Thursday, 22 December 2011

'Amway's' survival in the UK was nothing short of miraculous

A wise correspondent of mine, has observed that my analysis of the 'MLM' racket as a dissimulated form of unlawful, closed-market bookmaking (where all losing-bets have simply been laundered as 'purchases'), which has been maliciously-designed to provoke a form of chronic gambling addiction, reveals 'Amway's' recent escape from closure in the UK to be nothing short of miraculous; for how is it possible that, when faced with such a wide-open-goal, the UK government brought on a team of short-sighted lawyers who failed to score?
Despite my calls for an intellectually-rigorous criminal inquiry, in 2007, the UK government Trade Minister only filed a low-level public-interest civil bankruptcy petition against 'Amway UK Ltd.', on the technical grounds that the company had been breaking not only UK trading schemes legislation, but also UK lotteries legislation. UK government lawyers and forensic accountants subsequently produced a mountain of unchallenged documentary evidence to demonstrate that, out of the approximately 35 000 British 'Amway' adherents registered in 2006, the hidden loss-rate was effectively 100%, and that, for the insignificant percentage of winning 'Amway' participants to receive some payment, the overwhelming majority had to keep paying into the 'scheme.' In presenting their far-from-intellectually-rigorous case to the UK High Court, UK government lawyers described the minority of chronic-losers in this demonstrably-dangerous, rigged game of 'commercial' make-believe, as being 'deluded.' However, no psychotic 'Amway' victim, nor expert witness to his/her dangerous state of mind, was called to give evidence. Instead, after a lot of legalistic arguments, Mr. Justice Norris accepted the UK government's simplistic claim that the 'Amway trading scheme' had been in breach of trading schemes legislation (because unlawful registration fees had been required), but curiously, he rejected the government's other simplistic claim that the 'Amway trading scheme' had been in breach of lotteries legislation (because it was not advertised as a 'lottery' and a few lucky participants had apparently been paid out). The Judge then broke established legal precedent and refused to order  'Amway UK Ltd.'  to hand over all the millions of pounds of what he accepted to be unlawful registration fees (which would have forced the company into technical-bankruptcy and obligatory-closure), when 'Amway's' lawyers made the demonstrably-false declaration, and absurd related-promise, that their employer's previous unlawful activities had all been completely involuntary, but had now been completely reformed, voluntarily.
Later, the UK Appeal Court (in a two to one majority verdict), upheld Judge Norris' controversial decision to accept the word of 'Amway's' lawyers, and not to order the immediate-closure of  'Amway UK Ltd.', after the UK government's short-sighted legal team had challenged it on the not-unreasonable grounds that it was neither safe for the public, nor correct in law. This typically-complicated legalistic outcome allowed the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth to pretend that the 'Amway MLM income opportunity' had now received the full-approval of the UK Courts. In other words, 'Amway UK Ltd.' effectively plead guilty to running an unlawful trading scheme for 34 years, and was duly found guilty of running an unlawful trading scheme for 34 years, but received no punishment other than that which the demonstrably-dishonest legal representatives of this demonstrably-dishonest organization, falsely-claimed to have imposed on itself.
Yet, consider for a moment, if the demonstrably-fake 'Amway MLM income opportunity' had been advertised as a 'viable gamble' rather than as a 'viable trading scheme'. Also, consider for a moment, if the wider-evidence had been presented to the UK Courts, in an intellectually-rigorous, criminal prosecution. 
What would any honest Judge have said when it was proved, beyond all reasonable doubt that, for 50+ years, tens of millions of constantly-churning  'Amway' adherents around the world (including at least one million from the UK) have been deceived into participating in a completely-incomprehensible, endless-chain recruitment game (presented as a viable income opportunity), in which they haven't had a hope of winning, but in which they have been subjected (without their fully-informed consent) to co-ordinated devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion, designed to shut-down the individual losing-players' critical and evaluative faculties, and oblige them to keep betting on themselves to win, no matter what suffering this has caused ?
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Core-'MLM' victims are like chronic gambling addicts

In all lawful and unlawful gambling, the (unwritten) golden rule for the house, is 'keep the gambler playing,' because, no matter what is won in the short-term, in the long-term, the odds on winning are tipped in the favour of the house and, consequently, the chronic-gambler will eventually almost-certainly lose overall. Thus, the profession of running a casino, or of bookmaking, is to make sure that the odds are always tipped in the favour of the house. In lawful gambling, regulation exists which ensures that gamblers have some chance of winning in the short-term, but in unlawful gambling, no such regulation exists.  
In France, private, or open-market, bookmaking has been illegal for decades. However, the Internet has recently led to radical changes in French gambling laws. The bookmaking system that has been operated lawfully in France, is the 'Paris Mutuel'  a.k.a 'Totalizer.'  In this, all bets on any particular horse race have been gathered through government-licensed, and tightly-regulated, offices, into a closed central fund. The odds on each horse winning, can fluctuate right up to the start of the race, because they are worked-out depending on how much of the fund has been gambled on any particular animal. A small fixed-percentage of the fund is retained by its organizers, whilst a higher fixed-percentage is paid out to the winning gamblers. This closed-market 'Paris Mutuel' system resembles an inverted, mutual insurance fund. When run correctly, the system is guaranteed never to lose money for its organizers, because it is based on transferring the losing gamblers'  money to the organizers and to the winning gamblers.  
Unless they have been chronic gambling addicts (dissociated from external reality), then all players of the 'Paris Mutuel', have been fully-aware that they risk losing what they bet.
More than 50 years of evidence, in the form of tens of millions of previous losers, proves that (for the ordinary player) the odds of winning any net-benefit in the effectively closed-market 'Amway' game of 'business' make-believe, have been zero. Exactly as in the 'Paris Mutuel,' the only real money flowing into the 'Amway' system has come from the players and, thus, the organizers, who have retained a significant fixed-percentage, can never lose. However, unlike the 'Paris Mutuel' the insignificant few players who have been seen to be winning massively, are always the same grinning schills, whilst the overwhelming majority of constantly-churning players have can never ever win, because the game has been secretly-rigged to produce, and to hide, universal loss.
Chronic 'MLM' addicts have been conditioned to believe that they are Independent Business Owners who, if they do not question the authenticity of their  'risk-free MLM income opportunities' and continue to duplicate the '100% positive' example of their leaders (i.e. consume and recruit), will soon also become massive winners.  Unfortunately, this is a cruel lie designed to load its victims with guilt.
All the evidence proves that if you fall for this pernicious blame-the victim fraud, you will lose some money. However, the longer you remain, the more you will lose. The worst 'MLM' victims have quite literally lost everything, and some have wound up killing themselves. 
Many observers have compared core-'MLM' victims to chronic gambling addicts; for both groups live in denial of external reality - only ever declaring their short-term winnings and hiding their overall net- losses.
David Brear (copyright 2011) 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How does anyone lose money in Amway scam?

People wonder sometimes how do they lose money if they simply join schemes like that of Amway Enterprises or for that any matter any such scams. Moreover, recently Amway Enterprises has announced that there is no entrance fee to join it as IBO. If anybody asks them to become they would readily agree to become a member. They never realise that they are entering a cobweb.
This is how they lose their hard-earned money.
Every IBO must buy products worth at least Rs. 2000. That means in effect they purchase products worth Rs. 24,000 every year. They would be encouraged to approach their friends and relatives to become members and purchase products with the inducement that they would earn more commission if the new recruits also buy products. However, it would be very hard for them to convince the new recruits to purchase products. On the  other hand, they could find no one to purchase products which are exorbitantly priced from them. Wisdom would dawn upon them soon and they would be ready to stop purchase products within a short period. However, his upline would bring pressure on him to buy products and recruit more people. The new recruit would be told that if he creates his own group he would earn lot of commission.
He could not create his own group who would be willing to buy products every month. He would be disillusioned soon and starts blaming himself. He hears from his upline blatant lies that every other IBO is making lots of money and it is his fault for his failure.
By that time the IBO would have spent sizable money from his pocket to buy products. He does not know what to do. It is a Catch 22 situation.
Ultimately he resigns and stops buying products. But by that time he is poorer by several thousands of rupees.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Shame on Kevin Kiley, head of the Massachusetts Bankers Association, who supports the bankster, Richard Syron

This time, I had to laugh when I read the demonstrable lie that the Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Bankers Association, Kevin Kiley, has apparently told reporters from the Boston Globe about his friend, Richard Syron (the former CEO of 'Freddie Mac') who stands accused of securities fraud.
Mr. Kiley (apparently sober and in all seriousness) described Mr. Syron (a liar who presided over the secret ruining of one of the largest mortgage agencies in the world) as 'an outstanding businessman,' and he went on to declare that he was 'surprised that the Securities and Exchange Commission had taken action' against him. 
Here, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, we are surprised that the US Justice Dept. has not yet charged Mr. Syron (and his lying associates) with offences under the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970.
Mr. Kiley obviously was not one of the direct victims of Mr. Syron's lies. His supine commentary is self-evidently based on his friendship with Mr. Syron, and on his friend's other lawful, commercial activities. However, Mr. Kiley's morally and intellectually bankrupt statement insults the intelligence of every tax-payer around the world who has been made ultimately responsible for the catastrophic results of Mr. Syron's multi-billion dollar fraud.
Mr. Kiley's absurd opinion, is the same as suggesting that a previously-respectable banker, charged with passing (what anyone with an ounce of common sense should have known to be) billions of dollars of counterfeit banknotes, should be judged on the grounds that 86% of the money in the bank was not fake, and only 14% this, otherwise-honest, fellow's 'money' contained flaws.
If Mr. Kiley reflects the general moral and intellectual standard of leading American bankers, then it's no wonder that the world is on the verge of an economic melt-down.
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Six US 'banksters' now face civil fraud charges

As ever, I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, when, today, I read the latest news from the USA.
Six former executives of what were once styled as 'the world's largest mortgage agencies', 'Fannie Mae' and 'Freddie Mac,' have been charged (in a civil prosecution filed in a federal court in New York city, by the US Securities and Exchange Commission) with fraud.
Meanwhile, years after the event (and with a global economic depression looming), the US Justic Dept. says it has 'begun investigating.'
According to the NY lawsuit, 53 year old Daniel Mudd,  50 year old Enrico Dallavecchia and 53 year old Thomas Lund (the former: CEO, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Vice President of 'Fannie Mae'), along with 68 year old Richard Syron, 58 year old Patricia Cook and 53 year old Donald Bisenius (the former: CEO, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of 'Freddie Mac') made'material mis-statements.' 
In plain English, these shameful, but shameless, 'banksters' actually stand accused of telling multi-billion dollar lies, and of provoking, and attempting to conceal, the onset of the largest global financial catastrophy since the 'Wall Street Crash' of 1929 (which itself triggered the 'Great Depression' of the 1930s - and which, in turn, led to rise of Fascism and WWII).
The lawful traditional business of 'Fannie Mae' and 'Freddie Mac' was the buying of secured mortgage loans from banks and other institutional lenders, packaging these debts into guaranteed-bonds and then selling them to investors internationally. During the early years of the 21st century, a significant part of the previously-lawful enterprises of both these companies became completely unlawful, because their chief executives oversaw the buying, packaging and peddling of liar-loans which (in the pursuit of huge short-term profits for banks and resulting huge bonus payments for bankers), had been fraudulently-approved to many millions of poor Americans who could not afford to repay them (in the long-term). Whilst the US real estate market remained strong, the looming-catastrophy remained hidden. However, when the market collapsed, 'Freddie Mac' and Fannie Mae' had already knowingly: bought, packaged, peddled and fraudulently 'guaranteed' a phenomenal quantity of worthless paper to countless victims around the world.
In 2007, the 'Fannie Mae' executives falsely-declared that their company held just $4.8 billions of high-risk loans, when, in fact, it was facing inevitable collapse due to $43 billions of toxic-debt (some 11% of its total portfolio). Similarly, in 2006, the 'Freddie Mac' executives falsely-declared that their company held between 2 and 6 $billions of high-risk loans, when, in fact, it was facing inevitable collapse due to $141 billions of toxic debt (some 10% of its total portfolio). Furthermore, by 2008, 'Freddie Mac's' toxic debt had climbed to $244 billions (some 14% of its total portfolio).
In September 2008, the truth finally came out, and  Bush administration was obliged to take control of both these secretly-insolvent agencies to prevent them from collapsing. Their top executives were either fired or they were forced to resign. To date, US tax-payers have given $150 billions to keep them afloat, and this could rise to a colossal $259 billions.
All this, means that certain US civil regulators have lately-accepted that persons in control of at least two major US financial institutions were engaged in a pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity, comprising fraud and the obstruction of justice, etc., during 2006- 2007. However, the US Justice Dept has (so far) refused to enforce federal RICO legislation which covers these serious criminal acts.
Perhaps the most extraordinary thing to come out of these recent civil charges, is the immediate defence to them. The executives' attorneys don't actually deny the charges, what they say is that US government regulators are in no position to charge their clients with fraud, because US government regulators were, at all times, fully-complicit with what was occurring. 
I would respectfully suggest that the US Justice Dept. should perhaps be investigating, and charging, certain officials at the SEC, under RICO legislation, but then there are certain officials at the US justice Dept. who probably should be investigated themselves.
Difficult as it is to believe, Daniel Mudd ( who was fired from 'Fannie Mae' in 2008) currently holds the position of CEO of the 'Fortress Investment Group' in New York; whilst Richard Syron (who resigned from 'Freddie Mac' in 2008) is an Adjunct Professor at Boston College.
Personally, I wouldn't want to employ either of them (not even to sweep my floor). 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What possible legitimate reason could US Justice Dept. officials have for refusing to indict the crooks whose greed triggered the world economic crisis?

I observe that, under pressure from campaigners (like Anna Hazare), the Indian government is reluctantly still trying to decide how to appear to be tackling the problem of corruption.
However, I would respectfully-suggest to your free-thinking readers that, if they take the time to examine the wider-picture, all this apparently laudable activity in India, is merely the equivalent of trying to catch (and to re-arrange) one sliding-deck-chair on the rapidly-sinking Titanic. 
It is generally accepted that the current world economic crisis (which is probably about to turn into another Great Depression) was triggered by a chain-reaction of related-frauds perpetrated by the greedy, and increasingly-desperate, bosses of American financial institutions. These wealthy crooks, gambled that they would not be held to account, because their government (influenced by their own agents occupying key-positions in the Federal Reserve) could easily be made to feel obliged to print, and/or borrow, and inject into their collapsing-criminogenic system, vast sums of money (the interest on which would ultimately be born by ordinary tax-payers), believing this fundamentally-unjust strategy to be the only way to stop the entire global economy from collapsing. However, various well-informed observers (like William K. Black) warned that 'bail-out' was only a way of delaying the entire global economy from inevitably collapsing.
Instead of a corrupt doctor's prescription of a diluted socialist medicine to cure the symptoms this purely-criminogenic cancer dressed-up as 'free-market capitalism,' intellectually rigorous, and honest, commentators simply called for the underlying problem, fraud and corruption, to be cut-out, and for the rule of law to be restored in the USA.
In brief, the real position is as follows: Right under the noses of stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, US financial regulators, on the obviously-specious grounds that the value of American real-estate would continue to increase ad infinitum, a significant number of major, and minor, American financial institutions all began to make apparently 'secure and profitable,' but actually unsecured and catastrophic, mortgage loans to countless, aspiring poor persons who had no means of repaying them. However, since it appeared that the high-levels of projected-interest from these 'liar loans' was going to boost the lenders' profits, the individual bankers who approved them, pretended success; thereby, allowing them all to keep claiming increasingly-juicey, but fraudulent, commission, and bonus, payments on theoretically-expanding profits which couldn't actually exist. Thus, it became in the short-term financial interests of all these greedy criminals, to ignore reality and keep approving more and more 'liar-loans.' Consequently, they were aggressively-marketed.
When the American real-estate market inevitably began to stagnate and the bosses of certain American financial institutions faced the reality that, eventually, they could be left collectively-holding trillions of dollars of effectively-worthless assets, they conspired to get rid of their stinking heap of toxic-debt; so-they packaged it up, gave it various sweet-smelling labels and fake ribbons of approval, and began to peddle it to countless ill-informed victims all around the world as a 'secure investment.' However, since there was too much of it, the same criminals (knowing that their economically-suicidal enterprise was on the point of collapse  and exposure) took out insurance to protect themselves. This had the added-effect of pushing one of the world's largest insurance companies, 'AIG,' into a position of insolvency.
To date, despite billions of tax-payers around the world being penalized by the resulting-economic-crisis, no one responsible for perpetrating, or permitting, these  frauds has been indicted by the US justice system. Furthermore, we do not yet know what the final catastrophic results of allowing these historically-significant crimes to go completely unpunished, will be. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

'Essar' and 'Loop' executives face life sentences for their part in the '2G Spectrum' fraud

Here on Corporate Frauds Watch, we have been regularly explaining how, for decades, a minority of billionaire racketeers have been allowed to perpetrate 'MLM income opportunity' fraud all over the world, behind labyrinths of legally-registered corporate structures pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, enterprises - preventing investigation and isolating their bosses from liability. We have also been explaining how it is possible for the same greedy crooks to use their ill-gotten gains to employ so-called 'lobbyists' to further-subvert the democratic process and rule of law, by co-opting stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, legislators, regulators and law enforcement agents.
Just over a year ago, it was reported that India's Communications and Information Technology Minister, Andimuthu Raja, and 13 other people had been charged with conspiracy, forgery and fraud, in connection with the deliberate under-selling (by an estimated $39 billions) of 21 lucrative, '2G Spectrum,' telecoms 'Unified Access Service'  licences to a privately-owned Indian company, 'Loop Telecom,' in 2008-2009. However, this scandal only came to light after Indian income tax officials began to investigate a so-called 'lobbyist,' Nira Radia. 
It has now been reported that 5 more people, and 3 companies, have been (separately) charged in connection with the same titanic fraud. 
After an apparently rigorous criminal inquiry, India's Central Bureau of Investigation alleges that 'Loop Telecom' was the product of a complex corporate conspiracy to cheat the people of India, and that this conspiracy was hatched by the top executives of the 'Essar Telecom Group,'  Ravikant and Anshuman Ruia. The charge-sheet also names the CEO of 'Essar Teleholdings,' Vikash Saraf, and the promoters of 'Loop Telecom,' Kieran and I.P. Khaitan. In brief, these 5 persons, and their respective companies, are charged with conspiring to create 'Loop Telecom' as a front to dodge Indian Dept. of Telecom regulations designed to prevent individuals, and corporate structures, from acquiring a potentially-dangerous monopoly of the Indian telecom market. If found guilty, the accused risk life sentences. In support of the charges, chief CBI officer, Vivek Priyadarshi, has submitted 398 files (containing more than 20, 000 pages of prosecution evidence) to Special Judge, O. P. Saini.
Apparently, CBI investigators were unable to find any evidence that senior Indian Dept. of Telecom officials had been aware that 'Loop Telecom' was an ileligible fake acting in breach of the regulations. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, then these public servants are probably too stupid to be held to account in a court of law. However, I would suggest that, when the overwhelming case against the 5 telecom executives is proved, all the incompetent DoT officials who failed to do their job, should (at the very least) be sacked and obliged to hand back their salaries for the period 2008-2009.
Perhaps that might wake up other dozy Indian regulators who have (so far) failed to spot numerous 'MLM income opportunity' frauds ?
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Kerala High Court dismisses writ petition filed by RMP Infotec


WP(C).No. 18975 of 2011(V)

1. RMP INFOTEC PRIVATE LIMITED,                                    ...  Petitioner


1. THE DIRECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE AND                                    ...       Respondent











                For Petitioner  :SRI.K.T.SHYAMKUMAR

                For Respondent  :ADDL.ADVOCATE GENERAL

The Hon'ble MR. Justice PIUS C.KURIAKOSE
The Hon'ble MR. Justice C.K.ABDUL REHIM

 Dated :25/07/2011

 O R D E R

WP(C).NO. 18975 of 2011
Dated this the 25th        day of July, 2011

Abdul Rehim,J.

      The petitioner is a Private Limited Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act having its registered office at Chennai.    Petitioner is engaged in multi-level marketing of various products like laptops, solar lamps, water purifiers etc.  For implementation of the multi-level marketing, the company has devised a network marketing concept in which the consumers are approached through a network system of customers.    The products are introduced to the consumers through the customers and the consumers, after buying the products, will   become customers and will start introducing further consumers who in turn will become customers again. On the basis of enrolling of new customers and by widening the network, the existing customers can earn more and more income. 
     2.   The petitioner company has got franchisee offices in Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Thrissur and Calicut. It is stated that all the transactions are conducted on payment of tax and duties payable to the State Government and the petitioner company is regularly paying Income Tax due to the Central Government. It is further stated that the petitioner company has done large volume of business by purchasing goods from very reputed manufacturers. 
       3. Grievance voiced is that, as part of investigation started to curb, 'money chain' business transactions in the State, the police authorities have closed down the franchisee offices of the petitioner and they have taken away the keys of such offices. It is complained that the keys taken into custody were not even produced before the Magistrate Courts having jurisdiction at the respective places.   The police are not even giving any proper explanation regarding the forceful closing of the offices and in preventing the petitioner's activities which according to the petitioner was   conducted in a perfectly lawful manner.  It is alleged that the search and seizure was conducted without getting any orders from the Magistrate Courts and that not even a proper mahazar or search list have been prepared with respect to the articles seized from the offices. The key of the business   premises were taken away in clear violation of the procedure   contemplated under the Code of Civil Procedure, is the allegation.    It is further alleged that the police is illegally refraining the petitioner company from continuing its business.
       4. It is stated in the writ petition that some persons have lodged     complaints against the petitioner company, due to compulsion and threat from the side of the police authorities.  Several such persons have later approached the petitioner and offered to withdraw such complaints.  But since the police authorities are threatening them with dire consequences, the complaints are not withdrawn. Under the above mentioned circumstances the writ petition is filed seeking direction to refrain the respondents from causing any sort of harassment to the petitioner in the functioning of its franchisee offices and to its distributors.    Petitioner inter alia seeks direction against the respondents to refrain from coercing or compelling the individual distributors to lodge complaints against the petitioner and also  to refrain from preventing the existing complaints being  withdrawn. 
       5. We heard Sri. K.A.Jaleel, learned Additional Advocate General. It is submitted that, under the guise of the multi level marketing of products, the petitioner is promoting money circulation, which is banned under the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. It is submitted that, with respect to the petitioner company as well as other companies engaged in similar line of activities, various complaints were received from different Districts and so many cases have been registered in various police stations.  The Additional Advocate General highlighted that the business of these companies and other establishments are concentrated on innocent and illiterate   villagers who are more vulnerable to cheating.     It is stated that the activities conducted by the petitioner company will constitute offences punishable under sections 3,4,5 and 6 of the   above said Act, apart from offences  punishable under sections 405 and 420 of the IPC. It is further stated that very huge amounts have already been collected through such illegal activities by the promoter and other companies from innocent public. It is submitted that the State  Government have constituted a 'special investigation team'  headed by the Additional Director General of Police (Crimes) to  investigate into all the cases registered against such companies and persons conducting business activity of the like nature, under  the guise of multi level marketing .
      6. However, learned Addl. Advocate General conceded that  if commission of any cognizable offence is detected with respect  to the petitioner company, the police will take action for arrest of  any of its officials or customers only after due compliance of the  provisions contained in section 41A to section 41D of the Cr.P.C.  Further it is also assured that if presence of any of the officials of the company is required in connection with investigation into the cases already registered or which will be registered later, then due notice as contemplated under the provisions of Cr.P.C will be issued. The relief sought for with respect to permitting the  business activity being conducted or with respect to handing over  of key to the franchisee offices could not be allowed, because the  petitioner could not be permitted to perpetrate the alleged  business activity which will amount to violation of the provisions  contained in the Act, is the submission. 
      7. Having considered the rival contentions we are of the opinion that none of the reliefs sought for by the petitioner can be granted in exercise of the jurisdiction vested under Article 226 of the Constitution. However it is left open to the petitioner to approach the Magistrate Courts concerned, having jurisdiction in the respective area for appropriate reliefs. 
       8. We take notice of two judgments issued by this court in similar circumstances, in WP(C).No.17410/2011 and connected cases, dated 6.7.2011 and in WP(C).No.18708/2011 and connected cases, dated 15.7.2011.   We notice that those writ petitions were filed in identical circumstances and this court had had already dismissed those writ petitions. 
      9. Under the above mentioned circumstances, the writ petition deserves no merit and the same is accordingly dismissed, subject to observations contained hereinabove.

                                  PIUS C. KURIAKOSE,JUDGE

                                  C.K.ABDUL REHIM,JUDGE

No evidence supports the 'MLM income opportunity' lie

I observe that you have removed Kasey Chang's latest false and defamatory comment from Corporate Frauds Watch. This perplexing fellow refuses to accept that 50+ years of evidence proves 'MLM income opportunity' fraud to be a historically-significant, global criminogenic phenomenon built on an exploitative, non-rational pseudo-science - the economic equivalent of creationism. 
Our irrefutable, purely rational position (which Mr. Chang has falsely characterized as 'fanatical') is, that unquestioning belief in the authenticity of the 'MLM income opportunity' lie, has caused, and continues to cause, considerable financial, and psychological, damage to countless millions of ill-informed individuals around the world. Furthermore, the number of persons who have lost everything and committed suicide as a result of falling victim to 'MLM income opportunity' lie, continues to mount, and will probably never be fully-known. 
Mr. Chang's easily-refuted non-rational position, is the equivalent of someone recognizing and condemning one gang of counterfeiters, but then refusing to condemn other gangs of identical counterfeiters on the grounds that their product is possibly dangerous, but not quite as dangerous, because it contains fewer errors and has, so far, fooled legislators. Unfortunately, Mr. Chang ignores the easily-established fact that 'MLM' racketeers have used their stolen wealth to infiltrate the democratic process all around the world - subverting specific legislation, and rules, defining, and governing, the traditional commercial practise of direct selling. To intellectually rigorous and honest observers, the key to determining whether any system of economic exchange is an unviable fake and, therefore, fundamentally dangerous, is to establish (by examining the quantifiable evidence in the form of the audited accounts of a significant number of its participants) if it is an open or an effectively closed-market. Any specific legislation which has been written in such vague terms as to ignore this fundamental truth, is revealed as having been tampered with by the agents of  'MLM' racketeers. This subversion of the rule of law, is obviously part of an overall pattern of ongoing, organized criminal activity.
What Mr. Chang has said is frighteningly familiar; for the apologists of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud have fanatically pretended that their controlling scenario is reality, and that anyone challenging the authenticity of their controlling scenario is a fanatic in denial of reality. Exactly like Mr. Chang, these fanatical propagandists have not sought to establish that they are telling the truth by producing quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts) proving that significant numbers of 'MLM' adherents have received a net-income lawfully from regularly retailing 'MLM' wampum to the public for a profit. 
David Brear (copyright 2011) 

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Former 'Amway Diamond,' and 'Xango racketeer, Jean Godzich, is a wanted criminal in France

Last June, I posted to clear warning about the 'MLM income opportunity' racket known as 'Xango.'  I explained that one of the criminal-promoters of this unoriginal cultic quackery, Jean or John Godzich, is a former 'Amway Diamond' and a long-time criminal-associate of the sanctimonious 'Amway/Prosperity Gospel' charlatan-preachers, Dexter Yager and Doug Wead.

Although at the time, I didn't declare my sources, it is a matter of public record that Mr. Godzich is a wanted criminal in France. He is listed in various French parliamentary reports on cultism, and there are literally hundreds of articles available on the Net. which expose Mr. Godzich's clandestine criminal/cultic activities in France.
Your free-thinking readers might be interested to know that an arrogant clown signing himself/herself 'Cochran Family Blog,' has posted some familiar, intellectually-castrated comments on Corporate Frauds Watch. However, this pathetic persona would appear to be a cover for the 'Xango' Ministry of Truth.
'Cochran family Blog' has made the demonstrably false and defamatory statement that everything reported on CFW concerning M. Godzich and his criminal associates, is 'at best, Hyperbole.' This is simply because I didn't declare my sources, but then, why should I  - when no intellectually-castrated apologist of  'MLM income opportunity' fraud has ever produced any quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts) proving that anyone has ever received an overall net-income lawfully, from regularly retailing 'MLM' wampum to the public for a profit?
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Monday, 5 December 2011

'TVI Express' hides an international criminal racket, so why are only national, civil trade regulators investigating ?

Your free-thinking readers will recall that, earlier this year, Mr. Kasey Chang was banned from posting his generally obstructive, inaccurate and misleading comments on Corporate Frauds Watch, after he posted (on one of his own Blogs) a stream of false and defamatory statements about me. Ignoring your clear decision, Mr. Chang has now contacted CFW again, this time to inform us that 'South Africa' (presumeably, he means a South African Journalist, Bongani Mthethwa, working for the 'SA Sunday Times' ) 'named Tarun Trikha as the head of the TVI Express Scam.' 
For Mr. Chang's information, Corporate Frauds Watch has been closely-monitoring what was originally reported in the mainstream South African media many months ago, concerning 'TVI Express'.
Your free-thinking readers will observe that the Journalist who offered this definitive opinion of Tarun Trikha, only interviewed persons in South Africa who were described as 'State-appointed forensic auditors' and 'attorneys and forensic investigators working for the Reserve Bank of South Africa.' It was also reported that investigators had been consulted internationally, as well as persons described as 'former representatives of TVI Express' (whoever they might be). Based on these interviews, it was reported that it has been established in S. Africa that:TVI Express had more than 50,000 members in S. Africa (in August 2011)
Twenty-three different South African bank accounts, associated or linked to TVI Express, had been uncovered by investigators;
More than Rand 144-million worth of cash transactions and investments had been identified through the bank accounts and paper work. The investigators said they expected the figure to increase quite significantly in the course of the investigation;
On average, investors had paid between Rand 2,700 and Rand 21,600 into the scheme;
Some early investors had been paid out, receiving as much as Rand 108000;
An estimated 70,000 people were visiting the company's website daily;
TVI Express was under investigation for violating consumer protection laws in Britain, China and other parts of Asia; and The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the country's consumer protection watchdog, had banned all TVI Express operations.
In reality, what has been established by this less-than intellectually-rigorous S. African journalist, Bongani Mthethwa, is that a bunch of diverse, civil trade regulators in various countries (who are apparently neither expert in organized crime nor pernicious cultism) have followed their noses and independently discovered that Tarun Trikha is officially-listed as the owner of the demonstrably-counterfeit corporate structure known as 'TVI Express'.  Personally, I find it very difficult to believe that a 27 year old Indian is the sole and unique person reponsible for organizing this unoriginal, multi-billion dollar, global racket. Thus, I stand by my recent analysis - almost anyone could now be lurking behind 'TVI Express,' or any other 'MLM income opportunity' racket, including a terrorist group or a non-democratic regime. Probably, the last people who should be tasked with investigating isolated examples of this criminogenic phenomenon, are mainstream journalists and civil trade regulators, because (to date) they have usually been a significant part of the problem, and not the solution to it.
David Brear (copyright 2011)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Almost anyone could now be lurking behind 'TVI Express', or any other 'MLM income opportunity' racket

In my experience, most educated-Europeans naively assume that we all live in civilised countries ruled by laws drawn-up by democratically accountable legislators, and that these laws are enforced without fear or favour. 
In reality, we now live in an intellectually, and morally, bankrupt world where gangs of fabulously wealthy 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers, hiding behind their thought-stopping 'direct selling' jargon and 'Mafia'-style labyrinths of legally-registered corporate structures, are apparently allowed to subvert the democratic process and the rule of law wherever, and whenever, they want. 
When you look at what has just happened in Australia with the 'TVI Express' mob, it beggars belief that the de facto agents of a foreign-based organised crime group can steal so much money from so many Australian citizens, without the real beneficiaries of this crime facing the slightest risk of investigation or charge. It also beggars belief that no one in the mainstream Australian media has (so far) tried to shine a light into the dark heart of this largely-unrecognised criminogenic cancer. Australian journalists should be demanding:
How is it possible that the directors of our country's law enforcement agencies and security services are so stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, that they did not launch a full-scale, international inquiry into what actually lurks behind the demonstrably-counterfeit 'direct selling' company known as 'TVI Express' ? 
Indeed, almost anyone could be behind this profitable racket, including murderous terrorist groups or murderous non-democratic regimes. Yet when you consider the fact that exactly the same mass-fraud has been perpetrated on an even greater scale by numerous 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers for decades all over the world, what the 'TVI Express' mob have recently got away with in Australia, is revealed as being the latest, almost-insignificant drop in a historically-significant ocean of organised crime. Again, almost anyone now could be behind these profitable rackets including murderous terrorist groups or murderous, non-democratic regimes.
The Australian authorities might as well have issued an open invitation for criminals to come to their land; for when they have discovered foreign-based thieves committing mass-fraud against the citizens of Australia, they have foolishly only tackled this major, ongoing, organised criminal activity by pursuing a low-level, civil investigation and prosecution, of three pathetic little Australians who are quite obviously not the instigators, or the final beneficiaries, of this particular 'MLM income opportunity' racket.
If the free-thinking readers of Corporate Frauds Watch examine this frightening video of a fraudulent pay-through-the-nose to enter 'TVI Express' orgy of self-gratification , they will discover that they are watching almost any fraudulent pay-through-the nose to enter 'MLM' orgy of self-gratification. As the world economy continues to sink deeper into a recession triggered by mass fraud, this multi-billion dollar, non-rational, pseudo-scientific, belief system, continues to feed off the general ignorance, and growing desperation, of the public.
CFW still challenges any instigator, or apologist, of any so called 'MLM income opportunity' to produce the quantifiable evidence in the form of audited accounts (particularly, income tax receipts) which would prove that significant numbers of so-called 'MLM business owners' have lawfully earned an overall profit from regularly retailing goods, and/or services, to the public.
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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