Tuesday, 5 April 2011

'The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed'


Strange, but I was under the impression that, for months on Corporate Frauds Watch, we have been openly inviting your readers to think critically and to question, and that we have not been employing devious tactics to persuade your readers to believe blindly. Indeed, the famous quotation which I chose for the title of my previous post was taken from Alexander Pope's, 'An essay on Criticism.'

'A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking-largely sobers us again.' 

For the benefit of Nikhil Bhatia (who, like the unmasked  'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. Steadson, seems to be currently incapable of comprehending anything above the intellectual level of a comic book), what Alexander Pope warned his readers of in the 18th century, holds true today. It is a huge mistake to take anything at face value; one should always first do some serious studying. Pope made his reputation by translating epic Greek poetry into English. He, above all persons, understood the timeless wisdom in the ancient allegory of the Trojan Horse.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Pope 
Some serious studying reveals that the original, American'success' guru, Napoleon Hill (whom Nikhil Bhatia draws like a sword) was a master of persuading a certain type of aspiring American to stop thinking critically and to part with his/her money, whilst giving that person the illusion that he/she was making a free, calm and rational choice. In his best-selling books and pay-to-enter lectures, Hill was constantly telling his audience of wide-eyed would-be millionaires, that he was teaching them how to master their emotions and take control of their own thinking in order that they could all become rich and successful. In reality, Hill (who accepted absolutely no free-debate during his lectures) became a millionaire himself by identifying what the average, modern American most wanted to believe. Namely, that by studying the top 500 rich and successful Americans, he had discovered the exclusive step-by-step secrets of how the average American can also become rich and successful and that he was prepared to share this extraordinary knowledge with the rest of humanity (for a price). Thus, it was manifestly in Hill's financial interests to persuade his audience to exclude any free-thinking individual, or quantifiable evidence, challenging the authenticity of his profitable books and lectures. Hill's devious tactic was brilliantly effective. Without any quantifiable evidence to support his absurd affirmations, Hill simply told his audience that one of the exclusive secrets of becoming rich and successful was not to listen to the negative opinions of others, and that the majority of people failed to become rich and successful, because they were too easily influenced by others. In this way, Hill succeeded in persuading huge numbers of educated American adults to write down their wildest hopes and dreams of wealth along with a list of what they were prepared to give in order to achieve them, then to commit these confessions to memory and recite them over and over again at certain times of the day, exactly like a mantra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hA-7aq6OXI  
Nikhil Bhatia has evidently swallowed Napoleon Hill's thought-stopping, closed-logic bullshit hook, line and sinker. The gormless twit even expects us to swallow it as well. 
As ever, the obvious question to ask about any self-betterment quack is: Why, if this self-proclaimed illuminati really knew the secrets of becoming fabulously wealthy, did he find the need to share this valuable knowledge with others? 
Your free-thinking readers will notice that I am not addressing Nikhil Bhatia directly, neither have I stated that I am of the opinion that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What I actually invited your readers to observe were the demonstrably puerile contents of this pathetic little fellow's own Blog http://the-millionaire-inside-you.blogspot.com/ , which clearly demonstrate that he exhibits classic narcissistic traits (i.e. he talks highly about himself to eliminate feelings of worthlessness). These traits are considered 'normal' to human psychological development. It is when these traits become accentuated by a failure of the social environment and persist into adulthood, that they can intensify to the level of a severe mental disorder. A pernicious cultic group like 'Amway,' is a dangerous social environment for most people, but especially immature males with narcissistic traits who are completely convinced that they cannot be deceived. Notice also how Nikhil Bhatia insists on addressing me directly using my Christian name, to make himself feel important. 
Unfortunately, history proves that the core-adherents of pernicious cultic groups like 'Scientology', 'Amway', 'Fortune Hi-tech Marketing', etc. can be gradually dissociated from external reality and reformed into deployable agents furthering the hidden criminal objectives of their leaders. Ultimately, they can become completely dependent on a collective paranoid delusion of absolute moral and intellectual supremacy funadamental to the maintenance of their individual self-esteem/identity and related psychological function. 
It seems that Nikhil Bhatia has already taken the first steps down this dangerous path, but, classically, he remains convinced that he is making a free choice. Obviously, we stand to make nothing by telling Nikhil Bhatia the ugly truth, whilst the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob stand to add to their considerable fortune by enslaving him to peddle their self-gratifying lies. As ever, these lies have been perfectly tailored to fit the existing beliefs and instinctual desires of vulnerable persons like Nikhil Bhatia. 
Hopefully, this arrogant boy has some wise, older relatives who love him enough to take him in hand and help him finally to grow up. 
David Brear (copyright 2011) 
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developmentfuture said...

Government of India Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution of Consumer Affairs IT Desk

Sub: Inapplicability of the provisions of the PrizeChits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978 to Direct / Network Marketing.

Ref: 1. D.O.No.21/22/IT/2001 Dt: 31.03.2003. 2. F.No. 21/22/IT/2001 Dt. 09.04.2003.

I am directed to refer your letter dated 22nd / 23rd March'2003 addressed to Hon'ble Prime Minister / Home Minister of India on the subject mentioned above and to say that Secretary (Consumer Affairs) has written to Chief Secretaries of all states and Union Territories clarifying the Position that agencies involved in sale of Goods through Direct / Multilevel marketing do not come under the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) Act, 1978. A copy of the letter is enclosed for your information -- Ref.No.2

//Part of True Typed copy//

Note: The above referred letter was issued by was issued by Mr.Alice Chacko, under Secretary to Govt. Of India & Mr.Wajahat Habibullah, IAS, Secretary, Govt. Of India, clarifies the cited Subject herein.

// Compilation by//

Nikhil Bhatia said...

You are not correct in saying that "he talks highly about himself to eliminate feelings of worthlessness"

If today I am telling you through my blog that I want to buy a Porsche; I don't see any wrong in that.

On my blogs I also talk about Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Edison and soon will talk about lot more people who had belief in themselves.

Why do you want me to hide from people these facts?

If Mr. Edison wanted to make a light bulb everybody knew that he is working hard on it. If Mr. Ambani (Indian rags-to-riches business tycoon ) said to everybody he was going to become RICH; then what's the big problem in that.

If I have told the world what I want; I don't see any problem either. I am working towards my goal for a long time; even before I knew about MLM or Amway. It is just because I joined Amway and suddenly whatever facts I say feel suspicious to people.

The history of this world is the history of those people who had belief in themselves.

It was belief only that today we can fly in airplanes. Go back in time a 1000 years; and then if someone says one day we will fly in air; make a space shuttle and go around in space; everybody would have laughed.

The problem is some people believe and some people do not. There belief was strong and they kept working toward their goal and one day they achieved it.

Mr. Ambani went from rags to riches; it was because he believed.

My point is if someone wants to become a millionaire he surely can and will. The starting steps are faith, desire and believe.


And please don't confuse readers by writing "using my Christian name"; we all know that; and let me tell you "Nikhil is a Hindu name". Does it makes any point? We are here to talk about Amway and not what is Hindu or Christian name.

Here are some more facts about me and my family - "I believe in spiritualism and I have also read GITA and BIBLE. People in my family are active members of Art of Living including my aunt who has been using Amway products. Since childhood I have been attending Ramakrishna Mission; I really love to go there and meditate at times. In Delhi in Paharganj Area, Ramakrishna Mission is there where I used to go when I was in Delhi."

People is Amway are surely not cult; it's a complete misunderstanding.
Go and meet people who are in Amway.

My aunt likes the products so she is using them. As simple as that. I am liking the products; so I am using them. If someone joins as my downline and he too likes the products and starts using them; I don't call that a cult business?

A cult business is when you force somebody to use the products. I do not force anybody; I ask people to give a try to Amway products and if you don't like them; return them and you will get 100% money back. This is a fact.

There are some greedy people who force people to use Amway products just to make their PV. That is wrong.

Nikhil Bhatia said...

Below is a copy paste from Amway Business Kit. It's a long book of 66 pages.
"Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct for Amway Distributors"

Section 3: Becoming a distributor

3.6 Prohibited Sponsoring Practices: No prospect, as a condition to becoming a new Distributor shall be required to, nor any currently authorized Distributor, as a condition to provide assistance to a prospect or new Distributor, in the development of their Amway Distributorship, require the prospect or such new Distributor to:

3.6.1 Purchase any specified amount of products

3.6.2 Maintain a specified minimum inventory

3.6.3 Purchase any non-Amway produced "product" or other "pack" or "kit"

3.6.4 Purchase tapes, literature, audio-visual aids, or other materials or participate in any "tape of the month" or "tape of the week" programs

3.6.5 Purchase tickets for and/or attend or participate in rallies, seminars, or other meetings.

The only requirement which a sponsoring Distributor can impose upon a prospect whom he is willing to Sponsor is that the prospect shall posses an official Amway Business Kit(without substitution or alteration in the contents) and sign an SA-88-ID Application for Distributor Authorization Form and submit it to Amway.

I am happy I have read the Code of Ethics book and doing business in an ethical manner. I only show the facts, if someone does not likes the products, I will not force them to use it. It is their choice.

That is ethical business. Reason why 90% people fail because many people don't care to read Code of Ethics booklet and understand the business model. All these people will fail and that is a fact and then say this business is cult or scam.

There maybe some greedy people but that does not proves that Amway itself is a cult. No it is not a cult and neither am I and neither all those people who are doing this business in an ethical manner.

I hate people who are greedy and make use of others to increase their PV. My uplines are not forcing me to do a specific PV and believe me neither they they can.