the Confused IBOFB joins the bandwagon of brainless chicken. Otherwise, is he feigning ignorance? Everyone is aware of the 6-4-3 scheme and it could be understood that IBOFB pulling a confused face. Or is he poor in mathematics?
The IBOFB claims to have read the Andhra Pradesh High Court Judgement. The Division Bench quoting the affidavit filed by Amway India itself elaborated the scheme and came to conclusion that the business model of Amway India is illegal and attracts the provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
On one hand, the Baffled Trivedi says that there is no bar on the number of distributors to be enrolled and the Confused IBOFB says otherwise. According to him, 6-4-3 means in only 78 people. 6 X 4 = 24 and 24 x 3= 72. 6+24+72= 102 +1(the first distributor) = 103. This is the simple maths, And it goes above the confused IBOFB's head.
According to Trivedi, a distributor could enroll any number of distributors. And no compulsion to enroll too,Trivedi says. And which one is true. Is it somewhere in between?
IBOFB no more tricks. Come out open by removing the mask. Why don't you be honest to yourself?
Let us recall the case of GoldQuest International which employed the same trick of selling products i.e. gold medallions. Now the CID has gathered the names of more than 2700 persons who amassed commission of more than Rs. 50,000. It could do well the same technique with the Amway India's money circulation scheme. That is what has been asked in the rejoinder submitted to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court

Monday, 15 March 2010

Squawking Amway apologists trying hard to provoke

Your little flock of resident, intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologists are still squawking their heads off and trying, but failing, to provoke us into anger.
The absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'ABOFB' Steadson, is unable to disprove that (for more than 50 years) virtually no transient non-salaried commission agent of the 'Amway' organization anywhere in the world has managed to conduct any sustainable retail activity with members of the public. Thus, the overwhelming majority of the vast capital assets which the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses, of the 'Amway' mob have acquired control of, can only have come unlawfully from the tens of millions of constantly-churning victims of a classic, camouflaged closed-market swindle and related advance fee frauds. In reality, the origin of all this stolen wealth was essentially the same as that of the erstwhile-billionaire swindler, Bernie Madoff (sentenced to a 150 years federal prison term) and the erstwhile-millionaire swindler Charles Ponzi (who served a total of 15 years in federal and State prisons).
For years, all these (otherwise-mediocre) economic-alchemists steadfastly pretended to be generating vast external profits, but they actually peddled infinite shares in what could only be their victims' own finite money. It is a shameful indictment of US political leaders and senior officials at the US Dept. of Justice, who have allowed this American-spawned criminogenic phenomenon to adapt its camouflage since WWII, escape rigorous investigation in the land of its birth, infiltrate traditional culture and infect the rest of the world. One self-confessed chronic 'Amway' victim, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson (an American citizen), puts forward the ethnocentric, morally and intellectually reprehensible point of view that, because a recent crop of senior officials at the US Federal Trade Commission (who were appointed by a Republican administration corrupted by stolen cash from the 'Amway' mob) have turned a blind eye to so-called 'MLM', then it can't be unlawful - even outside of the USA. However, senior law enforcement agents at the US Securities Exchange Commission also turned a blind eye to the camouflaged criminal activities of Bernie Madoff, despite the fact that what he was really doing was clearly explained to them on numerous occasions.
In the end, it was FBI agents who nailed Madoff (after he was obliged to confess) at which point SEC agents suddenly took action. As far as I'm aware, although a few senior SEC officials were publicly humiliated, not one has faced criminal charges. Obviously, it should be FBI agents who nail the 'Amway' mob, at which point, no doubt, FTC agents will suddenly take action. However, there are certain former senior officials at the FTC who, like their SEC counterparts, should be facing public humiliation and criminal charges themselves.
David Brear