Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Comparisons between Amway and Freemasonry is endless

Prof. Blakey's 'Amway' report explains at length that, exactly as in the Mafia, although secondary members of the DeVos and Van Andel clans (particularly wives and children), have ostensibly occupied the highest positions of management in the 'Amway' organization, when they were subjected to detailed questioning in court, they were unable to give intelligble answers to the most simple questions regarding the functioning of the corporate structures they were supposed to run.
Up until recently, it has been a matter of public record that both the founders of 'Amway' were '33rd. Degree Freemasons.' This information was widely-available on the Net without any challenge to its authenticity for many years.
At one time the 'Amway Corp.' acquired a 'Masonic Temple' in Ada Michigan and transformed, and expanded, it into a Hotel, but retaining the 'Masonic' fa├žade. Apparently, it is absolutely forbidden by the ancient rules of 'Freemasonry' for any 'Sacred' building(s) to be transferred into 'Profane' hands or to any association run exclusively by 'Profane' individuals.
'Amway' own jargon has borrowed 'Masonic' key-words and images. A prime example being how adherents always speak of 'Building the Business' (i.e. recruiting) and of 'Visualizing Dreams and Goals in life' (a form of secular prayer used within 'Fraternal' secret societies).
'Amway Networks' correspond to 'Masonic Chapters'.
In 'Amway' everything, and everyone, is systematically divided into 'Negative v Positive'. In 'Freemasonry,' it's 'Sacred v Profane'.
'Amway Diamonds' correspond to 'Grand Masters.' 'Direct Distributors' to 'Fellows of the Craft'. The highest initiates wear emblems (particularly on rings) as external signs of their moral and intellectual authority (but, only to fellow initiates).
Just as in 'Freemasonry,' the object of all Amway' initiates is to climb in parallel pyramids of obedience and secret knowledge in order to attain a place in a form of future, secure Utopian existence that is exemplified by the highest initiates who are the perfect role-models for the lower initiates to copy.
The list of obvious comparisons between 'Amway' and 'Freemasonry' is endless.
Interestingly, it has now become the policy of the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth to deny that the remaining founder of the organization is, or was, a 'Freemason.'
As the Steadson robot is programmed by the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth, his latest reaction is hardly surprising.
David Brear


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Actually David, I'm not a robot, I'm a 7 foot lizard!

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Hilarious. The more you spout, the more your delusional reality becomes clear.

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