Saturday, 2 April 2011

'Nikhil Bhatia' and 'IBOFB' what's the difference?

Judging by his lengthy and precisely-worded replies, the strangely-familiar character who identifies himself as, 'Nikhil Bhatia,' is not the innocent and independent little Indian fellow he first appeared. Indeed, his scripted comments are self-evidently the opening chapters of an Indian version of  the same-old 'Amway' fairytale which we have read before, and which was regularly recited on this Blog by the 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. David Steadson a.k.a. 'IBOFB,' before he was banned for persistently posting puerile, abusive, false and defamatory statements. 
Remember, it was the masked 'IBOFB' who (without the slightest supporting evidence) tried to convince your free-thinking readers that he was a perfect little example of all the millions of satisfied 'Independent Amway Business Owners' who all have numerous, lawful, retail customers regularly buying 'Amway' products, and who aren't just temporary, self-consuming dupes trying to recruit more temporary, self-consuming dupes into a dissimulated closed-market swindle. Mr. Steadson assured your readers that he only bought the good-value 'Amway' products because he loved them. He cited his dear old mother as his convenient example of a satisfied and loyal 'Amway' retail customer of many years. 
Now, all of a sudden, we have 'Nikhil Bhatia' who (without the slightest supporting evidence) is also trying to convince your free-thinking readers that he is another perfect little example of all the millions of satisfied 'Independent Amway Business Owners' who all have numerous, lawful, retail customers regularly buying 'Amway' products, and who aren't just temporary, self-consuming dupes trying to recruit more temporary, self-consuming dupes into a dissimulated closed-market swindle. 'Nikhil Bhatia' also assures your readers that he only buys the good-value 'Amway' products because he loves them. He also cites a dear-old female relative as his convenient example of a satisfied and loyal 'Amway' retail customer of many years. 
Perhaps 'Nikhil Bhatia' should have begun his lengthy fairytale with: Once upon a time in the perfect land of 'Amway' there lived a perfect business owner called... 
Interestingly, 'Nikhil Bhatia' admits to the existence of 'Amway's' secondary advance fee fraud in India. Taken in isolation, the sale to 'Amway' adherents of 'positive' publications, recordings and tickets to meetings can seem to be quite innocent. However, once you know that, during the previous 50+ years, the so-called 'Amway business opportunity' has secretly had tens of millions of individuals churned through it and that it has secretly had an effectively 100% rolling failure-rate, the peddling of these profitable 'positive thinking' materials on the absurd pretext that they contain vital secrets which can lead anyone to success in 'Amway,' is revealed as being part of an organized fraud. 
It seems that the latest contributions to this Blog from the strangely-familiar character who identifies himself as 'Nikhil Bhatia,' are part of a wider-pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)


Nikhil Bhatia said...

That is great David!!

And to tell you all those comments are not scripted; it is just that there are many people who are anti-amway; and they are so anti that some people whom I talk about Amway refuse to listen. That is fine but then these people come back to me and when I tell them Nutrilite is Amway brand; then these people say to me Nikhil we take Nutrilite but we never knew that this is Amway!!

and then their thinking changes because they are using the products for a long time; its just that many people are not aware they are using Amway.

I am 100% confident on the products; no doubt about it.

If you call it a scam; let be it. I don't care what you think.

I am going millionaire that is a fact, with or without amway, with or without anti-amway people.

Nikhil Bhatia said...

Now David says I am not innocent; this is simply interesting.

I joined Amway for a month and people have started to create a IMAGE of ME.

People who know me for a decade I tell you in truth they have a better IMAGE of ME.

Only because someone joins Amway and you start making a IMAGE; that is so unacceptable.

There are doctors in this business and do you mean to say all those doctors are killing people with Nutrilite.

That is funny David :)

Nikhil Bhatia said...

David: Now, all of a sudden, we have 'Nikhil Bhatia' who (without the slightest supporting evidence)

Nikhil: David, you might be out of India but Shyam is in India, soon I will meet him and give him all the evidences that is required; and then you can put it on your website and let the free readers decide for themselves.
what is right and what is wrong.

Till then it's a goodbye from myside.

I hope that helps; let the truth and products speak for themselves.


Nikhil Bhatia said...

And yes it was a worrying enquiry because I have a lot of people who are going to join and before I go in full swing; it was important for me to find the truth; but till now you people have failed to do so.

And I will help Shyam meet my aunt; meet those people who were using Nutrilite but never knew it was Amway and if you think all this is a play; I am sorry I cannot help you more than that.

Anyways, thanks for writing.

Till, then you can read my blog

Shyam Sundar said...

Nikhil, Like all Amway apologists, you are also under illusion that you are going to become a millionaire. Best of luck. I am eagerly looking forward to meet you. I have a sizable number of people who lost so much money after joining Amway under the illusion that it is going to make them rich. Even now, I am under the impression you have not read the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court and you are conveniently skipping that topic.

Nikhil Bhatia said...

Thanks Shyam I will be happy to meet people and know why they failed and how they lost money.

To be honest I am not lying my massi is using Amway products for 4 years and there is nothing she has lost; so David claims are false to me. In latest comments on AP court's decision I have given proofs too.

Personally I approached my two friends who were involved in this business but they quit. They said that they got demotivated and I can understand if everyone makes fun of you simply because you join Amway many people would break down and quit.

That is happening to me also. My offices colleges make fun of me for 2 months but I am a tough guy; and after giving them all the proofs of Amway all they could say to me was "Nikhil this is not a scam; now we know that; but we simply do not have the energy to do all this"

So if David says it is easy money; no it is not; energy is needed in this business and infact a lot of it; for me it becomes easy because as I tell you I can inspire people to buy a ferrari with or without Amway.

I have met a lot of people in my life who had made a fun out of me even before joining Amway and that is simply because I think BIG.

Today I drive a Civic because of my BIG thinking and I have no doubt at all that Porsche is coming too. Now people who have known me for years; they also say that "Nikhil is one man who is surely going to buy porsche". Before all these people used to make fun of me but they all changed because it is impossible to demotivate me.

You can read my first blog.