Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another Amway copycat TrillionsIndia is on the prowl

One of our readers Suresh from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, brought to our notice about the new racket which has been fleecing the Indians. is just another copycat of Amway India. 28/480, Girinagar Enclave, Kadavantra, Cochin-682020, email., Fax No. 914844033266 is the corporate office address.
Surprisingly, the website of this fake company do not mention the names of the board of directors, managing director or any other office-bearers. 
This Kerala-based cheating company also offers various levels to its distributors with lot of promises and easy/quick money.
It offers Alkaline water stick, whatever that means, MST Energy Pendant, Scalar Energy Pendant, Bio Magnetic Bracelet, Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera kit, Noni juice each for R. 3750. In the next stage the distributor has purchase/sell products each worth 6,750 and the next stage, products like bio magnetic necklace and others ranging from Rs. 12,750 to Rs. 30,000 have to be purchased for sale. Each distributor would be given a handsome commission on purchases. These crooks also have a slogan "Win Together & Share Together".
Ultimately, the company without the names of its board of directors boasts that it was registered under Companies Act, 1956.
Corporate Frauds Watch warns people of India not to fall prey to the inducement from such crooks and lose your precious earnings.


Unknown said...

Yes don't believe this company. CEO Mr Shabu is fraud. He started his business in cochin took money from cohcin public and ran away to mumbai and culcutta. Given contact address in website also wrong. NO company exist there.
Will give you more info about this company.

Dan said...

I met a guy in Mumbai at a products exhibition selling these magnetic bracelets. He tried to convince me about the power of the bracelets to change your luck, health, etc. I immediately realized it was bull but did give him his 10 minutes of effort - then gracefully bowed out saying I would think about it!

Now I know the products are the brainchild of the MLM stable.