Friday, 26 June 2009

TVI Express is another racketeer fleecing the gullible! Beware!

Yet another racketeer entered the long list of fraudsters in the name of direct selling. This fraudulent company is showing enormous profits through out life. But it never clarifies how it works. A friend from the North-East part of India reported that already several people had fallen prey to this fraudster.
I appeal to all Indians and people of other parts of world not to fall prey and lose all your hard-earned money to these crooks.
It is also a classic case of pyramid structure where only in the top of it would earn money and all others eventually lose their money. This is what is called mathematical impossibility. Do not be induced or lured by this type of quick bucks. You will lose all your money and finally blame yourself for losing money in such scheme. It is a mirage, my friends. Do not fall for them.
There is nothing like easy money and no short cuts for getting rich quick. You work hard and save money then only you will become rich.
There are enough number of fraudsters around us to rob our money. Beware of such fraudsters.
Now several insurance companies are coming out with multilevel marketing schemes and beware of such insurance policies.
Save money and enjoy your life with your own money. Do not give it away to these fraudsters in the false hopes of getting more money.


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ranjanchabs said...

How is the TVI express a racketeer? It pays out what it promises along with incentives. It is not easy to earn money through the TVI express as it needs lots of involvement and marketing skills. And direct selling companies are becoming more and more popular. It is a completely home based business whose products are travel and tourism.

Rishikesh Sharma said...

Let them say anything about tviexpress. They are nothing but jealous people.

jag said...

Amway and TVI express are the best direct selling companies at the moment in India. Do research before writing anything. Be optimistic in your approach.

ranjanchabs said...

Well said by Rishikesh and Jaganivas. "TVI Express is another racketeer fleecing the gullible! Beware!", written by our friend is baseless and is scratched down without knowing what is direct selling/multi level marketing etc. Better he read some books like RICH DAD POOR DAD rather than scribble all these nonsense. Its not that I am very much attached to TVI or AMWAY but I have seen a lot of people earning (although the work is tough)through direct selling. It is an opportunity for people in our state where employment is scarce. I fully agree with all direct selling companies provided they are well established with good products.

Exclusive Dream Trips said...
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Exclusive Dream Trips said...

If you do some research ...
the address they have is a Virtual Office... These offices are low cost and are available to business that want an address in an upscaled environment without actually being there. They offer the location, even phone answering services...

Another thing that should be of warning to CEO is mentioned at all....who founded the company? You shouldnt have to pay $250 first to be able to log into a back office to get this information....use wisdom

mark 999 said...

I have phoned TVI today it took 10 times. The line throws you off after 3 rings.
I was eventually told that they were incorporated in Cyprus.
They said that they have moved out of thier london address and that as soon as they have a new address they will add it to thier website.
Has any one got any more infor?

One24Online said...

If you had jumped in June rather than write this bogus blog you'd be laughing all the way to the bank ...

Unknown said...

I'm a skeptic, but I joined tvi express last night, after several people I know have made lots of money, and my dad cycled the first time making $500. Double his money back in 10 days. I have lost more than $250 at the casinos. People are winning why not me.

Global Money Mentor said...

I agree that the fact that no individuals in the company leadership are identified is a troubling fact. And the presumed movement of their headquarters is even more troubling. Everyone should know that joining a company with unknown leadership and bogus offices is foolish. While some people are making money, do you really want to invest your time and effort to find out later it really is being run as a big fraud? Sometimes it is just better to take a pass.

Unknown said...

I think this man sccribled some of
his saddist view because he is lazy and
not a business minded person who wants nothing more than a 9-5 job
and does not not have any dream in his emty mind.

thanks & Regards

Unknown said...

Oh I see...and we are supposed to respect your assertions that are made with absolutely no verification at all.

Why don't you admit your own fraudulent methods and motivations.

You have no evidence or proof for anything you assert and you are simply seizing upon the latest very popular, successful company to increase traffic to your pathetic blog.

You are the true fraud.

Why don't you have the balls to admit your own profit motive, create something of value and contribute something of value to the world.

Corporate Frauds Watch my ass.

You should bury your head in shame. You discredit both entrepreneurs and journalist; the latter you most surely are not.

The rest of you need to buck up and not fall for the typical industry canards that the sheeple use to avoid thinking and making decisions. So what if you don't know who the founders are. I guess you have enjoyed all the good screwings you have received at the hands of the CEOs, founders and other leaders you do know.

If you think you are going to make 10's of thousands of dollars without stepping up, taking some risks, working your ass off, enduring sleepless nights and dealing with some uncertainty...then you are simply as deluded at the author of this blog.

You have bought in to the same BS from other sources that tell you that everything must be perfect and assured, even guaranteed before you proceed. You know what...these same people are laughing all the way to the bank while they are keeping you down.

NOTHING is guaranteed, that includes your friggin' job, your bank account even you life.

So don't be weenies. Get to work and be part of making TVI work. You need to hook up with someone who understands the math, knows the magic of the boards and understands how to make TVI work.

The reason a lot of people are not popping off the boards is somebody has lead them to believe that all they have to do is buy a membership and wait for everybody else to push them up. Well, good luck with that. Where does that work any where else in life?

TVI in an ingenious concept. They are doing a lot of things right. Best of all it is friggin' working...if you work it.

“Most people are running around their whole lives with their umbilical cords in their hands and they’re looking for some place to plug it back in.” Cavett Robert

So tie off your umbilical cord, kick yourself in the ass, recognize this piece of crap blog for what it is and go out and be successful. There is no better or creative opportunity out there than TVI at this moment in time.

Global Deals 4 You said...

Who ever wrote this piece of crap blog should be ashamed of themselves.. First of all are you personally in TVI and getting ripped off? Are you actively working the system? How the hell can you judge what you are not apart of? Your so wise you can see the future I suppose.. TVI has been on the money from day 1.. They do what they say and its not a pyramid you idiot..The board is structured to move up and everyone gets to the top if the team works together.. There design is a team effort.. Don't knock it till you try it!! They said the same thing about Henry Ford and any one else who had the balls to be active.. get off your high horse and shut this blog down.. Your just trying to ruin a good thing for others..

Mozey said...

Every review needs proof. If you want a HONEST REVIEW then view my blog.

Unknown said...

You know I was going to rip this knuckle head a new one, when I realized everyone else has already. Well done people, this clown is obviously just a nine to fiver! I loved his one comment "the way to riches is to work at a J.O.B and put it in the bank!" What a Knuckle head but, he is one of God's children so we will let him go in peace.

kaddy hooks said...

who the hack are you boss.. u got no job or something.. y on earth u lookin for this company newayzz.. listen up bro i really appriciate whatever crap u wrote about the company , but listen uncle if anyone on earth wants to make quick and WHITE money its TVIEXPRESS... n if u sayin its a scam... upload some proof...

Colin Buckingham - Global Internet Entrepreneur said...

I was approached by someone else about TVI and I did some research after I had watched the two videos, especially the one about the comp plan. I think this is a gigantic international scam/pyramid scheme, even though it sounds very enticing and some people will make some money at this. The first red flag was that they do not accept credit cards but you can buy sign-up vouchers or wire the money to the company. On the videos there is virtually no reference to making money from the travel business, only from recruiting
people. The company is supposed to be based in London but they are not at the address on their website. This was a virtual office and I spoke to the
management company of this building and he said TVI “had packed up their bags overnight and disappeared with no forwarding address”. This apparently
happened a couple of months ago. If you call the customer service number it rings three times and then disconnects (I tried 10 times). I sent them an
email last week asking for details of their management team and they have not replied yet (although they promise 48 hour service). Interestingly enough they have been loading up new videos on their website this week but the address and phone number are the same! It is rumored the owner is of Indian descent and the bank they use is in Cypress. So if someone wants to
send their money to a an unknown individual who has a phantom office in London and a bank account in Cypress then I wish them all the luck in the world!

Bogiesgirl said...

I find this to be very interesting. Usually people who speak against a product, company etc, is someone who has used them personally. Therefore making the comment valid. Well I can tell you first hand that this company is legitimate. I have been very fortunate to have been in this business for the last 2 weeks, and have already received my 500.00. As well as 3 others that I have personally sponsored(they have also received theirs). I was introduced to this program from a personal friend. I was skeptical at first, but I did my due diligence, and pursued the idea. Once I paid my 250.00, I was emailed my 6 day/7 night voucher that allows me to stay anywhere in the world. I then proceeded to book it, to see if it was valid. At that time listings to several hotels that accepts this voucher were emailed to me(I called the hotels ae well, they verified the info). They all are 3-5 star hotels. I was impressed. So I proceeded to get 2 friends involved, and that qualified me for the 500.00. 6 days later, I received $250.00, and 250.00 traveler's voucher. I then transferred my money to my bank account, and sold my voucher for 250.00. So looking pretty good so far. Now I am on the "Express" board, where my boyfriend has just received his 10k! Yes, , , ,his 10k, and guess what I am next in line. So I said all this to say, that I am very real. I live in Atlanta GA, and I can be contacted. I can show verification as well. So if anyone is interested in moving forward, let me know. I will be more than happy to help you obtain financial success. Good luck, and God bless. I can be contacted at, or contact me on my twitter @ Leave me a message!

Best regards,

Unknown said...

$ 250 for taking a chance in a business is peanuts, compared to the amount we spend on cigarettes, paan, alcohol, women, which is about 3-4 times more. Who are the bigger cheats ? TVI, which pays out, or the intoxication industry which fleeces us of every hard earned penny and pays nothing back ? these people will never be able to live the life they want because they NEVER TRY. They are too busy spending their money on things above to think of realistic investments. Approx Rs.13000 is peanuts if we are ready to slog for a period of 2-3 months.Have these morons ever heard of ebay, amazon, cleartravel ?

Joseph blanche said...

Hi everyone..just joined TVI..waiting to see if this is as good as everyone is saying!! But I AM going to do everything possible to make it happen.I want things to happen for everyone whom needs it during these times..Advise.always welcome...thanks Joseph Blanche

Joseph blanche said...

I want to add after reading some of the info on this page from people whom says TVI is something that is negative and others say its the world answer to our income problems. Now which one is it NOW? Who are we to beleive people that have not made a nickle from it or seems like people that have! Is it a Scram...who knows but I do know this is that many Americans are going through a bad time at this time..we need to work as a team and if this works then it will be great. But if negative things get out and get legs then it will happen..So I want this to really be good and help others during this if you do not have any strong evidence then what can I say?

SMOspider said...

I am a member of TVI Express, and I am impressed with the backoffice, travel deals and promotions along with marketing tools and so many others. If you go to their website you will find the admirals and the board members in London. I researched the company before I joined and had no problems contacting them by phone.

Bogiesgirl said...

A day ago I posted my personal experience I have had with TVI EXpress so far, and posted my email address as well. Since then, I have had the great opportunity to speak with some of you. What I have gathered from those of you I have spoken with is this: We are all alike, we are all trying to have a better life, and take control of our lives. It's not about TVI EXPRESS, it's about us. So whether it be this, or something else, we all are connected, and want more, because we know that we truly deserve more. I hope that I have helped those of you that have contacted me about this opportunity. For those of you who are searching for something to help you change your circumstances, and it has led you here, in my opinion you are at the right place at the right time. For you that are already in TVI Express, I wish you the best of luck, and if I can help educate you, and help you with strategy, I will help where I can. Finally for those of you, who are not in, but would like to be a part of something exciting and life changing and you dont have a personal Sponsor, feel free to contact me. I would love to extend a helping hand to get you started with my team . So once again, thanks to all of you for letting be a part of your lives, even if it was for just a moment! God Bless
Contact me at
Good day, and much success!

Big Dee said...

I have recently been exposed to the next "HOT" MLM called TVI Express or Travel Ventures International. Personally MLM or Multi Level Marketing makes my skin crawl, but a good friend of mine who plays professional sports told me about the company. A word of advice always listen to rich people because they are always exposed to rich people stuff. So with an open mind I listened to his information, and was intrigued by some of his info. He told me that his agent brought this to him and it's in over 50 countries. For 250 bucks you get 7 days 6 nights anywhere in the world, with the opportunity to make an endless stream of 1o thousand dollar checks. Yeah right!!!! Was this the next big thing, or another scam to take my hard earned money. Needless to say I wasn't convinced. He then asked me to talk to one his wealthy friends from Alabama who would be in the Atlanta area picking up some motorcycles for his dealership. I reluctantly agreed. His name is Scott, a really genuine guy who owns a motorcycle dealership and several other businesses. We met at his chosen location (Hooters) and we just talked. No sales pitch we just talked. He talked about his businesses and how the economy was affecting them. He also said he was looking for other ways to make money and his buddy, a wealthy business owner out of CA told him about TVI. He told him to "kick rocks" or for the non ebonics speaking people he told him no thanks to this business opportunity. A few weeks later his friend called him and said documentation beats conversation. He then sent the deposit email which showed a 10 thousand dollar deposit into his account from TVI. Whatever Scott he must have hundreds of people in his business. Scott said no he originally sponsered 5. Five people got him 10 grand in a few weeks. Yep, he said in his Bill Clinton styled drawl. He then showed me the email from his buddy and explained how the company works. And much to my own disappointment it, actually made sense. Was I about to venture into another MLM? 1ok in less than a month, yes the hell I was. So I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back. I took me a little less that 3 weeks to earn my first 500$, and I'm very close to making my first 10k with company. I know it sounds crazy, but its the truth. It actually works. So if someone comes to you about TVI Express don't just dismiss it as another person who just drank the newest flavor of Kool-Aid. Hear them out. It might just get you 10 thousand dollars richer.

Dave said...

I am not a member of TVI express, however my wife ust joined recently. She along with most people on this blog are taking control of their own lives and destiny hoping to make some descent money with this company.I really get tired of people calling some business or some idea a scam, then they put all their hope in an entity like the govt (no particular one mentioned, they are all the same) Talk about the greatest scam on the face of the earth. Do some history looking and tell me of one government that was looking for the good of all people. You can't find one! With all that said, if you look on the website of tvi express, Warreb Buffet is on the front page. Yes he is the second wealthiest person in America some would say. Go read his bio, he is a very frugal person, even living in the same house he bought in the 1950's. This guy is a billionaire, not millionaire! Now on to my point. All these folks who attempt to expose someone else, or some other company. Why in the same text are they also promoting their own deal or program. If you are going to remain neutral, then be neutral! This is what the govt does. he point the finger at something else as being bad, then they are doing the sae thing behind your back! Case closed!

Dave said...

For all you English majors, yes after editing I do some mistakes. However I heard a saying years ago, don't major in the minors! My point should be understood. It is Warren, not Warreb, and others. ect ect.

Unknown said...

I can See both sides. On one hand this company has all these things that are mysterious about it, which make it look like it could possibly be a scam.

On the other hand people are saying they know People that are actually making money with it.

Now I'm going to tell you the straight up TRUTH. I am a member so everyone dont start jumping on my back saying I haven't tried the product.

First off your never going to get rich working a 9 to 5 job. You may make a nice income if you have a good degree but never rich.

next off This is a legitimate company that is paying out to its distributors tens of thousands of dollars.

People's live can really be changed with this if they work.

However it does look like this company may not last a whole long time, simply because the FTC has been cracking down on m2 huge mlm industries.

The cell phones, and travel. so this opportunity looks like it does have an expiration date.

My advice wo=ould be to find a team that will show you back office ways to make money like ppc or article marketing this way whenever this company goes over

you can have a way to support your lavish style. And believe me this company will go under.

Nothing Last forever. However this is the best mlm company to join at the moment and it has already made a couple millionaires.

There are going to be a lot of wealthy people from this program as it's compensation plan does exceed anything else in the mlm market by light years.

My advice Honestly would to get in early and by early i mean anywhere in the first year and half, and you will have the chance to change your life dramatically.

That is the Honest Truth whether anyone likes it or not.

The smart choice is to join but you should always have a plan B.

If anyone has any questions or just wants to curse me out my email is

IF you really want to talk leave me an email and I will give you my personal cell phone number to talk in further detail

Good Luck to everyone in their Journeys.

PowerfulTools4Success said...

It's pretty obvious this guy either does not know what he is doing as a journalist or he just simply has it out for the newtwork marketing industry. There is not a single complaint posted or anywhere on the net for that matter about TVI Express accept his and his does not count since he doesn't know what he is talking about. He obviously has never been a member.

I joined TVI becuase in my 10 yrs in the industry, I seen imediately how easy this was to market and for people to be successful with it. You know what I was right. Our personal team has over 2000 members in just 9 weeks. TVI express has over 350,000 members in it's first 9 months. I don't believe any other network marketing company has ever done that before and will probably never even come close. If you want the facts, give me (Glen Rice) a call anytime and I will be glad to provide the proof that it's working.

Glen Rice
503-980-3331 PST
Maximum Success Mentoring

Anonymous said...

I just joined TVI after my parents joined and my fiance will also be joining. There are ALOT of people making money with TVI right now and made over $3million during their pre-launch in January 2009! That's pretty amazing, I'd say!

In less than a year's time now, over 60 millionaires have been made from this company!

All I can say is this? Whether the company is around for one more year or 10 (God-willing), it's waaaaay better to jump in now while it's still new and growing by leaps and bounds than to wait around LOSING money you could be making!

I lost my job in June this year and had to file bankruptcy and then 2 weeks ago, this came into my grasp! I cannot wait to see where this takes me in the next 3 months!

If you have any questions or would like to read my blog, please do!

AlternativeNRG said...

Hi to all!

Well - what an interesting post!

There are always doomsayers amongst us!

I am indeed a new member of TVI - however i have done my due dilligence and checked them out thoroughly!

Yes there are points that could lead one to claim it a scam... however i have also found MUCH evidence that TVI is indeed a legit and profitable opportunity!

So really it comes back to you - the individual!

Which way do you want to turn.... doom and gloom or opportunity!?

I chose opportunity... and i'm very glad i did!

We are a growing team of successful online marketers who chose to use TVI as a "speculative investment"... kind of like backing the odds at a horse race i guess!

Well - to cut a long story short, in just one week each of our team made our $500 bonus and we are on track for making our first $10,000 in the next week or so!

If you would like to know more about TVI Express, or would like to join our team of entrepreneurs and let us help you to succeed online, then please feel free to either drop me a line on skype or email me!

My contacts are as follow:
skype id: michael_long7

I would love to speak to anyone who has the desire and commitment to succeed online.

I have retired at 32 through the power of online income (as have many of our team. Our team loves to teach people to do the same!

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Mike L
TVI Alliance Team!
skype id: michael_long7

millionaires101 said...

i am in TVI and am building a team and am very excited about it... my due dillegence came by way of many others that i know through association having received their 10k + the 5k vacation package when they cycled...

within 4 days of joining i had cycled and recieved $500 - which doubled my investment... and am on the 10k board and waiting in ine to receive my 10k and as my team 'works' and get qualified that helps me but others working and getting qualified also helps... this is NOT a pyramid, but an ingenious company with a phenomenal compensation plan, they could have structured thee payout to be alot less and still would have had success but that is more of corporate america's way.. the little people do all the work and THOSE AT THE TOP GET THE LARGE HOUSE THE LARGE CARS AND THE LARGE PAYCHECKS... go figure... people need to really wake up... this may not be for everyone especially since it takes a different mindset to achieve the life you don't get something for nothing and the same is here at TVI - last but not least, the moment you pay $250 you receive a vacation package valued at well over $250 - so go figure, for all the ones claiming that they are going to rip you off... that just doesn't even make sense...
feel free to hit me up via email if you need help or direction

smartrip said...

MOBILE NO:+919861348903

millionaires101 said...

I just started this business officially about 3 weeks ago and to date we have close to 80 people on our team and have 16 in position to receive 10k within the next 3-14 days... and we are pumped out of our minds!!!!

This is so simple its almost insulting... you sign up and get something of value, not a marketing kit but a vacation.. valued at much more than the $250 you invest.. plus you receive a state of the art website and a booking engine with exceptional travel deals... and no extra fees!

I say, you are going to work anyway, so why not team up with a company that only writes two checks... the first for $500 which is generally received within DAYS of joining, the second for $10,000.00 generally received around 30-45 days plus other perks and benefits! Did I mention the 10k is recurring.. meaning over and over and over again.. AND there is a residual income, bonus pool, and a host of other incentives and perks. Are you kidding me! the power of two.. if you can't find two people who also want to get $10,000 within the next 30-45 days, its simple.. you're not looking hard enough...

This company has an exceptional compensation plan... $250 - 2 people and the desire to want more.. and you end up reciving 10k over andover and again.. and so does everyone on your team... are you kidding me.. the only ones who won't receive anything are the ones who don't do anything.... and that is just fair... no one gets paid if they don't do anything!!! if youdon't believe me, walk into corporate america day in and dayout and do absolutely nothing and see how long you have a job or what your paycheck will look like.

It really gets no simpler than that.. and for everyone who says its a scam.. I challenge your small mind to get in and get 2 who gets 2 and so on and realize that wow -- if you do some work.. you will actually get paid!!! and that is with ANY OPPORTUNITY!

For anyone who wants to be part of a phenomenal team who is growing in leaps and bounds and are making sure that everyone on our team excel and get the 10k feel free to contact me if you need any help getting started... or visit

country code is 011 - 877-283-8101
cell if -216-254-6486 name is khadijah chapman email

Anonymous said...

I hope that all of you looking at TVI EXPRESS understand Why a person or another companies representative, would make this statement. It is in the interest of their own business. I am sure Amway, MaryKay, and others will be financially affected by TVI EXPRESS. This is a free blog spot, which means you can reach a large number of people, regardless of your opinion or purpose. I wish the best for the individual that made the original statement here. It is possible in the near future, TVI EXPRESS may own the company he represents!

Anonymous said...

I hope that all of you looking at TVI EXPRESS understand Why a person or another companies representative, would make this statement. It is in the interest of their own business. I am sure Amway, MaryKay, and others will be financially affected by TVI EXPRESS. This is a free blog spot, which means you can reach a large number of people, regardless of your opinion or purpose. I wish the best for the individual that made the original statement here. It is possible in the near future, TVI EXPRESS may own the company he represents! 239-233-7222

Ryan Churchill said...

I just finished the website, and if you have any extra vouchers you want to sell then post them on there. You can charge as much as you want, require them to join your team to use them ect.. Its a free place to post them. It is new so post away! You can buy or sell, them there. If you email me and mention this ad I will upgrade you to a featured listing free for 10 days!

Ryan Churchill said...


Bobby said...


I have been in TVI for about 30 days. I joined a group of other entrepreneurs which was about 10 people. In that short of time we have over 1000 people in our TVI group. We are all in USA & Canada and it's growing huge here now. I cycled and now on the express board. My goal is to cycle off the express board every 60 days and earn a extra $60,000 per year.
I know this will happen a my sponsor is already on his 3rd express board. We advertise with a Google co-op ad and share in the cost with is very inexpensive for our members. We teach our members to recruit 2 them help them to recruit 2. This is what makes our group grow so fast!
If you are on the fence jump off and join in the fun

Regards Bobby Dinkel

Unknown said...

I'm not in and if you look at this without jaundiced eyes you see a classic Ponzi scheme. Last ones in pay the first ones in. Its also called Social Security (sorry, couldn't resist)
The fact that you got paid has no bearing on the status of the company. Mr Ponzi paid out also, until it got too deep.
A more recent case is Bernard Madoff. Both of these men took some pretty sophisticated people for a ride.
That being said, if in fact folks are receiving valid and usable vacation vouchers that the continued existence of TVI has no bearing on, then they are receiving value for their purchase and that should qualify them regardless of the long term viability of the company.

Unknown said...

My personal experience with TVI is that it works. I wired the company 250$ plus fees from my bank account here in the US, and 3 days later I received my vouchers via an email from TVI Express. I then recruited my two people and so on. In less then 30 days I cycled for 500$ (250$ in the form of a voucher & 250$ in cash. So I've already made my money back. But this doesn't surprise me. I've done a lot of things in my life that people were more than happy to inform me "it can't work". I worked on Wall Street as a trainee and worked my way up to being a Series 7 licensed Stockbroker before my 19th birthday. I made a TON of cash in that business when people told me "it would never happen". I've been a cast member of TV sitcom and watched myself every week, broadcasted to millions. People told me "that would never happen". I have replicated this " it cant happen/ watch me make it happen" formula so many times in my life, that I always laugh when I hear the word "can't". Now is TVI Express the all end be all solution to all life's problems. No. But its a risk. A gamble, thats all. And it has payed off for me so far. If you really are concerned about being involved with a PYRAMID SCAM, take a look at your life. Our economic and social lives are full of pyramids. At work your boss or CEO is at the top of the pyramid that you usually have little chance of acending. Socially your groups of friends have arranged themselves into a pyramid style pecking order according to money, looks or overall acertiveness. And oh my goodness let's not even get into HIGH SCHOOL. The bottom line is Pyramids will continue to exist in our society whether we like them or not. The question is how much longer do you want to be on the bottom of yours.

millionaires101 said...

In response to 'bruce' you are absolutely right about Mr. Ponzi - and any other ponzi scheme.. however if you understood the dynamics of TVI you would see its NOT a ponzi and the last ones in are NOT paying the first one's in... your compensation is based on the team you build just as it in in any network marketing or direct selling company with overrides attached... why don't you try explaining the residual that the company pays out on the 10th of every month... ponzi schemes generally don't have bonus pools and residual incomes attached... please stop attempting to slander our opportunity, if you don't want in that's fine,but you are giving false information and possibly stopping others from being part of a phenomenal opportunity... and that's not really fair...
be sure to check out for anyone who desires to make 15k over and over again.. 10k cash and 5k in vacation travel package!

Mark Crusha said...

This is amazing! I recently joined the TVI express program and my negative friend sent me this blog! I am so thankful he did! When I finished reading all the comments after reading the negative one. I read 41 perfectly happy stories about this phenomenal opportunity. If you are not interested in something , go do what you like Mr. negative. Please waste someone else's time! Go TVI. Oh yeah, I have invested in several companies over the years , I have never met a CEO yet. I have made money and lost money, it's called risk reward. Don't major in minor things! Mark 530-363-2686 email

Moderator said...

Like every business opportunity, some people will make money, some won't.

TVI Express is agenuine business opportunity and many people already have enjoyed success. Like any NM business, there are people who will sit dormant and wait for the money to roll in.

The key to success is to help other people. I know it is an old chestnut but it's so true. Help others get what they want and you will get what you want.

I've joined TVI and made it my aim to assist people to do well. Too many folk think about themselves and forget that your business is only going to be as good as those in your group.

My system is geared toward helping everyone who joins to benefit from our TVI Powerleg. The response has been excellent and the reason is that people know they won't be left on their own when they join.
They automatically get new members fed below them in the infinite powerleg.

Help others, help yourself. TVI works! Go see how our Powerleg works at

Costs nothing to look!

Gold-Times said...

Respect! This is what I am missing here. Since TVIExpress works fine everybody should stay quiet. I am with TVI since 4 month and I was paid one time. I asked for a meeting in London and we had a meeting. It is normal that this kind of companies can not have an office since to many people would go there without respect. And by the way it was not a virtual office it was a rented-office-service. And why did TVI move to another place. Because stupid people without respect and without an appointment entered and shouted scam. Regarding the debit cards: If TVI pays offshore directly from the backoffice the governments can not control the monies. So I think there will be two possibilities: If TVI will push the debit card thru TVI will run into problems like E-Gold did with the authorities. If they continue like they do now lots´of rich people will be born. Respect Ladys and Gentlemen and success. Peter

millionaires101 said...

you tell em Peter! It is a shame that so many people are so brainwashed into working to create wealth for others, that when a real opportunity rears its head... some people are running the other way yelling scam or some other negative connotation and will work in the combines of entities where they will never amass wealth.. and that is what is sad...

Nothing is perfect, and all entities have some issues, but either you are going to make a little money or a lot of money with whichever entity you choose.. and the choice is yours, and I chose TVI for as long as it is in existence... and in the meantime as I cycle and help others to cycle.. it about having more choices as having a few dollars in the bank - gives all of us more choices...

its a great feeling to work because i want to and not because i have to!

millionaires101 said...

check out for all of those who really want to understand the general idea of TVI! It is a business not anything else and you will put into it, what you get out of it..and its just like any other opportunity, if you do nothing.. you will get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Unknown said...

Hi to all.

I have joined TVI Express a month ago and they really blowing me away.
I have joined lots of network marketing programs and they’ve never worked out for me.
TVI did so far.
I believe they will be around for a long time with all the streams of people are pouring in daily.
To me their compensation plan is very realistic.
Why do you care about where and in what building they are located? And who the founders are?
I don't worry about that. A perfect example is how everybody in the US and around the globe lost their retirement money when all of these BIG Companies with great big offices, etc messed up. Their big giant buildings meant nothing when they lost all of our money.

This whole business can be run from a small office.

So as long as you don’t know for sure you can’t say TVI Express is a scam.
What I do know is that they are paying their members since they started way back in January.

If you would like to know more about TVI Express contact me

God Bless

Jaquelen said...

I don't think you should judge a program that you're not a part of! You're just too lazy to look for all the facts about this business. People are actually making money with this! I'm a member of TVI and I'm really excited about this program because I have a great team that makes it possible to earn lots of money. So, all I have to say is do research before judging. This is not like other programs out there where you have to make tons of referral in order to make money...

millionaires101 said...

I just cycled today - less than 30 days into the program-- to receive my 10K... and my money was in my back office as soon as the last position was filled... at 2:30 am this morning, and i had options on how i wanted it!!!

And I am so pumped... because this 10k is the start of a receiving line for me INDEFINITELY... plus on the 10th of next month, I will receive my residual check!!! and those come EVERY MONTH AS WELL...

Are you kidding me, I am so excited right now, and the best part is we have about 25 people on the 10k board and more to come!!!!

This program has an ingenious side to it, and instead of the critics shooting it down, they should be studying it and attempting to teach all of their corporate buddies how to implement it in the traditional corporate walls..but they never would, as the goal in most business owners is to keep those that work for them in their place - needy and dependent on a small check from the company while they enjoy all the larger things in life, large home, large cars, large vacations, etc.,

check us out at --

Moderator said...

TVI is not perfect but it's not a scam. The website has downtime too often, probably because of the demand.

The credit card issue will hopefully be resolved sometime soon and possibly the company could be accepted by PayPal in future.

There are going to be bumps in the road but its the people who are willing to ride with them that will succeed.

Build now, reap the rewards later. Our Powerleg is an example of how people can all work together to help each other. If you haven't already joined TVI, come and join our TVI Powerleg Group and you'll get a new member under you immediately plus a free webpage to use in advertising.

I believe in making it as simple as possible for everyone.

Not Here said...

Bottom Line.. if you are not in TVI, you should not comment or write a blog about it. I have been in for 2 weeks and have seen proof of my sponsor getting $10,000 cash and $5,000 travel money. Many others in my upline have done the same. I am about to cycle the traveler board for my $250 cash (my investment back in about 2 weeks) and $250 in membership I can sell to someone who wants in on this awesome opportunity. Shame on you for trying to turn this company into a sham. Don't knock it until you try it my friend. You would have been laughing all the way to the bank if you would've put as much energy into a TVI business as you have put into this blog.!!

Little Brutus said...
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Little Brutus said...

I have been in sales and marketing for 22+ years. I think I have a fair handle on what works and what doesn't.

I actually like the value that one receives for $250 simply in the form of the 7 day vacation all by itself. I look at the money making aspect simply as a very nice bonus.

The folks that I have shared this program with are doing quite nicely. It may have something to do with the fact that we are providing folks with a way to plug into TVI Express with a ONE TIME $37 investment! And guaranteeing that they will have their two sponsored folks before they even hit the TVI board.

The main thing that TVI Express is providing folks is a realistic opportunity to succeed ... for less than the cost of a tank of gas.

Everyone needs to perform their own due diligence. Do not be swayed positively or negatively simply by something you read on these boards.

If anyone needs some guidance just drop me a line paul(at)

The greater danger in life is not that we aim too high and miss it, but that we aim too
low and reach it!

Moderator said...

A $37 investment? This system is amounts to paying $37 to join a list. The person or persons who started it will collect you cash and unless you find other people to join under you, your cash is gone.

Why spend money to be put on a list and waste time that could be spent building a TVI business. This Pay It Forward (PIF) scheme means you sit on a list while the guys at the top (who of course are already in TVI) get the money.

Nobody can join TVI for $37.

I was offered this same system (many times!) and told I should get on the list and wait until November. Yeah right!

Think about it. How wide will this go before it gets to you. Paying $37 to wait to join and get 2 people under you. A monkey could get 2 people to join without paying to join a list.

I'll let you join my list for free and I'll give you a free capture page to use for prospects.

Don't waste your time and money on a PIF. Join TVI and get ahead of the game!

Moderator said...

How about we have another blog that starts with the positive side of TVI Express.

Leave your comments on this one. Good or bad.

Little Brutus said...


They way our system works is that the $37 is for entry to a fast and simple 2X2 matrix.

You have the option of sponsoring 2 folks yourself or you can simply buy your 2 referrals for $20 each.(We guarantee your referrals but no one can buy more than 2).

The 2X2 is a "follow the leader" system. When you cycle twice you are entered into TVI Express and your referrals will follow you in as well.

You are also re-entered into the the 2X2 feeder matrix and you keep cycling as your 2 referrals re-enter as well.

There is no waiting period.

It looks like your critique was on a different feeder concept.

My main point is that TVI Express works awesome when you join with your 2 referrals already in place.

It is up to everyone to do their own due dilligence.

Best wishes for your continued success.



So the bottom line is you are in TVI Express for $37 (or $77 if you want to buy your 2 referrals). Far better than $250.

You als

Moderator said...

Sorry Paul but no-one joins TVI Express for $37 or $77.

The PIF system you mention has been offered to me a number of times and one involved waiting until November.

It costs EVERYONE a minimum of $250 to join TVI.

You are buying a position for $37 and the person/persons who organize it pick up the cash.

They are not paying your way into TVI. You still need to pay your $250 whatever happens.

Finding 2 people shouldn't be too much a problem for most and we just make it easier with our Powerleg list (which is free to join!)and simply means when you join TVI, you get to sponsor the next person on the list.

And... every member gets a free lead capture page with a contact box bringing prospects to their own Inbox.

Keep it simple!

Ryan Churchill said...
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Ryan Churchill said...

Sorry I forgot to make them links.

Buy and Sell TVI Vouchers Free


Free TVI Express Lead Capture Page

Moderator said...

Hey Ryan. Sorry but I'm always a bit suspicious when someone's giving away free lead capture pages to people in other TVI groups.

Can't help but think that these pages will be capturing leads for you!

People take up your offer of a free page, advertise like crazy with it and when prospects fill in the contact form, they come to YOUR inbox. Is that how it works?

I did also check out your vouchers for sale website.

I personally wouldn't touch them! Saw a few on there selling for over $300. Sounds a bit like the goldrush. Some people make money selling the tools others use to dig for gold.

Fact is if people get with the right TVI group, they don't need to buy vouchers through the method you suggest.

Our group have an ample supply of vouchers for any who want to join TVI. We also give away free lead capture pages but these are ONLY to members of the group.

No need for them to worry that others will be stealing their prospects!

Keep it simple!

Little Brutus said...

Hi Ryan,

As you are well aware, TVI Express has very strict rules prohibiting the poaching of existing TVI members. As do we.

My previous post was merely a response to a previous poster complaining about the $250 entry price (which I personally believe is quite reasonable).

There are a number of feeder systems that have aligned themselves with TVI Express as a means to give folks an alternative vehicle to not only accumulate the necessary funds but, more importantly, to insure that a new member will have their two personal referrals firmly in place before they are automatically entered into TVI.

You may have missed the fact that out of respect for this blog, I have made a point not to mention the name of the program that I am using or to post any links.

I was simply sharing my view that TVI Express is an awesome program that provides an opportunity for anyone to succeed. And that there are even options for someone that may find themselves with less than $250 in their wallet.

I have always been a bit leery of matrix based programs due to the fact that the matrix slows down when folks are not able to acquire their referrals. You will probably agree that TVI has an awesome solution to this problem. A member of the Express Matrix that already has their two personal referrals can jump over someone who does not.

The reason that I use our system is that everyone has their two personal referrals firmly in place when they cycle and are automatically entered into TVI Express.

I am glad that folks have different options to assist them in building their TVI Express business. It doesn't matter to me if they use a feeder system like ours or a power-line system like others may use. I just wish them all continued success.

Thanks for your constructive posts.




Ga Ja said...

Ladies and gentlemen.....We are wasting way too much time dealing with negative comments/person. Bottom line is...If you want some, do the work and come get some. All those negative knuckle heads, stay away from TVI. We (Positive Members) don't want any cancer that you are trying to spread. Just like Obama said..."roll up your sleeves and let's get to work"

Ga Ja said...

Ladies and gentlemen.....We are wasting way too much time dealing with negative comments/person. Bottom line is...If you want some, do the work and come get some. All those negative knuckle heads, stay away from TVI. We (Positive Members) don't want any cancer that you are trying to spread. Just like Obama said..."roll up your sleeves and let's get to work"

Moderator said...


You're misleading people here!

Here's a copy of text taken from the program you are promoting :

"First you join our 2x2 here at our team website using the link your team leader sent to you. We accept and pay out commissions with AlertPay only. When you join you will pay $37 for your position in our 2x2 recycling matrix. You will always follow your sponsor and your referrals will always follow you. That means the same 6 people under you will always make you cycle again and again. Every time you cycle you earn $100. When your 2 referrals cycle right behind you, that gives you another $20 for each one as a referral bonus.

When you cycle you follow your sponsor into a new 2x2 matrix. When your 2 referrals cycle they land under you again, in that new matrix. When their referrals cycle, they land on your 2nd level in that new matrix and BOOM, you cycle again. This continues indefinitely. A 2x2 matrix is very small and we have lots of people cycling like this every week and some even daily.

When you and your 2 referrals cycle that first time you will earn $140. It costs $250 to join TVI-Express so you're not quite ready at this point. Wait until you and your 2 referrals cycle a second time. It won't take that long. Then you have $280 which is more than enough. Not only that but by the time you and your referrals cycle twice you know you will have at least 5 levels of people under you who all have their 2 referrals. In TVI that's what makes all the difference in the world."

As I said earlier - NOBODY pays $37 to join TVI Express.

Read the above. You have to cycle twice to earn $280. Then you're ready to join TVI.

So in reality, pay $37 and then go find a bunch of other cheapskates who want to pay $37 to join a waiting list.

This could take weeks, even months for some. For goodness sake!

If you think the TVI Express business is what it claims to be, go pay your $250 and get started.
Stop mucking about with 2x2 matrix that is nothing more than a savings paln for people who can't afford $250.

I also notice the fancy website doesn't identify who is collecting the cash.

Listen folks. If you like the idea of TVI, just go join for $250. Don't waste your time and money paying to join a waiting list.

You're wasting time you be spending growing your own TVI business!

Ryan Churchill said...
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Candy Steele said...

TVI Express is legitimate. why would all those channel partners be involved with a scam? I made my initial investment back double in 6 days!!! Meet your plan b

Moderator said...

Good try Ryan!

You're trying to make money selling tools to gold diggers. Just be up front about it. Don't try to turn it back on me for your own ends.

I know how lead capture pages are constructed. There is no guarantee the leads will go to the person taking (or buying) your pages.

They cant see the code behind it.

TVI is obviously not working for you if you have to spam current TVI members to sell capture pages.

You spammed me. I've already warned my group not to touch your "free" offer.

You can try to turn the tables by telling me I'm not a good team leader. My group know otherwise.

I'm not selling them anything. I give my time and I arrange their vouchers for them. I'm not using them to make extra cash.

And you're absolutely right... I don't know you. And neither do the people who are accepting your free capture pages.

Maybe they should wait to get to know you before they do.

\your righteous indignation doesn't cut it with me Ryan. You're spending your time spamming TVI members (as you did to me) which tells me all I need to know about your personal TVI success.

Ryan Churchill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Brutus said...

Sorry to disappoint you John but the website you quote is not ours.

Perhaps you are not as all knowing as you think you are.

The program that my team uses provides everyone with an option. They can bring on their own two referrals or we provide them two personal referrals for $20 each. Either way they have 7 days to decide which way they choose to go.

At the end of 7 days if they haven't bought or brought two referrals we give them their $37 back and take over their position.

We do not want anyone slowing down the cycling. Most folks are cycling in less than a week. We have plenty of folks coming on board.

I am sure that if I told you how many folks are joining each day you would go off on another of your uneducated rants.

But I do want to thank you for posting that information. It simply proves my point that someone can be positioned into TVI with a one time out of pocket investment of $37 ($77 if they want their two personal referrals provided to them).

If someone wants to enter TVI Express for $250 I certainly encourage them to do so. If someone else chooses to enter TVI Express for $37 I encourage them to do so as well.

It's up to everyone to do their own due diligence and make the decision that works best for them.

I'm not sure what program you were talking about but I agree, I would not plug into that one either.

Thanks for your posts ... they crack me up.



Moderator said...

Glad you're cracked up Paul!

NOBODY joins TVI for $37.

You can say the one I quote is not yours but if not, its a carbon copy.
People pay $37 to join a list and pay another $20 per referral.

You're trying to appeal to cheapskates. Whay would you want someone in your business who cant see that $250 is peanuts compared to the opportunity on offer.

Dress it up in any fashion you want. You're still asking people to pay to join a list.

And... we still haven't found out who collects the cash! Why the anonimity??

Hope that cracks you up Paul!
Paying $37 to join a list - that's what crack me up!

Latest Forex Blog said...







Little Brutus said...

Hey John,

No anonymity involved.

I simply do not post links in blogs (like some folks do) unless someone asks me to.

Feel free to educate yourself here

This is not a list that you sign up for and wait until November like the program that you are referencing.

This is a simple solution that gives folks a very quick way to automatically be plugged into TVI Express for $37 ... just as I previously mentioned.

I realize you were not being ignorant ... you simply did not have enough information to enter into an intelligent discussion.

My humble apologies.


Moderator said...

Paul. You are hilarious!

The link you asked me to reference to educate myself?

That's the very same website from which I copied and pasted in an earlier post.

It seems you don't even know what you are promoting. Go back to YOUR website, click on "Details" and you will find word for word, the paragraphs I copied and pasted above.

Seems to me that you are the one who needs educated. You obviously ahven't educated yourself enough about the very program you promote.

Same program!

Cycle twice to earn $280 and join TVI. What a load of baloney.

And when I asked about anonimity, I was not referring to the website.

I was asking who collects the cash. There is not one person identified on that website.

If I were you, I would try to get their name, address and telephone number. You might be looking for them in a short while!

Need educated? Seems I know more about your program than you do and I'm not even in it.

To repeat : NOBODY joins TVI for $37. Give it up!

Little Brutus said...

I would normally expect a sharp detective like you to at least figure out how to get to the next page of a website.

But why don't we just leave it that John says ... No One Can Join TVI for $37.

over 2800 people are chuckling.

The one thing that I hope we CAN agree on is that TVI Express is a solid program and can provide anyone an opportunity for success ... if they are so inclined.

After all ... I think that is the reason that we were both drawn to this forum. To provide an alternative perspective to those that claim TVI Express is less than honest.

Best wishes for your success John.


Moderator said...

Hey Paul

Based on your posts above, you're the one who couldn't figure out how to get to the next page of the website you're promoting.

2800 people chuckling??

Ok. Let me see...

2800 people paying $37 = $103,600

2800 people need to pay $280 to join TVI = $784,000

Number of people who can join now using the $103,600 = 370

Number of people who have to wait for more money = 2430

I can't quite work out why they should be chuckling!

Maybe you've been right all along. People don't have to wait until November.

Looks more like they'll be waiting until January... 2012.

These calculators come in handy!

Unknown said...

How can TVI express be a scam when the worst that can happen to me to join TVI is a 7 days, 6 nights in a 3 to 5 star hotel and TVI pays my plane ticket one way.

Well, do some research before you write anything on the internet.
Check this website to educate yourself about TVI

Lena said...

Hi everyone
I am so blessed to find this blog!!
I have been invited to join this opportunity and the minute I saw the presentation, I was blown away.
I just need to find $250 and I am IN...I am IN.
I love this concept.. Team Effort-Team Work

I have spent so much money looking for a perfect opportunity in this past 6 month along with advertising and marketing expenses for my own thing on the net, that sorry to say I am broke but I will find it.

I got so excited that I shared this briefly with my friends and I could have 10 people sign up once I am in.
I just can't wait!!

Thanks you guys for your support,
honesty, integrity and most of all for your ENERGY!!

If you guys have another dedicated TVI blog, I will be happy to join.

Best of luck to all of you winners.


Faith Renee Sloan said...

TVI Express? hmmm... Well as far as I know, it is indeed paying many people and not just the 'guys at the top'.

If you understood the model, and you happened upon a great team who believes in teamwork, then you too can indeed be on top.

We have a feeder program where everyone pays $99 to enter and receive a $275 e-voucher to enter TVI Express! You don't have to re-enter the feeder multiple times. Just once is enough for success. And yes, we have pushed people to the top and yes AVERGAGE people are getting paid.

We have a very effecteive Pay-It-Forward Plan AND a benefactoring plan for those who cannot afford $275 or even $99.

Yes... it works ...

Come on Board and Stop Whining or simply do not participate and find something more constructive to do with your typing fingers. :D

God Bless

Moderator said...

Hey Faith

I've already joined TVI.

I'mpersonaly not whining about the opportunity but I can't believe people would be naive enough to pay money to join a list or a PIF rather than join TVI themselves.

Whether its $37 or $99 its still not enough to join TVI. That costs $250 minimum.

Feeder programs feed the people who start them.

Simple mathematics tell you it can't work.

100 @ £99 = $9900

100 @ $250 = $25000

$25000 is what it would cost minimum for 100 to join TVI which means that when your 9900 is used up (if it is) the rest have to sit and wait for the feeder program to fill up.

Stop wasting time and join TVI, not some PIF that must be lining someone's pockets.

Join TVI and get a free lead capture page

Unknown said...

Hello All,
First let me tell you that I am an I.I.M.A graduate, the most reputed institute in Asia for management and top in india (for those who dont know!).
Two days back I came to know about this TVI Express scheme and I was surprised as in past five years I have seen many such network marketing companies cheating many and making few wealthier e.g. in India RCM, anway (not amway), FIC (free india concept) to name some of them. These companies used all the same tricks of sayong that we are different and in the net were the most fallible kind of guys like many gentlemen here in support of TVI.
WHY TO CARE ABOUT 250$ ? Many say what is there in 250$ to bet upon? OK, do it. But remember, you catch your preys out of your close friends and relatives only and technically you sell that relationship for your gain as they would be believing what u say or they are not educated enough to analyse the fate of it. If you dont know how money-lusted agent like you are treated in society then let me tell you that you become most unwanted person everywhere and people stop talking to you in fear of your persuation (except few greedy who want to turn millionire in short time by using verbal skills !)
WHAT IS REALITY? Please check yourself. It is not that difficult to have an address in London to print on broochure. These TVI guys talk a lot and their brochure shows a huge building as their Head Office which is totally untrue. next fraud is that they have used the names of Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, Robert and one more gentlemen as if they are promoters and that is worst kind of start you can expect with any such company because these guys are nowhere related with TVI. Only their quotes have been used on the site of TVI and that too is general remarks on network marketing comapnies. The company is a totally fraud as it does not have any CEO or founder on its website. Also there is no other tangible proof like Company Regn No. or any trade/currency txns related approvals on the site or their brochures.

Unknown said...


WHAT DO THEY GIVE YOU? When they collect a lot (250$*15) then they promise to give you some 500$. Cant you see the Cheating here? The ultimate thing is that the last line of the chain will be stagnant very soon as it is very expensive joining and in India like country you can count the number of such persons on the fingers. You can imagine how fast this will stop.
I have learnt a lot in last thirteen years. I also tested one of the motivational meeting by Amway where an emerald type person was lecturing and at last he told in nude words that "someday someone made me fool, and I have made hundreds of others fool since then, and you see I get some 50-60 thousands rupee cheque every month. You also do that !!" That is the ultimate short cut suggested by these gurus in so called support programmes which are nothing but to propell you when you start feeling reality of this dirty game. They will show you some who have achieved a lot and again you are ready for new start. That is all !!
THERE IS NO SHORT CUT !That may not hold good for all as many have doen that and same is done by amway like comanies in the shelter of far overpriced items trade and actually pocketing the difference. I think that network marketing of amway may hold it ground in US and Europian market as the level of price is not much higher than usual items there and that way it is a boon. But for third world countries, it is nothing but exploitation where the oppartunities are limited and people finding their dreams dying jump on the boat.
TVI EXPRESS: A PURE WHITE COLLAR FRAUD:Here they promise you a lot, do a little. When one is kicked in some way, he puts that upto him as he will lose confidence of his preys. I dont know how can you not realise that who the hell in this world can make it possible to give you these many prizes at so cheap offer which in itself is unsustainable!
HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT MONEY DOUBLING GURUS OR BABAS? This works pretty much on similar lines, difference is that this is structured. The first movers get advantage and make money.When the business of paying the promises by taking moaney from other fools become difficult, the frauds come to light. Not to mention it keeps on happening, like 2 months back in Gujarat and three nearby states, in U.P. several times.
That is how other chain marketing companies like RCM, FIC, Anway died and cheated thousands.
One line about this business this is a totally UNVIABLE business and run out of fuel soon.
COME ON ! WANT DO DO BIG ..DONT GO FOR SHORT CUTS:I am from a village in U.P., educated there, joined a small job, then worked hard to get bigger job and got, again thought to earn more money, tried IIMs and got. Now I can have money in short time to start or support any business . So it takes little time to reach upto there but dont be so impatient to have money through this complete fraudulent way.

Ryan Churchill said...

Apparently the owners have been found as posted here.. TVI Owners Found

Unknown said...

OK...People you have to understand,
When something new stars and it is hot they will always be negative people out there trying to bring it down. We should all know that by now.
First of all,95% of people who is talking negative about TVI are broke and the 5% are just upset that there is a company that may take the attention of distributors in their company. Don’t you folks know that negative thins was said about McDonald or how about Wal-Mart. Hell...organizations is still trying to discredit Wal-Mart but do see Wal-Mart throwing in the towel well look up Wal-Mart location worldwide and you answer that question yourself. If you are waiting for the approval from people about a business decision that will change your life financially well...don't take this personal but you will see yourself in two line...the Lottery ticket line and hope you get luck..By-the-way most people go through life with a lottery mind set. They just want to pull a number sit back on their ASSet and hope to hit the jackpot. Stay away from those people. They are like a bad virus eating away your organization from the inside. I once A guy said that you have a better chance of hitting the lottery than making money in Network Marketing. I then knew level of ignorance that surrounds us. The sad thing is that he was college educated. I thank him thou for making such an idiotic comment because from that day my intimidation of people who appears to know it all (you know the type...the ones with the suit acting like you beneath them) know. Finally the second line is the soup line. You have to understand, there is people who want nothing better life than to see you hating life just like them. It is their mission in life to see to it that people hate life. They want nothing more in life but what they already have and that is a mediocre life. Why would we even listen to people like that? There is a buy someone’s buy their lifestyle. So people...quit looking for a way to justify giving up on your goals and dreams. People put the blood sweet and tears into their jobs. And still why over 90% off people will still retire broke. But here is a company Like TVI Express that your only investment is $250 with the possibility of living out your wildest dream and people is second guessing themselves. What kind of possibilities you have on your job...think about it. People talking about who is the people know they CEO and if they do..Are they giving you the same opportunity to live the lifestyle of their CEO’s? That’s to show you how stupid and broke minded people are. People there are no such thing as a rich victim. So you either...put up or shut up. So lets make this happen and when you are on your yacht they will still be shouting from the shore “It is a SCAAAAAaaaam"hahaha Fools.

Unknown said...

The arguments in favour of TVI by those who are lured by shortcut money is so demeaning that it appears that they want to see nothing but money. They dont want the facts...because it dishearten them. They say what is wrong till you get money, so let me tell those there are several other methods whereby you can earn money and only money and as 95% of cheats dont get caught you would also not be caught. Everyone of this network understand that it is nothing but befooling self and others but still they keep pretending in the hope of "it is not going to be me who will get stuck up but someone else down the line". A 10th standard commerce guy knows how the profit of a business is calculated but these guys keep on overlooking the facts that so far no idiot has travelled to any spot with those virtual vouchers. The tie-up chart is fake, routing of money from Cyprus to India is being done, there is investigation in china going on as those communist dont leave any idiots like that, No promoters , no mgmt, fake office, fake nos.,Shoing Warren Buffet, Bill Clintorn, Robert and one other as founder in Brochures is totally cheating while they dont have to do anything with this co., Cant you people learn or understand?

Pity on you guys..!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi everybody!I!m a member of TVI since 2 weeks.I believe in it(I want believe!)I have a list of TVI hotels all over the world.I have sent e-mails to many of these hotels about the TVI 6 nights certificate.Noone has heard about it!!!So...whats the true???Has anyone used this certificate????

FreedomRocks said...

Freedom Rocks

I joined TVI Express on 10-22-09 and purchased three spots. By doing so I jumped the entire bottom line with one spot, and have two others are moving up very quickly.I have three awesome vacations to look forward to as well, and I ask you where else can you get three vacations like this for a measly $750.00. And COME ON, where else can you spend such a small amount of money for any new business venture? If YOU can't afford this, then you really do need to find a way TO AFFORD THIS. Because like they say, nothing ventured is nothing gained!! What have you got to lose?
Is it truly comparable to everything that you have to gain?
Make the right decision and join me know, and let FREEDOM ROCK show you the how to make this business EXPLODE!!
Zig Ziglar said it best, that if you help enough people get what they want, then you will get what you want automatically.If you are ready to change your mindset,and your financial picture give me a call and I will help you do so.

Paul Purvis
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call anytime


FreedomRocks said...

Freedom Rocks

I joined TVI Express on 10-22-09 and purchased three spots. By doing so I jumped the entire bottom line with one spot, and have two others are moving up very quickly.I have three awesome vacations to look forward to as well, and I ask you where else can you get three vacations like this for a measly $750.00. And COME ON, where else can you spend such a small amount of money for any new business venture? If YOU can't afford this, then you really do need to find a way TO AFFORD THIS. Because like they say, nothing ventured is nothing gained!! What have you got to lose?
Is it truly comparable to everything that you have to gain?
Make the right decision and join me know, and let FREEDOM ROCK show you the how to make this business EXPLODE!!
Zig Ziglar said it best, that if you help enough people get what they want, then you will get what you want automatically.If you are ready to change your mindset,and your financial picture give me a call and I will help you do so.

Paul Purvis
443-851-4682 cell
call anytime


shreveportmike said...

I havnt read one person being scammed yet. These poor bloggers want attention so bad! I read all of these comments, I love it. All i see is people cycling and getting paid. I love TVI.
Just another scambuster who cant prove anything. Places like these and are jokes! Get a life and get off of here

Unknown said...

Hi everybody!I!m a member of TVI since 2 weeks.I believe in it(I want believe!)I have a list of TVI hotels all over the world.I have sent e-mails to many of these hotels about the TVI 6 nights certificate.Noone has heard about it!!!So...whats the true???Has anyone used this certificate????

Moderator said...

Like most people I'm sure, I haven't even looked at the hotel offer. To be honest it probably isn't a big deal for those who habe joined TVi. I guess the vast majority joined for the biz opp and not for the hotel deal.

Get a free lead capture page

Moderator said...

Hey I meant to say...

If you like TVI Express you might want to check out this link :
For November 1, 2009

I put my name on the list just in case its what they claim it will be. I'm still gathering information but will keep you informed!

ihatehaters09 said...

I love people that try to bash other people to sell there products.

First they are not time share promotions!

When the travel industry is down like this a company can buy rooms for literally pennies on the dollar from major national chains just to fill the rooms and have them spend other monies at their faciliies it has been going on for years. If you have several million dollars to spend you can get these vacations for under $50!!!!!

Secondly the program is probably going to have to make some changes as soon as it starts to get some heat from AG's but most countries do not regulate these things. The only thing they have to do is offer a product that anyone can take advantage of without joing as a REP.

This company is making some HUGE strides in the MLM industry and has the best compensation plan I have ever seen.

I have not joined yet as I am deeply involved with a great company but SO tired of people that are in teh industry bashing other programs just to get people to buy their product or program which is worse.

Even if this turns out to be a Ponzi scheme I would rather join this than people trying to back door others into their company where is the credibility there?

Let us just ALL have some integrity and does anyone REALLY think that Richard Branson or Warren Buffett would not have this shut down for using them as poster children?

Do you think Richard Branson would let this company book travel even if it is just an affiliate website through Atlantic Virgin if it was illegal.

I agree in the US there are some problems they are going to have to adjust but they can overcome that in about 2 minutes.

If you think it is a good idea that you feel comfortable you can get some people to sign up GO FOR IT!

I will probably buy one just for the vacation package and if I do not get it I will keep you posted but why would someone not take a chance on that?

I do know a couple of personal friends that have recieved their money directly from the company and several others that decide to get paid with vouchers and are making some serious money.

Anonymous said...

e Bloggers who always write that a program is a scam always get loads of traffic for one. Second I have just joined TVI under the most dynamic new team PLUS I know of a wonderful CEO of a great company that has joined with thousands of his own group members coming in and I am one of them! Now if someone of His calibre has vetted the Company I am assured that this will help many build an income. Come on This stupid capitalistic system where 1% of the rich own more than 99% of the rest of us isn't any better..At least in MLM.Network marketing more people have the chance to make is the lesser of two evils. If anyone also wants to be put on my pay it forward list you can contact me through my blog. I wil b paying it forward so the person I PIF in pays it forward to the person who comes in under him/her so our team will move magically fast! My blog is called ebeggingonline dot com

DenThe Men said...

Yep your right there is allot of scam artist on the web, But like anything else if you want to succeed in life there will be some error's that will happen down the line.

But let me tel you this for my self after 3yrs or more research for the right internet business I have finally found the good one and the fun part about is that's FREE FREE FREE. Don't take my word for it check it out for your self.

Go to GDI.COM and if you decide to give it a try I would greatly appreciate that when they will ask you for your sponser's name please enter beerfax2010. You would be crazy not to try it because there will be no cost to you.

Ryan Churchill said...

New TVI Tool!

Join TVI Express With a TVI Hot Spot.

Check it out!

Moderator said...

This gets more comical by the minute Ryan.

Selling hotspots???

Join TVI for $300 with no downline?

You can join for $285 and get the same. The upline is no guarantee of success. I've jumped people who are going nowhere and they have a"good upline".

$400 to join with one downline member?
That's a oke. A good upline will place someone for free anyhow as I have done 7 times in the past week.

Too many people selling picks and shovels for gold diggers.

Go join TVI and forget the nonsense!

Join for $285 and get a free lead capture page within the group

Unknown said...

I can't believe that!!!Nobody cares about the vacation package????Without this,it is illegal!!!Is anybody out there who has already used this vacation package???!!!!

Unknown said...

Hello Pajki,

None has used the vaction packages so far...everything is in the promise all the tie-up shown are big bundle of lies.

Read other comments by me to analyse it.


shreveportmike said...

I hear people have started making reservation for some trips and cruises and people are going to be taking some trips int he fall
I will give you updates when i hear more but everything is rocking, all you naysayers keep being negative while the positive people keep making money

Ryan Churchill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan Churchill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan Churchill said...

TVI Express has really proven to be a big hitter. They are training in 1000 customer service reps to help support all of us and our vacations!

Join Tvi Express it’s not that expensive there is no ongoing expense. Just make sure your aligned with a good supportive team.

One thing I have done for my team is to use my skills and produce some websites for us all to use. I have since opened up these websites free for everyone to use and share with their teams to help TVI grow faster. With the way the payplan works companywide growth helps everyone.

So please feel free to use these websites to help you and your tviexpress team!

Buy and Sell Tvi Vouchers and post free ads!

Free lead capture replicating website.

A free forum all about TVI including news, discussions and answers to all your TVI questions.

Free place to list or shop for spots in on tvi boards. Some of them include downlines!

Good Luck with your TVI Business. We are working on a TVi resource website next. If you have any insight or content you would like to share please email me

Leelavathi said...

Yes there are the peoples who believes and there are the peoples who don't believe that , I haven't believed initially . If you are looking for the proof here it is ,

I personally visited the TVI express office which is going to open very shortly . You can find the Photos also ,

Not only that , I am part of a team which will give the TVI express E-Voucher for free , Please find the Details...

Unknown said...

I believed in it!But now...I cant believe this:Here is a company since January.And they havent had time enough to do this travel "project"!New members are just joining without thinking of 6nights certificate and they are happy because of the money!If this certificate doesnt work what are we talking about???Without this it is not legal and scam...Nobody could answer where/when we can use that!!!I WANT USE THIS!!!!!

Unknown said...

I found this:
"LOL! Good new for the ones – bad news for the others. Since today TVI´s website is DOWN! I´ve got information that a German marketing journalist who was preparing an article about mlm companies on the German market had called the hosting company as well as the domain registrar about the scam.

Background story is that a German TVI promotor had sent mails to his members alleging that Travel Ventures International would be legal. As a proof he named a company called TVI Ltd. (company no. 00988876). And it´s true – there is a legally formed company with such name. And he claimed that some of his people had been in London and that everything had been alright with Travel Ventures International.

But now the trick: TVI is not TVI = Travel Ventures International. The journalist found out that this company is a currently dormant subsidiary of Ascent Media Ltd. (company number 03014792). So the TVI guy has told a big lie. Waouh, what an mess to cheat trustfull people!

Ascent Media is a leading provider of creative and technical services to the media and entertainment industries. Headquarter is Santa Monica, USA. Address in the UK: 1 Stephen Street, London W1T 1AL, United Kingdom, Fon: 00 44 / 20 / 71 31 61 31, Internet:

For checking this make a request at Companies House/UK, link: or call Ascent Media.

Because of these circumstances the journalist decided to contact Ascent Media and Companies House to inform them about the abuse of Ascent Media´s subsidiary as to make people believe that Travel Ventures International is a real company in the UK. You can imagine how much they were shocked when they heard it.

Ascent Media´s reaction followed promptly. On the very same day they spoke with the legal department of Companies House. And I´m sure that they also had contacted some other institutions.

So that´s the story. Now let´s hope that the rest will become history and that the hosting company will not unblock the site again. And with a litte luck the registrar will freeze the domain for a longer time. "

Little Brutus said...

That's funny ... the site works fine for me.

Wow, I sure hope that all that fine detective work that all the naysayers are doing is not a bunch of wasted effort.

They sure will feel stupid when it turns out that TVI Express is simply experiencing a rate of growth far exceeding their expectations and their infrastructure to manage the growth.

Personally, I am enjoying the ride.

Well worth the price of admission.


shreveportmike said...

Nice try, try to put a spin on this so called investigation.
Saying the tvi site was shut down, we are back and better then it was before.
I got a few more people to my group today, nice try but the people in tvi are going to handle naysayers like you
So there is all good and no bad lol
Again nice try!!!

Ryan Churchill said...

To show our commitment to TVI we are giving away 1 FREE TVI EXPRESS SPOT WORTH $250+

Information on how to win this spot is available at:


Good luck!

Moderator said...

I've heard it all now!

We have people claiming you can join TVI for $37.

Then $99.

Now someone claims you can join for free! When does it end?

I checked the "free" offer and it costs $99... AND you have to cycle out of that PIF scheme before you get to join TVI.

Stop wasting your time with schemes that line other people's pockets. Just join TVI and pay the entry fee.

Join for $285 and get a free lead capture page within the group

If you like TVI Express - YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

Ryan Churchill said...

Poor John opens up his big mouth before reading all the information. View the page and you will clearly see that we are doing a contest for a single account.

Thanks for the negative effort. SWING and a MISS! Why don't you get a hobby where you can bring some people happiness.. Maybe try knitting.. At least people would respect you then.

For everyone else visit

And learn how you could win a free tvi spot!

Moderator said...

Ryan. Seems like you are the "swing and a miss" expert.

What makes you think I was referring to your silly, meaningless contest?

The "free" offer I was referring to has nothing to do with you and your crazy schemes like offering free websites to gullible people.

The so-called free offer was posted by the guy whose comment I have copied below. Not you.

"Leelavathi said...

Yes there are the peoples who believes and there are the peoples who don't believe that , I haven't believed initially . If you are looking for the proof here it is ,

I personally visited the TVI express office which is going to open very shortly . You can find the Photos also ,

Not only that , I am part of a team which will give the TVI express E-Voucher for free , Please find the Details..."

Looks like the guy with the big mouth who opens it before he thinks is none other than you!

Swing and a miss? I think you're right Ryan. Have another swing.

Little Brutus said...

Yep .. I have to agree with John.

Anyone that wants to join TVI for $250 should certainly do so.

Heck, anyone that wants to see how to be entered into TVI for $99 should go ahead and pursue that route.

And anyone that isn't quite sure if they want to commit $250 and wants to explore a process of entering TVI for $37 can feel free to check that out as well.

You can even evaluate alternate options yourself without having to get John's permission :)

Regardless of what route you choose, the secret to success in moving up the TVI boards is to have your two personal referrals firmly in place right from the beginning (and make sure that they have their two as well).


Unknown said...

So...I ask once again:HAS ANYBODY ALREADY USED THE VACATION PACKAGE?????????????????????????

Unknown said...

MLM Watchdog Editor, Rod Cook, rarely gets it wrong ... here is an article you might want to read..

shreveportmike said...

lol, this guy has been wrong about so many things jennifer.
People are still getting paid yet everyone thinks it is a scam
This guy has his own agenda, believe me this guy isnt the expert he says he is
Alot of his information is crap he is making up!
He is about as accurate as, they make so much crap
Funny thing people are making money, i even saw a post a guy got paid today and our team is exploding, nice try with this crap lol

Unknown said...

By now it must be clear to all greedy and short cutters....

That everything is blown up now ...its website is blocked and over.
You guys forget 250 USD , why u wnat to rake others for ur recovery...any way that was a bet , it were u when game was over ...

So try to digest it...histroy of pyramid scheme or MLM is that ...and u thought u were very intelligent and born brilliant to catch that first ...u r fool...nothing else...


shreveportmike said...

you said the same crap last week
why do you alays come on here saying this,you must be with juugo

Unknown said...

I keep on posting the same thing because three weeks back some idiot tried to rake me up....i threw the things on his face and now he has learnt and left this jugglary word business. he is lot thankful to me know...I can post here the things i posted him..

That facts u cant deny...i dont have anything to do with this but i cant see people falling in this...

still if tehy are doing that is their problem.


shreveportmike said...

the problem is you have no proof, they said in the past few days they were upgrading the servers again because of the rapid growth
So why do you come on here everytime the websites are down and start saying they were shutdown
That is all i am saying, funny people are making money from this! Yet people call it a scam, it isnt

shreveportmike said...

well rajesh, you are wrong again my friend. The tvi website that was supposed to be blocked and never used again, is up and running and vastly improved
so stop spreading your crap around saying it is a scam! We got a business to run!

Unknown said...

Hey Boys who are talking against Rajesh!I dont care about the webpage,the exploding group and the money!Can anyone answer my question???!!!Who has already used this vacation package????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dream Style Vacation Club #1 Team said...

TVI express is having many problems, many gray areas. I joined and still never had a reply to my back office emails,never was able to even book the week vacation I paid for! Never heard of anyone receiving any of the incentives! Their website is constantly down, still a lot of secretcy about who is the CEO, the office in london was shut down. Stopped taking money wired and lots more. Although its true many have made a lot of money. But very few actually got their cash. Cant pay them with credit cards or debit or checking acct,because they claimed of fraud or cancellations. But all other reputable companies in MLM have the ability to accept credit cards and not have the need to be purchasing and selling evouchers to make your money. Better stick with a company that is registered, incorporated, easy to track, know who the owners are. So, I left. Never cycled out of the boards either! So I joined a company in the USA that the CEO is known and even talks on the webinars eveyday, cost only $127 to join, has the revolving boards like tvi much other things on top of that, you can pay with credit card,debit, wire transfer or western union, pays you directly to your bank account or check. A Real Great product with unlimited condo resorts vacations and cruises at 50-90% off discount. In 3 days I cycled and made my $127 back and about to get $5000 in a couple of days! Monthly of $28 which ensures residual income and stability for the company and much more! check out and register for free to lock your position while you check it out and see the daily webinars. A real company. Total transparent. No need to be a detective to find out who we are! Good luck! Just launched Nov 1,09 World Team Club
call me in the usa at (866)710-9814

shreveportmike said...

dude, this isnt an advertisement, Go peddle your program somewhere else. I bet you are one of these guys who goes scrolling for people's phone number on craigslist and reverse market them
this is a discussion about tvi and not about dream vacations

Unknown said...


What to tell these guys....mad behind money ...dont u guys have some other way to make money? there r many other than this...where one sell self only for so many things..and not others...And that is still good because ur soul will not bite u at least for cheating r befooling others...

All silly reasons behind supporting this TVI ..not a single genuine one...

Have u kept ur senses in dust ...? Never gone to school to learn how a true business pays return..what should be its model..
Pity on u all...


shreveportmike said...

rajesh, you come on here making up allegations but each and every time you are proven wrong. Well we found out from some other sources that people from other competitors in the travel industry are trying to make things up to make tvi look bad
For the past week you said our website has been blocked and will never be seen again, do yourself a favor and just do your own thing. We are all adults here, we can make a decision to do what we want to do. I know people who are getting paid in another week, people will be able to start planning trips with their voucher
So just do your own thing and stop instigating problems

millionaires101 said...

Hey guys, for anyone having issues with TVI here is another new program.. that is awesome as well and less expensive to join...

I still believe that TVI is an awesome opportunity, however there are some challenges...and some concerns that this company doesn't have... it is int he US and has been given the seal of approval by some of the best legal mlm minds.

And the cost factor of the 1st level is ONLY $97 - and everyone can afford less than $100 to join an opportunity to make 5-21k within 30 days or sooner..

check it out.. I joined and am working both activities...

Unknown said...

Shreveportmike!Why dont you answer my question??????????

shreveportmike said...

umm Pajki, i did read it again

Dream Style Vacation Club #1 Team said...

Precisely! Because this is a blog about TVI. I like many who joined TVI ang got burned! For those still protecting TVI without even knowing who they are protecting. I want you to be honest with yourself. TVI has problems! Some people may be making money! But, that does not cover up for the many problems and issues they have! Do you even know who TVI is? Who is the owner and CEO? If you do, then share with the rest of the world! Members pay to get a weeks vacation besides the money opportunity! That is the product! But the product is bad when you cant take tor even book your weeks vacation! BIG RED FLAG! Also, their office in London! Is not even there no more! But still show that old address! DO you even know a REAL physical address for TVI? How much longer do you thing they are going to keep up with this? I got sucked into TVI. NEver got any spillover and despite me bringing my 2 people in and they dis the same, I still did not even cycle out of the disrt board! THESE ARE FACTS! Not made up stories! Nobody has received any of the incentives, not even the laptop! They charge to send your money and takes weeks to get it! Cant take credit cards! Come on people! I know it looks good, but you really got to be honest to yourself! How solid is this company, when they hide who the owners are! Where they really have their office! They say they are opening India, where is the address for India then!Cannot ever get phone call or support ticket answered in 2 months! BE real! And just be cautious! Good luck! Am not putting TVI down.These are facts! If you have something different, then share it!Because , I sure would like to book my vacations! and make my omney back!

shreveportmike said...

I just don't think this is the place to be talking about your dream vacations program. I think it is wrong to do that, I am in a few other opportunities but I am not promoting them here.
Things are going well for our team and I heard after nov 14 you can start using your vouchers. They are updating the servers and they are also using a new bank. Jus tbe patient, with growth comes change

Unknown said...

Shreveportmike!Please tell me something!How could this happen:Here is a company since January.Now is November!Nobody has used the vacation package and nobody can answer our questions!There isnt any hotel list!SINCE JANUARY!It was said the pre-booking function was hold on till the end of October.Now you said maybe 14 of November.I`m in TVI too.I know lot of people make money.But how?They sell the vouchers!Nobody got cashed from TVI!I would like to use my vacation package.I dont care anything,I just need the answers...

Unknown said...

Hello Pajki, I'm from Hungary and my question is your question. I'm in TVI also, but why nobody can not use the vacation package?? And why nobody can answer ?

Ryan Churchill said...

Please feel free to use these websites to help you and your tviexpress team!

Buy and Sell Tvi Vouchers and post free ads!

Free lead capture replicating website.

A free forum all about TVI including news, discussions and answers to all your TVI questions.

Free place to list or shop for spots in on tvi boards. Some of them include downlines!

Good Luck with your TVI Business. We are working on a TVi resource website next. If you have any insight or content you would like to share please email me

shreveportmike said...

Pajki, let me correct you on a few things:
1)People have been paid by TVI. When someone cycles off the board, they request the money to be sent to liberty reserve and then wired to their bank. My sponsor told me that is how we get paid.
2)Vouchers you can start using after nov 14, noone has officially has taken the trip yet but From what i heard is you have to go through your back office.
They have upgraded the servers several times and are expecting another big crowd of people coming in.
Now I here some people say they are stuck on a dead board and that is why they are calling it a scam, the sad fact is you need to find a team that truly works together as a team and build the program together, not all the teams are created the same. Ones on a dead board maybe need to get together with their sponsors and find a stragedy that can kick start a team instead of just jumping on the next big thing
Solutions to success is found through consistency and never giving up

Unknown said...

Helló kedves Czeglédyné!:)Én is magyar vagyok,bár gondolom erre már rájött?!:)Ha ad egy e-mail címet,szívesen megosztanám Önnel az eddigi "tapasztalataimat"!üdv

Unknown said...

Shreveportmike!I havent done my 10,000 so Im not sure 100% about the payout.But as far as I know,it is not a question,they pay!You said nobody had used the vacation package.But how could say many sponsors this:"I know someone who has already used it..."If it comes by 14th of November?And how can I promote TVI without any product??!People have been doing this for 10 month...Please dont say this:"The webpage and the online- booking function are the products." There arent any stupid people who pay 250$ for this!So Im waiting for the hotel list!And what about the other questions?TVI is not in UK,their adress is not a real adress!Why do they say they are in UK?!I also dont understand this!Intereseting...I really hope the best!!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

John Campbell..... you bash the feeder programs using your little math calculator. Why don't you use the calculaor for TVI itself

$250 to enter

14 people needed to cycle out of traveler board for $500 plus entry into Express

14 travel cyclers needed to get one person paid on Express for $10,000

14 x 14 = 196

now 196 people want to cycle out of express

196 x 196 = 38416

hmmmm...keep doing the math

yes people get paid but everyone behind them must pay them.
It will collapse

I myself have $750 in since August 30 and have not cycled. My boards are jammed. If I want to cycle I have to recruit them all myself.

KPark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KPark said...

you said the same crap last week
why do you alays come on here saying this,you must be with juugo

lol. Juugo! heheheheehe

The people is ready to take MlM to the next level, internet is the best plataform to do this cand of bussiness, if TVI is a scam the owners are blind. TVI is a great and succesfull idea, I'm not part of but if is true...sure i will... just like everybody on the internet, but there is a need for a serious oportunity. I can't bealive that the people need to talk about scam when something is succesfull, why not to do it for real? that's stupid

This blog is a good thing because give us the oportunity to discover the true, at the end we will know, on my favorites now, I will come here to check your comments everyday.

Unknown said...

The person that keeps crying out and asking if anyone has used the free 6 night 7 day trip?
First of all, it wasn't free. You paid the $250..00 for this Certificate. What did you do, call Marriott and ask if you could stay there with TVI???? Are you Stupid?
If you would listen to the truth? The 6nt/7day travel has just been added to the system in the past couple of months as more things will be added in the future. For example, RCI will be added to the system soon. If you do not know what RCI is look it up or go to
This has been true for most MLM's as they grow. Moreover, you get access to the on-line Travel in your back office.
It's a private Travelocity Site.
Go rent a car right now from any rental Company. Some how they know your with TVI.
You can book all the travel you want on it every day from your back office. 10 years ago you had to go to a travel agency to get a plane ticket or book a cruise. Now, you can hardly find a Travel Agency and people do not listen to commercials any more with TIVO and what not. People listen with Ipods and Satalite commercial free radio. Marketing is done through direct people to people through the internet. Technology makes it that viable now. So be patient and in the mean time look at the opportunity in front of you. Or to be honest. SHUT UP and get to work.

Unknown said...

To Edarsom
It's not that you have not cycled from a Bad System. It's your not working the system Correctly.
I have been in since October 22nd.
I have 3 positions like yourself.
I have all three cycling to Express Board in 3 weeks.
Moreover, I have ten people fully qualified following right behind me. Why?? Because we use the Team System and I support my Team. They will all Cycle (the 10) before the end of the year. Done
Go to
Even though your not on my team I will help you out and get you going. When you email me use Code
"HELP" so I know it's you. Anyone else need help with this just email me there.

Unknown said...

Hey Greenergy!First:I`m not stupid I know I paid 250$ for the membership!It is said as you became a tvi member you get your 6nights opportunity all over the world at once!!!This is the most important:AT ONCE!!!!It is not written:you `ll get it in 1 or 2 month!There ara many false information about it!The whole webpage is a joke!Unreal adress,phone number and the product,the only one product is not available!!!What are you talkin` about?!Dont tell me,that a one year old company hasnt had enough time to make some development!You said this vacation package just came in the last months.If it is true then what was the product from the beggining??????????Just dont tell me this:the webpage and the online booking function!I can book for free on other sites!Nobody is stupid to pay 250$ for this!So...without any products this is a pyramid scheme!Not misunderstand me,I`d be the most happiest if it worked!But these are the facts that make me sad...I want the truth!!!

Dream Style Vacation Club #1 Team said...

Guys, I have been watching this and other blogs, and I must say. One thing is to try to defend and stand your ground with TVI maybe because you have made money already, you got people involved and maybe dont want to recognize that there are certain issues and problems with TVI,however that does NOT change the FACTS! And unless you have FACTS to prove otherwise. you should not put down those who here are expressing REAL CONCERNS! Because, unless you have undisputed proof! All the complaints and allegations made here from TVI members is the TRUE!SO, dont just go repeating what other people say or from what you seen in the website! FACTS ARE FACTS! WE Want facts back! Not wasting time defending your point with out any supported PROOF! To show and prove what you claims are!
And the FACTS ARE:
You pay $250 for a vacation , that in 10 months! They still dont have!Never heard or have seen any proof from any of the so called 300k to 400,000 people taking their vacation! Also, they claimed there are some millionaires made from TVI. BUT WHERE ARE THEY? Where is the Proof! Facts-Facts! ALso never heard or seen anyone receiveing their incentives!NOt even the laptop!NOBODY KNOW WHO ARE THE OWNERS! Their telephone number cuts you off after 3 rings! No excuse for blaming their phone company! Show me where there are 300000 members! Let us see the downline lists! or Geneology! NO BODY KNOWS FOR SURE! and that is what people here are talking about! A bunch of unsubstained claims no body can prove! People are looking for the real answers! The real FACTS!- not somebody responding back with nonsense just because he has made some money and he thinks its ok to ignore the FACTS! I have 2 positions, been there 3 months, brought in 10-15 people. still have not cycled off their first board! But if you believe so much in TVI, then you can buy my 2 positions! So Interesting! Because I joined another company and in 1 day I cycled! and in less than 2 weeks am getting paid the big money! I Talk to the owners daily,no secrets about who runs the company! we accept credit cards, debit, ach and more, no need to buy or sell vouchers! People pay direct to the company and are up and running in 5 minutes! Cost half of TVI to get in! HAs residual income and the product is available to use immmediately! BIG DIFFERENCE- JUST THE FACTS!

Dream Style Vacation Club #1 Team said...

Here some interesting stuff I found in other places: If anyone has solid proof, be sure to share it!
EVouchers are to be purchased from a company called TVI Services Limited by sending funds to an account in Cyprus. TVI Services Limited is a company located at E-57, Bali Nagar, New Delhi, 110015, India. The only registered shareholders are Rahul and Anita Khurana as of June 26, 2009.
Possibly by pure coincidence there is a company in California called VisionTech (computer technology & robotics) owned and operated by Rahul and Anita Khurana.
You can investigate more regarding TVI Services Limited using the website.
It does seem a little suspicious that the founders or any members of the corporation are not named.
Why is it that TVI Express uses TVI Services Limited to filter money through? Why, if both TVI Express and TVI Services Limited claim to be companies in the UK do they need to bank all of their funds in Cyprus?
TVI Services Limited was an easy company to track and receive information about ... TVI Express or Travel Ventures International seems nowhere to be found in the UK Credit Bureau. Why is that?

Dream Style Vacation Club #1 Team said...

TVI is clearly an Indian Owned operation. NOT FROM UK as the website and presentation still claims!

See the below link from India Complaints wesbite. Very informative!

We just look for FACTS! Share them if you have any!Good or bad.

Unknown said...

Dream Style Vacation Club Guy with
2 Positions in TVI you want to sell? Email your user name so I can view your Board. I'll buy them.
Your 6nt/7day vacation can be booked on the site now as well.
Go check it out.

Unknown said...

Go to your TVI Back office with your Certificate. Go and book your trip. If you cannot then come back and tell us why. You just pick your spot. You must use a Credit Card to the Resort for conformation.

Unknown said...

Yes,I have seen it!But what the f..k is going here????I have to give my credit card details,expiration date+CVC code!!!Am is stupid?????????????????Should I give my details to a phantom company????????!!!!!No thanx!I'm no crazy...Why do they need that?It is just a pre-confirmation!I'll get the offer later!And very interesting,they afford my credit card now!I think I sell my position.Is anybody interested in?!

Unknown said...

I have offered to buy your positions in TVI if you would email your User Names to me so I can see them. Or are you just trying to get us into your programs? No one has offered.
I do not even believe you have positions.

Unknown said...

If you want to sell your positions please email your user names on the boards so I can view them.

Email me at
You will not be bothered.
Or just post your User names here in the Blog.

Dream Style Vacation Club #1 Team said...

For those interested in my 2 postions with TVI. my user names are
tviworldteam and imex20081
As I said, TVI may be great for some, not for me. I found another revolving board business(not juugo) paying just half the money and able to make $5k or pay $400 and make $21k on the boards!Product is available right away for use and really saves 50-90% on vacation resorts!was able to paid directly to the company with my debit card and was up and running in 5 minutes. cycled off the first board in my first day and about to cycle of the 2nd board in my second week in the business, not going to mention the name here. If you are interested im my 2 positions. let me know. One is on 3a and other in 2a, in the first board and have about 8-10 people downline. only asking what I paud for $ 275 US each! Greetings!

Unknown said...

Dear Members,

The instability of our website over the last month led to the delay in
resumption of the booking system. Now the booking system is back,
however we are still working on the development of new and advanced version of the booking portal which will be live in the days to come.

The Advanced Booking portal will facilitate a real time availability check for the members,
wherein the members can check availability of their chosen destinations on the preferred date and make the bookings accordingly.

We request our members to enable us to utilize this extra time in developing
a more envisioned vacation experience by enriching our product development team with
themes for an exhilarating vacation so that these vacations are not just the “free” accommodations
imposed by the senior management but are as lively as any other self-planned dream family holiday.
So, to make our vacation packages, feel like yours, feel free to mail us at

Warm Regards,

Product Fulfillment Team
TVI Express
Touching Lives Globally!

heidi_parkin said...

Lmao too funny if you want to do a real scam report do it on the Streamline Funnel System! TVI makes that company look like a fruitstand! I personally know people offline that have made their first $10,000 that's what made me join! Too good to be true? If only you knew.Don't trash it until you try it pal and it sounds to me like you're looking for the type of program that will make you millions right off the bat! So before you start writing about something you obviously nothing about how about you visit the password to get in is super express and find out for yourself how well people are doing! They hold the live presentations 3 times a day at 1:40/6:40 and 9:40 est.Then you can see that the proof is in the pudding!

Unknown said...

hey greenenergy

I've sent you two e-mails with my usernames to buy me response

will you buy out or are you just goofing around


Unknown said...

Buying TVI Spots.
Trying to find out procedures or if you can buy others spots. Looking into it.
TVIWORLDTEAM You have some guys working under you. You should work it a little more. You'll get $500.00 in a week if your work it.
EDERSOM Yours are not worth buying, moreover, I now have 30 positions under me and it would not make sense to buy yours if I could.

Unknown said...

I can't believe it, so many people can be taken in by such crude scam. It is like believing picking money from a tree is a reality. Someone even have the thick skin to suggest waiting for some hotel booking management system to be developed. It will be a long wait for that to be ready! $250 cannot pay somebody money as well as buying hotel room! For goodness sake, please do not use your credit card to book for a hotel room! If you have to, just con your friends for relatives and initially there will be enough of them (poor sods) to get some money into your pocket! Mind you do heed the saying what goes round will come round! This will be my last comment on this unpleasant subject. Can't do any more.

Unknown said...

Greenenergy!Did you get my e-mail about selling my position??My id:pajki

Unknown said...

All TVI Express members need to ask "what percentage of members cycle"? Just do the math.

Those $10,000 payouts, company profits, and product are paid for by those members who do not cycle. Then there is breakage. What if someone in your organization doesn't recruit their 2, the whole group stops in its tracts. It could take hundreds of members to pay for one person to cycle. I don't want them to be my friends and family.

All cycle programs run hot for a while and then burn out.

Check out PGN PowerPlay, a real travel program where you can earn immediate $1000 commissions, create life changing lifetime monthly residual income, and get started for only $27.95

Unknown said...

Hello All,

TVI’s Compensation plan has been proven to be very realistic.

Canadian Diamond Traders started since 2003 and is still around.

Club Freedom started since 2006 and is still around also.

Both have the same revolving matrix as TVI and doing great.

My sponsor already has 667 people in his downline and got paid 4x250 and 2x 10000 plus $4000 in residual income.

So he brought in 667x$250=$166750 into the company

And got paid $25000 so far in cash within 2 and a half month.

I already have 22 in my downline and still need 6 to cycle out of the traveler board
So I brought in aprox. 28x250=$7000 and get paid $250 plus an e-voucher of $250

TVI also earns massive commissions from every booking made via their Travel Express website in the back office. That is what it is all about. This is a Win Win situation.

So here is the real proven math.

As you all can see, they are able to payout such big commissions.
So they will be around for a long time and it won’t collapse as some of you thinks

This business is proven and is the fastest growing business out there.
So successful that more then 5 companies has already copied their comp. plan. in a short time. Why? Just because it works!!!

Really haven’t seen this since being in network marketing.

This business has shown that the average person like you and me just can make money online.
As long as you put efforts in it you will make money with TVI.

There are already 100 millionaires in TVI in less than one year.

They are a legitimate and very rewarding company.

One of our team leaders had a call with one of the big leaders who spoke with people at corporate the other day and he was very excited.

They have put in a new phone system and hired lots of customer service people so your calls will get answered. They have also hired people to answer all emails quickly.

As you heard they have transfered to a new computer data center with more security, more servers to handle the massive growth. The goal of companies like this is to get 50-60,000 distributors the first year. That is considered very good. TVI has 380,000 and more in less than a year, which has caused some serious growing pains.
But this person we talked with says that they are here to stay and that we can expect lots of great things.

For more info

Unknown said...

It makes me sick to see you abandoned like this on your board.
You obviously had someone introduce you to this program and they did nothing to help you be successful. It is their responsibility to train you so you can be successful with your team.
Only, you do not have a team.

If you really understood how the boards work you would know that it does me or no one else any good to get underneath any of those people that got you involved because they are not working. Not training. Not building. They want something for nothing. If open up a McDonalds Franchise and never show up to run it what would happen. Those Big Macs would go bad.

I already have 30+ people under me.
Working your position would be taking attention from the foundation I already built. No one should buy your spot. Your only choice is to depend on the only one that can help you with your business. That person is you.
It does not matter if it's TVI or your own Franchise. So you have poor leaders. So like your sponsor let you down like all of our worthless Politicians. Learn from this and take responsibility. You'll be better off the next time your in this position. If you blame TVI your only blaming yourself.

I just talked with a person in my down line that was having a few problems with a brother he signed up. The problem was not the brother, but the way he did all the steps for his brother. He was entering the Voucher for him and he never learned how to actually sign someone up. That is just setting him up to fail. We corrected that mistake and now his brother is working with the 4 people in his downline. Taking responsibility. It's his business.
His Future. Take control of yours and I mean this in nothing but a Positive Way. Hope it helps.


Unknown said...

I can't believe some of the posts I'm reading here..

I've been in TVI for a while and already cycled out of the express board various times..

It's even led me to create my coaching club where I teach others how to do the same..

Go to that link and see what I mean.

I agree what Mayengbam says, "do research before writing"..

And yes, like Tribute to Mulligan said, if you invested your time promoting TVI instead of bashing it, you could've made some serious dough already..

But there's always going to be those who has a negative state of mind, so they'll attract those kind of results..

If you're reading this right now, and you're looking to get into TVI, do it..

And get a coach that can teach you how to cycle quickly.. I give my team free mentoring, and that's why I am a top producer in the company.. (for coaching)

http://www.tvicashmiracle (my optin page)

Hope this helps all the newbies looking to get in..

Unknown said...


I'll race you to the top.

Jay's correct. TVI Express

Get on Board! Get on Track!

gregpeck said...

I would like to say a few lines for those who are still asking questions. It's good to be skeptical and I can understand if you never tried internet marketing or a business owner and you are asking more questions. My aunt was looking up TVI and blasting me that it's a big scam but she never tried anything. I'm happy she did send this journalist blog. I'm in New York and have and exciting team. I'm Gregory Haywood and can be reached at or 646 535 5201. TVI is real.

bigc357 said...

I feel grateful that a good friend of mine told me about this wonderful opportunity. I have been reading different points of views on this blog in regards to TVI. Some negative and some positive. I can only speak from my own experience with TVI and the way i look at it. I am what i consider to be an average guy that was looking for a means to make an extra income. I started with TVI on Oct 3rd and invested $250 in an evoucher and by Oct 15th I cycled off the traveler board and made my original investment back plus a $250 evoucher. I am presently 1 position away from the top of the express board or $10,000 board. That wasn't the iceing on top of the cake for me it was seeing the indiviuals who i have on my team that also went threw the traveler board and cycled threw. I know that when you help others the by product of that will always shine on me in a positive light. I have never been involved in a business that would pay out so quickly, I mean where can you go and invest $250 dollars and make $10500 in less than 60, 90 days or even a year. The core of what really hit home for me was that i could literally take a homeless person or someone who is sick and can't afford heath care and put them in this program and change there financial situation for the better. If you think really deep about it, the unemployment situation along with the fact that people cannot afford heath care coverage in this country and around the world, this is a great answer to assisting people in an economic way. You don't have to qualify for this program by verifying your race, education or financial status. It is open to everyone. Look i am not trying to hype anybody about TVI, i am just speaking from my heart and if you have a heart that loves to give and help others. This is a great opportunity for you. I would like to help anyone who is either looking at this business for the first time or who is already in TVI and just needs some assistance. Contact me or 866.532.5550

Supt. said...

The guys at the top of this pyramid must be laughing their heads off!

Unknown said...

I have cycled the traveler board twice and have 2 positions on the express board that should both cycle before Christmas thats $20,000 in 2 months. If you are having problems getting people in at $275 try this $88 one time and you'll get multiple vouchers.

TVI Global Assist Team said...

TVI is for real

Take a look at


Sign up for $37 No recruiting required

shreveportmike said...

there is not a person at the top, you dont understand how the program works. go broke doing something else lol

Baylward8 said...

So Many negative people around no wonder you are all broke give it a go you have a one time cost of less than $300 US most people pay more than that on a weekend away.. Then if you work you have the opportunity to make so much more.
Life is a gamble and you never know if you will be here tomorrow so what have you got to lose.

Unknown said...

I just joined TVI a couple of days ago...i bought what they call a "3 pack" which is basically three spots for $37 each...All three of my spots are about to cycle onto the next boards...And I already see $$ in my account...TVI is LEGIT!...check it out for yourself

Unknown said...

IT does not take much for the poorest people to knock a network marketing business; however, if a poor person listens to a poor person, then they will stay poor. I urge all people that are intereste in making a difference to their lives to act on this and other opportunities and you will not see too many of these in your lifetime. YOUR family depends on you, not these guys who are knocking the business model. It is of course, your decision!!

Unknown said...

There are a lot of good thoughts here about TVI Express. I find it hard to come up with an answer with regards to the company and its mission. Who is even leading it? I put together a in-depth review, and would love to hear your feedback.

Ashok said...

I joined on 2nd Auguest in tvi with 5 id and 3 ids have already cycled out from the express board and the first id for the second time. I have 7 downline GOLD and 29 silvers in my team. I help my downlines to achieve their goals and make them financially free. If you need financial freedom come and join in my team success will kiss your feet.mail me at .

smartrip said...

MY MOBILE NO:+919861348903

Unknown said...

Shyam Sundar is a very stupid man who should not be aloud to talk out of his butt anymore. if your going to appoint yourself the scam Zar then you shoudl do research and get yor facts before you say anything. Scam or not you don't know your just making up crap and it's people like you who should be gagged. your opion is worth what I paid for it thats right nothing

Anonymous said...

I have been a tvi member since end of September and cycled off TB November 7th. On Nov 9th, I requested the $250 to be transferred to my bank account so I could say that I really did get the $250 in my bank account directly from TVI. Others keep claiming they got paid and had cash instantly and that is absolutely not true as you would have to wait days/weeks to actually get any cash at all UNLESS you resold your vouchers, or turned your $250 or $10k into a voucher and resold that!

Well, I have been waiting for almost an entire month now for that money to be transferred to my bank account!!! Yesterday, I received this email from TVI:


This is to inform you that your payout request has been cancelled as the payout transfers through bank wire are on hold and will resume in future. The funds have been put back into your eWallet. If you would like to request to have your funds transferred to your LR (Liberty Reserve) account, you can do so and turnaround time for the same is 48-72 hours.

P.S. - We are also installing option of STP (Solid Trust Pay) next week using which you would be able to request your payout to your STP account. We will keep you informed about the same through backoffice announcements or email notifications.

The inconvenience caused is regretted.

Thank you,

Rhonda Duffy
Finance Team
TVI Express"

Any of you hear of this yet??? NO! I didn't think so! They haven't even made an announcement yet but they certainly SHOULD HAVE!!! AND why did it take them all this time to let me know this? They could've at least finished the transactions that were pending before deciding such a HUGE change with the company!

I know for myself, my fiance', my grandparents, uncle they would've ONLY gotten money by a bank transfer and now that option has been taken away!!!

Check out the new STP company they are talking about. Solid Trust, wow, they must be joking if this is the company they have been telling us for the past few weeks that they would be starting a debit card!
Take a look at all the fees!

"Monthly Maintenance : $5.00
ATM cash withdrawal fee: $5.00
Point of Sale fee (per use) $1.50
Load funds from your STPay account to your card: $5.00
Maximum load amount: $3500
Maximum total monthly load amount: $8000 in your Instantly Usable account area and another $8000 in the Virtual Holding account area.

Higher monthly limits are available by direct request only (submit any requests through our Support Ticket area)."

That is INSANE!!! Way too many fees attached to use the visa debit card feature that so many of us were looking forward to as it would be a much easier way to get the money, but now I see it will be VERY costly too!

I am so fed up with TVI right now I wish I had a punching bag!

I have quite a bit invested and I really wish I hadn't! All our boards are dead! No one is bringing in new people, they just keep rejoining, which gets you nowhere!

Had to vent, I have just had it! Tired of all the lying everyone is doing about getting their money and am really tired of people saying they got $500, when it is really $250! Tell the flippin truth!!!

Ryan Churchill said...

Get your payment in Tvi Express Vouchers and sell them at

I have sold over $20,000.00 in vouchers through that site myself and it works great.

Anonymous said...


We shouldn't have to turn "money" into vouchers in order to get paid!
I say "money" cause it might as well be monopoly money.
TVI isn't losing a DIME by paying us with vouchers or claiming there are "$250 US" funds in our account. There isn't any ACTUAL money being spent by them in saying any of this.
It's when they actually have to cough up the dough when you ask for a transfer that money is involved.
They have been betting on people using their "money" in their ewallets to turn into vouchers as soooooo many people have done! They haven't had to spend anything that way!

My theory is that less and less people are joining and they are running out of funds to pay with. I know tons of stagnant boards as I have been following quite a good number of them and they haven't moved in quite some time just like all of mine and my downline's and so on.

Not to mention that they keep not telling us things!

OH and funny how I was just in my back office and just to see what would happen, I went into my virtual bank account and hit the "request payout" button to see if it would tell me that the transfers are on hold and it was going to let me try to do it again!!!

They have not put any kind of system in place to deter people from trying to transfer funds out!
Not only that, but they have NOT made an announcement to this FACT!

What the **** is going on here???

Unknown said...

I joined on 15th Auguest in tvi with 7ids and 2 ids have already cycled out from EB. I help my down lines with the guidance of my sponsorer {up line} Mr. Ashok Kumar who is very good at Team work. He tells "TEAM means together everybody achieves more". With this philosophy we work. My guide and team leader Mr. Ashok Kumar is an excelent team leader. He has got the talent and idea to make you success and create a platform for you. What ever I achieved and earned the credit goes to my leader Mr. Ashok Kumar. Our team is an integrated,active and growing team where succes is guaranted, if you follow the leader. TVI is a tested platform to make tons of USD. If you need tons of USD and success in your life then extend your co-operative hand to our team and we will pick you up and take you towards succes and .......

Unknown said...

my email-
Phone- 09437058827
My leader upline's detail
Mr. Ashok Kumar

shreveportmike said...

hmmm are we allowed to spam in here, no i didnt think so, so get LOST SPAMMMMMMMER!!

Boris Todorovich said...

People that are complaining are the once who don't know what there are saying or are lazy. You wanna make money you have to work hard. We have teem and everybody is working hard and the once who don't we push them, that's the only way to make money to work as a teem

millionaires101 said...

No offense, and I feel your pain.. however, TVI is not perfect and it is not the end all of all opportunities... I joined and within 35 days after going to work and not looking for stuff to complain about, I received over 25k + and yes, i brought vouchers 40 at a time for $250 (=10k) and sold them for $300 which is exactly what we pay to get started with TVI since they are located over seas...

and that additional 2k is used to help other members come into our opportunity... so instead of receiving 10k I actually received 12k twice!

TVI is an exceptional opportunity and my advise for anyone who really want to make some serious money is to STOP looking for whats wrong and concentrate on what's right...

There is A REAL opportunity for everyone at TVI to make an exceptional 'perpetual' income - and the 10k continues to come, after the first pay out and its automatic...

I am sure that if you no longer want your position, being on the 10k board now, since you have cycled at least once to get your first pay out, someone would be willing to purchase your position.


Learn how to make lemonade and stop crying over the little things... you will surely miss the forest for the trees, if you don't.

contact me is you are that dissatisfied that you want to sale your position, I would GLADLY give you $250 for it!

For anyone who really wants to make some money, I have a FREE position available... ($300 value)I can put my money where my 'faith' is... contact me at and I can get your started.. FOR FREE... you can pay me back once you have cycled!!!!!

or email me at



Anonymous said...

Amazing how no one seems to have a problem with TVI NOT PAYING DIRECTLY TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!!!

Getting paid through a third party is NOT LEGIT and reselling voucherst to make money is also NOT LEGIT OR HONEST!!!

How are we supposed to bring people in and tell them the only way to get paid is to resell vouchers???

Millionares101, tvi has fees attached to reselling positions too. Not sure how that all works do you? Have you personally done this before?

Look at the announcement Thursday September 10th titled Important Announcements.
Here is a snippet:"Change in Ownership Process and the Latest Amendment
Change in ownership for any username requires due evaluation and verification of both the owners at our end along with a charge of USD 50 per transfer if the existing owner is in Travaller board and a charge of USD 500 per transfer if the owner is in Express Board. An e-mail has to be sent at stating the same and it must also contain the document proofs of both the old and new account owners. The payment can be wired to our Bank Account or can be transferred through Liberty Reserve. The ownership change process takes 72 working hours upon receipt of funds and the documents.

P.S. – Please include the proof of payment in the e-mail."

So, have you done this before?

Unknown said...

Im curious if Shyam was in tvi express. I find it interesting when people talk about different companies/opportunities that are scams but have had no direct dealings with them.
I decided to join a team where you can get started with tvi express for only $37 and enter tvi with people under you.
If you had thought about tvi but didn't have the $250 to get started, you may want to check it out.

Unknown said...

1. If you do not work, you do not get paid. Unless your a democrat.
The rest of us will pay for you.
2. Joined in Sept. There never was a direct to bank transfer that I was taught about. Told from day one to open Liberty Reserve or sell your Vouchers. Just Transfer through Liberty Reserve, pay the 3%and that's your cost of doing business. Besides, you need to pay taxes on that so there's a ?$300.00 Tax right off. You do pay your taxes MR.& Mrs SCAM Writers??
3. Talk to people to move your boards. This Blog won't move them.
As for those of you crying about selling your Positions, Why would anyone want to work with you with the loser people that do not work for your Boards.
4. Go by some Klenex and move on.

Now Direct said...

I don't think TVI Express is a fraud. I think you are trying to popularize your blog.....and you have succeeded. That' all.

Earning money is not easy. We all know that. So what's the big deal?

If TVI is a 'pyramid structure', then every MLM company is such a structure.....even AmWay, HLL, etc. Selling products is just a 'bahana'.

Amazingly, all those people who are complaining about TVI are people who never joined TVI.

Anonymous said...

greenenergy: Just because you weren't taught about it, doesn't mean it isn't so. Go to your back office, if the site ever comes back up and go to request transfer, it gives you two options ONE of them is Liberty Reserve, the other one is wire transfer which is where you fill out your bank info and swift code. So, yes, it is there and I have always been told it is an option if you choose to do so. ONLY tvi will not do it!
Oh and as for those of us who are talking about selling our positions, some of us are on the EXPRESS board, but have found out that the only way to really get paid is to resell vouchers or have a third party pay you. SO, doesn't always mean there are dead boards! Yes, my team does have some dead boards on the traveler boards. The new ones that have come in recently and plenty of people doing searches about tvi and what a scam it is, so, yes, boards are going dead everywhere on almost every team at some point. I no longer consider myself a member of tvi as I have learned the truth. So, just because someone wants to sell their position, doesn't mean they didn't do the work and have "funds" in their ewallet still. Cause I have both. I choose to not turn it into vouchers to resell because that is not TVI paying me, that is other members/prospects paying me, which I think is highly WRONG!!! So, everyone stop saying tvi paid you blah blah blah, cause no they did not! Members did!

Swapan Dhar: You obviously haven't read all the posts, alot of people are in fact TVI members complaining. There are now complaints all over the web about tvi from MEMBERS and former members. Unlike when I joined a couple of months ago when there was very little if anything to be found.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just so I am not misunderstood, even IF tvi actually paid members directly wouldn't mean it's a legit company.

I have learned enough for myself that I would still consider it not legit. Plenty of people don't care, they just see the $$$ signs and are ok with what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

So, they added alot of announcements today, and still alot of info left unknown.

They still are not saying an announcement of not accepting direct bank transfers for withdrawal anymore, yet still have it available in the back office to do the transfer. Why won't they just block it or take the option away instead of telling me they are on hold???

It appears they are trying to say that they will do bank transfers only through LR or STP.
AND they still don't announce any fees involved with either of these transactions nor have they responded to my recent support tickets regarding such fees.

crbedd said...

Greetings! I like TVI’s compensation plan, and all that it offers, and people like those on my team are making the $10,000 over and over In fact, I really need one more team member. If you know of anyone you can refer me to, it is greatly appreciated.

The only difficulty has been stalled or slow moving Travellers or Express boards due to people not getting their two. So while waiting, I have found the perfect TVI compliment or partner---LGN Prosperity.

It has a fast cycling, 2X2, 6 position only, no splitting matrix. So you can earn $777 over and over daily to weekly co-sponsoring just 6 distributors. Consequently, the credit card payment for the one time, no monthly charge fee might be paid back before it’s due.

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flyfisher2 said...

I am now convinced that TVI is a fraud. Was in this program and recruded a lot of people. I thought at first that this program was the best one on the net. Boy how wrong I was. They have not paid out for 3. weeks now and I did DD on the company. And asked friends of mine to join me. We found out that the office is a virtual office, FBI got a large file on them, the SEC is investigating them so is SY in England. I was totally devastated I had recruded a lot of people into this program and now I had to face these people. I was very fortunate to find another US based travel program that is similar to TVI but better compensation plan. Name of this program is #PYXISM The owner of the company is Lloyd Wilson and I am able to contact him whenever I want to. I feel much more secure with this program then I felt about TVI. I have cycled 3 times in 3 weeks. Even though this program is in prelaunch it is paying on time every time. The advantage with this program is that it is US based and all the staff is accessible at any time. If this is something that you like to check out you car revew it here
Prosper and be happy
# flyfisher2

Unknown said...

Yes, I thought that TVI Express was
the best thing since slice bread when I joined. To me, you get so caught up in it that you keep putting more money in it just to hope you cycle. Then the board splits again and you have to start all over again, MORE MONEY back on the boards...I am sure if you talk to anyone that is in TVI they will tell you the same.

I too starting searching on the net and found another program that is making me and my group money and the only cost is $100 one time! A true follow me system that fills from top and when 14 sales are generated, you get paid to e-wallet, request your money and you get a hard copy paper check within days of your request. It pays out $500 after the first time through Tier 1, $5,000 the 2nd time through Tier 2 and each time you go through Tier 3 you make $25,000
with a $10,000 paid to your sponsor as a matching bonus!
My join now link is: This is really hot and is going global in January. US Based for now but international folks let me know if you are ready to get in and we can get you in now with No delays...
My contact email is
Skype me: linda45052

Best $100 you will ever spend!

Unknown said...

OK Linda..
You are jumping from one scam to another
It takes even more people to cycle out of this one
I got in this $100 one very early.
I was #1511
Now there are over 7000 members and not one person is on my board

Can't believe these f***ing cyclers

Only a few get paid

Unknown said...

Hello Eddarsom,

That's to bad that you don't have anyone on your board as I am about to cycle for my 3rd time.

Royal Cruise Matrix has a “No Sponsoring Required” position as part of their Terms and Conditions. This is just fine with me. It helps attract people that are afraid of having to share the program with others. I find that “No Sponsoring Required” can actually reduce the fear that a lot of people have when joining a program. When a person hears they do not have to do something, quite often they go out and do it. It is human nature and is hard to understand… but it happens all the time.

What is our team’s position on sponsoring? We feel strongly that every person can share the business with enough people to get two signups. It does not have to happen today, but you should be actively “working your business”. Royal Cruise Matrix is a business, and our team treats is as such.

If you are going to cycle the boards and move up the Tiers of the program, it is going to take signups. If you are waiting for someone else to do all the work, you are probably in the wrong program and are certainly on the wrong team. We believe in actively marketing the programs we are affiliated with, and we reap the reward that come with that attitude and approach. This is about as simple a program as you can find. It has a very modest $100 startup fee, and the structure is simple and effective.

The bottom line is you get what you put into any program. We are working diligently to help our team make money and succeed. It is a working program, not a “join, sit on my butt and wait for the checks to come” program. I hope you can understand and respect that. We work together and succeed together.

Many Blesings to you and Happy Holidays!


gregpeck said...

Tvi is a great business but like every other business you have to work and work hard. I'm a member of tvi and I build a team helping each other.. That's what leaders do.. Express2LGN just launch.. Here is where the feeder for the little guys come into play.. The rush has started.. Get on board now my friends. Join our Express2LGN team on facebook.. Gregory646.353.5201 Im available 24hrs per day or text if you can. We all know how feeder system go. Get started today. It's a one time $25 for life.
PS. If you are already a member of LGN you are not allowed to join the feeder system.

Unknown said...

Hey Fly Fisher.
1. Show me the FBI file?
Do you work and know the FBI

2. The FBI has a file on you to.
3. Remember that you have to move off the travel and express board to get paid. Your saying you did this and 3 weeks has gone by and there is no money in your e-wallet?
Hundreds of people on our team have not had this experience. Maybe they do not like you.
But, if we all leave and join your program life if great and everyone gets paid???????? Only in your program???????????
He's selling you his program folks!
Green Energy

Unknown said...

To BloggerWatchdog

Blogger claims to have money that he made in TVI, but says he will not take it because it comes from real people? When I sell products for my company I get paid commission, but I guess they are not real people. Anyway, since you feel so guilty about taking your money feel better about yourself and convert your money to vouchers and sell them to me at half the price. This way you can feel good about yourself and you won't be stuck with all that money!

Anonymous said...


I did NOT make money in TVI! Tvi won't pay me, remember? The back office is just typed words and numbers. The only way money actually comes into play is if we turn it into vouchers and sell them. The money doesn't come from tvi.

The vouchers have no actual monetary value or I would be able to resell them to tvi.

Why would I turn them into vouchers and sell to you at ANY price? It would still be feeding the cheating system I want no part of.

The conversation is pointless and will always go round in circles.

You have your opinion/point of view, I have mine and we are both entitled. We are never going to see eye to eye.
Enough has been said already. I hope you agree.

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