Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Finally, the accused in the multi-crore NMart fraud, Gopal Shekhawat, was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police in Surat on Tuesday.
The Prakasam district police headed by Dr N Raghuram Reddy, superintendent of police, finally made a headway in the investigation of the case and arrested the accused who had been evading the arrest for the last several months.
Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Narasimha Kumar and Deputy Inspector General of Police (SIB) VC Sajjanar contributed their efforts for the arrest of the accused
It may be recalled that Corporate Frauds Watch lodged a complaint with the Prakasam district police against the illegal money circulation scheme indulged in by NMart duping several millions of people up to several crores of rupees.
The police swung into action and arrested Gopal Shekhawat in Surat last year but he obtained bail from a Mumbai court on the promise that he would present himself in the Ongole court by September 3rd. However, he jumped the bail and since then he had been absconding.
The police also issued a lookout notice for the absconding proclaimed offender.
On April 30, the Prakasam district police arrested Gopal Shekahwat and produced him in a local court for obtaining the transit warrant to shift the accused to Ongole.
The local court has issued the transit warrant also known as PT warrant to transport him to Andhra Pradesh.
Gopal Shekhawat would be produced in the Principal Sessions Court at Ongole as soon as he is brought to Ongole. 


Gagan said...

Good Work!!
I wonder Where are those abusers now to comment.
Hats Off to you Shyam Sunder.

Unknown said...

Hats off to Shyam Sunderji, No doubt you have done goo job,But just watch nothing will happen to Shekhawat,Only our Judges can do the best,as now public have faith in Court only.
I am from Surat.

Anonymous said...

It may happen like you said Priti, because other companies like RMP, RCM etc. are also still running inspite of legal actions are taken against them.

Peter said...

Pritiben - did anything happen to ICG & Sunday Exports public issue?? Did anything happen to multi crore Loans from Co-operative Banks were taken??

You are talking about judges - I must say that you are too good in writing here about the Judges - what happen when Your own niece was caught just 3 months back?

The same will happen what happen to them in your circle.