Thursday, 31 March 2011

For 50+ years, virtually no 'MLM' wampum has been sold to the public for a profit

Last year, we posted an exposé of a grotesque, narcissistic charlatan, Alan Kippax, and his pernicious 'MLM business opportunity' cult, known as 'Business In Motion.' We later informed readers that Mr. Kippax had been jailed in Canada for causing the death (by wreckless driving) of his cousin and for maiming an innocent young couple, and that his ongoing 'MLM/BIM' racketeering activities were finally facing limited, criminal investigation in Canada. At that time, I severely criticized UK government trade regulators who (6 years previously) had caught Kippax red-handed, running the identical 'Amway' copy-cat cult in Britain behind an absurd corporate front known as 'Treasure Traders Corp.', but who had then allowed this dangerous little liar to flee to his homeland of Canada with stolen funds totalling several millions pounds which he used to set up the 'BIM' fraud. 
In 2005, instead of the UK police immediately arresting Kippax under the Theft Act and seizing his ill-gotten gains, this affair was left to UK government trade regulators who have absolutely no powers to make criminal investigations. Consequently, legal advisers to the UK Dept. of Trade and Industry could only file a civil, public interest bankruptcy petition against Kippax' front company. It was then revealed in court that the 'Treasure Traders Plan for Financial Freedom' was, in point of fact, a dissimulated closed-market swindle, contrary to UK Trading Schemes and Lotteries legislation, in which Kippax had arbitrarily defined unlawful internal payments (in exchange for effectively-unsaleable wampum), as lawful external 'sales.'
In this way, Kippax had deceived several thousands UK citizens into handing over regular cash payments to his counterfeit 'direct selling company' on the pretext that anyone could retire from work by being their own loyal 'Treasure Traders' customer and by recruiting their friends and relations to be their own loyal customers, etc. ad infinitum. In simple terms, Alan Kippax was proved to be a common thief who had stolen millions of pounds from thousands of UK citizens, but he never faced the slightest criminal charge in the UK. 
Corporate Frauds Watch received various supporting comments from a middle-aged American couple, Mr. and Mrs. Basset, who were, apparently, former, deluded adherents of Mr. Kippax' unoriginal, economic pseudo-science. However, these same people have subsequently posted unsubstantiated material on the Net denying the reality of our wider-analysis of 'MLM business opportunity' fraud, in which they steadfastly pretend intellectual authority, by insisting that I have not conducted enough research to pronounce all MLM companies to be hiding esentially the same racket. However, Mr. and Mrs. Basset would appear to be under the spell of yet another gang of grinning 'MLM business opportunity' racketeers . The fact that senior agents within the US Federal Trade Commission have recently issued a blanket-warning to the American public about 'MLM business oportunity' fraud , whilst, for years, other senior FTC agents have refused to enforce criminal laws which prohibit it, has had the effect of authorizing major, ongoing racketeering activity not just in the USA, but also around the globe. Essentially, the FTC currently holds the same reality-denying position as Mr. and Mrs Basset. On the one hand, US government trade regulators (like Eileen Harrington) fully-accept that 'MLM business opportunities' are fraudulent, whilst on the other hand, these same officials need to cling to the fairytale that other 'MLM business opportunities' are viable. Indeed, if senior FTC officials (like Eileen Harrington), were publicly to face up to the ugly truth that their own colleagues have been acting under the influence of racketers, the US government would be buried under an avalanche of litigation and certain corrupt FTC officials would risk disgrace and long prisons terms. Tellingly, I have recently tried to speak with Eileen Harrington, but I was told by her Orwellian assistant that she doesn't accept calls from the public. Yet the public are her employers. 
Meanwhile, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, the mountain of evidence proving our wider-analysis of 'MLM' to be accurate, continues to grow. 
Like the bosses, and reality-inverting propagandists, of the 'Amway' mob, the bosses, and reality-inverting propagandists, of the 'Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing' mob have steadfastly pretended that: 
Their direct selling company is perfectly lawful and is associated with all manner of trusted household-names in the USA. They cannot be held responsible if some rogue 'Independent FHTM Business Owners' do not obey the company's own rules which oblige them regularly to sell significant quantities of good-value products, and services, to the public for a profit.  
At the same time, numerous dissidents, testify that the 'FHTM' plan for financial freedom is, in point of fact, a dissimulated closed-market swindle, in which unlawful internal payments (in exchange for effectively-unsaleable wampum) have been arbitrarily defined as lawful external 'sales.' In this way, tens of thousands of 'FHTM' adherents continue to be deceived into handing over regular cash-payments to a counterfeit 'direct selling company' controlled by a little gang of sanctimonious racketeers, on the pretext that  anyone can retire from work by being their own loyal 'FHTM ' customer and by recruiting their friends and relations to be their own loyal customers, etc. ad infinitum. 
Independent evidence from all around the world proves beyond all reasonable doubt that, for the previous 50+ years, virtually no 'MLM' wampum has been sold to the public for a profit, and that all so-called 'MLM companies' are absurd fakes which  have actually been peddling variations of essentially the same 'business opportunity'lie to tens of millions of constantly-churning victims. 
I have previously been criticized as 'grossly over-reacting,' for describing this multi-billion dollar global-fraud as a financial holocaust (with a small 'h') of which many people are in denial, but how else would one accurately describe it?
 David Brear (copyright 2011)
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developmentfuture said...

One of INDIAN IT company struck in a scam and Government,peoples worried about thousands of employees future of that company.

Government didnt destroy that company further but for the WELFARE OF EMPLOYEES and for the sake of company future deals with other companies,The Indian Government has stated that it may provide temporary direct or indirect liquidity support to the company.Later kept a Monitoring Body TO MAINTAIN ,stabalise the company day to day activities for some duration ,untill via a formal public auction process, a ...% stake in that company was purchased by another company.


You must realise the PRIVATE CORPORATE COMPANIES ONLY providing so many Job ,EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES to the people in the society.Thats why GOVERNMENTS encourage the Corporate companies Investments to provide employment opportunities for the WELFARE OF THE SOCIETY and the growth of country economic.


Government is also a part of Business activities in different ways.
BSNL,ONGC,BHEL and so many companies.

If anything wrong in the SYSTEM,Better You advice,SUGGEST A SOLUTION to solve that problem,give a chance for Correction like INDIAN GOVT DID.

Some lawyers intensionally drag the cases for their own benefits.

They give good and wrong advices to the clients.
So many Lawyers orgued in the courts years and years for a Dispute and finally lost that case,Did he give the whole money back to the CUSTOMER ??? How much the customer suffered ? Any Lawyer show mercy not to take much money from a VICTIM when he knew clearly about the case that he would loss OR WIN it, but he say we will win the case,after lost, he tell ,I didnt expect like this JUDGEMENT. There are so many issues to say about LAWYERS how they deal ,suffer the clients,how they play with the cases,how they squeeze money from even common peoples withought caring their financial positions like corporate MEDICAL ,how they join hands with against opposite parties for cases lost,how they drag cases for their benefits for their own family needs,still can say PLENTY.

No body shouldnt take anything from any body but LAWYERS can take HOURLY basis 100 to 200 usd.See how much money they charge ?

But still LAW and GOOD LAWYERS are in the society,Our HIGH COURTS and SUPREME COURTS are doing wonderfull JOBS to solve the country issues.Salute to JUSTICES of Supreme and High COURTS.

In any field,ALL are not Good and all are not bad.

Good and Crooks are in every field.

corporate frauds watch said...

Do you have any idea what you are talking about? When the problem is cheating by these companies, what is the question of finding solution. The business model of these companies is itself illegal and held to that extent by the High Courts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. If you have high esteem for judiciary, they you must agree that these companies are cheating ones.

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