Saturday, 31 October 2009

Herbalife cheating the gullible with promise of quick riches like Amway

Small size posters appear even in small towns all over Andhra Pradesh appealing people to contact through a mobile number if they want lose their weight or put on weight. At times, the word 'lose' spells 'loose'. If anybody calls to that mobile number he would be greeted with an invitation to a business opportunity. The invitee has to shell out Rs. 50 to attend the meeting where he would be explained how the 'great business opportunity' works. He would be told that he could shed extra flab and at the same time earn millions. Welcome to the wonder world of great business opportunity sponsored by Herbalife. With the officials and police turning a Nelson's eye to the menace of money circulation schemes in the name of multilevel marketing or network marketing, these con men cotinue to cheat the gullible all over India.
At the meeting, the invitees would be asked to fill a form to highlight their needs whether they want to lose weight or put on weight; or they want to undertake a business opportunity. Naturally, everyone wants to make money and the bait is on.
First, one has to become a member by paying Rs. 2,800. Then he has to purchase Herbalife products for retail sales or personal consumption. The products are very expensive and one has to spend at least Rs. 1800 per week to lose weight. It works out to nearly Rs. 7,500 per month. Is it possible for a middle class person to bear such amount for weight reduction? He expresses his inability to spend so much money for weight reduction.
Now comes the business opportunity. He has to purchase the Herbalife products in bulk to get a hefty discount of 40 per cent. He is naturally lured to avail that discount and after purchasing products only he realises that it is not that easy to find persons who can afford to buy the products. Then he desperately tries to sell the products preparing a poster with his mobile number asking people whether they want to shed extra weight or put on weight. Anyone can notice such posters through out India.
There are several thousands of people who purchased Herbalife products and stocked them in their houses. They simply blame themselves for not able to sell these products. They never realise that they were actually duped by the Herbalife.
Let us hope, at least some of these victims come out and file criminal cases against the fraudulent company Herbalife and its distributors. If anybody wants to file criminal cases they are welcome with free legal aid.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Trivedi is back with his double-talk

Trivedi is back with his dubious argument of Amway India is top ten FMCGs in India. It is not true. In fact, the Amway India products are begging for buyers. He parrots once again that Amway India products are not overpriced. He should say which toothpaste in India costs Rs. 120 like Amway's Glister. If Trivedi once again parrots that it is high quality, it is another story. It has already been mentioned about the quality of Amway products.
Tall claims are made in the media meetings about sales of Amway products. Amway India never reveals how much of its products are actually sold to the retail customers. It claims it has several lakhs of distributors all over country, but it never reveals how many are actually renewing their distributorship every year by paying a hefty fee to the kitty of Amway racketeers.
Trivedi is a funny fellow, when the overpriced issue is mentioned he raises the issue of quality. In the same breath he says that the Amway products are not overpriced. Stick to anyone of them, Trivedi.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

MyVideoTalk is another racket like Amway

Harsha Patil, a reader, wants to know how MyVideoTalk is a scam. It is good he asked that question.
Harsha puts forward some interesting arguments. He claims that he has been into the marketing of Myvideotalk for the last two years. He finds that it is interesting and worthwhile. He also claims that it is optional.
The argument that it is optional to do business holds no water. Everybody wants to do some business to earn more money. That is understandable. One has to understand the racket behind the business model to unravel the mystery.
The Myvideotalk is also a binary scheme in which everyone who wants to do `business ' must enrol two persons and these two persons must enrol two more persons each if they want to do the 'business'. This is again infinite chain which is going to break sooner than later.
Let us look at the levels of bonuses offered by the organisers. A new member is called 'Executive' and there are five more levels to achieve Presidential Platinum Executive after which the member would receive infinity bonus of one per cent through out his life.
A member has to pay Rs. 10,000 as entry fee to purchase 'web space'/'web services' which is completely intangible. Is it really worth its price is another question to ponder. Like Amway products, this product is also highly priced to allow the organisers of the racket to make fastbuck. The inducement of hefty commission is very attractive one cannot help but join the scheme. Soon he would realise that it is a mirage.
The organisers of the scheme offer the members that they can earn $ 5,000 per day and reach a potential maximum of $35,000 per week if they continue enrollment of new members. The basic question is from where do they generate so much money. The money is 'supplied' by the new members themselves. This is nothing but easy and quick money for the organisers. Myvideotalk scheme is also based on the 'high priced product-sale racket' of Amway and that is why the Amway is called mother of all scams.
One may argue that the product is good and useful. But it is not worth its value. By joining such scheme in the hope of getting rich in a short span, people are buying this exorbitantly priced product. But soon they realise that it is not going work and they blame themselves for not achieving the targets. They do not realise that the scheme itself is cheating. That is how these fraudsters are escaping the long arm of the law.
These fraudulent companies have been draining out economies of so many countries. Let us stop these fraudsters. People all over world, do not fall prey to the machinations of these scamsters.

Same old defence put forward by IBOFB

As you know, I have completed extensive research into many camouflaged totalitarian movements (both historic and contemporary), and, based on this research, I have published a comprehensive list of the universal indentifying characteristics of a pernicious, or criminogenic, cult. Without exception, these groups exploit their core-adherents by using various devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion designed to shut down individuals' critical and evaluative faculties without their fully-informed consent. In this way, core-cult adherents can be conditioned to dissipate all their mental, physical and financial resources to the benefit of hitherto unknown persons whom they continue to trust and follow no matter suffering this entails. The quantifiable evidence that this has occurrred over a long period of time, and on a wide scale, within the ranks of 'Amway,' is massive and conclusive. I'm not asking anyone just to take my word; one only has to consult the Internet briefly to confirm the ugly reality I describe.
The sophistic defence now being put forward by Steadson (the de facto agent of the 'Amway' bosses ), is not at all original. In fact, it is frighteningly familiar. In essence, what Steadson is now pretending (on behalf of his bosses) is that within 'Amway' there are certain independent individuals who, and independent groups which, have been involved in unlawful acts of exploitation, and that this independent minority has led biased observers (like myself and Prof. Blakey) to make the mistake of condemning the entire 'Amway' organization as criminogenic. In other words, although he now seems to accept that crimes have been committed behind the corporate front of 'Amway,' Steadson is typically (of a cult apologist) inverting reality by ignoring the suffering of the actual victims whilst putting the grinning billionaire 'Amway' leadership forward as 'innocent victims under attack.'
I have previously stated that this type of familiar, unfeeling, sophistic defence (which is particularly used by the provocative apologists of 'Scientology'), is the equivalent of defending counterfeit bank-notes on the grounds that 'parts of them are OK, so why concentrate on the bits that are not?' Sadly, it is also the equivalent of defending 'Nazism' on the grounds that 'not everything Hitler did was bad.'
In reality, over a period spanning 50 years, tens of millions of individuals around the globe have been churned through a premeditated closed-market swindle (peddled as the 'Amway Business Opportunity') and through related advanced fee frauds (peddled as proven training systems designed to lead to success in the 'Amway Business Opportunity'). It is painfully obvious, given the wider evidence, that these twin frauds are mutually dependent, and that the persons directing them are, thus, engaging in a pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity which has enabled them illegally to acquire absolute control over of billions of dollars.
All Steadson's extensive black propaganda activities (mulitiple, professional-looking Websites, available in many languages) although presented as being independent of the 'Amway' bosses, are self-evidently geared towards maintaining an absolute monopoly of information which itself is geared towards preventing core-adherents of the 'Amway' myth ('Total Financial Freedom') from confronting external reality and approaching law enforcement agencies, journalists, legislators, etc., with fully-informed complaints. Thus, Steadson's own efforts are revealed as the criminal obstruction of justice, and as being part of an overall pattern of ongoing, major, rackeering activity.
David Brear

Monday, 26 October 2009

Amway comparable to Italian American Mafia

It is important to remind your readers that Prof. Blakey's confidential opinion of the illegal / legal 'Amway Business' as being comparable to that of the 'Italian American Mafia,' is based on a wealth of experience spanning decades. After all, Blakey drafted America's federal, Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970, and he then was a consultant to various individual States when they enacted similar legislation.
Prior to RICO, Blakey had first been a specialist attorney in the US Dept of Justice and then legal counsel to an important US Presidential Committeee tasked with examining how major organized crime groups actually function. This Committee produced a stack of recommendations for effective legislation designed to stem an internal threat to democracy, and the rule of law, which had been growing (largely unchecked) in the USA since the 1920s.
Guided by specialists like Prof. Blakey, US legislators finally identified highly-organized criminal gangs run by (largely invisible) self-appointed sovereign leaders who were (effectively) dictators of secretive, totalitarian States in microcosm. Indeed, these 'Bosses,' who came from just a few families, controlled capital sums which put them on a par with many sovereign States. They operated behind complex labyrinths of (apparently independent) enterprises pursuing legal, and/or illegal, activities. The persons who appeared to own, and run, the corporate front of the 'Mafia' were carefully-selected schills (or fakes) who, when cross-examined in court, didn't have to pretend innocence, because they genuinely didn't have the slightest clue what was happening.
Major organized crime groups are not a figment of the imaginations of whacky 'conspiracy theorists' and 'loonies' and paid liars, as the smug 'Amway' character assassin, Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson would have your readers believe. Sadly, they are very real phenomenon, maliciously designed to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate their real bosses from liability. Therefore, Steadson's steadfast masked-pretence that his extensive, Internet misinformation dispersal system is totally independent of the billionaire Bosses of the 'Amway' mob, fits perfectly into Prof. Blakey's well-informed analysis.
David Brear

'Amway is parallel to organized crime groups'

As you know, it was America's leading expert on organized crime, Prof. G. Robert Blakey (b. 1936), who, after studying the quantifiable evidence, wrote:
'It is my opinion the the Amway business is run in a manner that is parallel to that of major organized crime groups. The structure and function of major organized crime goups, generally consisting of enterprises engaging in patterns of legal and illegal activity, was the prototype forming the basis of federal and state legislation that I have been involved in drafting. The same structure and function, with associated enterprises engaging in patterns of legal and illegal activity, is found in the Amway business.
So, according to the totalitarian closed-logic of your resident 'Amway' apologists, Prof. Blakey (with whom I'm in broad agreement) is also a 'clueless, stupid Narcissistic Personality Disorder sufferer' and whacky 'conspiracy theorist.'
I wonder why it is that Steadson and Johnson put me in mind of the 'Invincible Black Knight' in Monty Python's 'Holy Grail?' No matter how many times we hack their flimsy limbs from under them, they steadfastly pretend to be winning.
David Brear

Saturday, 24 October 2009

IBOFB parrot squawks again the same old Amway script

Again the smug Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson has posted a false and defamatory statement on your Blog.
One thing is for certain, Steadson and his invisible associates in Ada Michigan, are not going to name any individual whom, or corporate structure which, they now pretend me to be the agent of, because that would certainly lead to a lawsuit which they could not defend successfully. It is blindingly obvious, given the wider evidence and the scale of the Internet black propaganda activities fronted by Mr. Steadson, that he is the de facto agent of US-based, billionaire racketeers. Namely, the various grinning family members who run the highly-profitable closed-market swindle and related-advanced fee fraud behind the corporate 'Amway / Quixtar' fronts. Indeed, Steadson is obliged to pretend to be acting independently of the 'Amway' mob in order to avoid prosecution under the federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970.
The devious Mr. Steadson, and his crooked bosses in Ada Michigan, are not going to sue you or me Shyam, because they know that, since all the quantifiable evidence proves that we are quite obviously independent persons challenging the authenticity of a major organized crime group (of which Steadson is a de facto agent), such a malicious lawsuit is itself in breach of RICO legislation.
In brief, all the Steadson parrot can do is squawk from its predictable, but tightly-controlled 'Amway' script .
David Brear

Friday, 23 October 2009

IBOFB is de facto agent of Amway racketeers

Yet again the smug Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson has poisoned your Blog with his arrogant squawking and steadfast pretence of absolute moral and intellectual authority. Unfortunately, his puerile attempt at humour is flawed, because we do not accept for one moment his laughable claims that he is his own boss who doesn't work for anyone. For, self-evidently, all his ongoing Internet efforts (multiple Websites available in numerous languages) are defending and promoting the activities of US-based, billionaire racketeers. Thus, no matter what he claims, Steadson is obviously the de facto agent of these racketeers, and, as such, the extensive misinformation dispersal system he fronts, is part of a pattern of racketeering activity.
When the Steadson parrot squawks, it does so on behalf of the bosses of the 'Amway' mob.
His devious activities, which are designed to denigrate, and/or enrage, reasonable persons challenging the authenticity of the pernicious 'Amway' myth and divert investigation of related frauds, could one day bring the smug Mr. Steadson a long prison sentence. If it wasn't for the serious results of his crimes, then he would be nothing more than a sick joke.
David Brear.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

IBOFB, it seems, incapable of comprehending plain English

I'm not imagining this am I?
Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson, an extremely arrogant individual exhibiting many other of the (current) diagnostic criteria of severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder, who hides behind various, puerile, self-gratifying disguises and who habitually uses such abusive terms as, 'loony,' is now claiming to be a 'former research psychologist'.
It makes one wonder which academic institution it was that taught Steadson his avant-guarde medical techniques, for they do not feature in any recognised psychology text book.
The poor little lad is now so flustered that he appears to be incapable of comprehending plain English. I have previously said that Steadson's extensive (and ongoing), Internet black propaganda activities reveal him to be the de facto agent of billionaire racketeers. How Steadson interprets this unambiguous statement as my belief that
he is a billionaire himself, escapes me.
David Brear

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Childish, false statements by comic-book masked IBOFB

It must be interesting for your readers to observe that when Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson is caught posting childish, false and defamatory statements on your Blog (on behalf of his billionaire bosses and behind his comic-book mask), he immediately retracts them by claiming them to be a 'mistake.' He then goes on to compound his offence by making further childish, false and defamatory statements (on behalf of his billionaire bosses and behind his comic-book mask) which again he cannot substantiate.
Most reasonable persons would assume that now that his devious tactics have been explained to your readers, Steadson would cease to use them; but no, the poor little lad sails on regardless, addressing provocative comments directly to me using my first name in a failed attempt to attain psychological dominance by getting me to lose my temper and stop thinking. Steadson appears to be acting on intelligence gathered at one time by my own brother about all the members of his family, and given to his 'Amway' handlers on the pretext that this procedure would help him to recruit his relatives and, thus, bring him closer to 'Total Financial Freedom.'
The Steadson parrot's arrogant squawking in the face of calm, well-informed adults whom he cannot manipulate, is indicative of the inflexible, narcisssistic state of mind of fanatical 'Amway' cult apologists. Despite all evidence proving them to be the de facto agents of racketeers, they continue systematically to believe in their own, and in their group's, absolute supremacy.
David Brear

IBOFB comes out with his despicable tactics

The smug Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson, your resident 'Amway' character-assassin, continues to poison your Blog despite the fact that his despicable tactics must now be painfully obvious to your readers.
His latest cheap shot, offers me an opportunity to reveal to your readers just how far the 'Amway' mob are prepared to go, in order to repress dissent of their cultic racket.
Mr. Steadson now steadfastly pretends that I claim to be a 'cult expert' and that I have written a book which is of such little value that no 'reputable publishing company' would handle it.
Unlike Mr. Steadson, and his grinning billionaire bosses, I have never pretended absolute moral and intellectual authority. However, I have published a short booklet entitled 'The Universal Identifying Characteristics of a Cult,' using a private company which I incorporated in the UK with Dr. Edward Lottick, the noted American physician and former Chairman of the (Authentic) Cult Awareness Network. Despite what Steadson implies, at no time have I ever approached any other publishing company with any material I have written, let alone had material rejected. Therefore, his latest remarks are false and defamatory. Perhaps Steasdson would like like to reveal to your readers the names of all these reputable publishing companies whom he implies have sent me packing.
As far as I'm aware, no agent of the 'Amway' mob has ever seen a copy of my published booklet, but Steadson's efforts to denigrate and supress it are indicative of how much the 'Amway' mob fear what I have to say on cultism; for the word, 'Amway', does not appear in my booklet. Indeed, using one of his many self-gratifying identities, Steadson tried at length to have my booklet removed from a list of works on cultism posted on the Net, on the specious grounds that it was of no value because it was 'self-published.' Classically, Steadson tried to manipulate the editors of the Site in question, Wikipedia, pretending affinity with them whilst trying to character-assassinate Dr. Lottick and myself.
Interestingly, I describe in my booklet how:
"Cult leaders seek to control all information entering not only their adherents' minds, but also that entering the minds of casual observers. This is achieved by constantly denigrating all external sources of information..."
David Brear

Monday, 19 October 2009

Reality-denying Amway apologists

I think that your readers have now probably witnessed enough of the gruesome pair of reality-denying 'Amway' apologists who regularly poison your Blog. Unless you know how exactly their minds work, communicating directly with fanatical cultists can be an exhausting and potentially damaging experience. It's difficult, but we must try to keep in mind that once they were free-thinking individuals and not the unquestioning agents of racketeers.
Currently, the tactics pursued by Messrs. Steadson and Johnson are classic of deluded core-cult adherents. If they can't blind you with their group's exclusive jargon, and/or mystifying pseudo-science, they will try to drag you down into their two-dimensional 'us versus them' bunker, and/or provoke you into losing your temper. At all times, Steadson and Johnson are trying to shut down the critical and evaluative faculties of all free-thinking individuals challenging the authenticy of the fictional scenario that controls their group.
For fanatical cultists, whose self-esteem and related-psychological function have become dependent on a paranoid group-delusion of absolute moral and intellectual supremacy, facing up to reality often involves them experiencing a severe break-down. Core-cult adherents who manage to leave their group and confront the ego-destoying reality that they've been systematically deceived and exploited, are invariably destitute and dissociated from all their previous social contacts. For many years afterwards, recovering former core-adherents can suffer from psychological problems which are also indicative of the victims of abuse.
Steadson and Johnson have yet to arrive at this advanced point in their parallel cultic voyages.
David Brear

Download and read the report IBOFB

IBOFB expressed reasonable doubt. He thinks everyone is a liar because he is one as Tex believes everyone is an idiot because he is one.
I have already made it amply clear that whatever I write is supported by documents. I have also mentioned at the end of post that the report was obtained under the Right To Information Act.
If IBOFB really wants informatiion about the 'report' of Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory, he could obtain it through his Amway stooges in India. And I am sure that they have already got their hands on this report. The Amway India stooges could not say anything about the report because that it was true.
If IBOFB still wants to have a glance at the report, he could have it by clicking the website and download the scanned report which runs into 8 pages. He could have them enlarged and read or study whatever he likes.
At the same time, the onus probandi is on IBOFB to answer to the reasonable doubt expressed by 'racket'.
Trivedi should better shut hit mouth like he is doing for sometime now instead of blabbering meaningless utterings.

IBOFB is a de facto agent of thieves, criminal himself

Yet again, another de facto agent of the billionaire 'Amway' racketeers has poisoned your Blog. The masked Mr. Steadson is a psychological hit man for the 'Amway' mob. He specializes in character-assassinating anyone challenging his grinning bosses' model of reality. His latest cheap shot at me is that he 'believes me to be a sociopath'. This is coming from a narcissistic young fellow who hides behind multiple, self-gratifying identities, and who seems to spend 24 hours per day attempting to discredit the reasonable opponents of a major organized crime group that has left a trail of debt, dissociation, divorce and even death, around the world during the last 50 years.
Steadson's latest closed-logic defence of 'Amway' is possibly his most feeble. Interestingly, it is (essentially) identical to that put forward by 'Scientologists.' He doesn't deny that an unspecified number of people have been both victims and perpetrators of a scam, instead he steadfastly pretends that this is not the general experience of the majority of 'Amway' adherents. Unfortunately, 'Amway' apologists can supply no independent, quantifiable evidence to back up their reality-inverting claims.
The overwhelming majority of persons who have become involved with 'Amway' have abandoned the organization within a short time, because they couldn't make money. A significant minority (usually with access to independent funds) have remained enslaved for extended periods. It is these deluded individuals who have dissipated all their mental, physical, and financial resources to the benefit of thieves whom they have continued to trust and follow no matter what suffering this has entailed. Mr. Steadson is the de facto agent of these thieves and, as such, he is a criminal himself.
David Brear

Sunday, 18 October 2009

AP State Food Laboratory, Hyd blasts the myth of Amway product quality

The Food Supplements and dietary Supplements of Amway were proved as “Mis-Branded or Adulterated. The analysis reports of State Food Laboratory, Nacharam, Hyderabad, A.P.
The Following Nutrilite Products of Amway were analysed and opined by the State Food Laboratory, Nacharam, Hyderabad that these products are found as “Misbranded” and/or “Adulterated”.
1. Nutrilite Iron-Folic :: Misbranded
2. Nutrilite Natural B :: Misbranded
3. Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 :: Misbranded
4. Nutrilite Triple guard Echinacea :: Misbranded
5. Nutrilite Bone Healthh with Iprflavone :: Misbranded
6. Nutrilite Glucosamine HCI with Boswellia :: Misbranded
7. Nutrilite Siberian Ginseng with Ginkgo Biloba :: Misbranded
8. Nutrilite Cal mag :: Misbranded
9. Nutrilite Praselenium E :: Misbranded
10. Nutrilite Iron-Folic :: Misbranded
11. Nutrilite Natural B :: Misbranded
12. Nutrine Protine powder :: Adulterated
13. Amway Madrid Safed Musli Apple :: Adulterated
The report from the State Food Laboratory was obtained under the Right To Information Act.

Masked zero one day might face criminal charges

Here, poisoning your Blog, we have Mr. Scott ('Tex') Johnson, a puerile and abusive 'Amway' apologist with a history of attempting to make direct contact with people who openly challenge the authenticity of the 'Amway' myth.
I am sure that your readers will be interested to learn that Johnson follows a coercive behaviour modification tactic (also taught to core-'Scientologists') where he first pretends affinity with critics in order to gather personal information about them. In the past, Johnson has threatened to release such information in a failed attempt to repress dissent of the 'Amway' myth. In view of the fact that 'Amway' is a US-based, major organized-crime group, Johnson (who is a US citizen) could one day face criminal charges himself under RICO legislation as the de facto agent of racketeers. Surely these heel-clicking little 'Amway' foot-soldiers must realize that I have already compiled an extensive report of their loathsome activities for federal prosecutors.
Johnson's latest puerile and abusive comments on your Blog in which he continues to challenge my ego, and pretends to have personal knowledge of me and my family, are yet another feeble attempt to get me to contact him directly.
David Brear

Once again Tex asks the same old question

This Tex fellow is either a funny guy or a nitwit. It has been mentioned several times that the criminal case is pending against Amway India and the crooks are trying their best to prolong the trial. Still, he asks why Amway is continuing in India. That is my point which I raised in the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh filing a writ of mandamus. It is posted for 19-10-2009. I hope it would come up for hearing.
In the High Court also the crooks are trying to prolong the case. To be precise, the counsel of Amway India is yet to file his answer and dragging his feet.
Meanwhile, it is learnt that a batch of petitions are being prepared by six Amway distributors to be filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. It would be interesting and hope that the issue would be taken to its logical conclusion if Amway distributors are included in the case.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Amway adherents are conditioned to believe Amway Utopia

Your resident masked-parrot has now admitted that if 'Amway' adherents are buying products themselves and recruiting others to do the same, then that's a scam, but in virtually the same squawk he pretends that this is not the case and that anyone who says so is a liar and/or fool.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, there are tens of millions of former 'Amway' adherents (and their friends and relatives) to prove Steadson wrong.
As you know Shyam, I was approached by my own brother in the 1990s and told that I could become a millionaire by 'Duplicating the 2-5 Year Plan', i.e. buying a regular quota of 'Amway' products and then recruiting 6 more people to Duplicate exactly the same plan etc. ad infinitum. My brother was so deluded by the closed-logic 'Amway' myth, that he believed that all supermarkets in the UK were going to 'close down within 10 years' and that 'millions of UK citizens were going to retire from their jobs thanks to Amway.' No matter what rational argument was put to him, my brother's mind was programmed not to accept any challenge to the authenticity of the 'Amway' Utopia . He eventually excluded all so-called 'Negative' persons from his life. I have not seen or spoken to my brother for 10 years. People who have spoken to him recently, tell me that he now pretends that he was never involved in 'Amway'.
Every former 'Amway' adherent that I've ever interviewed (right up to the so-called 'Diamond' level) have all told me essentially the same thing. 'Amway' adherents are conditioned to believe that 'selling products is for losers: Winners Duplicate the Plan.'
Steadson's comic-book character is self-evidently part of the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth. Trying to have a debate with this systematic inverter of the truth makes about as much sense as banging one's head on a brick wall.
David Brear

What a pointless debate!

Steadson is so predictable.
I have now received several (tongue in cheek) e-mails informing me that the clot, Steadson, is not disguised as 'Zorro' and that he hides behind the name of yet another, masked comic-book hero on the net, but who strongly resembles 'Zorro.'
I have to say: What a pointless debate!
Although, I was fully-aware of Steadson's dreadful piratical pretensions, I stand by my statement.
The original masked-hero who was first portrayed in 20th century American comic books disguised from head to foot in black including leather boots and a silken scarf (with eye-holes), is 'Zorro. '
Strangely, the two identically-clad fictional characters who feature in this pointless debate are also both gay icons. Indeed, 'Zorro' s alter-ego 'Don Diego' was famously played in an outrageously camp way by another gay icon, Tyrone Power, in the 1940s. The joke in Hollywood at the time was that 'Zorro' was tough guy pretending be weak, played by a weak guy pretending to be tough.
As this is the perfect description of Mr. Steadson, he will always be 'Zorro' to me..
David Brear

Let us not allow these fraudsters to loot our country any longer

In India the law is clear. Money circulation scheme is a banned activity. The Andhra Pradesh High Court has clearly proclaimed that the business model of Amway is illegal. If anybody comes forward to file criminal cases, Corporate Frauds Watch advocates are more than willing to help them.
And if the victims are from Andhra Pradesh, the Director General of Police, at the insistence of Corporate Frauds Watch, issued a memorandum to all the staion house officers of police stations to file criminal cases immediately if anybody reports of money circulation schemes and arrest the accused.
This is the only way to stop these fraudulent companies including Amway India, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware and a score of others from cheating the gullible people with the false promises of getting quick rich.
I appeal to all fellow Indians to file criminal cases against these fraudulent companies since Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 is an all India enactment and applicable through out the country.
Let us not allow these fraudsters to loot our country any longer.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Who is actually dumb IBOFB or the victim?

IBOFB's comment is intersting. LoL. However, he is not clear as to who is actually dumb. Is it the husband, or teacher or IBOFB himself is dumb? He once again parrots that it is against Amway rules as if they are mandatory and enforceable.
It is proved again that the Amway business model in practice is only dumb and cunning too. This is how several millions of my countrymen were cheated by this fraudulent company. The sad part of it is no one comes forward to file criminal cases against the company. They silently suffer. I HOPE AND WISH that they would come out openly and file criminal cases against the persons who introduced them and the company which cheated them.

Masked hero is actually a fox, rather cunning one

Again the arch- 'Amway' apologist, Steadson, pretends intellectual authority, but reveals himself to be an ignorant clot. He insists on speaking directly to me using my Christian name in an attempt to adopt a wise paternal pose.
Unfortunately, your resident fake, masked-hero doesn't even know the origin of his comic-book disguise. Zorro (which in Spanish means Fox) first appeared in All Story Weekly in 1919 in a story called 'The Curse of Capistrano'. He didn't appear on the silver screen until 12 months later when the character was played by Douglas Fairbanks.
Due to the popularity of the film, 60 more Zorro stories were written by Johnston McCulley, all of these appeared in pulp magazines and dime novels.
David Brear

Amway apologist IBOFB misses the simple logic

It is proved once again how Amway apologists wantonly refuse to see the truth.
In Nirmala case, the husband is insisting on his wife to sell Amway products and the wife says that she could not face humiliations any more and begging her husband to leave her alone. For that reason, the husband is ready to discard the mother of two children. Our 'intelligent' IBOFB says that the products could be returned to Amway. If the products are returned, would the husband earn PVs? The simple logic misses IBOFB's little brain. At this point let us leave the whole issue to our readers to measure the mental calibre of IBOFB.
Trivedi says that there is no compulsion either to purchase products or recruit distributors and still it is a great business opportunity to achieve 'total financial freedom in 2-5 years'.
Without purchasing products and recruiting members how anybody would 'do' business is left to the imagination of our readers. Even 6-4-3 plan is also not for implementation. Laugh out Loud. It seems that the profit of Rs. 56, 925 shown in the Amway India website is only imaginary and example. But for any ordinary person it is sure a big bait to join immediately as distributor of Amway. After joining only he would realise that it is next to impossible to recruit so many people and he dumps the business idea of 'total financial freedom'.
I hope people all over world now realise the dangers behind the business model of Amway and throw the crooks out of their respective countries.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Why friends, relatives shut the doors on her face IBOFB

Well 'masked zero'. It seems you got a veil over your eyes. Lift the veil and see the reality. Actually Nirmala tried her best to help her husband in the Amway business. But as a woman with self-respect, she could not bear the humiliations while selling the products. The friends and relatives shut the doors on her face which was more than she can bear. That is why she tried to reason with her husband. But the greedy husband wants to become rich 'soon'. He has no qualms to discard his family to become rich.
Let us look at the enrolment of members. It is not mere enrolment. The enrolled members are actually purchasing products either for their personal use or for sale. When they cannot sell these products which are exorbitantly priced to the cost-conscious people, what do they do with the products. That is why most people who were enrolled stop purchasing products very soon. That is how they incur loss. Still, most people do not blame Amway India. They blame themselves for not able to sell the products. They do not blame the person who got them joined into the scheme. But they would never trust them in future. That is how the social fabric is getting damaged.
Many of the dropouts do not realise that the business model of Amway itself is to be blamed. That is why they do not file criminal cases against Amway India. That is how this fraudulent company has been escaping all these years.

Complete one leg to achieve monthly earnings of Rs. 56,925, says Amway India website

IBOFB simply says that whatever written in the blog was wrong. One look at the Amway India's wesite reveals that under 6-4-3 plan if a member completes one leg, i.e. enrolling 102 members by him or by his downline members, he would get a monthly income of Rs. 56,925.
Ms Nirmala told me personally how she worked hard to convince people to purchase Amway products. She said that she felt humiliated when their friends and relatives shut the doors on her face when she approached them with products in her hand. As an honourable government employee working as a school teacher, she genuinely felt that it is berating herself to sell products that way. She said that as both of them are government employees with secured jobs, their income exceeded Rs. 35,000 per month. Still, after six years into Amway business, their bank balance remained at Rs. five to six thousand only. She could not bring her husband to reality by telling him all these facts. He was under the illusion that they are going to become rich soon.
IBOFB accuses Nirmala that she tried to sabotage her husband's business. How cruel people could become blinded by their faith of total financial freedom. Her husband discarded the mother of two for not selling the products to their friends and relatives bearing humiliations. And this 'Masked Zero' supports her husband with no care for her personal feelings.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The most skillful stroke in the whole fraud of Amway

The 'Amway Ministry of Truth' disguised as Mr. Steadson, who (in turn) is disguised as a comic-book masked hero, would have the world believe that purchases made by 'Amway' participants themselves are authentic retail sales just because the bosses of the 'Amway' mob say that they are authentic retail sales to end users and because they have voluteered to pre-pay retail sales-tax on the camouflaged, internal payments in the highly-profitable, illegal money game which they run. This is probably the most skillful stroke being pulled in the whole fraud. Tax officials, who obviously are't going to refuse money, are not responsible for policing pyramid scams, but they are inadvertently assisting in shielding them by allowing this situation to continue.
Obviously, one of the simplest ways to police illegal money games camouflaged by (effectively) unsaleable products, would be to absolve all participants in all direct selling schemes from paying retail sales-tax on internal transactions, and make them responsible for collecting the retail sales-tax from external customers, as is the case in all authentic retail businesses.
The billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have spent millions of stolen dollars lobbying governments in order that no such common sense rules are introduced.
This absurd character played by Steadson is self-evidently part of the 'Amway' racket.
David Brear

What is a retail sale & what is not, Amway mob should reveal

What is a retail sale and what is not a retail sale? That is the multi-billion dollar question!
The billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob would have the world believe that they are compassionate Christian capitalists who have made their fortunes honestly by running 'one of the world's largest Direct Selling Companies' and by offering '3 million individuals' a share of this 'American Way' to freedom, happiness and prosperity.
Sadly, economically-illiterate persons, like your naive young friend, Trivedi, accept the puerile 'Amway' fiction without question and, amazingly, many less-than-intellectually-rigorous regulators, politicians, journalists and Judges have accepted it as well. Consequently, 'Amway' apologists squawk that anyone challenging what they claim to be reality is a: 'fool, liar, communist,' etc.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, for decades, the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have been operating a camouflaged money game in which they seek to control the thinking of victims and casual observers alike, by arbitrarily defining victims as 'Independent Business Owners' and illegal payments as 'Sales'. The absolute proof that 'Amway' is a vast fraud, lies in the simple fact that virtually no 'Amway' products are sold to persons who are not agents of the organization. The 'Amway' Ministry of Truth, is always very careful not to make this important distinction, but imagine a shop in which there are no genuine retail customers: only non-salaried sales-staff being paid a commission on their own purchases. Essentially (despite the organization's own alleged 'rules'), this is the crazy (economically unviable) situation that the 'Amway' mob have sustained for half a century. The scam depends on constantly churning fresh economically-illiterate victims through it whilst preventing the majority of temporary victims from complaining about their losses (to independent law enforcement agents, journalists, regulators) by getting them to blame themselves. The 'Amway' mob have even counterfeited their own 'regulators' in the form of so-called 'Direct Selling Associations.'
I have asked the question in the past :
Given the unprecedented scale of misery that they have inflicted, and the real threat that they pose to democracy and the rule of law, what would it be approriate to charge the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob with?
These grinning racketeers have undoubtedly used the tactics of economic and psychological warfare on millions of their fellow citizens and on millions of citizens of the allies of the U.S.A. In this way, they have brought America into disrepute internationally and they are an insult to every fine American sacrificed in the struggle against totalitarianism in the 20th. century. Therefore, it would seem that a very strong case of Treason (as defined in the U.S. Constitution) could be brought against the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob. However, I very much doubt that any American leaders have the courage to demand such an approriate charge. We will probably have to settle for charges under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970.
David Brear

School teacher appeals to save her marriage from Amway

For the sake of youngman Trivedi, the story of a housewife who suffered due to Amway in her own words.
I, THANNEERU NIRMALA DEVI, am a resident of Jahangir Colony, Chinthalakunta Checkpost, L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad. I am working as a Government school teacher at Gundrampally near Chittyal mandal, Nalgonda district. My marriage was held with one MADHU YUGANDHAR s/o Sri Rammurthy in 1990. During our wedlock, we were blessed with two children. Initially my husband was working as a Veterinary Assistant in Venkiryal. We were happy with our profession and income to lead our life. Six years ago one of friends of my husband Aila Saidachary, resident of Shiva Sai Apartment near NTR vegetable market,L.B.Nagar came to our house and began to explain us by saying that he has a good business opportunity thereby you can become rich within a short span. Your Government employment is nothing before this business opportunity, he said. Initially my husband rejected this proposal. Thereafter Saidachary used to visit our house situated in L.B.Nagar along with some persons by introducing them as his upline members Shyam Sundar Reddy and Sujatha, Prasad and Ramasita (phone no.9392456379, 9963777990) Saidachary with the help of his upline members explained to us about the scheme as follows.
They are the members of Amway India Enterprises, which is an American Company. It gives huge commissions based on the enrollment of members in their scheme. Initially Rs. 4,500 have to be paid to become member of Amway after being enrolled by already enrolled persons as their downline members. The scheme Amway is 6-4-3 principle means each member has to enroll six persons and these six persons in turn have to enrol four persons each totally 24 persons and again these 24 persons have to enroll 3 persons each totally of 103 (1+6+24+72) is called as one leg. Amway is promising to give each Rs. 56,925 per month if any person makes sure 102 persons under his downline either by own efforts or efforts of his downline members. The commission will depend on the enrollment of members ranging from 6% to 21%. Depending upon the enrollment capacity titles will be awarded by the Amway. It was said that there are 23 levels/titles in the Amway business depending on the enrollment.
Thereafter Saidachary brought some more persons by name D.V.S. DEEPAK, PRASAD and RAMASITA, SHYAMSUNDAR REDDY and SUJATHA to our house situated at L.B.Nagar and again explained the same scheme and showed album of photos citing the names of some persons said to be millionaires after they got enrolled into Amway business. When we showed disinterest they asked me and my husband to attend the seminar to be convened by their Diamond members RAJA NAREN, ASHOK REDDY, GULATI, Vara Prasad (Visakhapatnam) at Gachibowli Stadium. Subsequently unable to bear the pressure from the members of Amway, we attended the above meeting in the Gachibowli. After meeting the said Saidachari made me and my husband to meet the above four diamond members of Amway and they prospected us to join into Amway business and told that we too can get rich soon by Amway Business and pressurized my husband to enroll into the scheme by paying Rs.4,500/- as joining fee. Thereafter they insisted my husband to add my name into the application, as this is a family business. I refused to add my name, as I am a Government employee and should not participate in any private business. Thereafter they convinced my husband by saying that there is no need of physical participation of your wife in this business. After enroll of my husband in Amway business, they asked him to enroll his clients in Amway Business. Initially my husband did not ask me to accompany him to prospect the new members for enrolment of new members. Subsequently, instead of profits, my husband incurred losses and made huge debts. As a result of this I have to repay the debts incurred by him. Slowly my husband stopped attending the Government job to follow up Amway Business. He used to sell our household articles also to continue in Amway Business. He also mortgaged my house for Amway business. Due to fear of bad name and decency, I put up with my husband. Since one year back, Saidachary, Prasad, Deepak, Shyamsundar Reddy came to our house and brought pressure over my husband saying that his wife is a Government teacher and she has so many contacts and good reputation as this is a family business wife must be involved in Amway business. They also tried to convince me to do Amway Business. I rejected their proposals since being a Government teacher. I should not indulge in such activities. Since then my husband changed his attitude and began to threaten that he would discard me if I don’t do Amway business. I strongly objected to this proposal. Even though, he brought some of the members of Amway and pressurized me to do Amway Business. Adding to this, when I rejected to do Amway business, the upline members of Amway, brought some of the members of Britt World Wide to our house. These members of BWW began to explain how to build positive attitude and build enrolment chain in Amway business. The work of BWW is nothing but brain washing the members who refused and intended to do Amway business. They appeared more dangerous than Amway business. While so, in February 2009, I read a news items in newspapers that the scheme of Amway is an illegal Money Circulation Scheme and participation in such schemes is also an offence. Thereafter I informed the same to my husband and to his friends that Amway is illegal and promoting illegal scheme. In the last month, Saida Chari along with my husband and some members of Amway by name Shyama Sundar Reddy, Prasad, Deepak came to my house on 20.2.2009 situated at Chinthala Kunta Check Post, L.B.Nagar and pressurized me to do Amway business as my husband is in troubles. If I involved in the Amway business, he may get out of the troubles easily. I strongly rejected to this proposals and warnings. Thereafter they warned me that my husband would discard me if I failed to concede to do Amway Business. Since then my husband has not been coming to our house. Thereafter I informed the same to my brothers. And in turn they arranged a meeting with my husband and his upline members to subside matter. My husband and his upline members vehemently told that my husband would return home only, if I do Amway business. Since then, my husband is not coming to home. Kindly do something and save our marriage.

Look at Amway India's criminal case in a nutshell

The ongoing discussion for the last one month shows that Amway apologists not only refuse to see the reason, but reject the truth.
Let us have a look at the whole picture. Andhra Pradesh Criminal Investigation Department Police (CID) raided the godowns and the distributing points of Amway India and filed a First Information Report. Then the Amway India in a preemptive strike, filed a writ petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court appealing to the court to declare its business model as legal and to restrain the police from investigating into the activities of Amway. During this period, a public interest litigation was also filed against Amway India by an aggrieved person.
The Andhra Pradesh High Court after taking all the writs on its file, heard the lengthy arguments by all the parties and concluded that the business model of Amway India is illegal.
Then the Amway India preferred a special leave petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court of India which after hearing at length the arguments dismissed the SLP stating that there is no merit in it and ordered the CID police to complete the investigation in six months.
Subsequently, the CID completed the investigation and filed the chargesheet in the Court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Nampally, Hyderabad. This is the story in brief.
Now the trial has commenced in the Namaplly court but the accused have been evading their presence in the court for the smooth conduct of the trial. The Magistrated got angry with the accused and ordered that they should present for the next hearing without fail on Novemer 12, 2009.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"Amway's vicious circle is evident"

These are two interesting paragraphs in the High Court judgment which nailed the Amway.
35. From the whole analysis of the scheme and the way in which it is structured it is quite apparent that once a person gets into this scheme he will find it difficult to come out of the web and it becomes a vicious circle for him. In any event the petitioners have not specifically denied the turnover they are achieving and the income they are earning towards the initial enrollment of the distributors, the renewal subscription fee and the minimum sales being achieved by the distributors as alleged in the counter affidavit. By no means can it be said that the money which the first petitioner is earning is not the quick/easy money. By promising payment of commission on the business turned out by the down-line members sponsored either directly or indirectly by the up-line members (which constitutes an event or contingency relative to enrollment of members), the first petitioner is earning quick/easy money from its distributors, apart from ensuring its distributor earn quick/easy money. Thus the two ingredients are satisfied in the case of promoter too. We are, therefore, of the considered view that the scheme run by the petitioners squarely attracts the definition of “Money Circulation Scheme” as provided in Section 2(c) of the Act.
36. We may now deal with the petitioners’ plea that the Government of India has not cancelled the scheme and, therefore, the respondents cannot prosecute them. From the record produced by the learned Advocate General and the Assistant Solicitor General, we find that none of the brochures as referred to and discussed above were placed before the Government of India. It is also clear from the record that the details of the scheme were not discussed by the committee which recommended for grant of approval to the scheme of the petitioners. As already noted above, in his letter dated 29.3.2003, the Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, had clarified that the pyramid structured marketing scheme fall within the provisions of the Act. Therefore, the mere fact that the approval accorded by the Government of India has not been cancelled or withdrawn is not sufficient to stultify the investigation of the case registered against the petitioners. At any rate, whether the Government of India has taken any action or not or what view it takes on the schemes run by the 1st petitioner have no relevance in the adjudication of the issues raised by the petitioners in the cases before us.

Find the crime No of criminal case against Amway pending at Nampally court, Trivedi

The criminal case pending is against Amway in Nampalli Court vide CC No.125/2008 on the file of Hon'ble Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Nampalli, Hyderabad, wherein the Diamond Members of Amway i.e. Raja Naren, Ashok Reddy, Manipal Reddy and Amway C.E.O. Willam Pickney are attending the court to face trial. The case was posted to November 12, 2009

What Union Minister of State for Finance announced in Parliament

Whether any observations has been passed by RBI against AMWAY India and its promoter’s company.
if so, the details of observation passed by the RBI against this company;
whether the said company is involved in violation of various rules;
if so, the details thereof;
whether some members of parliament and investors Association brought to the notice of RBI and Government regarding the violations committed by the said company; and
if so, the details of action taken by the Government against this company?
(a),(b),(c)&(d): Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reported that it had examined the scheme of M/s. Amway India Enterprises (AMWAY) in March 2001 and again in May 2002 aiming at creating a chain of distributors and taken a view that the said scheme appears to be a prize chit or money circulation scheme as defined in and prohibited under Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. The offences under the said Act are cognizable and the police authorities of the concerned State Governments have to investigate and take a view whether the scheme of Amway India attract the prohibition under the said Act.
(e)&(f): Amway had made representation to the Minister (Economic), Embassy of India in Washington DC that its schemes are not covered under the Act. RBI had once again examined the matter and it had advised to the Embassy that the Amway’s activities appear to attract the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. RBI has forwarded a report in this regard to the Police authorities who are empowered under the Act for taking necessary action.

DSAs are not independent regulatory bodies run by honest individuals

This Scott ('Tex') Johnson fellow is like a character from a badly-written comedy script. There is a very good reason for this: he is a character from a badly-written comedy script. Apparently, Johnson really believes that we are like foolish children, incapable of thinking without his wise paternal guidance. Although, on the ample evidence of his ceaseless puerile and abusive contributions to your (and other) Blog(s) and his incapacity to spell common English words, Mr. Johnson is an ill-educated, immature and oafish lout who has quite obviously never had an intelligent thought in his life.
Trivedi is so naive that he imagines 'DSAs' to be independent regulatory bodies run by honest individuals. The suggestion that 'DSAs' are a smoke screen run by the de facto agents of major organized crime groups like 'Amway,' he considers to be 'gossip.' How the hell does Trivedi think that the corporate officers of 'DSAs' get paid? Does he think that they are brave and incorruptible law enforcement agents financed by tax payers?
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, 'DSAs' are generally registered as private companies, but they conduct no commercial activity themselves. They are wholly-financed by the membership fees of organizations including: 'Amway', 'Herbalife.', etc. Whatever lofty 'Codes of Ethics' these 'DSAs' brandish, are never enforced. The former Chairman of the 'World Federation of Direct Selling Associations' was none other than the son of one of the instigators of the 'Amway' mob. The elderly Director of the 'UK DSA,' Richard Berry, recently gave a lengthy deposition to the UK High Court in which he committed perjury on behalf of 'Amway UK,' but, mysteriously, no complaint was made to the Judge by UK government lawyers. The corporate officers of the 'US DSA' have been attempting to interfere with federal and state legislation concerning their pay-masters' criminal activities, for decades.
Unfortunately, intellectually castrated persons such as Johnson and Trivedi think using the two-dimensional (negative versus positive) scenarios which control totalitarian movements. They have been programmed systematically to view persons such as you and I Shyam, as being unenlightened. Sadly, they cannot comprehend any form of multi-dimensional thinking.
Most of the bleating flock of 'Amway' apologists, with the exception of Steadson (and his largely-invisible associates) are to be pitied. However, their pathetic, face-saving squawking, when faced with a mountain of damning evidence, demonstrates the frightening hold pernicious cultic groups can exert over their adherents.
David Brear

Monday, 12 October 2009

Tex, IBOFB, Trivedi read what is written and try to understand

This Tex fellow, it seems, has a lot of 'clues' how legal system works in India. The Divisional Bench of Andhra Pradesh High Court while delivering the judgement analysed the arguments put forward by the petitioners i.e. Amway India, Advocate General and the counsels for the other respondents and has come to conclusion that Amway India's business model is illegal. And it was clearly mentioned that this is the interesting part of the judgement. These so-called intellectual apologists of Amway could not understand simple things.
Moreover, IBOFB keeps on asking irrelevant questions. I have told him several times before that my life is open and what is written in my profile is what I am. Nothing more or nothing less.
What was presented here was only a part of the judgement which was mentioned clearly. If IBOFB wants to read the full text of the judgement, it could be arranged. This fellow, it seems, demands that everything be given to him or questions be answered.
Youngman Trivedi starts his bleating again by saying that anyone can come and go in Amway business. Why they join and why they go? They join because they are introduced by their friend or relative. They go because they could not afford to purchase products for themselves or they fail to find persons who can purchase products from them at exorbitant prices. They go because they could not find people to recruit.
People all over world, just watch what happened in India and take a cue from it to throw these fraudulent companies from your respective countries. If all people who joined in these companies united, they could file a number of criminal cases against these companies and send these looters to jail.

Amway mob terrified that Indian authorities have worked out the racket

You are perfectly correct, your three, resident 'Amway' stooges are not going to face reality.
It is interesting to note that your naive young friend, Trivedi, has now begun referring to Mr. Steadson by his given name. However, Steadson is a classic 'Amway' smoke-screen. The 'Amway' mob have been using a masked comic-book character to maintain a presence on your Blog. This Bolshie two-dimensional sophist is only there in an attempt to stop you and your readers from using their critical faculties. You will have observed that I never address any comments directly to this irrelevant 'Amway' monkey and I would strongly advise anyone to do the same. It only gives an absurd paragraph of the 'Amway' fiction more credibility.
Talking of 'Amway' smoke screens, so-called 'Direct Selling Associations' exist all over the world. They are typically registered as private companies, but they have no independent source of revenue and their activities are wholly-financed by their members. Thus (although they include a minority of legitimate companies within their ranks), DSAs are the de facto agents of major organized crime groups like 'Amway'. Indeed, DSAs have been used by the 'Amway' mob (and their many imitators) to lobby governments internationally in a blatant attempt to prevent investigation. Although, the first 'Direct Selling Association' dates back to California at the start of the 20th century (when it was a respectable organization), since the late 1960s the concept has been subverted by 'MLM' racketeers. For decades, DSAs have promoted and shielded criminal activity and their officers have merely pretended affinity with regulators. They are always interested in being seen to associate with anti-pyramid scam legislation, but, at the same time, they seek to steer the legislation away from the hidden criminal activities of their pay-masters.
If we were to set up a pyramid money game (where players pay a regular sum and recruit others to do the same) on the pretext that 'provided the game keeps expanding geometrically, then every player will become rich,' we'd be committing a criminal offence. The 'Amway' mob have set up such a game, but they have camouflaged it by supplying (effectively) unsaleable products and by arbitrarily defining the illegal payments as 'sales.' They have also introduced large doses of mathematical mystification. The essential identifying characteristic of all pyramid and Ponzi schemes is that they have no (or insufficient) external revenue. Victims are deceived into buying infinite shares of what can only be their own finite money. In 'MLM' swindles, the (effectively) unsaleable products might as well not exist.
The billionaire 'Amway' mob have bought their way into the Republican party in the USA and, to date, avoided being held to account. They are now terrified that the Indian authorites have worked out the racket.
David Brear

Want full text of the Judgement, IBOFB

IBOFB loves to call everyone dishonest, liar, communist and whatever he likes. If he has the full text of the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement which runs around 40 pages, he would have known which part was mentioned. If he wants he can drop his email ID and the full text would be sent to him. If he wants he can read the full text of judgment at .
If he is really interested in reading or studying the Amway affidavit, he could have obtained it from his Amway friends whom he has been steadfastly supporting all these years. Without going into the facts he is simply passing on the onus probandi on to others.
As per Trivedi, he thinks MLM, pyramid marketing or chain marketing, referral marketing or sponsoring marketing are different systems. All these rackets are out to loot the gullible people.
Before GoldQuest racket was busted and criminal cases were filed against the Independent Representatives of GoldQuest, every Amway distributor supported its business model. Once it was busted, now they are disassociating with it. In fact, GoldQuest and its parental organisation Quixtar are also members of Indian Direct Selling Association.
If Amway India's business model is great, legal, viable and sustainable, why do they worry about a blogger writing against it.
My aim is to bring facts to the people. There are several hundreds of thousands of people who lost their trust and confidence of their relatives for making them join the Amway scam and are now repenting it. It would be an eye-opener for people who want to make lots of money after they are lured to join such schemes.
I hope and wish people would throw these scamsters out of country.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Amway India has dug its own grave with its affidavit in the AP High Court

IBOFB has come out once again with his pranks of denial. And Tex has gone to the extent of asking both Shyam and David to stop going further, whatever he meant. And Trivedi is once again bleating the same old words.
It has already mentioned that it is the part of the lengthy judgment delivered by the Andhra Pradesh High Court. And IBOFB should remember that it is based on the affidavit filed by Amway India appealing to the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh to declare its scheme legal. The business model is presented by Amway India and how can anybody sitting in an alien land say that it is all wrong. Do these fellows think that Amway India's business model was wrong or deductions were wrong.
IBOFB is right at one point. A majority of Amway distributors do not recruit new members because it is not possible to find so many people on earth. The Mathematical Impossibility principle.
The IBOFB did not elaborate what kind of services the Amway is extending to the distributors other than selling its tools at a huge cost. He simply says that everything is wrong and everyone is wrong.
Note once again my dear IBOFB, it is all based on the affidavit filed by Amway India itself and it has dug its own grave. And the Supreme Court of India has confirmed it.

Blatant bid to repress dissent of Amway's global racket

Again, the 'Amway' stooges arrive on your Blog squawking that everyone must be a fool, biased, a communist, a liar, a coward, etc. etc., who challenges the authenticity of the 'Amway' myth ('Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years').
In reality, given the wider evidence, anyone with an ounce of common-sense can immediately deduce that 'Amway' is an absurd comic-book fiction being peddled as fact.
As you know Shyam, Mr. Steadson (who still chooses to hide behind his impressive made-up titles and his comic-book mask) operates a series of Websites. These pump out a steady stream of reality-inverting 'Amway' propaganda in multiple languages and on a scale which leads many observers to assume that our Bolshie little masked-avenger is not just one individual. Whomsoever Steadson might be, the sophisticated misinformation-dispersal system behind his multiple comic-book identities (who regularly squawk on Blogs such as yours, and on the Websites which Steadson apparently runs himself), is self-evidently not independent of the leadership of 'Amway.'
Indeed, if a rigorous international investigation of the labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway's' mob have been allowed to construct, was pursued, with a view to a full-scale criminal prosecution in the USA under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act 1970, then the extensive Internet activities of Mr. Steadson (whomsoever he might be) would certainly attract the attention of the US Dept. of Justice.
The latest protracted contribution, apparently penned by the masked-avenger, on your Blog, is yet another blatant attempt by the 'Amway' mob to repress both internal and external dissent of their global racket. This relentless reality-inverting propaganda is almost worthy of the 'KGB' and 'Pravda' but then, it was 'Stalin' who originally hid mass-starvation behind pretty images of smiling workers pursuing '2-5 plans for economic success,' wasn't it?
David Brear

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Amway is still looting my country and many countries

Let us have a look at an interesting portion of Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement. Amway apologists may content that the business plan has been modified after the court verdict. Still, the Amway India which used to rob the house may now be only picking pockets, is still a thief looting our country. READ and enjoy the following excerpts.
The learned Advocate General (appearing on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh State Governmetn) referred to diagram contained in the said brochure (published by Amway India) and pointed out that the whole scheme is evolved in such a manner that a person who joins as distributor is required to enroll six persons and each of the six persons would enroll four persons who in turn would enroll three persons each and, in this manner, the strength of the entire group becomes 103.
He further pointed out that the money the person at the top of the group is supposed to get according to the scheme includes the money which, the other 102 persons, who are directly or indirectly sponsored by the first member, pay either towards subscriptions (initial/renewal) or by selling products. The learned Advocate General argued that there are reciprocal promises involved in the scheme. He submitted that while the promoter gets money from the members as a consideration for promise made to pay them money on the happening of event or contingency relative or applicable to the enrollment of new members, the members earn easy or quick money in redemption of the promise so made by the promoter. He controverted the arguments of the learned counsel for the petitioners that there is no compulsion or coercion to sponsor the members.
The learned Advocate General then argued that petitioner No.1 (Amway India) evolved a mechanism where introduction of new members is made so attractive and luring that every distributor strives for sponsoring others in order to earn more and more money consequent on the enrollment of new members. He also submitted that the scheme as is being implemented was not the one wThe learned Advocate General referred to diagram contained in the said brochure and pointed out that the whole scheme is evolved in such a manner that a person who joins as distributor is required to enroll six persons and each of the six persons would enroll four persons who in turn would enroll three persons each and, in this manner, the strength of the entire group becomes 103. He further pointed out that the money the person at the top of the group is supposed to get according to the scheme includes the money which, the other 102 persons, who are directly or indirectly sponsored by the first member, pay either towards subscriptions (initial/renewal) or by selling products. The learned Advocate General argued that there are reciprocal promises involved in the scheme. He submitted that while the promoter gets money from the members as a consideration for promise made to pay them money on the happening of event or contingency relative or applicable to the enrollment of new members, the members earn easy or quick money in redemption of the promise so made by the promoter. He controverted the arguments of the learned counsel for the petitioners that there is no compulsion or coercion to sponsor the members. The learned Advocate General then argued that petitioner No.1 evolved a mechanism where introduction of new members is made so attractive and luring that every distributor strives for sponsoring others in order to earn more and more money consequent on the enrollment of new members. He also submitted that the scheme as is being implemented was not the one which was placed before the Government of India or the one which is pleaded in the writ petition.
In order to fortify his contention that easy/quick money is involved, the learned Advocate General referred to para-11 of the counter affidavit of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Economic Offences Wing, CID, Hyderabad (Respondent No.6). It would be convenient to extract para-11 herein below:
“ 11.Easy/quick money and it being dependent on enrollment of members:
a) A substantial sum of Rs.1,800/- out of Rs.4,400/- is credited direct to the account of “Amway”. It is stated on behalf of the company in the Writ Petition that it enrolled 4,50,000 distributors all over India. Taking this as correct, a sum of Rs.81,00,00,000/- (Rupees Eighty One Crore) is appropriated by the company at the time of enrollment of the members itself. This cannot but be stated “easy/quick money” got by it from the so called distributors/member de hors any service.
b) The terms and conditions of “Distribution Renewal from”, supplied by “Amway” shown as Annexure-3 read as follows:
Condition No.3: “The distributorship agreement if not renewed by Amway shall stand terminated on 31 December or on expiry of one year from the date of distributorship, as the case may be.”
Condition No.12: “The Renewal of subscription fee including Block Renewal subscription fee is non-refundable.”
Condition No.14: “Renewal of subscription fee is mandatory to continue with business and maintain your position in line of sponsorship”
Thus, from 4,50,000/- distributors the company would get a sum of Rs.45,00,00,000/- (rupees forty five crores) (4,50,000 x 995) per annum on completion of every year which can only be stated to be “easy/quick money” sans any service to the distributors/members.
c) To enable him to get the so called commission @ 3% every month, the ABO has to distribute/purchase/sell products worth Rs.2,000/- of “Amway” every month or else he will not be eligible to get any commission or continue as member in the scheme. Thus, each member is forced/induced/lured to purchase the products worth Rs.2,000/- every month to keep his chance of getting commission alive. Thus, “Amway” would automatically get a business of the quantum of Rs.1080/- crores (4,50,000 x 2,000 x 12(months) ) per annum which would yield an astronomical profit and it cannot but be stated as “easy/quick money” without any service to the distributors/members irrespective of whether they sell the products or not, though the company may conveniently refer it as “turnover by sale of products”.

Amway apologist pretending intellectual authority

I'm not imagining this am I ?
There really is an intellectually-castrated 'Amway' apologist steadfastly pretending intellectual authority and posting comments on your Blog, who (in a failed attempt to make direct contact with me) persists in trying to challenge my ego, but who spells the common English word, cowardice, as 'cowardess.'
I believe it was Jean-Jacques Rousseau who said:
'One is only curious in proportion to one's level of education.'
How right he was!
David Brear

Friday, 9 October 2009

Amway apologists are like pawns in chess, expendable

'Amway' (like all pernicious cults) is an intellectually, and emotionally, overwhelming pay-to-play game of make-believe presented as reality. Major cults have been rightly compared to chess (but for humans), with all-powerful Kings, and /or Queens, served by expendable pawns who have been conditioned (falsely) to believe that one day (if they obey the rules and do not question their benign rulers) they will move up the board. Half a century of quantifiable evidence proves that tens of millions of powerless 'Amway' pawns continue to be taken in, whilst the self-appointed sovereign rulers of the closed logic- 'Amway' game have amassed fortunes. Typically, the 'Amway' rulers are otherwise unremarkable, but psychologically dominant individuals, with impressive, made-up ranks and titles who hold themselves accountable to no one.
Even though (effectively) no ordinary participant can win in the 'Amway' game, because the only money circulating within it, largely comes from the powerless pawns themselves, rule number one has always been:
Failure in 'Amway' is always the pawn's fault: never the organization's or its ruler's.
Consequently, even though they are completely powerless, 'Amway' pawns have been arbitrarily (and falsely) defined as 'Independent Business Owners' in their annual contracts (reality-inverting documents in which they have absolutey no say).
It's no wonder that the leading apologist for this soul-destroying, totalitarian fraud has chosen to hide his name behind an impressive made-up title and his face behind a comic-book mask. Given the wider evidence, this 'Amway' monkey's latest sophistic arguments are typically stomach-churning nonsense; but then, they are not his own words.
David Brear

IBOFB, help Amway India's counsel to file answer in High Court of AP

IBOFB and his young follower Trivedi both are silent when I told them about the Writ of Mandamaus filed by the Corporate Frauds Watch in the Andhra Pradesh High Court asking the court to seek explanation from the Government of Andhra Pradesh why it has not initiated action against Amway India. The clever IBOFB who pronounced that the counsels of Amway India who filed the in the affidavit earlier writ petition in the AP High Court should be given a dress down, is now silent when he was asked why Amway India's counsel is dragging his feet to file the answers as instructed by the High Court of AP.
The wise IBOFB should better give his intelligent support to Amway India's counsel for filing the answer.
Youngman Trivedi should read Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement which thouroughly analysed the 6-4-3 plan and held it illegal. What is more he is asking from me. If it is not a pyramid structure, what else is it, Trivedi? It is an endless chain and everyone tries his best to recruit or enrol more people into the pyramid and that is why it is mathematical impossibility.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Do not fall prey to the evil designs and sweet talk of crooks like Amway

Our new entrant Trivedi is overzealous to defend Amway. I have already stated three points. He did not mention them but talks about something else.
1) No sane person would be willing to part of a criminal activity when a criminal case is pending against Amway India after Andhra Pradesh High Court made it clear that Amway India's business model is illegal.
2) An ordinary person with reasonable income would never purchase Amway products at such an exorbitant price though they claim to be 'high quality' unless he is induced that he could achieve 'total financial freedom in 2-5 years'.
3) A person with good social relations would never approach his friends and relatives to join such a criminal scheme when he is at the risk of losing their trust forever.
I think these three reasons are enough for the fellow human beings all over world not to get involved in such criminal activities of crooks like Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, so on and so forth.

Amway sure is a criminogenic cult

It is my stated opinion that (based upon the quantifiable evidence), the organization most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' is a pernicious or criminogenic cult. Its self-appointed sovereign leadership are an absurd bunch of narcissistic parasites feeding off traditional culture and who hold themselves accountable to no one. They steadfastly pretend absolute moral and intellectual authority whilst pursuing various hidden criminal objectives (mainly, fraudulent).
In reality, the grinning 'Amway' mob (who have amassed billions of stolen dollars over half a century) should never have been allowed to get away with their crack-pot swindles for so long. This, like the Bernie Madoff affair, is a shameful reflection on the USA as a whole. They have used some of their ill-gotten gains to infiltrate traditional culture to such a degree, and to corrupt so many politicians, law enforcement agents, Judges, etc. , that it has now become of matter of political will if they ever face criminal prosecution under the federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. There are certainly 5 members of the US Congress who should be indicted in connection with 'Amway.'
In brief, 'Amway' is a dangerous totalitarian movement perpetrating a series of inter-related frauds on a global scale, with US-based rulers who are currently enjoying immunity from criminal laws enacted by American democratic institutions and which were designed to limit the subversive activities of major organized crime groups.
The silence of these billionaire 'Amway' charlatans, when faced with persons who know exactly what they are, and exactly what they are doing, is deafening. The absolute proof of their guilt lies in the simple fact that, if they were innocent, they would sue persons such as yourself, myself, Eric Scheibeler, Scott Larsen and Robert FitzPatrick for defamation. However, they must know that such a malicious prosecution is itself a breach of RICO legislation and that it could be the swiftest way for them to wind up behind bars.
Thus, the 'Amway' mob remain tight-lipped, whilst on your Blog, we have three of their de facto agents who keep regularly posting their intellectually-castrated comments in defence of the indefencible. Trivedi seems to be little more than a wide-eyed, latter-day 'Oliver Twist' who has fallen into the hands of manipulative thieves. Scott Johnson seems more like 'Bill Sykes,' a loud-mouthed coward and a bully who only likes to pick on those whom he believes to be weaker than himself. Steadson is definitely in the mould of the 'Artful Dodger.'
The inflexible, self-gratifying delusions of these three 'Amway' stooges (although slightly different) are so predictable, that all direct communication with them is currently a pointless waste of time.
We should always remain focused on the 'Amway' organ-grinders, not their monkeys.
David Brear

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Laugh at total lack of self-awareness of these Amway adherents

I observe that Mr. Scott ('Tex' ) Johnson has suddenly changed his puerile and abusive tone and is now posing as a fair -minded individual - the misunderstood victim of my blind hatred.
Although it is tempting to hold such a manipulative moral coward in contempt, one has to try to remember that he might once have been quite a decent fellow prior to his involvement with 'Amway'. If I have any feeling towards him, I suppose it is one of pity.
Johnson seems now to have arrived at a crossroads in his life, for deep down in his soul, he must know that he was duped by a ridiculous lie and that he has been used to dupe others. To date, Johnson's ego has not allowed him freely to face up to this painful reality. However, instead of remaining silent (like the overwhelming majority of the tens of millions who have been churned through 'Amway's' closed-market swindle and advanced fee fraud), he has chosen to broadcast his face-saving belief that the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' itself is OK, but the allied so-called 'Motivational Organizations' are run by liars and cowards. Interestingly, when Eric Scheibeler first started to escape from the hold of the 'Amway' myth, he briefly clung to the same delusion. The treatment he subsequently received at the hands of the grinning bosses of the 'Amway' mob soon brought him back to reality.
As far as I can make out, Johnson now seems to be claiming that he has modified his previous thinking and wants to parley. In truth, unless he wants to offer his unconditional surrender, what could we possibly have to discuss. For (until this apparent about-face), Johnson has been like a young lad caught trying to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. His crack-pot defence has been: 'Well only bits of it appear to be the problem, so why won't you accept the rest of it Asshole?'
Sometimes, you have to laugh at total lack of self-awareness of these characters, which is worthy of the average adolescent.
David Brear

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trivedi shows mind-set of paranoid cult adherent

Your naive young friend, Trivedi, is again exhibiting the classic 'us versus them' mind-set of a paranoid cult adherent. He systematically excludes quantifiable reality, falsely believing that anyone challenging the authenticity of his group's controlling scenario is a liar motivated by hatred, etc.
Where does Trivedi get the simplistic idea that you are just anti-'Amway?' He gets it from the two-dimensional fiction that his group constantly reflects as fact.
'Amway's' leadership steadfastly pretends absolute moral and intellectual authority. On the other hand Shyam, you do not set yourself up as being perfect. You fully-recognise that morality is only what is generally regarded as an acceptable standard of behaviour in your culture. You try to base your view of groups like 'Amway' on quantifiable evidence and your analysis on rules made by Indian, democratic institutions defining what is criminal, and/or unethical. You didn't invent this evidence or write these rules. However, you cannot escape the fact that pernicious groups like 'Amway' subvert traditional codes of morality.
On the evidence of his recent comments on your Blog, poor Trivedi has been dissociated from external reality and reformed into a deloyable agent furthering the hidden criminal objectives of the billionaire 'Amway' leadership in the USA. Currently, he seems to be completely dependent on a collective paranoid delusion of absolute moral and intellectual supremacy fundamental to the maintenance of his individual self-esteem/identity and his related psychological function.
Classically, it has become impossible for Trivedi to see humour in his situation.
David Brear

Amway UK slashed rates to avoid civil bankruptcy

It is interesting to note that, 2 years ago, 'Amway UK Ltd.' boasted around 40, 000 non-salaried commission agencies (with an annual drop-out rate of 50%). At this time, as a privately-owned company, 'Amway UK Ltd.' was not obliged to publish an annual, accurate disclosure of the average earnings of its non-salaried commission agencies. Our smug, masked avenging-hero, Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson, squawks that most of these 40 000 agencies were merely customers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' whose owners weren't actually trying to earn anything. He thus pretends that these rational individuals were falling over themslves to buy 'Amway's' products at a 'wholesale price,' because they represent such great quality and value.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, when a team of UK government accountants (led by Peter Bott) conducted a rigorous investigation of 'Amway,' they discovered that, even at the so-called 'wholesale price,' the banal products' prices were fixed at such prohibitively high prices (in comparison with equivalents widely-available in traditional retail outlets) that UK government lawyers later (in the High Court) described their unfortunate purchasers as deluded and vulnerable. However, prior to the trial, the corporate Officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' had suddenly announced massive reductions in the prices of 'Amway' products, in a failed attempt to avoid civil bankruptcy proceedings going ahead. The dramatic reduction of prices was one of the undertakings given to the UK High Court by the attorneys of 'Amway UK Ltd.' which, subsequently, persuaded Judge Norris not to order the immediate closure of the company. Another undertaking was that 'Amway UK Ltd.' would publish each year a full and accurate disclosure of the average gross-earnings of all its non-salaried commission agencies.
Last year, even after the prices of the 'Amway' products had been slashed, the number of non-salaried commission agencies under contract to 'Amway UK Ltd.' had fallen to less than 6000. The average gross earnings of 'Amway UK' agencies (as declared in November of last year) are, in fact, so low that virtually all but a handful of their owners aren't even covering their operating expenses. The latest figures are not due to be announced until next November.
David Brear

Learn what ex-factory price is, Trivedi

Trivedi exhibited his ignorance once again. He does not know what ex-factory price is. If he does not know the information he should obtain it from his Amway mentors. There are one hundred and one ways to learn. Ok. I will tell him. Ex-factory price is the price on which the company pays taxes to the Government. It is easy to find it out and Trivedi could learn the same with a little effort.
I have amply made it clear that I am not interested to be part of an illegal company. Secondly, I am not interested to purchase products at an exorbitant price. Thirdly, I am not interested to make my friends and relatives part of an illegal money circulation scheme.
But I am interested to tell the whole world that Amway India is a bogus company out to cheat people and loot their money. If you are honest you would realise soon and join me to pronounce the same to whole world.

Trivedi bluffs that high pricing is actually beneficial to the consumer

Trivedi is now again claiming that it is beneficial to the consumer to purchase a product which is several times costlier than any other similar product.
The ex-factory price of Glister toothpaste is Rs. 16 and that is being sold at Rs. 120 to the consumer. I hope he elaborates how it is beneficial to the consumer. The profit between Rs 16 and Rs. 120 is shared by a number of distributors and a sizable amount goes to Amway India. Now how could that be beneficial to the consumer? I am talking about the end-user not a distributor. The Amway adherents ask the consumers to use toothpaste horizantally instead of vertically to save. That could be done with other good brands available in India.
I also hope he would not repeat that it is of high quality. In the name of 'high quality' because of it is from the wonderland America, Amway has been selling the trash in India.
I appeal to my fellow Indians not to fall for this trap and buy the overpriced trash. Amway's scheme is an illegal money circulation scheme and its distributors are sharing the booty unabashedly all these years. Let us throw this crook out of out country.

India has become Amway's new hunting ground

I see that Mr. (IBOFB) Steadson's fellow narcissist, Scott ('Tex') Johnson, has again decided to give your readers the benefit of his (imagined) great wisdom. Unfortunately, his true nature is revealed by his puerile, and abusive, tone and his obvious incapacity to express himself in terms other than those which have been so constantly drilled into his mind that they have become second nature to him.
As your readers are already aware, Johnson occupies a slighty higher level in the stale darkness of the 'Amway' intellectual bunker. He keeps inviting me todescend into his nauseous dwelling for a friendly little chat. When I ignore him, like a play-ground bully he tries to destabilize me by challenging my ego.
Unfortunately, Johnson's latest squawking is made to look typically foolish, when one knows that, for the previous 34 years, the corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' completely ignored their employer's own (American) 'rules' which state that no non-salaried commission agency can qualify for commission payments unless it is genuinely retailing (externally) at least 70% of its (internal) puchases from 'Amway.' Only when placed under threat of immediate closure after a civil investigation and the filing of a public-interest bankruptcy petition, did convincing attorneys acting for 'Amway UK Ltd.' (including a former Deputy Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office, Peter Kiernan) suddenly claim that 'Amway's' own (American) rules would, henceforth, be strictly enforced by 'Amway UK Ltd.' itself. However, these (effectively) meaningless 'rules' were originally introduced only when 'Amway' faced immediate closure in the USA back in the 1970s. Indeed, there is no evidence that they have ever been enforced. Unbelievably, the UK High Court accepted various promises from 'Amway UK Ltd' , but failed to set up any independent mechanism to verify that they will be kept. It was of absolutely no concern to the UK authorities what the 'Amway' mob are doing elsewhere in the world.
As a result of these UK proceedings, the 'Amway' fraud has (effectively) been closed down in the UK. However, its most productive new hunting ground is India. The UK authorities should rightly shoulder some of the blame for this ongoing situation; after discovering that a serious fraud had been occurring for 34 years in the UK, but then failing to challenge the 'Amway' mob using criminal laws.
David Brear

90% Amway adherents unable to retail its outrageously priced products

What more can one say?
Our smug Mr. (IBOFB) Steadson continues seriously to expect your readers to accept the fact that more than 90% of 'Amway' commission agencies in the UK were completely unable to retail 'Amway's' outrageously over-priced products is the proof that these products were easy to retail ?
We must never lose sight of the fact that this childish drivel is coming from an immature young fellow who finds it necessary to hide his true identity behind various, impressive made-up names and to post a photograph of himself dressed in the guise of a masked, comic-book, avenging hero.
His latest Narcissistic fantasy that I must be the NPD suffererer under psychiatric care, is a 'baiting' tactic worthy of a 'Scientologist.'
Does this mean that Steadson is now claiming that the Indian Judges (who essentially agree with me) are mentally ill?
As Steadson is fully-aware, I have posted the 9 (current) diagnostic criteria of NPD on the Net in a series of articles about 'Amway.' Like the authors of the 'Amway' myth, whom he represents, Steadson quite obviously exhibits many (if not all) of these criteria.
David Brear

Monday, 5 October 2009

Amway is an illegal money game camouflaged by products

I'm sure your readers have noticed that our smug Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson uses a classic, mind-scrambling propaganda technique where (in his provocative comments) he first alters the clear and logical nature of what you and I have posted, then, using his group's own twisted logic, arrives at fantastic, sweeping conclusions which appear to prove his billionaire bosses' indefensible case.
Thus, when faced with the irrefutable fact that more than 90% of UK participants in 'Amway' were discovered not to be attempting to retail 'Amway' s' (effectively) unsaleable products, Steadson manages to use this damning evidence to arrive at the fantastic, sweeping conclusion that it proves that 'Amway' participants are taught to retail products.
Thus, when faced with the irrefutable fact that all active levels of the 'Amway' pyramid are (effectively) being coerced into recruiting 6 more participants, who will then recruit 6 more participants, etc. etc. ad infinitum, in the false belief that consuming and recruiting is the 'Proven Plan to Achieve Total Financial Freedom,' Steadson manages to use this damning evidence to arrive at the fantastic, sweeping conclusion that it proves 'Amway' is not an illegal money game camouflaged by products.
You rightly pose the question, Shyam:
Is Steadson a dim-wit or is he a crook ?
There is a third possibility:
Is Steadson a severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder sufferer ?
For, according to his own twisted-logic, even though we don't tell childish lies for billionaire racketeers, you and I are the dim-wits and crooks.
David Brear