Saturday, 19 March 2011

Andrea Lucas is a liar. She was never a Director of the World Bank

As you know, various people, including myself, have taken the trouble to contact the World Bank in Washington DC and enquire about Andrea Lucas, the instigator of the 'business opportunity' scam known as 'Club Asteria.' It turns out, that a person called Andrea Lucas was at the World Bank during the late 1970s and early 1980s, but she was never on the Board of Directors. The Andrea Lucas in question was, in point of fact, briefly employed at the World Bank HQ in Washington DC in the capacity of head of the (internal) Management Systems and Accounts Dept. She was one of numerous employees who were known only within the World Bank HQ as 'directors' (i.e. middle-management staff with fancy titles). Therefore, it is an absurd lie to say that Andrea Lucas is a former Director of the World Bank. Furthermore, I have yet to receive any confirmation that today's Andrea Lucas of 'Club Asteria' and the Andrea Lucas at the World Bank more than 25 years ago, are one and the same. 
Perhaps the anonymous individual who has recently contacted Corporate Frauds Watch, and who has posted a thoughtless comment in support of 'Club Asteria,' would like to explain to your free-thinking readers why the instigator of 'Club Asteria' has been deliberately misleading the world about her own background and achievements. 
I am reliably informed that the Andrea Lucas of 'Club Asteria' can't be more than about 50-60 years of age. If nothing else, common-sense would strongly-suggest that it is impossible for a person of this age to have held an important, policy-making position at the World Bank 25-30 years ago. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)


joy sacco said...

Thank you for the research you made, it's very useful.
Regards from Italy

xayal20 said...

hi , i also think it is a scam , because they did not answered to my support ticket .

imran said...

ermm i in the business now, and it was not a scam tq, i get a real profit now, :)

Arnd said...

ha ha imran, the question is how much longer ...

websaver said...

Looks like it is the end and andrea Lucas has done a runner, site aint loading

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No server is available to handle this request

davidrak said...

Club Asteria has not paid any profit sharing to the members for more than 4 months because they have collected enough money for themselves for people who bought asterois points in order to reach 20000 asterois and will be retired with weekly income from Club Asteria.
Now they just rely on the income from the membership fee of us$20 which the remaining members are paying.
Up till now the products which they said 4 months back will be available to be sold on each member's website, the only product that comes out is "tablet" which I
presumed are made in India(the cheapest version currently available at us$50 per unit).
All the charities and microfinance
claimed to be done by Club Asteria
have not been opened to members'
scrutiny. There is even no financial reports about the performance of the Club eventhough it has been in operation now for 2 years and the Club members have no right to voice what they need or want for the future of the Club as well as knowing how the Company is

Anonymous said...

apirak said about Club Asteria:

It is a regret that Andrea Lucas, Mark Kaplan, and Mr. Needhem all these three culprits have been scamming the underprivileged in many countries who just believe that they will receive the weekly earning and some members has gone out to the extent of borrowing money just to buy asterois points in order to be retired on the pension upon reaching 20000 asterois which will be paid weekly from the profit sharing of the club.
However now after collecting all the money from points buying these three people are well-off and the accumulated asterois are useless as you can only use to buy products from Club Asteria which after 6 months of their announcement that so many products will be launced and that members will have their own website to sell Club Asteria products online so far the only product being offered is "tablet" whereas all the other promises are turned into hot air.
The questionable motive in Club Asteria won't give out any more profit sharing since six months ago i.e. June based on the ground that they need to accumulate the funds for their products launching which is groundless as they don't have to carry any stock since if no one order the products then they don't have to take in the stock so why do they need to stop the weekly profit sharing for the members.
This is possibly the biggest scamming site siphoning money from innocent members which is very pathetic since they are scamming from many underprivileged members.
Their scamming tactic should be made known to the public as this is a site looking to be a genuine company running with the charitable
purposes as one of their aims but meanwhile has turned out around not even paying their members from their profit sharing scheme which is ridiculous.

Bjrao said...

I was loosed big money in this scam