Sunday, 31 January 2010

Trivedi confused the AP High Court judgement

I see that young Trivedi is now clutching at straws in order to preserve his remaining ego-protecting delusions. The poor boy confuses the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement, which only refers to the mathematical and psychological labyrinth that 'Amway' offers, and not to the length of time the average 'Amway' adherent (like himself) remains enslaved by that labyrinth.
In reality, the Indian judges were not given access to the wider quantifiable evidence of 'Amway's' hidden attrition/drop-out rate. On the contrary, the main evidence they examined was that of 'Amway's' own, absurd pyramid presentations. The Indian Judges, in their wisdom, immediately deduced that 'Amway' offers an illegal money circulation scheme based on the recruitment of a never-ending chain of contributing participant/recruiters, but which is camouflaged in a such complex and devious fashion that, even after victims have lost their time and money, and abandoned the fraud, most are unable to comprehend exactly how they were deceived and, in turn, used to deceive others.
As to the hidden, overall attrition/ drop-out rate in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity'. Even, the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth accepts that the average annual attrition/drop-out rate is always around 50%. However, confidential, internal 'Amway/Quixtar' documents (produced by independent accountants who seem more baffled than alarmed by what they discovered) prove that the bosses of the 'Amway' mob were fully-aware that, in 2005, the hidden attrition/ drop-out rate (on a 5 year cycle) for a random 10 000 US 'Amway' adherents, was 95%. However, even the remaining 5% core-group eventually give up.
I suggest, Shyam, that you make this damning evidence available to young Trivedi.
Whilst the 'Amway Ministry of Truth' continues steadfastly to pretend '3 millions Independent Business Owners World-Wide,' each year (by 'Amway's' own admission) around 1.5 millions are quietly dropping-out of the organization to be replaced by a fresh intake of wide-eyed, temporary dreamers. If you add up all the individuals who have been secretly churned through the 'Amway' closed-market swindle over the previous 50+ years, you arrive at a figure in the tens of millions.
Sadly, when the wider picture is examined, the hidden, overall attrition/drop rate for the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' has been (effectively) 100% - a fact, which has been maliciously occulted by the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob for more than half a century to allow them to sustain their highly-profitable rackets.
David Brear

Saturday, 30 January 2010

MyVideTalk is another racket like Amway

In an e-mail, a reader Mr Ravi Venkateswaran wanted to 'enlighten' me about MyVideoTalk's 'good business opportunity'. He claims that it is a good business opportunity to make money at the same time enjoying the web space. Like all 'good business opportunities' Mr Ravi also used the word 'money pouring in'. It is really pleasure to read that word. Money won't pour in from anywhere, it comes directly from the pockets of downline members who are made scapegoats.
Let us have a look at the business opportunity of MyVideoTalk. First one has to become a member by paying Rs. 10,000 to get Web Space and Web services allotted. Then you can use the MyVideoTalk for yourself. If one wants to earn money, one could enrol members and 'money starts pouring in'. Like Amway it too has different levels for its members. First Executive, then Silver Executive, Gold Executive, Plan Executive, Global Platinum Executive and Presidential Platinum Executive. As soon as new members are sponsored directly or by the efforts of his downlines, then all uplines in the group will get points for weekly or monthly commissions. All the points obtained in the week will be calculated and commission will be disbursed.
Like Amway, MyVideoTalk too has a compensation plan. It claims '6 ways to make money' with the MyVideoTalk Hybrid Compensation Plan. 1) Fast Start Bonus 2) Team Builder bonus 3) Executive Leadership Matrix Bonus 4) Weekly Team commissions 5) Global Rewards Check Match Bonus and 6) Monthly team commission.
In essence it is nothing but enrol members and earn huge commission. The Question is where do you find so many people to join all these schemes. That is why it is called 'mathematical impossibility' and outright cheating.
The problem with our 'educated lot in the society' is that they do not mind to cheat their friends and relatives to earn money. There are already a sizable number of silent victims all over country who lost their precious earnings in this scheme.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Do not get attracted to the sweet-coated words of such daylight robbers and fall prey. Do not lose money to such crooks. Save your money for your children or enjoy your life. Do not let these gangsters cheat you.

Court Jester Tex arrogantly boasts he is an IBO out to reform Amway

I observe that more comic relief has appeared on your Blog (in the form of a string of scripted-comments) from your resident, unquestioning 'Amway' apologists.
Your free-thinking readers must be wondering how it is possible that Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson can keep on arroganty boasting that he is an 'Independent Business Owner' bravely campaigning to reform 'Amway' and 'shut-down the 'Tool Scam,' when he freely-admits that, for the previous 17 years, he has signed the same emasculating, 'Amway' annual contract (in which he had absolutely no say) which gave the authors of this reality-inverting document the absolute right to 'Terminate' his so-called 'Independent Business' at any time of their choosing?
Perhaps it might have been a wise idea for Mr. Johnson to have sought independent advice before he put his 'Amway' pen to the 'Amway' paper ?
Of course, if you just change the terminology, this means that Mr. Johnson refuses to question the highly-revealing fact that any insolvent adherent of 'Amway's Prosperity Gospel' myth (including young Trivedi) can be arbitrarily excommunicated (i.e. excluded from participation in the 'Amway' sacriments or from formal communion with the 'Amway' organization) by a body of democratically unaccountable persons in Ada Michigan, who have (in effect) awarded themselves exactly the same powers over their followers as any high-ranking Bishops or Cardinals sitting in an ecclesiastical court in Rome.
David Brear

Friday, 29 January 2010

Cheat apologists always come out with more excuses

Trivedi conveniently skips the question how much he is actually investing in purchasing products from Amway to enable him to earn Rs. 1000-1500 every month. He also did not reveal actually how many persons he recruited into the scheme (scam). Let us not beat around the bush Trivedi. Just answer these simple questions to tell the world what you and your beloved Amway are actually doing.
Likewise, Tex confessed that he did not make money as an IBO and he claims now that he is still on contract with Amway. Why should anybody continue in a scheme and above all, continue to defend a scamster company spending hours on the Net. Tex never reveals what are his stakes to support the Amway scam. It is hard to believe that the 'quality' products are the only 'excuse' for him to become an Amway apologist. Come out Tex! Let us not beat around the bush. Just announce to the world what your actual intentions are.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Look at these hypocrites and do not fall prey to the mischief of these money circulation schemes in the name of 'quality' products. These companies are only cheating you.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

'Amway' uses the same concept as the kosher system, to control its adherents

I was very interested by your use of the word, 'kosher', in a previous post referring to 'Amway' products.
Years ago, when my brother was deeply under the influence of 'Amway' and I was trying to comprehend what had happened to his mind, I had a conversation with a wise Jewish friend (a successful art dealer). I explained how, after entering 'Amway,' my brother systematically divided everything, and everyone, in his life into 'negative' versus 'positive.'
In my brother's parallel, totalitarian world, all 'Amway' products were arbitrarily defined as 'positive' (to be included) and all non-'Amway' products were deemed 'negative' (to be excluded). Price and quality were completely immaterial. At the time, I had recognized this unquestioning two-dimensional mind-set as being essentially the same psychology used in aversion therapy. However, my friend immediately made the comparison between 'Amway' and the kosher system.
As you know Shyam, according to Jewish law, all food (or premises where food is sold or eaten) must conform to certain strict rules (many of which are common-sense rules of hygene). Practising Jews are forbidden by law to eat non-kosher food or to eat in non-kosher premises. Indeed, devout Jews find the idea of consuming non-kosher food, revolting. In English, the word, 'kosher', has also come to mean anything which is genuine. However, many traditional religions employ essentially the same 'negative' versus' positive' , 'pure' versus 'impure', etc., model of reality, to control how their adherents think and behave.
Sadly, this traditional religious concept is just one of many which have been perverted by the leaders of pernicious cultic groups in order to control and exploit their core-adherents. It also explains why your resident little gang of 'Amway' apologists are unable to accept 50 years of quantifiable evidence (including their own accounts) proving the over-priced 'Amway' wampum to be (effectively) unsaleable on the open-market.
David Brear

Clueless Tex claims still in contract with Amway mob

Difficult as it is to believe, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson is apparently (exactly as he boasts) still under contract to the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob. This is after he has admitted to never having made a net-profit out of 'Amway' for 17 years, and to having been the victim of the secondary advanced fee fraud for 12 years.
The paradoxical position Johnson now holds, can be compared to extremist European 'Protestants' during the early part of the Reformation. These sanctimonious individuals (who were all originally unquestioning 'Roman Catholics' ) went about loudly protesting that the fabulously-wealthy hierarchy of the 'Roman Catholic Church' was corrupted by evil, and that their Church's current selfish doctrines, ostentatious rituals, incomprehensible language, and money- making practises were completely contrary to the simple, selfless message of poverty that 'Christian' scripture and Jesus taught. However, at the same time, these same sanctimonious individuals retained blind faith in the original Christian myth of redemption in a future, secure, Utopian existence. They were more than ready to burn non-believers at the stake. The first, 'Protestant ,' Martin Luther, was a lowly, poverty-stricken 'Roman Catholic' monk - the equivalent of an insolvent 'Amway Distributor' criticizing the corrupt 'Amway Kingpins' and demanding the complete reform of his 'Network'.
Strangely, a similar group exists in 'Scientology' known as the 'Free-Zone.' These sanctimonious individuals go about loudly protesting that the fabulously-wealthy hierarchy of the 'Church of Scientology' has been corrupted by evil, and that their 'Church's' current doctrines, rituals and money-making practises are completely contrary to the message that 'Scientology' scripture and L. Ron Hubbard taught. However, at the same time, these same sanctimonious individuals retain their blind faith in the original 'Scientology' myth of redemption in a future secure Utopian existence. Like your resident, lowly, poverty-stricken, protesting 'Amway' friar, the Bolshie inhabitants of the 'Scientology Free-Zone' are also more than ready to ridicule, and/or destroy, anyone challenging the authenticity of their remaining delusions.
David Brear

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The illegal scheme that makes difference with Amway

Here come the half wits asking ridiculous questions. Many products all over country sell at more than the production cost. But anybody could go to the shop and buy the products. Here you can't buy the products directly without becoming a distributor. One could say that they could approach a distributor to purchase products but there would not be a receipt to claim in case of deficiency in products or service. Sell the so-called quality products which remove stains, et al in any open market, you would hardly find anybody to purchase them. Why should anybody care for kosher certified. Sell it to Israel.
The illegal money circulation scheme behind selling products makes all the difference. The apologists are pretending that they did not understand the key issue.
Trivedi did not reveal how much he is investing every month to purchase products to earn, as he claims, Rs. 1000 to 1500. How much his mother is investing to purchase products and what is her position in the network after all these years.
Of course, we need not put these questions to the Clueless Tex since he announced that he quit as IBO long back.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's still money circulation scheme Clueless Tex

Amway apologists could not answer to the issue of Amway selling products at exorbitant price of several times. A Rs. 16 Glister toothpaste is sold for Rs. 120. Even if it is sold for Rs. 60 as suggested by the Clueless, Nameless, Faceless Tex, it is still several times more than its original cost. Then it is certainly money circulation scheme. This simple analysis goes above the head of Clueless Amway apologists. That is why I said many a time, one could not wake up a pretending person.
Even after presenting quantifiable evidence that Amway India is indulging in illegal money circulation scheme in the guise of selling products. It has been cheating people on a large scale all over world.
My dear fellow humans all over world! Throw such illegal and dishonest companies which are out to rob your hard-earned precious money from your respective countries.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Tex surprisngly offers comic relief this time

I observe that the usually puerile and abusive Mr. 'Tex' Johnson has offered you, and your free-thinking readers, some comic relief. After 17 years of completely failing to recognise his own (unwitting) participation in a closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, Mr. Johnson inverts reality by claiming that you wouldn't know a money circulation scheme if it fell on your head.
Even now, after it has been clearly explained what the essential defining characteristics of a closed-market swindle are, and how the means of production, distribution and exchange in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' have been centrally-controlled so that virtually no 'Amway' products have been sold to persons who are not agents of the organization (resulting in tens of millions of transient 'Amway' participants wasting their time and money during a period of 50+ years), Mr. Johnson steadfastly refuses to accept reality.
The rather obvious point which Mr. Johnson still fails to grasp, is that there is no such thing as a closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, which is presented in its true colours. By its very nature, this type of deception is always camouflaged as a 'fantastic, legal, money-making opportunity'.
In reality, the overwhelming majority of money circulating in any closed-market swindle comes only from its participants who have been peddled 'infinite shares' in what can only be their own finite cash. More than half a century of quantifiable evidence (including 17 years of Johnson's own dismal accounts) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Amway' is the corporate-front for various related-frauds which have generated billions of dollars of illegal profits for a small gang of sanctimonious racketeers in the USA.
These racketeers must fall about laughing when chronic victims (like Mr. Johnson) not only refuse to make criminal complaint, but actually rush to defend them. It is interesting to note, however, that no one (openly-representing the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob) refutes my analysis.
David Brear

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Trivedi finally asks what it is all about

After reading the hundreds of posts on this blog, finally Trivedi got a genuine doubt as to what it is all about. The adage goes that after reading whole Ramayana, one wondered about the relationship between Rama and Sita.
I have been writing that all these companies have been cheating people in the name selling products and actually indulging money circulation schemes. It has been illustrated that low price products are sold at exorbitant prices and the sizable amount is appropriated by the company and some amount is distributed to the members. The downline members are the losers and the Andhra Pradesh High Court confirmed it in its judgement. This is how these fraudulent companies including Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilver Network and others have been making money leaving several millions of people in the lurch. When this has been stated several times before too, Trivedi now asks what it is all about.
These companies always look for new bakra (sheep). And Trivedi may turn out to be a bakra soon.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Amway continues to sell adulterated products in India

Amway India yet to file the affidavit though the Andhra Pradesh High Court served a showcause notice to it more than four months ago. Its advocates are a timid lot even to think of filing an affidavit.
When it was pointed out that the Amway India is paying tax only on Rs. 16 for the Glister toothpaste with abundant proof, Amway apologists are dumbfounded. Not a single Amway apologist could not say anything about it except a lame excuse from the Clueless Tex. Amway apologists have no point to support the illegal money circulation scheme indulged in by the Amway India in the name of product selling.
That is why two of the trio are maintaining stony silence for quite sometime.
Now let us have a look at the adulterated products being marketed by Amway India. A total of 29 products were tested by the Chief Public Analyst of the Andhra Pradesh Food Laboratory and fifteen of the products were found to be either misbranded or adulterated. Surprisingly, the State Drug department has chosen to file criminal cases against only two products. One criminal case was dismissed and another case was up held. The cunning Amway India showcases the dismissed case and deceitfully conceals the upheld criminal case. That is how this criminal company is continuing its operations in India.
There are no answers to the questions why criminal cases were not filed against the misbranded or adulterated products. The State Drug department evades answers to these questions for reasons better known to the higher officials.

Amway is a pre-meditated closed-market swindle

I observe that your latest correspondent , Rosie, believes that "a fair percentage of people make money from these (so-called 'MLM') schemes. "
In response to Rosie, Mr. 'Tex' Johnson made the following statement:
- 'Amway is a scam... about 99% of IBOs operate at a net-loss.'
However, it would be far more accurate to say that:
- (effectively) 100% of all persons who have signed a contract with 'Amway' (arbitrarily and falsely defining them as 'Independent Business Owners') during the previous 50+ years, have been the victims of a premeditated closed-market swindle.
- The number of individuals around the world who have been churned through the 'Amway' closed-market swindle now totals tens of millions.
- Anyone who has been portrayed by the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth as a shining example of 'MLM Success' (in order to lure more victims into the closed-market swindle), was just a schill whose apparent wealth secretly derived from a secondary advanced fee fraud.
- During the previous 50+ years the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth has maliciously occulted the (effectively) 100% attrition/loss rate of the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' and steadfastly pretended that 'Amway' offers 'the Best Business Opportunity in the World.'
David Brear

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Thought Reform theme present in Amway, Herbalife

I thought it would be interesting for your readers to take a look at the work of Professor Robert Jay Lifton (one of America’s foremost psychiatric authors) who, in 1961 (after 10 years of detailed research, interviewing US servicemen held prisoner during the Korean War), published, ‘Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.’ In this standard, medical text-book, Dr. Lifton identified 8 ‘themes’ which, if present in any group, indicate that its members are being subjected to a mixture of social, psychological and physical pressures, designed to produce radical changes in their individual beliefs, attitudes and behaviour:
1). ‘Milieu control’ — the attempted control of everything an individual experiences (i.e. sees, hears, reads, writes and expresses). This includes discouraging subjects from contacting friends and relatives outside the group and undermining trust in exterior sources of information; particularly, the independent media.
2). ‘Personal or mystical manipulation’ — charismatic (psychologically dominant) leaders create a separate environment where specific behaviour is required; leading to group members believing that they have been chosen and that they have a special purpose. Normally group members will insist that they have not been coerced into group membership, and that their new way of life and beliefs are the result of a completely free-choice.
3). ‘Demand for purity’ — everything in life becomes either pure or impure, negative or positive, etc. This builds up a sense of shame and guilt. The idea is promoted that there is no alternative method of thinking or middle way, to that promoted by the group or by those outside it. Everything in life is either good or bad and anything is justified provided the group sanctions it as good.
4). ‘Confession’ — personal weaknesses are admitted to, to demonstrate how group membership can transform an individual. Group members often have to rewrite their personal histories and those of their friends and relatives, denigrating their previous lives and relationships. Other techniques include group members writing personal reports on themselves and others. Outsiders are presented as a threat who will only try to return group members to their former incorrect thinking.
5). ‘Sacred science’ — the belief in an inexplicable power system or secret knowledge, derived from a hierarchy who must be copied and who cannot be challenged. Often the group’s leaders claim to be followers of traditional historical figures (particularly, established political, scientific and religious thinkers). Leaders promote the idea that their own teaching will also benefit the entire world, and it should be spread.
6). ‘Loading the language’ — a separate vocabulary used to bond the group together and short-circuit critical thought processes. This can become second nature within the group, and talking to outsiders can become difficult and embarrassing. Derogatory names, or directly racist terms, are often given to outsiders.
7). ‘Doctrine over persons’ — individual members are taught to alter their own view of themselves before they entered the group. Former attitudes and behaviour must then be re-interpreted as worthless, and/or dangerous, using the new values of the group.
8). ‘Dispensing of existence’ — promotion of the belief that outsiders — particularly, those who disagree with the teaching of the group — are inferior and are doomed. Therefore, they can be manipulated, and/or cheated, and/or dispossessed, and/or destroyed. This is justifiable, because outsiders only represent a danger to salvation.
Self-evidently, Lifton's themes are not just present in groups like 'Scientology,' but also in 'Amway', 'Herbalife', etc.
David Brear

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thought-stopping cliche drilled into Rosie's mind

I notice that your latest correspondent, Rosie, is already showing the classic signs of someone exposed (without fully-informed consent) to an 'MLM' cult.
The scripted-phrase 'Negativity spreads like wildfire,' is (self-evidently) a thought-stopping cliché. This has apparently been drilled into Rosie's mind so that it has become second nature to use it. Yet, how is it possible for persons enslaved by an 'MLM' cult to confront external reality, when any attempt at critical thinking is systematically condemned and excluded as 'Negativity?' Notice also, how Rosie has been conditioned not to trust external sources of information that cast doubt on the authenticity of 'MLM'.
Sady, all cultic racketeers use essentially the same system of closed-logic to dissociate their victims from external reality in order to exploit them.
Cult adherents are peddled places in a mythical, secure, future Utopian existence (in 'MLM' groups, this is portrayed as 'Total Financial Freedom'). At the same time, they are taught that they can only achieve redemption if they believe totally in its existence (i.e. failure to achieve redemption is always the fault of the indvidual who didn't believe totally).
This cruel totalitarian trap is what is known as an advanced fee fraud. It has been maliciously designed to steal an ill-informed person's mental, physical and financial resources and to crush all dissent.
David Brear

Sunday, 17 January 2010

TVI Express could be described as little sister of Amway

A reader of our blog, Rosie Hurlbatt wants to know whether I know anything about TVI Express.
TVI Express is one of those network marketing companies which are out to cheat people all over world with the promise of easy and quick money. They are offering their team members an opportunity to earn $15, 550 every month. How is it possible?
Well. Let us have a look at its business model. The member has to pay an initial amount of $ 250 which is about Rs. 12,000 in Indian currency. Now he has to find more members to join the scheme so that he could claim his commission.
Again it is nothing but mathematical impossibility. Where does one find so many people on earth to continue the network infinitely? That is why the Supreme Court of India categorically commented in Kuriachan Chacko and others vs. State of Kerala case of 2008 (8) SCC, that “the promoters of the scheme very well knew that it is certain that the Scheme was impracticable and unworkable making tall promises which the makers of the promises knew fully well that it could not work successfully. It could work for some time in that 'Paul can be robbed to pay Peter' but ultimately when there is a large mass of Peters, they will be left in the lurch without any remedy as they would by then have been deceived and deprived of their money.”
In the network marketing, the members have to keep on looking for new members otherwise, the network would break. That is why it could be safely said that TVI Express is another dishonest company which is out to cheat people.
My fellow humans all over world. Do not fall for easy and quick money. There is nothing like it and you are bound to lose your hard-earned money to these crooks like Amway, Herbalife, Hindustan Unilever Network, Forever Living Products, TVI Express, so on and so forth.

The 3 Amway stooges put forward unintelligible defence

Yet again, it must be highly-revealing for you, and your free-thinking readers, to observe how there is absolutely no intelligible defence to the central charges against the billionaire 'Amway' bosses (and their millionaire under-bosses) coming from your three resident, intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologists.
Not one member of this sad little trio of programmed 'Amway' stooges refutes the evidence that tens of millions of individuals around the world have been churned through a closed-market swindle, and related advanced fee frauds, during more than half a century. Not one refutes the evidence that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have used a proportion of their ill-gotten gains to infiltrate traditional culture, and created a labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures, in order to obstruct investigation of their crimes and isolate themselves from liability. Not one stooge refutes the evidence that unquestioning belief in the 'Amway' myth has left a trail of destitution, depression, dissociation, divorce and even death.
On the contrary, the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson, has produced one of his most pathetic (and painfully obvious) posts. In which the masked-character assassin displays his habitual total lack of concern for the victims of the 'Amway' myth and reverts to his classic 'Scientology'-style thought-stopping tactic known as 'Bull-Baiting' . In many respects, Steadson reminds me of a sniggering, adolescent schoolboy trying to attract attention to himself by mimicking adults (and being familiar) in order to provoke them.
Again, Shyam, notice how Steadson and Johnson arrogantly assume that I am addressing my comments directly to them, when (quite obviously) I am only addressing you and your free-thinking readers.
David Brear

Dishoenst companies advertise fraudulent products

Of late, a number of dishonest companies are coming up in India. They are using the electronic media, and at times print media too, to advertise their products which are mostly questionable in nature.
There are a number of products for weight loss, some to cure impotency and some others to give protection from evils. However, the number one dishonest company in the weight reduction sector, Herbalife never advertises but spreading like water under a carpet.
In fact, as per the law of the land, none of these products should be advertised in any media, be it electronic or print. They are banned from advertising under the provisions of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954. The Act clearly bans advertisements regarding 54 ailments including obesity. Recent amendments to the Act included two more ailments -- AIDS and Asthma.
A number of dishonest companies do not care for the law of the land and continue to advertise their fraudulent products in the electronic and print media.
For instance, Kerala-based Kunnath Pharmaceuticals advertises its product X-Tra Power Musli which they claim would treat the impotency among men and surprisingly women too. Vijayawada-based Consumers' Guidance Society has already filed a criminal case against that company. They moved the Andhra Pradesh High Court and obtained stay order.
Another multinational company France Vitas advertises in the print media that its product is useful to shed extra flab. It boasts that people need not starve themselves and they could eat whatever amount and whatever variety they want. Still, their product could help them to lose weight. Actually, the product they are offering pineapple extract to shed extra flab.
All these products are prohibitively costly and the efficiency of these products is doubtful.
For instance, Kunnath Pharma claims that the success rate for curing impotency with X-Tra Power Musli is around 76 per cent. IF anybody complains that the Musli is not useful, the company would say that they are in the unfortunate 24 per cent lot.
There are some other products which fall under the Magic Remedies section of the Act. Several products like 'Raksha Kavacham' with the symbol of Lord Hanuman (the monkey god) and other gods to drive away evil, and some other products with semi precious stones to bring luck. The sellers of these lucky stones claim that the purchasers would become millionaires with the help of these stones.
The Government Drug Department is supposed to file criminal cases against such companies under this Act. But reasons better known to everyone, they turn a Nelson's eye letting these dishonest companies go scot free. In fact, the Drug Department has become so corrupt that they seldom file criminal cases against such companies.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tex stubbornly denies Amway bosses' role in racketeering

Again, it must be interesting for your free-thinking readers to observe the systematic functioning of Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson's castrated 'Amway' mind, manifest in his chronic incapacity to read (let alone comprehend) plain, unambiguous English - when this confronts him with ego-destroying, external reality.
Unfortunately for Mr. Johnson, more than half a century of shameful evidence proves (beyond all reasonable doubt) that the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' has been the front for a premeditated closed-market swindle - an unviable system of economic exchange maliciously set up (and centrally-controlled from Michigan in the USA) so as to produce insufficient external revenue to pay the overwhelming majority of its contributing-participants an overall profit.
To date, this particularly-callous, false beacon of hope has lured many millions of unwitting individuals around the world (including Mr. Johnson himself and my own brother in the UK) into a position of financial, and/or physical, and/or psychological, vulnerability which has facilitated their falling victim to an even more pernicious and profitable, secondary, advanced fee fraud.
Despite them acknowledging 'problems' decades ago (and unless compelled to do so by the threat of rigorous investigation), the billionaire bosses of 'Amway' (comprising senior members of the De Vos and Van Andel clans) have done (effectively) nothing to make the unviable, closed-system of economic exchange (which they set up and still control) viable, or to prevent the secondary advanced fee fraud from continuing. Moreover, the 'Amway' bosses have gone to the most extraordinary lengths to hide the shameful evidence of their crimes, including operating their own 'obligatory' system of 'dispute resolution' and corrupting the US (and other) administration(s). However, given the wider evidence, it doesn't take a genius to work out that the bosses of 'Amway' are classic, cultic racketeers who have created a typically-mystifying labyrinth of corporate structures pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, activities in order to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate themselves from liability.
Unlike the billionaire 'Amway' bosses and their squawking Internet apologist, Lord Haw Haw Steadon, Mr. 'Tex' Johnson cannot deny the existence of countless destitute, divorced, dissociated and even dead victims littering the rocky route to the promised 'Amway' Utopia. Instead, Johnson clings to the absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, beliefs that the billionaire 'Amway' bosses are not responsible for all this human wreckage and that the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' is an authentic beacon of hope. Frighteningly, amongst the vile little gang of apologists of the false 'Nazi' beacon of hope, there are those who, in the face of a mountain of quantifiable evidence, steadfastly deny the existence, and/or scale, of the Holocaust and there are those who acknowledge its existence, but who steadfastly deny the 'Supreme Leaders' responsibility.
David Brear

All Amway adherents indulge in illegal money circulation scheme

In my previous post, I described 'MLM' companies as false beacons luring the unwary into dangerous financial waters where certain, vulnerable individuals have become so desperate: that they have quite literally handed over everything to save themselves from drowning, but they have drowned all the same. I made this striking analogy, in order to demonstrate the untenable positions of your 3 resident 'Amway' apologists.
When looked at in isolation, the 'Amway' beacon appears to be more absurd than dangerous. Indeed, most casual observers find it difficult to believe that anyone (in their right mind) can still be bedazzled by it.
That said, each time 'Amway' has been investigated in the past, all active so-called 'Independent Business Owners' were found to be merely tied-customers of 'Amway' products. In the adult world of quantifiable reality, these people were contributing a fixed-sum of money each month in the deluded belief that if they exactly duplicated a 'Proven Plan' and recruited their friends and relations to do the same, they would be 'able to retire in 2-5 years.' Ignoring 'Amway's' own thought-stopping terminology and statistical misrepresentations of reality, 50 years of quantifiable evidence proves all active 'Amway' adherents to have been (unwitting) participants in an economically-unviable and, therefore, illegal money circulation scheme camouflaged by economic pseudo-science and banal, but outrageously over-priced, wampum.
David Brear

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Amway beaming false MLM beacon

I thought that it might be helpful to use a historical analogy to explain exactly how the 'Amway' organization functions and to show just how dangerous, and obstructive, the sinister contributions of your resident 'Amway' apologists really are.
I don't know about India, Shyam, but in Britain, for centuries, one of the most evil and profitable crimes was known as 'wrecking.' This comprised lighting a bright fire on the coast during time of heavy storms to deceive ship captains into believing they could follow the light and find salvation. Unfortunately, the wrecking gang-masters didn't have the slightest concern for their fellow man. They maliciously positioned their false beacons not to guide ships into a safe haven, but so that they would become grounded, and/or smashed, on rocks. Whatever valuable cargo survived the wreck, could then be taken and any surviving crew members bludgeoned to death. Wrecking was prevalent around the coast of Britain, until a chain of authentic lighthouses was constructed and the igniting of any other deceptive beacon was absolutely forbidden.
'Multilevel Marketing' can be described as a form of latter-day wrecking, in that the bosses of criminogenic organizations like 'Amway' have been allowed to maintain false beacons maliciously positioned not to guide hard-pressed individuals into a safe haven, but so that they would become grounded, and/or smashed, on the financial rocks. The more danger these people found themselves in: the more likely they became to hand over everything they possessed in order to receive what they were assured would be future salvation.
In reality, during more than half a century, tens of millions of individuals around the world, have been deceived into following the false, but nonetheless bright, 'MLM' beacon. An unknown number of victims have been robbed of everything and left to drown. The really sinister aspect of criminogenic organizations like 'Amway', is that the gang of sanctimonious billionaires who maintain the false 'MLM' beacon (in front of the financial rocks) and the gang of equally-sanctimonious millionaires who peddle its doomed victims 'future salvation,' have registered their joint-activities behind separate corporate fronts. To date, American civil authorities, like the US Federal Trade Commission, have not examined the overall picture. However, civil investigators and lawyers are not specialists in organized crime.
David Brear

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Tex incapable of reading unambiguous English

It must be interesting for your free-thinking readers to observe how the intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologist, Mr. Scott 'Tex' Johnson, is incapable of reading and digesting even the most plain, unambiguous English.
In a previous post I stated that Mr. Johnson freely-admits that he was the victim of an 'Amway'-related advanced fee fraud for 12 years. I then went on to state that Mr. Johnson has yet to find the courage to admit that, for 17 years, he has been both the (unwitting) perpetrator and (unwitting) victim of a self-perpetuating esoteric deception, maliciously designed to be beyond the understanding of the average person. Mr. Johnson's less-than-average reaction to my qualified statement was to retreat into one of his most puerile and abusive temper-tantrums.
Sadly, Mr. Johnson's adolescent-style ego obstructs his higher intellectual faculties from reading (let alone comprehending) the accurate, fully-deconstructed explanation of how the 'Amway' organization conforms to a known criminogenic pattern - in that its instigator/leaders have secretly created a paramilitary hierarchical structure of de facto agents to perpetrate (often unwittingly) a series of inter-related crimes behind a mystifying labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures which the instigator/leaders maliciously set up in order to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate themselves from liability.
America's foremost, living authority on this type of major organized crime group is Prof. G. Robert Blakey (author of the US federal RICO 'anti-racketeering' Act, 1970), who was contracted by the Proctor and Gamble corporation (which was in litigation with 'Amway') to take a look at 'Amway' and to offer his educated opinion. Blakey looked at the wider evidence, and immediately recognised the underlying similarities between 'Amway' and the 'Mafia'. He realized that virtually no low-level, de facto agent of the 'Amway' organization had the slightest idea of how they were being abused and exploited; to the extent that, if they were called as witnesses in civil court cases, their near-total ignorance of external reality protected the organization's real bosses from being held to account.
Scott Johnson remains a perfect example of Prof. Blakey's expert analysis (with which I am in broad aggreement). No doubt, Mr. Johnson will still prefer to shut the door in the face of reality. However, he will probably refrain from treating your free-thinking readers to his own 'expert analysis' of Prof. Blakey as a 'Retard' and 'Dumbass,' for fear of litigation.
David Brear

Friday, 8 January 2010

Tupperware fellow claims that they are different from Amway

The other day I visited a stall of Tupperware in a general exhibition. The man in charge of the stall said that the Tupperware products are superior in quality. I enquired whether the scheme is still available. He said that anybody could purchase products and if anybody wants they could join the scheme also. When asked whether the scheme is like Amway scheme, he said that their scheme is not like Amway. "We have no targets and no compulsions to purchase or sell products like Amway. Our scheme is very flexible, you know!" he said.
In essence, this man wants to dissociate himself with Amway's business model as Amway adherents wanted to dissociate themselves with GoldQuest International once criminal cases were filed against that company. Amway apologists coolly then said that there was no comparison between Amway India and GoldQuest International.
What people have to surmise is all these crooks are out there to loot them. My fellow humans all over world! Keep your eyes open and look before you leap into such fradulent schemes.

Clueless Tex refuses to face the ugly truth

No free-thinking individual (with access to the full-facts and an accurate analysis of them) can seriously refute that during more than half a century, tens of millions of unsuspecting individuals around the world have been churned through 'Amway's' closed-market swindle and allied advanced fee frauds. However, during this period the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth has continued to repress all dissent and to hide the real picture by relentlessly spewing forth the same poisonous propaganda - 'Amway Products' represent such 'Good Value' that 'Millions of Independent Amway Business Owners' are conducting 'Billions of Dollars of Sales.'
Meanwhile, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, virtually no 'Amway' products have ever been sold to persons who are not agents of the organization, whilst the hidden, overall, attrition/failure-rate in the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' has been (effectively) 100% and an unknown number of persons have become so loaded with debt, and guilt, that they have committed suicide.
We have here on your Blog, Shyam, a sad little band of three intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologists. One of whom, Scott Johnson, paradoxically admits that he has been the victim of an 'Amway'-related advanced fee fraud for 12 years (although he insists on using the rather misleading term 'tool scam') and that, despite persisting for 17 years in total, he's never made a dime of overall profit out of his so-called 'Amway Business'.
Interestingly, Johnson has yet to find the courage to admit that he was both (unwitting) perpetrator and (unwitting) victim of a self-perpetuating, esoteric deception which was maliciously designed to be beyond the understanding of the average person. Instead, he claims to have worked out how the 'tool scam' functions and to have approached law enforcement agencies and the media with complaint about 'Amway's' millionaire under-bosses (whom he refers to as 'LCKs' 'Lying Cowardly Kingpins'). However, imagine the reaction of law enforcement agents and journalists when they discovered that (after 12 years of being defrauded) Johnson not only remained under contract to 'Amway,' but that he energetically continued to promote the central organization and to defend its billionaire bosses by relentlessly regurgitating their own poisonous propaganda.
Despite decades of quantifiable evidence (including 17 years of his own dismal accounts) proving 'Amway' to be the corporate front for an ongoing major organized crime group (the bosses of which have followed a pattern of racketeering activity as defined in the US by the RICO Act of 1970), Johnson arrogantly still refuses to face up to the ugly truth - incessantly repeating that he knows everything and we 'haven't got a clue.' However, the fellow is a classic, cult core-adherent, in that he steadfastly claims to be absolutely righteous even when all the quantifiable evidence proves his behaviour to be (at best) misguided, or (at worst) downright evil. Although he is demonstrably dissociated from external reality, Johnson remains certain that he alone represents the truth and he acts accordingly.
David Brear

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Amway apologists have nothing to say except LoL

The Amway apologists keep on asking the same questions even after showing quantifiable evidence. Nobody could blame them. Because they are Amway cult adherents. They know well that the criminal case is pending in the court of law. If anybody commits a crime and the criminal case is pending against them, how could they commit the same offence time and again. That is the Amway style in India. They bribe bureaucrats and the police and they don't mind to grease the palms of any person. Such is their shameless attitude.
These apologists know well that the money generated through selling the products at exorbitant prices is used to line their pockets and to distribute among the top IBOs. The IBOs in the downline are the losers. The Amway apologists refuse to accept the reality. Because they are Amway cult adherents. No one could wake up a pretending person.
If one does not have any argument what could one do. Nothing but LoL. That is exactly what these shameless apologists do all the time.
My earnest appeal to all humans around the world is to throw these crooks out of your respective countries. Do not fall prey to the machinations of these crooks like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilver Network and others.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Evidence shows Glister's actual price is Rs. 16 only

It has been mentioned several times, that the Amway India has been paying Sales Tax on Glister Toothpaste on its ex-factory price of Rs. 16/ (Rupees Sixteen only). But the retail price of the Glister Toothpaste is Rs. 120. It has been stated several times that the Amway India is indulging in money circulation scheme by selling its products at an exorbitant price and sharing the booty. Here is the statement from the Sales Tax Department obtained under Right to Information Act. The clinching evidence shows that the ex-factory price of Glister Toothpaste is only Rs. 16/. Who are sharing the extra amount collected from the retail sales? Even if the IBOs are given 21 % discount, it is highly priced and the the money is being circulated illegally to the top level members with Amway taking the Lion's share. Some hard-core adherents may argue that it is only tool scam. But the evidence suggests otherwise. Is it enough for the Amway apologists? Do they need more?

I appeal to the people all over world to realise the fact and throw these crook companies like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Hindustan Unilever Network, Forever Living Products et al.

Hard-core fanatics are there in every cult, Amway no exception

Well there we have it (in all its tragic absurdity), the ongoing saga of Mr. Scott E. Johnson alias 'Tex' - a strangely-pathetic, but nonetheless arrogant, middle-aged, white American Protestant male who, in defence of his fragile ego, has persisted (for 17 years) in handing his time and money to the billionaire bosses, and millionaire under-bosses, of the 'Amway' mob. Typically, these cultic racketeers have taken control of Johnson's thinking and behaviour by building an irrational fear in his mind that if he abandons 'Amway' completely and goes to law enforcement agents, journalists, legislators, etc., to confess that he's been defrauded and used to defraud others, he will be forever branded as a 'Quitter and Complainer.' It makes me wonder what sensitive personal information Johnson has previously disclosed to his 'Amway' handlers to enable them to penetrate so deeply into his personality.
Johnson's obsequious letter to Richard DeVos of 2005, in which he insists that he is neither 'Quitter' nor 'Complainer,' not only reveals the irrational mind-set of cult core-adherents, but also demonstrates how their unconditional deference can only serve to confirm and magnify their leaders' own delusions. Indeed, it's not difficult to see how wealthy cultic racketeers (like the De Vos and Van Andel clans) can come to believe themselves to be omnipotent when, even after decades of heartless abuse and exploitation, certain victims still crawl to them and lick their boots like obedient dogs seeking a pat on the head.
If Scott Johson had any real courage, and/or strength of character, I think he would probably have come completely out of the 'Amway' kennel years ago.
Sadly, history proves that in every cult there are always a hard-core of fanatics who would rather die than make the effort to think for themselves.
David Brear

Tex' wrote to Amway boss laugh-a-minute letter

In view of his most-recent puerile and abusive comments posted on your Blog, I thought it might be interesting for you, and your free-thinking readers, to take a look at two documents written by 'Tex' and signed with his given name, Mr. Scott E. Johnson, as the proud owner of 'Johnson Enterprises' - a Texas-registered corporate structure set up to peddle 'Amway' water filters which are of such of great value that 'Johnson Enterprises' has apparently never declared an annual trading profit. Indeed, anyone crazy enough to want to acquire this particulary genre of shiny 'Amway' wampum can always find plenty of untouched examples available on the Net at knock-down prices.
The first Johnson document is available on the Net thanks to a US government Dept's policy of posting certain comments which it receives from US citizens. It comprises an unusually polite letter which Mr. Johnson sent in June 2006 to the US Federal Trade Commission, but which was mostly-written in thought-stopping 'Amway' jargon.
In this, even though Mr. Johnson reveals his knowlege of the fact that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob knew full-well that extensive criminal activity was occurring within their organization as long ago as 1983 - when Richard DeVos made a sound recording (to be peddled for a huge profit to'Amway' adherents) in which he described a parallel 'tools business' in books, tapes and tickets to meetings (which had recently been exposed by the press) as being a 'Pyramid Scam' - Mr. Johnson still insists that, although no action has ever been taken by the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob to halt these criminal activities or to explain to the world that the majority of money earned by 'Amway Leaders' has not actually come from the so-called 'Amway Business', but from a secondary advanced fee fraud, 'Amway' itself is not a fraud. Amazingly, in the same document, Mr. Johnson confesses to having been a long-term victim of the 'tool scam' (i.e. 'Amway's' secondary advanced fee fraud) which he accepts has been maliciously hidden by the bosses of the 'Amway' mob for at least 23 years in order for them to continue to make money. Even more amazingly, Mr. Johnson declares that, for 12 years, he bought all the over-priced books, tapes, tickets to meetings, etc., believing that these (effectively) valueless materials contained the 'Proven Plan to Success' in the so-called 'Amway Business'.
Attached to his FTC epistle is a laugh-a-minute letter which Mr. Johnson wrote to the surviving billionaire instigator of the 'Amway' mob, Richard Devos, in June 2005.
This second document is obsequious drivel which reveals Scott Johnson to be a self-deluding, child-like character living out an egocentric fantasy of his own importance which currently renders him completely incapable of facing up to the ugly reality that he is just one of many millions whose existing beliefs and instinctual desires have been identified, manipulated and exploited by some the most devious and greedy cultic racketeers in history.
David Brear

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Herbalife cheats hide behind positive thinking

Here is an unsolicited advise from an unknown quarter. The nameless, spineless fellows continue to offer such shameless advises in an apparent bid to cover up their nefarious activities.
You look like you could lose a bit of weight, perhaps you should try the products of Herbalife or Amway!
Focus on positve and you could be a happier person!
There is alrleady too much negative crap in the world why add to it?
I thank for him for his advise which is unsolicited as well as unwarranted. In the name of positive thinking and other crap, a sizable number of of people are being cheated all over world. Positive thinking is a great concept to keep you happy with what you got . But not for helping the crooks to line their own pockets.
Already several millions of people lost their hard-earned money in the Herbalife scam stocked with unsaleable Herbalife products. It is a racket as big as Amway. It is high time, the victims came forward to file criminal cases against this multilevel marketing company which is cheating people in the name of health management.

Reduced prices is admission of guilt and a major racketeering activity by Amway

I observe that Mr. Scott 'Tex' Jonhson, the absurd, but nonetheless dangerous, boss of 'Johnson Enterprises' ( a privately-owned, Texas - registered, limited-liability, commercial company - set up to peddle over-priced 'Amway' water-filters) has been making more puerile and abusive comments on your Blog.
Johnson, who (to say the least) has a slight conflict of interest, insists that you, Shyam, will not answer his reasonable questions, such as:
'If Amway products were priced one half of competitive products, would Amway still be a money circulation scheme - Yes or No?'
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, Johnson's carefully-worded drivel makes about as much sense as someone (in December 2007) asking :
'If Madoff Investments Inc. now suddenly starts making authentic profitable Investments, instead of just circulating people's money and pretending to be making profitable investments, would Madoff Investments Inc. still be a money circulation scheme - Yes or No?'
Obviously, Johnson's thought-stopping, loaded-question is designed to obscure the ugly reality that 'Amway' has been the main 'corporate' front for billionaire racketeers who, without the slightest qualm, have run, and shielded, a premeditated closed-market swindle (or money circulation scheme) for half a century, camouflaged by (effectively unsaleable) products.
Like Bernie Madoff, these heartless 'Amway' charlatans should be held to account for all the money which they have previously stolen and for all the countless lives which they have destroyed. Their feeble defense (which they, and their arrogant apologists, have squawked on numerous occasions in the past), that 'Amway' has turned-over a new leaf and lowered its prices to create a viable open-market, is not just an admission of guilt, but also part of a pattern of major racketeering activity.
David Brear

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Herbalife victims! Come out to file criminal cases

Soon wall posters and bill boards would occupy every available space all over India begging people to contact so and so person to reduce weight and become lean. Of course, there would be no buyers and all of them are only sellers.
It is easy to understand that the topic is Herbalife. The posters suggest that health management is a new concept and by stopping eating natural food and by consuming Herbalife products, one could become really healthy.
Exactly, what are the ingredients in the Herbalife products? Are they safe? Do they list out the ingredients on the labels? Is the company paying sales tax on the maximum retail price mentioned on the label? Are the members who retail them giving receipts to purchasers? There are a number of questions seldom answered. The officials are either busy counting the bribe money or very busy to look at the trivial issues.
Whatever be the reason, of late, the number of victims is raising all over India. The smooth-talking sales persons are conducting meetings openly and inducing people to purchase products as it is a 'good business opportunity'. They give a euphemistic title of 'health management' to the victims. Already a sizable number of people became victims of this fraud and the authorities remain a mute spectators.
When Corporate Frauds Watch approached the police authorities with the complaint, they simply say that the CFW is not a victim and if the victims come forward with the complaints they would file criminal cases against the company, promoters, members, etc. No victims come forward to file a criminal complaint on the hope that he is going to earn a fortune by selling these unsaleable products which are exorbirantly priced.
After all, who would spend Rs. 7,500 every month for losing weight. Once you stop taking these products, there is every possibility you put on weight again taking you back to square one.
Dear fellow humans all over world! Come out open and file criminal cases against such fraudulent companies. You have nothing to lose. Realise the fact that you are never going to get back your money by selling the exorbitantly priced products. It is a Mirage!