Friday, 7 August 2009

IBOFB and his gang have nothing to say substantial

As you know, our smug Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson always attempts to brand all free-thinking individuals challenging the authenticity of the 'Amway' myth as 'an isolated group of ranting and delusional liars.' He's even accused you of starting Corporate Frauds Watch because you are a 'Communist.' At all times, the bleating little flock of 'Amway' apologists pretend absolute moral and intellectual authority, despite the fact that it is they who are under contract to a criminogenic, cultic organization (run by billionaire racketeers) and who are educationally unqualified.
As I have previously stated, the one (highly-qualified) 'Amway' critic whom 'Amway' apologists never seem to want to mention has been Prof. G. Robert Blakey (b. 1936). When I have mentioned him, the Steadson robot's systematic response is to denigrate Blakey a 'paid hack.' Notice, however, that Steadson doesn't risk calling Blakey a 'ranting, delusional liar.'
In reality, Blakey qualified as an American attorney in 1960. He then joined the US Dept. of Justice and became a Special Attorney in the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the Criminal Division of that Dept. When Robert Kennedy was appointed Attorney General, Blakey was part of the Justice Dept.'s major effort to prosecute organized crime members, corrupt political figures and co-opted trade union officials. Blakey stayed at the Justice Dept. until 1964 when he was appointed Prof. of Law at Notre Dame University. In that capacity, he acted as Consultant on Organized Crime to the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. In 1969, Blakey was appointed Chief Counsel of the Subcommittee on Criminal Laws and Procedures of the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. John Little McClellan. At this time, Blakey drafted the Organized Crime Control Act (known as the RICO Act). He went on to become Prof. of Law and Director of the Cornell Institute on Organized Crime at the Cornell Law School 1973-1980. Blakey was also Special Counsel to the US Judiciary Committee chaired by Sen. Joseph Biden (recently-elected as 47th Vice-President of the USA). Blakey is currently Prof. of Law at the Notre Dame Law School, and he is generally aknowledged to be the foremost authority on the Raketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 1970 (RICO).
So exactly what did Prof. Blakey have to say about 'Amway?'
'It is my opinion that the Amway business is run in a manner that is parallel to that of major organized crime groups, in particular the Mafia. The structure and function of major organized crime groups, generally consisting of enterprises engaging in patterns of legal and illegal activity, was the prototype forming the basis for Federal and State legislation that I have been involved in drafting. The same structure and function, with associated enterprises engaging in patterns of legal and illegal activity is found in the Amway' business.'
Remember this is only the opening paragraph of Prof. Blakey's confidential 'Amway' Report. The full text can be easily found on the Net.
It is no wonder that our smug Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson and his heel-clicking little 'Amway' gang have nothing substantial to say on this matter.
David Brear


IBOFB said...

What's to say? He was paid to write a negative piece, and every single court that has ever investigated both is report and similar claims have rejected them. This isn't surprising since the report has a number of significant and blatant factual errors, let alone errors of opinion. Blakey is smart enough to know this, and even prefaces his opinion by stating it's been formed by evaluation of documents provided by his employers, and that it may have to be adjusted as he learns more from the Defendants.

What a surprise.

So, who is more likely to be correct? One attorney paid to write something negative by one side of a lawsuit, who supplies him with the information to evaluate, or dozens of judges paid to evaluate all sides of an issue an come to a conclusion?

Clearly you prefer the first - assuming they agree with you of course.

As for accusing Shyam of being a communist, I don't recall every doing such a thing. Knowing that the communist party is still quite strong in India, I've asked him several times if he was a communist.

Interestingly, he's refused to answer.

Joecool said...

Whether or not someone is paif to write negative or positive about Amway, the fact is that some diamonds are scammers who make more money from tools than from Amway. The fact is also that most IBOs, even those who put forth significant effort, make little to nothing, or possibly suffer massive financial losses because of the systems.

That fact is also that Amway has a bad name reputation. While the fault is not entirely Amway's, it is still a tough sell in the US.

Even a Amway zealot like IBOFB cannot defend Amway with any substance because the truth is the truth. And the truth is that Amway is not a good business opportunity for nearly anyone who gets involved, especially if they are on the system.

Unknown said...

Hey there joe, I think there is substance in IBO's defence of Amway. Of course you can find negative stories to tell about Amway and I could list numerous success stories and awards givin by state governments and business instituions to Amway and its IBO's, in particular the award givin to Amway by THE United Nations one of only two companies EVER to recieve, but that is besides the point. The point to be made is that anyone who has the desire and the heart to achieve a level of financial idependence that allows them freedom from working for somone else has that oppurtunity with Amway and that has happened over and over again. In my opinion your time as well as the authors would be better spent fighting and critisizing real ciminals such as drug cartels, sex trafficers and illegal arms dealers inseatd of attacking a company who has the lowest divorce rate (2%) amongst its IBO's for businesses in the USA and is also one of the most philanthropic and charitable giving organizations in the world. I would like to know what relationship you have had with Amway? If you have failed in this business you need to accept the fact that it is your fault for failing, not the industries! Am-Way is the American Way, starting a business for yourself and becoming financially independent is uniquely the American Dream so keep in mind that your freedoms and our economic prosperitey was built on that dream.

Joecool said...

Geez, MJ, a 2% divorce rate? Where did you find that amazing fact? Did Paul Miller, Dean Kosage and Brad Wolgamott know about this? What about Howie Danzik?