Thursday, 21 June 2012

Law Proposed to Ban MLM Companies in Bangladeshsh

Officials in the South Asian country of Bangladesh have recommended that multi-level marketing be declared illegal in that country. Deception and widespread losses to citizens prompted the recommendation, according to news reports. Among the companies listed in the news report that would be banned is Herbalife.
  • In Europe, a court in Belgium recently ruled that Herbalife is an illegal pyramid scheme.
  • The MLM pay plan is also currently banned in China.
  • Another country that recently banned  MLM companies is Bhutan
Developing countries are especially hard-hit by the 99% losses that  MLM companies routinely cause with their alluring but deceptive pyramid pay plans.  However, these smaller countries are also heavily pressured by US government officials to allow MLMs to operate without regulation or law enforcement, much as they do in the USA.  


Unknown said...

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mlm said...

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Anonymous said...

How much ever the legal issues be, Amway will continue to fake and make many fools, turn them to cults