Monday, 10 August 2009

Hooded man, IBOFB proves Amway is a cult

The hooded man has finally agreed that High Court judges in the USA are intelligent enough to throw the cases against Amway. Funnily, he does not accept the same parametre to the Indian judges who found fault with the business model of Amway India illegal. Of course, he did not elaborate what he felt about Indian judges.
It shows that the IBOFB is hell bent on defending Amway blindly at any cost throwing all reasons out. David Brear rightly calls it Amway cult. If it is not a cult, nobody would defend such a bogus company with all might.
Now the readers of this blog all over world, as far as I know in twenty countries, know well what exactly lies behind the hooded mask.
Wake up my brethren and sisters all over world to say no this monster of a company which has been siphoning out our hard-earned money and lining its pockets. Let us collectively throw this fraudulent company in Atlantic.
Come Join hands. Let us work together.

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