Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Yet another innocent victim of Amway India

Jothi Alagu, one of our readers writes,
Dear Shyam,
          I have joined in Amway. I want to know that Amway company will be stable in India or it will be stopped like other MLM companies.
Dear Jothi,
Forget about the future of Amway. Think of your future. How much you are going to invest every month to purchase products and how much of the exorbitantly priced products you could sell. Every month you must purchase products worth Rs. 2000 to be in the list to get commission and can you afford to spend that amount of money for your personal use. Soon you would realise that you are losing money every month. Unless you recruit more people you won't earn any money and it is impossible to find more members due to the mathematical impossibility.
Soon you would realise that you are not going to make any money and start blaming yourself that it is your fault that you could not do it. You never realise that the scheme itself is a fraud. That is the crux of the problem. Now you know the facts, you have to decide what to do.


bara fakta said...

Dear Jothi,
Amway is a 52 year old company operating in more than 80 countries and territories. It has never been closed down and kicked out of a country, anywhere. Despite the ignorant protestations of folk like Shyam, it's at no risk of being closed in India either.

Amway India continues to grow rapidly and the company is India's leading nutritional company. The company is expected to continue to grow at around 18%/year and they are opening a second manufacturing facility in the south

Amway's core health and beauty brands, Nutrilite and Artistry, are some of the best selling brands in the world, have won multiple independent awards around the world, and are endorsed by the likes of cricketing superstar Adam Gilchrist and Triple Olympic Gold Medallist Libby Trickett

While those products target the millions of families in India's upper middle class and continue to sell well, Amway India has also launched an extensive range of lower cost, quality products for the Indian market.

Try the products yourself (unlike Shyam!) and you'll realize they are excellent quality and there is a market for them in India. Like any business though, it takes time and effort to develop an income so don't expect overnight success. Indeed, just like any other business, it's also perfectly normal to find that most people are not interested in either your products, or working together with you building a business. That's just fine.

Rest assured, Amway India will still be around long after you or I, or Shyam and Brear, have left this world to our children.

Good luck!

Shyam Sundar said...

This webmaster is a master bluff master. He conveniently skips the points raised in the post but boasts lots of lies, lies and lies. He never mentions that a criminal case is being tried in a court in Hyderabad. He also did not mention that the Andhra Pradesh High Court slammed its business plan as illegal. He also did not mention that the Supreme Court of India confirmed the judgement of the AP High Court.
This is how these cheats have been running amok in India and other countries.
Nutrilite has been dubbed as adulterated and misbranded by the State Food Laboratory, Hyderabad.
Yet this bluff master claims that this is a world class product.
Jothi could not afford to use the products for personal use nor sell them to the prospective clients.
So it is high time people realilsed the futile exercise of joining such multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes.

Joecool said...

Webmaster is IBOFB making up fake personnas.

Murali said...

Dear Mr.Shyam,

What Webmaster posted is correct. What you posted may also be correct in your point of view. But it is not true as per my experience. There is not Money laundering scheme here. The commissions are paid purely based on Produt sales and Business turn over. If people understands and join the business or use the products, there wont be any losses.
If you have any evidence of "State Food Laboratory, Hyderabad" Nutrilite products, pl mail me at As a consumer of the Nutrilite for the past 4 years, I have more confidence on it as it gave results for my family.


Shyam Sundar said...

Murali did not say how much money he has been losing every year for the last four years. Also he did not mention how much money he earned all these years in the 'good business opportunity'. Murali could just write a letter to the State Food Laboratories, Hyd to get the report on Amway India Enterprises.
By and large, joining Amway means losing at least Rs. 25,000 every month and never earning any money. Anybody could buy better products with a quarter of that money.

B +ve said...

there are so many thousands of people in India itself earning more than 1 lak per month. if you start trying any any kind of business u have to spend some money at the beginning. People who are stingy cannot even do business. in multilevel marketing, especially with a huge company like Amway, u need to spend some money and time initially until u build a team. but u need lots of hope and patience. only people who posses hope and have dreams and patience will succeed; not only in Amway, the other kind of people will not succeed in any business. If a person says he is not able to Amway, it means he cannot do any business successfully; he will always speak negative about each and everything. I earn 2 lakhs per month from Amway and receive yearly bonus around 15 lakhs per year and am working hard to make more. friends, this world is full of negatives..its u who have to be positive and work hard.

ravi173 said...

Agar sab Amway kar lenge to sab rich nahi ho jayenge kya??????????? (bahut bada question hai ye) to phir journalism kaun karega,
Agar doctor banna hai ti bhaiya doctor se hi to puchhoge.

Preet said...

Dear Shyam (Specialist)

Did you ever went to plumber to get your teeth removed. I hope you did not. Same way Mr Joshi should listen to plumbers like you who don't know nothing but to write on Internet. I bet you have never been into any kind of sales in your life, coz that takes guts.

Best of luck with your writing.
For you information, amway funds lot of blogs like you...ask for help they will fund you as well.

Shyam Sundar said...

Do you need to put your fingers in fire to learn it burns you. Like that you need to step into sales to learn what is scam.
It is proved more than once that the business model of Amway is illegal and outright cheating. The Andhra Pradesh High Court held the same view and that was confirmed by the Supreme Court of India.
Anyway does one need guts to join sales. One way it may be correct. One needs guts to join an illegal business.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Shyam Sundar,
I am going to start Amaway Business,
if you stated is right " that the business model of Amway is illegal and outright cheating. The Andhra Pradesh High Court held the same view and that was confirmed by the Supreme Court of India. "

then please kindly send me the court legal order stated the above statement.
my id is :

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Jignesh
Andhra Pradesh High Court's judgement in full could be found on this blog. just for it.

brajesh said...

Dear Shyam, I started this business after reading your blog to taste whether you are correct or wrong, because for me Rs 4000.00 was not a big money and what I found is as follows:-

(a)I never tasted so good product in last 40 years in all the segment.

(b) Myself and my family got rid of some health related problem with which they were suffering since last four years even after spending thousands of rupees on medical test and medicine(and here there were neither test nor medicine for any side effect).

(c) Yes, product is costlier, but what I experienced that we are purchasing natural supplements in bulk and per unit cost is approx as cheaper as a good brand market product.

(d)One thing was true for sure was here no Sachin, No Aishwarya Or Katrina was there to take my money for just false advertising of product.

(e) People practice the scheme in wrong way to generate more income in less time by selling the product but they are less annoy able than the sales boy who knock at the door with third class product.

(f) Court give verdict on existing law but I ask you a question, what came first in existence- A Market or a court?? What I Know was barter system was first in existence. So a rule is to be made for these company.

(g) Price is a result of demand supply ratio. Communism and socialism are failed concept.

I replied to you because you are a journalist and I started using this product just after reading your BLOG.

Thanx for making me learned consumer of fantastic AMWAY.

Shyam Sundar said...

hahahaha. What can I say to such strange fellows.

Shyam Sundar said...

This Brajesh is strange fellow. He did not say what he did 'taste'. LoL. Probably he must have tasted Glister toothpaste. HAHAHA.

Hitesh said...

Mr Shyam Sunder,
Thank you for freely advertising Amway. How much money you got for that ??

You know we get many such people like you who help us to be successful.

Good Dhirubhai Ambani didn't fall prey of your views otherwise Reliance would not have existed.

Amway gives money but with that it changes you as a person, which you will never be able to understand because your mind is programmed in such a way.

Shyam Sundar said...

Here is another Amway apologist. He did not write how much money he is earning every month. Anyway the IBOs never tell truth like their masters.

Unknown said...

Dear Shyam,

You must have heard of the saying that "When tiger walks dogs start barking without any reason" same is the case here "Amway IBOs are like tigers and you can understand who are barking dogs"

People with close mind are frustrated soul and cannot see other people achieving success.

And you are everytime asking "How much money we are earning", for your information Amway gives money beyond your imagination but that is not the only thing, it gives you a perfect personality and makes you part of a huge huge extended family.

So give us more general knowledge on Amway business if you have....:)

Shyam Sundar said...

Hitesh, your name is Hitesh but you are not Hitesh of the society. Are you aware that UP court ordered withdrawal of Amway products from the market? Thank you for one thing. You have admitted that Amway IBOs are tigers. Yes they are not humans and no humanist values. They are in fact man-eaters. I have heard many lies of how much IBOs are earning. But can you confess how many people you have recruited and how many remained in this dubious business of yours. Be truthful how much money you are spending to buy products every month and how much of it are you actually 'selling'. You may lie without blinking an eyelid. But ask your conscience. LoL. I have very good family and I don't need an extended family. I pity people like you. Even after the AP High Court unequivocally stated that the business model of Amway is illegal, some low intelligent people say that they are tigers.

Unknown said...

Hello All..
Lets us first admit that quality comes with cost. Mecedes is also a car which has same basic functionalities as any other car but its very expensive and by the way, its also one of the most profitable car company in the world.
Now for different segments of society, the price of the car is viewed differently. Poor people dream about it. Middle class say that anyways all cars are same so lets buy a budget car. Rich people buy it..!! Even they do not think that they are overspending.
Same way Amway does not force u to spend money on their products. They have kept a price which may be viewed differently by different class of people.
I am a businessman but I am not a part of Amway. But what Amway does is purely legal business.
@Shyam: Lets not give examples of what court has ordered, because we know that judges are surely not businessmens. Lack of Direct Sales law is the main culprit in our country. Every European country has updated their Direct sales law for Direct selling companies like Amway , Tupperware etc. Our goverenment is always outdated for which the best example is our school syllabus which changss in 10 years..!
But good news is that we have a new Law in making which will distinguish between Direct salss company and Frauds.
Hope this makes the idea clear that working with Amway to increase its turnovers to earn profits is like opening a Mercedes showroom to sell expensive cars. Showroom is open to all. Come according to your income potential.
Anyways, in this world there will always be things which appear more expensive than you have. If u cannot afford it, its your problem Not the product.

Unknown said...

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