Saturday, 8 August 2009

Evidence suggests Amway is a pernicious racket

I now observe that our smug Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson has taken it upon himself to rewrite Prof. Blakey's report. Typically, the devious boy has substituted the word, 'supplemented,' for 'adjusted'. Thus, implying that Prof. Blakey had wanted to leave the possibility of changing his opinion rather than actually just expanding it. No matter what these bleating 'Amway's' apologists steadfastly pretend to be reality, Blakey has never altered his opinion, and neither his reasoning nor the factual material upon which his reasoning was based, have ever been refuted.
Given his conclusions, Blakey's report is remarkably fair in tone. Indeed, he deliberately refused to pass judgement on whether the 'Amway' leadership had broken the RICO Act, apparently assuming that the FBI would investigate the matter and that a criminal trial would ensue.
Despite a mountain of evidence that 'Amway' is a pernicious racket and that its instigators have corrupted the democratic system in the USA, at no time have the 'Amway' mob ever faced a rigorous criminal investigation in the USA for breaching the RICO Act, let alone come to trial.
David Brear


IBOFB said...

You're right that Amway has never faced a criminal inviestigation for breaching RICO.

What you neglect to mention is that lawsuits accusing Amway of breaching RICO have been filed numerous times.

And every single time the court has thrown out the charges

But you'd prefer government authorities to spend tax payers money on your wild theories, as happened in the UK. How many judges looked at the evidence there Brear? Four wasn't it?

And poor you, they just didn't agree with you. Of course, there's no way taht was going to effect a man on a crusade! Obviously the judges were wrong! So next step on your path of delusion? India apparently. And here you'll wax lyrical on the evils of Amway until yet another judge evaluates all the evidence and again says the inevitable - you're wrong.

Shyam Sundar said...

IBOFB comes out with his dubious defence of a dubious company. He produly says that the courts has thrown out the criminal cases in America. But he takes exception when Andhra Pradesh High Court found fault with the business model of the Amway India and pronounced it illegal.
Isn't it double standard. If it suits to you it is great and otherwise, they are not at all reasonable.
This is the most unreasonable argument from a person who wants to be rational.