Tuesday, 4 August 2009

'Amway should be compared to American Mafia'

From my previous experience with the clueless actors playing the 'corporate officers' in the British production of the long-running, American, black comedy entitled, 'Amway, The World's Largest Direct Selling Company,' it doesn't surprise me in the least that their wooden, Indian counterparts failed to turn up to face reality in Hyderabad, but, instead, cleared off to visit their billionaire script-writers in Michigan.
As I have stated all along, the counterfeit 'Direct Selling' company known as 'Amway India Enterprises' is merely part of a mystifying labyrinth of corporate structures pursuing lawful, and/or unlawful, activities which has been maliciously set up in order to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate the instigators of 'Amway' from liability. Well-paid puppets like Mr. William Pinckney usually have no idea about what really lies behind their own roles. If, and when, this typically arrogant 'Amway' fall guy turns up in court, he will only try to recite from his tedious 'Amway' script, but the killer question remains the same:
Mr. Pinckney, exactly what proportion of your counterfeit company's so-called 'direct sales' in India have been authentic, external retail transactions (i.e. to persons who are not agents of 'Amway' ) ?
However, I am not the only person to have identified 'Amway' as a global criminogenic organization fronted by spineless patsies who have little, or no, idea of what they really represent. Professor G. Robert Blakey (Dept. of Law, Notre Dame University, Chicago) was contracted by Proctor and Gamble to write a confidential report on 'Amway'. Blakey (who was Chief Counsel to the House Select Committeee which enquired into the assasinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, and who drafted the RICO, federal anti-racketeering, Act 1970) is considered to be America's leading expert on organized crime. His confidential report on 'Amway' was used in a successful lawsuit in which 'Amway' agreed to pay a millions of dollars to P&G. The document was subsequently stolen from Blakey's office and posted on the Net without its author's permission. In this, Blakey states quite clearly that 'Amway' should be compared to the American Mafia. Indeed, that's his opening salvo.
Perhaps a copy of Blakey's damning report would be of assistance to the Judges in Hyderabad? Obviously, this explains why the name G. Robert Blakey is missing from our smug Mr. 'IBOFB' Steadson's list of 'Well-Known Amway Critics'
Unfortunately, Prof. Blakey (who is bound by the rules of his profession) has, so far, refused to make any further comment about 'Amway.'
David Brear


IBOFB said...

Ahhh, you're a laugh a minute, Brear! Even when you're sarcastically complementing Amway you can't get your facts straight. Amway isn't the world's largest direct selling company. Avon, for one, is bigger.

As for Blakey, if you want to add him to Amway Wiki, feel free. Personally I don't consider him a "critic" per se, just a paid hack. He was paid by Proctor & Gamble to write a negative report about Amway for a lawsuit .... a paid hack .... and contrary to your apparent inability to tell the truth ... Amway did not agree to pay P&G millions - Amway was dismissed from the case!

Again I ask why do so many Amway critics lie?

Or perhaps he's not lying. Perhaps Brear actually believes what he is saying, despite the facts being the exact opposite?

There's a word for that.


Joecool said...

Why do so many Amway apologists lie? Why do IBOs lies about their income? Why do IBOs hide the name Amway when recruiting? Why do Amway IBOs lie about their products (Perfect water)?

Why does Amway IBOs even feel a need to defend their business? I don't see too many WalMart or Avon blogs? Why is that?

Why does IBOFB use the picture of an "imposter" as his avatar? Hmmm