Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sale of a lie is not authentic business: Club Asteria is a fraud

One of our anonymous readers with a pseudonym Datablue Systems writes:
Sir , I read your article related to Club Asteria , though not yet a full member, there are so many proofs from close friends of payment as promised by Club Asteria, how come you call their scheme a scam. Many people out there are looking for ways to make money on the net legitimately, as you rightly mentioned on your article about your fight against MLM SCAM. What do you then recommend, or you mean one should stay away from any business advertised on the internet. 

Dear Reader,

Far from condemning business, Corporate Frauds Watch supports of all genuine enterprise which generates lawful profits.  What CFW has been trying to expose, are fake 'business opportunities' where few (if any) products, and/or services, are ever sold to the public for a lawful profit (due to the fact that their price and quality is centrally-controlled by racketeers), and which are actually based on the crack-pot, and unlawful, economic pseudo-scientific theory that endless-chain recruitment = endless profits for recruiters. 
Each and every one of these dissimulated closed-market swindles has been perpetuated by its own victims, who temporarily become convinced that other persons (whom they trust) have made money by purchasing and recruiting others to do the same, and that they too can make money by purchasing and recruiting others, etc. ad infinitum. 
'Club Asteria' exhibits all of the identifying characteristics of one of these camouflaged, endless-chain recruitment scams. Indeed, the fact that its partipants try to recruit their social contacts by steadfastly claiming that they are making money, is one of the main identifying characteristics. Furthermore, another identifying characteristic of 'business opportunity' fraud, is that its apologists invariably attack free-thinking persons challenging the authenticity of 'MLM' by accusing them of being anti-capitalist, and/or ignorant of all matters commercial. 
Common-sense suggests that making large sums of money from business, like acting or playing cricket, is a rare talent which not everyone has, or can learn. 'Business opportunity' frauds are all based on peddling the myth that absolutely anyone can become successful in business. This is as ridiculous as peddling the puerile lie that absolutely anyone can become a film, or sports, star. 
In reality, the simple recipe for success in business (rather than speculation) has remained unchanged for centuries. Find something which the public will buy from you for a higher price than you can manufacture, or procure, it for. Then sell it to the public and keep selling it to the public. 
In no way does 'MLM' adhere to this fundamental recipe, because the sale of a lie is not an authentic business: it's a fraud. 
Corporate Frauds Watch (copyright 2011)

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