Saturday, 2 November 2013

David Brear is right. Amway is a cult

This is written by one of our readers of the BLOG. 

In September last year I was persuaded to join Amway as my close friend was very much interested in the business and asked me to join. As he was very close to me, I have also joined with him. Till then I knew that Amway is some chain business etc etc. But after joining Amway I came to know many other things about Amway.
We are all fighting against Amway saying that it is a chain business or MLM or overpricing etc etc. But the fact is they are just using mind programming techniques which is being used to train terrorist groups. Many people are getting caught in that programming called Britt World Wide.
From my personal experience, I was not totally involved in Amway but my friend was caught in that training. I stopped listening to music in his car and always used to listen to the audio CDs. He stopped watching TV, going to movies and started watching only Amway CDs or BWW CDs in his laptop and TV. He stopped even reading newspapers and magazines and started reading only the books provided by the Amway. I was really shocked and tried to explain that he is not going in a right way. But strangely he felt that I don’t know about Amway and that is why I am trying to pull him out of Amway.
Later he started forcing his wife to come along with him to do Amway business and attend meetings. They have a 2-year-old kid. She was not much interested in the business and going to meetings and strangers' houses. But he started harassing her forcing her to join him in his business and even appointed a maid only to look after the kid so that he can take his wife with him. He started beating her and made her not to talk to any of her friends who have not joined Amway or who talked negative about Amway. he started talking to people who joined Amway and neglected the remaining ones.
I was also the one who got neglected because after seeing all these things I strongly opposed his decision and actions. So, he stopped talking to me. We are family friends for more than 10 years and I am shocked how a 4 month Amway trained changed the people so much.
Still I thought that he is interested in earning money from direct selling. So, I have started knowing about other companies which are better than Amway without having this terrorist training and showed all other options to him but he has reached a point where he is saying that he will do only Amway even if he don’t earn a single rupee. So, the person who joined Amway to earn extra income has become an addict and fall prey to the mind controlling techniques of Amway and now saying that he does not need money and will work for Amway.
So, after one year our families are not even talking to each other and shockingly he is not at all feeling anything for losing a 10-year friendship and business with his new Amway friends. His wife started going to Amway with him because he threatened that he will give divorce if she does not come with him.
One more guy here has got a different story. In his case his wife got trapped in Amway training and that lead to their divorce because husband was not willing to cooperate with his wife in her Amway business and she just ignored him and continued her business. Their relation just went bad as wife was always talking on phones about Amway and going out for Amway. Now they got divorced and living separately.
I am not the only one like this. Amway has destroyed hundreds of families and thousands of relationships. But what I am going to tell you and suggest you that we are all focusing only on the MLM aspect or something else and ignoring totally about BWW which is the main thing behind all this. I would like to know your legal opinion about BWW because that will be violating the consumer rights by giving exaggerated impression about the products and making people buy the products only to earn income. 
One more thing is Amway people do not tell the complete income plan for the people who join Amway. Because there are many things in Amway plan if disclosed before itself, most of the people won't join Amway. For example, we need to buy for Rs 4000 every month if we want to receive the commission. This simple fact is not told to anyone till they join by paying Rs 4000.
There are many other things like this in Amway.
In my personal investigation about all the direct selling, I would like to bring some points to your notice.
1.     The Government is taking steps to regulate the direct selling. If they proceed with that, we cannot act against Amway just saying that it is MLM or a pyramid. But we can fight against Amway through BWW as they are using mind-controlling and deceptive methods.
2.     Other direct selling companies give product training and income plan training but this type of mind-controlling techniques are being used only by Amway.
3.     Many common people are making  a living through direct selling business. So, our fight only against direct selling may not be much useful for us.
4.     Money circulation schemes should be banned and we can fight against them but we cannot call these product-based direct selling business as a money circulation scheme in the name of product selling. Because money is being circulated in every business. if Tata Gold tea packet is sold to a customer at Rs 90, Rs 10 goes to the retailer, Rs 10 rupees goes to the wholesaler, Rs 10 goes to the distributor etc and the final money goes to TATA but we cannot say that TATA is doing money circulation scheme in the name of TATA Gold tea. Why I am saying this is we have to fight against Amway and other such giants now. But when the Government is proceeding with the regulation, we cannot just fight against it with the name of money circulation.
Let's stop fighting against product-based direct selling and let's fight against many other things associated with them. Because if at all Government enacts the regulation, we can take the matter to them and insist them to make a rule in that where disclosing the complete income plan should be mandatory and there should not be any motivational or other CDs and meetings other than product training.

Dear Friend,
You rather wrongly believe that people are making money through direct-selling, network marketing, referral marketing, multilevel marketing. It is not true. People who lose money in these schemes never tell truth like Amway adherents.
Ultimately several millions would be losing their hard-earned money.

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