Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some much-needed comic-relief

Of course, it is not just you and me who have been trying to get 'MLM' adherents to laugh at themselves, in an attempt to bring them back into the world of quantifiable reality. Unfortunately, another identifying characteristic of narcissists and cultists, is their arrogant inability to recognize how absurd they are.  
I wonder if Corporate Frauds Watch's resident, would-be millionaire, Nikhil Bhatia, is aware that the absurd character of ordinary man turned 'MLM' super businessman (whom he has recently been playing so relentlessly, but unconvincingly, on your Blog), already features in the satirical movie, 'Believe'. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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Nikhil Bhatia said...

They are deleting comments and facts, I advise you not to waste anymore time on these blogs. Let them call and do whatever they want to. It's a democratic country and let the truth speak for itself.

I will give you a wise advise
1) Just make sure to pay your taxes and be ethical in whatever you do.
2) Never force people to join MLM specially Amway; just show them the facts and let them make a choice.

Take Care

Nobody can challenge you then.

developmentfuture said...

Mr.Nikhil Bhatia,
You are Right,They deleted the posted comments of us cause those were true facts.But again I re posted,lets we see what they do now.Yesterday Night you posted about OWN PIZZA Restaurent busines and can sell at 500Rs including taxes and You wrote many TRUTHS,But today morning I too observed they were deleted.HOW SHAME ?

Thanks and Take care.

Shyam Sundar said...

You don't care for the law of the land. You do n't care for the decision of the highest judiciary of the land. There are certain issues which could be challenged in the court of law. I am highlighting in this blog the judgements of the judiciary which held the business model of some companies like Amway India, Apple FMCG, V-Can Network and others illegal. I have pointing out that these companies have been cheating the gullible all over world. If you prove that the judgements are wrong, approach the judicial courts and present your cases. What is the point in blabbering meaningless arguments in my blog. If you want to say anything meaningful you are welcome. Otherwise you are not welcome to write senseless things.