Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The authors of the 'Amway/MLM' fairytale have been peddling false hope

I observe that a new intellectually-castrated character, 'Star,' has been posting familiar, provocative, Amspeak bull-shit on Corporate Frauds Watch. Even though 'Star' recites the'Amway' fairytale perfectly, he/she steadfastly pretends to be completely independent of 'Amway.'
Possibly the most laughable line which 'Star' keeps regurgitating, is that 'Amway gives hope to people all over the world.'
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, 50+ years of evidence (in the form of an effectively total lack of  payment of income tax by so-called 'MLM business owners' ) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the authors of the 'Amway/MLM'  fairytale have become billionaires by peddling tens of millions of poor people, false hope.
So-called 'MLM income opportunities' (which have all been copy-cats of 'Amway') are a means of getting vulnerable persons to commit financial and psychological suicide, and to destroy them with guilt. 
I think that it is pretty safe to say that 'Star' is yet another reality-inverting invention of the rats at the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth; and, curiously, if you invert the pseudonym, 'Star,' that is exactly what you find.
David Brear (copyright 2012)

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Peter said...

If you don't know Hindi Shya, just get lost and stop blogging, You are an Indian you fool by Born or what??? Were you born in Shri Lanka?? hahaha..

Stupid fellow, at this time you have created a controversies, at one place this country is fighting to Kill Un employment and at the other End, Brain Less like you have put a Question Mark on the Future of more than 3,000 employees of Nmart who earn more than 5,000 a Month to run their Houses.. Bull Shit Bull Shit Bull Shit

People like you, should Join TEAM ANNA, they give free Food too.. If you think you have done something nice, just Get up, look your Damn face in the Mirror, and Ask Yourself, how many Kids, How many families will crave for their Salaries this month to feed their families? ever thought of that??? No you never nor your SP have ever thought, do you know that India is the only country these days who is fighting for the economic growth??????? and due to you kind of people, more people will become jobless, homeless and food less.. Just think, your own Kids are asking to get a glass of milk and you have't been paid for this month, you don't have 2 rupees to buy a milk for them.. ever thought of that? there are families like these who are working at Nmart, you have spoiled their days, their month and their hunger..

You might be a crore pati or millionaire, but not every man or woman who work at Nmart are, you speak of Speakasia, you have tried to close the company and guess what??? You have nabbed the throat of the company through that many people who invested money in that, they just died, their money just went to the Govt., in fact you are the one who is responsible to spoil the working lives of poor people, you don't see Future cuz you can't see it, you don't see how many people earn, how many people buy products free every month just to get their expenses lowered, what do you say?? don't you run to sip a cup of tea or coffee just when you get that free?? Don't say no as no one is true by heart, not even you, not even Anna.

When you wake up tomorrow, Go to the Mirror, look at your face, and ask, How many families have you feeded yesterday and how many you will feed today, how many families will you be able to feed them whose lives you are just rolling them by creating these un employments...

Else, i believe God is in everyone, the moment the God will knock the doors of your Heart, you will be the one to see the world, else your are just a dead man, born to spoil the lives of others.

For me, You have spoiled my life at this Date.. Will meet you some day.