Monday, 10 August 2009

Amway is new variant of KKK of early 90s

The key to understanding how 'Amway' functions, and how its sanctimonious leaders have so far escaped imprisonment, lies in the organization's own esoteric structure. Remember, the original joint-instigators of 'Amway' were white male Protestants and '33rd. Degree Freemasons'. The new generation are no different.
'Amway' is by no means unique. Indeed, there are many examples of pernicious /criminogenic, cultic organizations that have been constructed using perversions of traditional esoteric structures in order to prevent, and /or divert, investigation and isolate their self-appointed leaderships from liability. Probably the most notorious example being the second 'Ku Klux Klan', which, at the height of its grotesque activities during the early 1920s, claimed 6 millions adherents in the USA and 'Chapters' in every State. The second 'KKK' has also been described as a giant pyramid scam. Countless millions of dollars were generated for a handful of individuals who hid behind a mystifying labyrinth of privately-controlled, limited-liability, commercial-companies. Recruitment was by invitation only. Adherents were obliged to pay a nominal joining-up fee. They then were obliged to continue buying various publications, recordings, esoteric accessories and tickets to meetings, in order to climb in the group's hierarchy. The leadership of the second 'KKK' (who were exclusively white, male Protestants) steadfastly pretended moral and intellectual authority. The organization suddenly fell apart in 1925, when the 'Indiana Grand Dragon,' David Stevenson (a sanctimonious politician who had campaigned for 'prohibition and the protection of Protestant womanhood'), was imprisoned for raping, mutilating and murdering a young woman, Madge Oberholtzer, in a drunken orgy. Stevenson was so angry when his former friend, and Governor of Indiana, refused to help him that he released a list of public officials who had all been bought by the 'KKK.'
David Brear

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IBOFB said...

Where do you get your material David, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

While the owners of Amway was the DeVos and Van Andel families (the women owned shares too I believe), the founding board was a mix of both men and women - highly unusual for the 1950s.

And DeVos and Van Andel weren't and aren't Masons. Don't believe me? Ask Amway.

Oh, and David, The Protocols were a hoax too ...