Sunday, 10 April 2011

The boss of 'Club Asteria' has lied about her background and achievements

Apparently, there are still some gullible readers of Corporate Frauds Watch who remain convinced that Andrea Lucas, the boss of the 'Club Asteria' mob, is a former (Executive) Director of the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank. Amazingly, this absurd 'business opportunity' racketeer has even been described on the Net. as the former Chief of the World Bank. 
Fortunately, the full, official list of Chief Executive Officers of the IFC of the World Bank is now available. 
Lars H. Thunell 2006 – Present
Peter L. Woicke 1999 - 2005
Jannik Lindbaek 1994 - 1998
Sir William Ryrie 1984 - 1994
Hans A. Wuttke 1981 - 1984
Moeen Qureshi 1977 - 1980
Ladislaus Von Hoffman 1974 - 1977
William S. Gaud 1969 - 1974
Martin M. Rosen 1961 - 1969
Robert L. Garner 1956 - 1961
What a surprise, the name, 'Andrea Lucas,' does not feature. 
As previously stated, officials in the Dept. of Ethics of the World Bank have confirmed that the very same Andrea Lucas, who now features all over the Net., was employed at the IFC in Washington DC, 1979-1986, but only in a middle-management capacity, known internally an 'office director.' Currently, approximately 10 000 persons work at the HQ of the World Bank and several hundreds are known internally as 'directors.'  
Far from being an renowned expert in international finance, in recent times, Andrea Lucas has, in fact, been an American real-estate agent. 
David Brear (Copyright 2011)

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