Monday, 10 August 2009

Amway always tries to cover up its criminal activity

The UK commercial regulators know that a corporate officer of 'Amway UK Ltd. ' and one from the 'UK Direct Selling Association', committed perjury when they submitted written depositions to the UK High Court. Yet, mysteriously, no complaint was made by the UK commercial regulators' legal representatives to the Judge about these lies.
'Amway's' corporate officer deliberately lied when she steadfastly pretended to have been unaware that high-level 'Amway' initiates in the UK were making false claims about how much money UK participants were likely to make from 'Amway.' She also deliberately lied when she claimed to be unaware that the major financial activity within the ranks of 'Amway' (profitting a few high-level 'Amway' initiates in the USA) was actually the sale of (apparently 'unauthorized') books, recordings and tickets to meetings, etc.
Even though 'Amway's' lawyers claimed that 'Amway UK' had not been responsible, they still promised the UK High Court that, henceforth, no false income claims would be made by any 'Amway' initiate and that no unauthorized materials would be sold. However, the same situation had existed for 34 years without any internal or external regulation whatsoever. This criminal activity was first highlighted in a UK magazine article, 'Hidden Persuaders,' by Tony Thompson, published in the early 1990s. At that time, 'Amway's' lawyers had even threatened a lawsuit if the article was published.
In other words, more than 15 years ago, agents of 'Amway' maliciously tried to cover up the same criminal activity which its corporate officer recently pretended to be unaware of.
David Brear

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