Saturday, 22 August 2009

Amway apologists conspicuous by their absence

Amway apologists in general and IBOFB in particular is not seen around defending the dubious perennial business opportunity of Amway these days. It seems he is tired of defending the crooks who have been cheating the gullible all over world.
Come out you apologists to say something stupid to get banged again by our Joe Cool or some one.
It seems the IBOFB has no comment about the rice trader of Andhra Pradesh who tried the same model of Amway business but could not make it forever. Hypocrites of world unite you have nothing to lose but shame.


IBOFB said...

so desperate for readers you have to beg me to come back?

That's one of the saddest things I've ever heard ....

rocket said...

I don't think he's desperate for readers Dave.

I think he just wants to continue to ensure that everyone knows that Amway is a bunch of crap.

You being around really helps to demonstrate that particular outlook.

You wanna know what the saddest thing I ever heard?

Some 300 PV level person spending the vast majority of their time defending Amway.

Without actually being successful at it!

Like most people in Amway.

Joecool said...

Hey IBOFB, if that was you on the Amquix info website, congratulations on reaching 100 PV last year! Don't spend all that bonus money in one place okay?

Unknown said...

Hey there Rocket. Its no surprise that with that attitude you failed as an IBO. If you could use that energy for something more constructive maybe you would have a higher sense of self worth, but dont worry, when you come to the relization that you failed because of your self you'll appreciate the capitalism that we live in. When that happens I want you to contact me so we can figure out what is making you a looser and not a winner. I'd be happy to spend some time with you to work on yourself and then youll have the ambition to work for something instead of thinking that everything should just be handed to you. :)

rocket said...

Hey MJ,

You know nothing about me, and yet, because you're in Amway, think you have all the answers?

What have I failed at? Being an Amway stooge?

What level are you at?

I would like YOU to contact ME to track your progress in Amway and ascertain just how successful you are.

You sound EXACTLY like all the other pro-Amwayers out there, pretending to be helplful, yet throwing out thinly disguised insults.

Unless you are willing to show me what level you are at, your retail sales, and overall annual profit, piss off. You are a nobody in the Amway business, and probably aren't bright enough to realize that you don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about.

I have never thought anything should be handed to me, and I have no idea where you would have gotten that idea. Unless of course, you are simply repeating what your "leaders" say on the CD's about people who think Amway's overpriced products, inefficient distribution methods and the motivational scam are the biggest joke on the planet.

When you learn how to spell "loser" I might take you seriously.

Good luck with your friendship club!

rocket said...

Hey MJ

Still waiting for you to contact me.

quixtarisacult said...

A very amusing string of comments here Shyam. Love Rockets comment. Right spot on!