Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tarun Trikha is the 'Bernie Madoff of India'

I fully accept that Kasey Chang, and others, have long-since posted the name of an Indian-based crook, Tarun Trikha, as being the person most-probably behind the 'TVI Express' racket . What I was suggesting was that, even after his rigorous investigation, Kasey Chang cannot be 100% certain that Tarun Trikha is the final beneficiary posting as benefactor of this global scam. In the same way, I cannot be 100% certain that the 'Amway'  trail stops with the DeVos and VanAndel clans.  
There is plenty of video material available on the Net. showing Tarun Trikha in full and frightening ('Amway'-style) flow. Indeed, the attached-video could easily be of an 'Amway' rally . It makes me wonder if Tarun Trikha has been an adherent of 'Amway' in the past. 
Personally, I prefer not to describe Tarun Trikha as a 'mastermind'. He appears to be merely a psychologically-dominant, but otherwise-mediocre, young fellow suffering from severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 
Speaking of NPD sufferers, Tarun Trikha has already been described as the 'Bernie Madoff of India.' 
Kasey Chang has stated that he does not consider himself to be a world authority on anything other than the 'TVI Express' fraud. I would strongly dispute this; for anyone who is an authority on any particular 'MLM business opportunity' fraud, is automatically an authority on all of them, because, apart from the different reality-inverting labels over their entrances, inside, they are all essentially the same. It is, therefore, fascinating to note that Kasey Chang has already been subjected to a stream of puerile abuse on his Blog from a typically-deluded little flock of 'TVI Express' adherents, and that a reality-inverting propagandist for the 'TVI Express' racket (who might actually be Tarun Trikha himself) has been haunting the Net. hiding behind multiple-disguises. 
I wonder if Kasey Chang is aware of the extensive reality-inverting propaganda activities of the unasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. David J. Steadson a.k.a. 'IBOFB'a.ka. 'Insider' a.k.a. 'Icerat' etc. who has spent the last several years of his life infiltrating (by first posing as an independent and honest 'Amway business owner') and disrupting debate on forums where former, and current, ill-informed 'Amway' victims are trying to make sense of the pernicious, reality-inverting, cultic virus which has infected their minds. Mr.Steadson has even boasted that his preferred Internet alias,'IBOFB,'  wears the garb of 'The Dread Pirate Roberts' - a fictional thief, liar and assasin whose mask remains the same, but whose real identity keeps constantly changing. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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வித்யாசாகரன் (Vidyasakaran) said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the great service you have been doing through this blog.
May I suggest you to add labels to each post? Amway, PACL etc for example.
That will help categorize your posts and to locate relevant posts quickly for the users.

GuyReviews said...

I am aware of some people describing Amway's practices as being an "reality distortion field".

However, Amway at least requires its members to SELL THINGS, real things like nutritional supplements, detergents, and other stuff.

TVI Express only requires its members to recruit more members.

Thus is the fundamental difference: Amway's motive is relatively benign: it wants to sell more PRODUCTS. What it ended up doing, i.e. a secondary market of all those promo/training, creation of personality cult around the leaders, etc., are the results of THAT motive.

On the other hand, TVI Express's only motive is "recruit more members". That means it is fundamentally a pyramid scheme.

Here are 5 signs of a fake MLM (as compared to a real one). Please note, that a REAL MLM may not be good for you either, but at least it's not fundamentally a scam.

GuyReviews said...

Here's a bit more of Tarun Trikha's reality distortion field:

Spins tales for a conference call

A fake biography:

Others call him CEO even though he was just a distributor before:

Ownership of TVI Express revealed:

McGyver said...

Dear Shyam, what are the legal possibilities to stop this organisation in spreading lies and to make them keep their promisses.
Here in France we are at least 4000 forgotten TVI adherents that would like to try a "class action"

McGyver said...

Let's unite in order to be strong, lot's of people in TVI want to realise humanitarian projects but are blocked by the systemic refusal to recieve payouts of their earnings

Darna said...

McGyver, is class action possible to stop TVi? I'm interested...

Unknown said...

Tarun Trikha arrested in Kolkata India
This is a Tarun Trikha image of the Kolkata railway station with C.I.D
Tarun face is in the towel I will update some more photo soon....