Friday, 1 October 2010

IBOFB could not understand simple tables too

It is once again proved that the masked IBOFB could not understand simple English but also could not follow a simple table in the website of Amway India.
Following is the table in the website of Amway:

Total Sales Turnover of X’s group is 5,50,000 BV = 10,000 PV
Commission level for the Group at 10,000 PV = 21%
Total Group Commission 21% of 5,50,000 BV= Rs. 1,15,500 (X)
Commission earned by A’s Group 12% of 1,10,000 BV = Rs. 13,200 (A)
Commission earned by B’s Group 12% of 1,10,000 BV = Rs. 13,200 (B)
Commission earned by C’s Group 9% of 55,000 = Rs. 4,950 (C)
Commission earned by D’s Group 15% of 2,20,000 = Rs. 33,000 (D)
Net Commission earned by you = X - A - B - C - D = Rs. 51,150
Retail Profit Margin on X’s
Personal Business 20% of 55,000 = Rs. 11,000
X’s Total monthly Earnings = Rs. 62,150

The table clearly shows that the total monthly earnings of X is Rs. 62,150.
Is the table really that complicated that IBOFB could not understand what is Group A, B, C, D?.
If there is no enrollment from where these groups emerge. Will it be out of blue?
The table clearly says that the retail profit margin of X's personal business is Rs. 11,000
This is what is called pyramid scheme and the illegal money circulation scheme. The Supreme Court of India rightly pointed out that this type of chain schemes attract the provisions of the Section 420 (cheating) of Indian Penal Code apart from Section 2 (c) of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.


Joecool said...

I think he is choosing not to understand it because those facts don't agree with his agenda. LOL

IBOFB said...

It is you who either (a) cannot understand and/or (b) continue to be dishonest.

Where did I say this example from the website, which includes enrolment, was not one of the effectively inifite possible ways of making Rs.62,150 through Amway?

This is the classic resort of the dishonest debater - create a false claim, assigning it to your "opponent" and the attack them for saying something they never said in the first place.

You dismiss third party data like that supplied by Datamonitor, and you make up stuff, claim I said it, and then argue against it.

And Joecool chimes in to support you. That in itself says enough.


rocket said...

Oh yes Steadson.

You're really one to talk about having a frank and honest discussion.

You're nothing but a whore for Amway, and since you obviously have no notable success, you're a cheap whore at that.

When you do seemingly nothing for your own Amway business other than spend endless hours on the web defending it, it's pretty obvious what the problem is to everyone but you.

What level you at now Dave? Are you even at the 4000 level Joecool was at before he decided it was a bunch of baloney?

Shyam Sundar said...

"You have had your misunderstandings of the Amway business model explained numerous times. You choose to ignore it." These are the words by the faceless fellow in the other post. I have been mentioning the business model of the Amway India several times. This fellow lies that he never mentioned about the example of website. Where else is the business model of Amway? He calls everyone a liar when he is outright lying and being dishonest all the time.
That is why I call these people shameless apologists.