Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Is there another Andimuthu Raja lurking behind 'Amway India Enterprises ?'

Many of your free-thinking readers are already aware that India's former Telecom Minister, Mr. Andimuthu Raja (along with eight other persons, including two government officials), is currently facing criminal charges of fraud, conspiracy, forgery and abuse of power which could result in him receiving a seven year prison sentence . 
In brief, Mr. Raja (an ambitious young fellow of humble origins ) stands accused of secretly accepting substantial bribes to allocate 2G spectrum to criminals (hiding behind corporate structures) at way below their real market value. Thus, depriving the Indian people of an estimated $40 billions.  
Now it strikes me that an Indian government Minister who has evidently conspired with racketeers to betray the trust of his fellow citizens on such a massive scale, could, technically, have been indicted for treason against the Republic of India and its Constitution. Common sense would suggest that if Indian prosecutors were really serious about stamping out corruption, then treason should now become the mandatory charge for any Indian public servant caught perpetrating any criminal act judged to have caused significant damage to the Indian economy and, thus, posing a real threat to democracy and the rule of law in the Republic of India. 
The obvious question is: 
Given that 'Amway India Enterprises' has already been clearly identified by senior Indian Judges as the front for a major criminal enterprise, why haven't similar investigations been made into exactly how a gang of US-based, billionaire racketeers managed to get this dangerous, Trojan Horse corporate structure into India right under the noses of (ill-informed, and/or possibly-corrupt) Indian Ministers and government officials, in order to perpetrate criminal acts which have already caused, and are still causing, significant damage to the Indian economy and, thus, pose a real threat to democracy and the rule of law in the Republic of India ? 
It is not beyond the bounds of possiblity that more, greedy little traitors, occupying positions of trust, are lurking behind 'Amway India Enterprises.' 
David Brear  (copyright 2011)

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