Friday, 21 March 2014

CID arrests two directors of RMP on money circulation charge

Hyderabad: Crime Investigation Department (CID) officials arrested two directors 
of RMP Infotec Private Limited on charge of organising money circulation scheme in 
the guise of multi-level marketing of some products.
A laptop, hard disks and documents were seized from the company’s head office in
Chennai and customer care centre in Hyderabad, the CID Additional DGP, T Krishna 
Prasad, said. While Rajesh J. Chandhan and Dileep J. Chandhan were arrested, two 
other directors -Praveen J. Chandhan and Dhawal J. Chandhan- were absconding.
The quartet started the company headquartered at Chennai claiming that they were
distributors for some products. They enrolled persons purchasing products from 
them as distributors and offered money as incentive.
They claimed that RMP meant “Resource Money Power” and lured people to enrol with 
the company offering weekly payments ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1.3 lakh based 
on the number of members the buyers manage to get inducted in the company.
The company was indulging in money circulation scheme by luring the public, Mr. 
Prasad said. Eight cases were registered against the company following complaints 
from Guntur and Prakasam districts. The CID Additional DGP cautioned the public 
against trusting such companies.

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