Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BJP MLA Kishan Reddy is the C&F agent of Amway India in AP

The leadership and the cadre of Bharatiya Janata Party claim that they are the real patriots of the country. They spew venom against the spread of religious conversions and they also propagate 'swadesh'. But their own Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Andhra Pradesh State is the C&F agent of Amway India Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh. He is also the Floor leader of the party in the State Assembly. 
The MLA in question is Mr Kishan Reddy, who is the C&F agent of Amway India in Andhra Pradesh. However, the agency is taken in the name of his wife Mrs Kavya. But he is the de facto boss of the agency. 
When a social worker Mr Srinivasa Reddy filed a criminal case against Amway India with the police of Chikkadapally police station, Mr Kishan Reddy through a mutual friend contacted Mr Srinivasa Reddy and asked him to withdraw the criminal case. However, Mr Srinivasa Reddy refused to take back the criminal case and it is pending inquiry with the police.
Mr Kishan Reddy is aware of the pending criminal case against Amway India. He is also aware of the judgement of the Andhra Pradesh High Court which held that the business plan of Amway India is illegal. He is also aware that the Supreme Court of India refused to entertain the Special Leave Petition of Amway India and upheld the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court. He is also aware how the Amway India is siphoning out several hundreds of crores of rupees every year from the country. Still, in the name of business, he joined hands with a criminal gang and indulging in criminal activity. It is high time, the activists of the respectable Bharatiya Janata Party raised their voice against their own leader and tell him in an unequivocal manner to withdraw support to a criminal group like Amway India.

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