Sunday, 24 October 2010

An obvious question remains unanswered

As you know, in the mid-1990s (at great personal risk), I began to complain loudly to law enforcement agencies in the UK that several UK-registered, privately-controlled, limited-liability commercial-companies (including 'Amway UK Ltd.' ,'International Business Systems Ltd.' and the so-called 'UK Direct Selling Association Ltd.') were the front for a massive and highly-organized blame-the-victim 'Business Opportunity' swindle which was being perpetuated by a minority core-group of deeply-deluded victims (like my own brother) who had been programmed to ignore reality and unconsciously to accept that simply by 'Duplicating a Proven Plan' and purchasing around about $200 worth of 'Amway'-supplied wampum each month, and recruiting their friends and relatives to do the same, anyone could achieve 'Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years.' I also explained to UK law enforcement agents, and tax compliance officers, that, behind the so-called 'Direct Selling industry,' lurked numerous, US-based, advance fee frauds in which tens of millions of transient adherents of criminogenic, cultic organizations like 'Amway' had been peddled (without any payment of tax) hundreds of millions of dollars of effectively-valueless publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc. on the pretext that these 'Business Support Materials' contained exclusive secrets which were vital to achieving success.
For more than a decade, government officials in what was then known as the UK Dept. of Trade and Industry, absolutely refused to make any investigation of 'Amway UK Ltd.' As far as I am aware, no tax investigation has ever been launched into the so-called 'Amway tool scam' in the UK. However, the company officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' and those of the so-called'UK DSA,' immediately became aware of my complaints. Subsequently, in an obvious attempt to obstruct justice, attorneys acting for 'Amway UK Ltd.' were instructed to intimidate me into silence. 'Amway's' attorneys sent poison-pen letters to UK government officials, and politicians, ridiculing and modifying my accusations, in which they steadfastly pretended that I had invented everything because of a private 'vendetta' between myself and my brother. Another poison-pen letter (hand-writen by my brother) detailing this alleged-'vendetta,' was also circulated.
In the late 1990's, an expensive full-page advert appeared for several weeks in various British Sunday newspaper colour-supplements. The advert featured a dream image of a smiling, attractive, thirty-something, heterosexual couple(models) dressed in expensive vintage-style sheepskin flying jackets, posing with a rare 1930s Lagonda sports car (then worth around £200 000) in an English country landscape. The headline caption read: 'If we'd had known how easy it was to start our own business we'd have done it years ago.' The small print revealed that the 'business' was 'Amway,' and details were given of how to get in touch with a representative of the company in the UK. Thus, it was implied that the substantial prosperity and resulting freedom and happiness(which the persons in this advert were displaying), could be easily obtained by anyone through their participation in the 'Amway Business Opportunity.'
It is now known that between 1973 and 2007, at least one million UK and Irish Citizens (including my own brother) were deceived into signing annual contracts with 'Amway UK Ltd.,' in which they were arbitrarily and falsely defined as 'Independent Business Owners.' During this period virtually no 'Amway-'supplied wampum was lawfully-retailed for a net-profit by persons under contract to the company to persons who were not under contract to the company. The result was an effective 100% rolling insolvency/failure rate for so-called 'Independent Amway Businesses' in the UK. Furthermore, we also now know that 'Amway UK Ltd.' was a permanently-insolvent corporate structure which (in total) lost tens of millions of dollars, but which had finally been kept afloat by mysterious cash-injections apparently lawfully-derived from dividends paid on shares held by 'Amway Europe' in 'Amway Korea'.
For 34 years, the slightest information which might have revealed the truth about the counterfeit nature, and effective impossibility, of the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity,'or what lurked behind it, was deliberately hidden from the public. Thus, the company officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' and those of the so-called 'UK DSA' were guilty of committing fraud, and of conspiring to commit fraud and to obstruct justice, on behalf of US-based bilionaire racketeers.
I have yet to receive any intelligible answer to the following obvious question:
Why (in 2006) did a British Government Minister (advised by senior government officials and lawyers who were in full-possession of the wider-evidence) decide only to file a (civil) public interest bankruptcy petition against the demonstrably-fake 'Direct Selling' company known as 'Amway UK Ltd.,' when its clandestine criminal purpose, which was only part of an overall pattern of major racketeering activity, should have been a matter not just for the UK Serious Fraud Office and the criminal courts, but also for the UK Prime Minister's Office and, probably, the UK Security Services?
David Brear (copyright 2010)

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