Sunday, 24 April 2011

The only real money flowing into 'MLM' has come from its participants

Although he probably will continue to deny it, the resident, Corporate Frauds Watch comedian, Mr. Kasey Chang, has returned yet again with a string of laugh-a-minute oxymorons and paralogisms, but which he firmly believes are rational arguments.
I am seriously beginning to think that no genuine person can possibly be as obtuse as Mr. Chang. We have encountered some pretty inflexible characters on Corporate Frauds Watch, but Mr. Chang is perhaps the most perplexing. He continues to prove himself to be incapable of expressing himself in clear unambiguous English, and to be equally incapable of understanding our thoughts, no matter how clearly these are expressed. Yet he insists that what he says is perfectly clear and that it is ourselves who are not making our thoughts clear.
The funny little fellow is now offering me his fatherly advice how to conduct a debate, even though (quite obviously) I have not been addressing him directly, let alone conducting a debate with him. 
In brief, Shyam, Mr. Chang keeps saying that he knows nothing about 'Amway' and that, consequently, he has no opinion to offer on 'Amway', but, in the same breath, he then keeps repeating the simplistic, and dangerous, opinion that the 'business opportunity' which has been offered by the corporate structure known as 'Amway Inc.' (in the wake of a 1979 US Federal court ruling), is legal (in the sense of lawful) in the USA, because it offers rewards to its participants for retailing products and services to the public rather for recruiting more and more participants, ad infinitum.
Mr. Chang also keeps repeating the reality-inverting word 'ethical'
Over many months, in a series of highly-detailed articles and analyses, we have clearly set out our position (a well-informed and intellectually-rigorous position) which renders Mr. Chang's ill-informed and simplistic opinion totally invalid. Although he refuses to accept his error of logic, Mr. Chang's recent questions refer to a fiction as though it is fact. 
No matter how many times we explain, Mr. Chang apparently cannot see that, exactly like Bernie Madoff, the billionaire bosses of  the cultic group arbitrarily defined as 'Amway', are narcissistic charlatans and racketeers who have escaped investigation, regulation and prosecution in the USA (and elsewhere), by pretending affinity with naive US regulators and falsely claiming to be ethical businessmen who have offered a legitimate means of making money to their fellow human beings, and who respect the laws of God and man. Thus, exactly as in the case of Bernie Madoff, the fact that the bosses of 'Amway' have yet to be investigated, charged and convicted, does not mean that what they have been doing is legal (in the sense of lawful); for although it beggars belief, in the 1970s, US government regulators at the FTC caught the 'Amway' bosses red-handed operating a relatively small pyramid scam dissimulated as a 'lawful business opportunity', but, in 1979, a federal judge allowed these proven liars and thieves a free-hand to expand their already proven criminal enterprise without any further independent regulation, simply because these liars and thieves promised that they had mended their ways and that they would, henceforth, regulate their own enterprise.
How is it possible that Mr. Chang still fails to comprehend how we, and many other intellectually-rigorous observers in search of the truth (like Bruce Craig and Robert FitzPatrick, etc.), have arrived at the inescapable conclusion that, for the previous 30+ years, every so-called 'MLM company' has exploited this chronic US regulatory failure, and have been the corporate fronts for essentially the same reality-inverting scam which has been hidden behind essentially the same reality-invering 'MLM' fairytale?  
We have clearly stated that apart from the extraordinary testimonies of destitute 'MLM' dissidents, we have had access to decades of lawsuits and documents submitted in evidence, including the extensive audited accounts and tax records of  so-called 'MLM companies' and their non-salaried commission agents. This evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that, over the decades, tens of millions of individuals have been churned through 'Amway' and its many copy cats, but, despite what they steadfastly pretend to be reality, virtually no products and services have ever been sold by any of these persons to the public for a profit. On the contray, the minority of 'MLM' participants who could afford to remain active have been conditioned to follow essentially the same economically-suicidal plan of recruitment and regular consumption, on the pretext that this proven system can lead anyone to total financial freedom in a few years. 
Thus, just as in Bernie Madoff's so-called 'Hedge Fund' , the only real money flowing into these so-called 'MLM schemes', has obviously come from the ill-informed participants themselves. In other words, exactly as in the case of the Madoff fraud, ill-informed 'MLM' participants have, in fact, been peddled infinite shares in their own finite cash.  As a result, other than a tiny minority of decoys (whose apparent wealth has invariably also derived from secondary advance fee frauds a.k.a. 'tool scams'), all so-called 'MLM business opportunities' have had effectively 100% overall, rolling insolvency/failure-rates - which, for obvious reasons, have been deliberately occulted from the public.
In all so-called 'MLM schemes,' the effectively-unsaleable wampum has only been there to mask illegal payments into essentially the same, self-perpetuating, closed-market swindle.
How can anyone possibly fail to understand our position  ? 
David Brear (copyright 2011). 

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