Friday, 18 June 2010

Aryarup cheating continues unabated

Here is another victim of inducement by fly-by-night operators. These crooks come in many shapes and vanish with ;your hard-earned money. Just read the following and do not fall prey to such evil designs of such crooks,

I amf JAIPRAKASH JAJU from Beed, Maharashtra, India. I have invested Rs. 10 lakh in ATCR company (Aryarup Tourism and Club Resorts Ltd) under their scheme in December 2009 under jet super package of Rs.5 lakh each. Since then they have not retured the money as promised under the scheme in return to give Rs. 9333 per day for 200 days. they have then changed their scheme and converted it to 100 days. Then, too, we have agreed with them for the scheme. So far they have returned only Rs. 1.5 lakh.
I have not received my money till now and the team leader is also not co-operating with us. So I have decided to file a complaint to the police against the company and the team leader. I just want suggestions from you as to how to proceed in this matter further. Will it be illegal? Can police take any action in this matter. PLEASE HELP me in this matter. contact no.09422240626, 09028912456, 09158145791
There are a number of companies which are indulging in such illegal activities and getting away due to the lack awareness among public.
First and foremost important thing is nobody or a company or a group of persons should mobilise deposits from public without prior permission from the Reserve Bank of India. It is a crime under RBI Act.
These crooks make tall claims and come out with attractive packages.
My dear fellow Ihumans all over world, beware of such advertisements in newspapers inducing deposits! It is illegal and there is every danger of losing your hard-earned money. Whenever you come across such advertisements, kindly inform the nearest police station.

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