Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'Club Asteria business owners' are de facto slaves

The 'Club Asteria' featured on this Web link  says that it has its HQ in Hong Kong, but there is video material on the same Site which shows a motherly, middle-aged Austrian woman, Andrea Lucas, claiming to be the philanthropic founder of 'Club Asteria.'  Andrea Lucas says she lives in Canada. She markets herself as an international 'self-betterment' Guru - a former 'director of the pivate sector branch of the World Bank.'  
Your free-thinking readers will observe that 'Club Asteria's' pretty propaganda follows an established pattern. Indeed,'Club Asteria' contains all the elements of an affinity / 'MLM business opportunity' fraud. According to Andrea Lucas, out of the kindness of her successful immigrant's heart, she wants to help Asian and African immigrants in Europe and N. America by offering them not just their very own businesses, but also their very own banking facilities so that they can obtain credit to set up their very own businesses and send their profits back to their families. 'Club Asteria' members are even offeredaccess to their very own currency - the 'Astero.'  
Andrea Lucas repeats all the classic, reality-inverting'MLM' key words and phrases over and over again.  On You-tube there are various mind-numbingly absurd 'Club Asteria' Videos. .These have commentaries by men with Canadian accents. They appear to have been produced by the same Hong Kong-based organization linked to Andrea Lucas, although they are not clearly identified. This material reveals that, exactly like 'Amway',  the structure of 'Club Asteria' has been copied from traditional, esoteric, fraternal, secret societies. In theory, promotion and increased rewards in 'Club Asteria,' are dependent on regular self-consumption of 'Club Asteria' products and services, combined with endless-chain recruitment of more contributing participants.
In plain English, exactly as in 'Amway', 'Club Asteria's' products and services are merely the camouflage for a closed-market swindle or illegal money circulation scheme. Thus, 'Club Asteria business owners' are de facto slave recruiters. Thes poor people have been peddled infinite shares of their own finite money by racketeers posing as philanthropists. 
For several months there have been various, well-intentioned observers posting articles on the Net., posing the classic naïve question is 'Asteria Club' a scam or is it really 'the Gateway to a Brighter Future?' . Once you know that more than 50 years quantifiable evidence proves that 'MLM business opportunities' are all variations of the same-old fraud these idle-minded observers might as well ask: 
Is drinking poison dangerous or is it really the quickest way to get to Heaven? 
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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