Monday, 24 August 2009

Baits offered by crooks like Amway to lure the gullible to join their schemes

My Dear fellow human beings all over world. Lend me your ears.
Here is the list of baits offered by the crooks amywhere in the world to lure the gullible to join their cunning business schemes only to make them part with their hard-earned money. Many of these baits are used by Amway and other crooks are just following them with improvised versions.
* Want to earn Rs. 25,000 to 100,000 ore more
* Foreign Business Opportunity
* MNC Business Opportunity
* Your Own Business
* No Boss, No Target, No Tensions, Nothing
* Work From Home
* Timeless Job
* Earn Extra Income From Home
* Internet Typing Business
* Internet Ads Clicking Business
* Guaranteed Income of Rs. 25,000
* Want to Lose Weight!
* Nutrition Clubs
* Residual Income
* Direct Selling/Direct Marketing
* Chain Business
* Sponsoring Business
* Introduction Business
* Good Business Opportunity for Housewives,
Retired Persons and Unemployed Youth
* Part Time Business
* Multilevel Marketing/Referral Marketing/Network Marketing
* Resorts Promotion Business
* Gift Schemes
* Earn Daily Income
* Double Your Money In A Short Period
* Buy A Car and Earn Money


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

hello my friend, the way which u think that all amway business owners are doing the same way as it is mentioned than i think ur mistaken. I am an ABO and our groups I never does play tactics

And please to go this site which will tell you what is direct selling, multi-level marketing and pyramid or chain schemes