Sunday, 9 August 2009

Amway mob's devious tactics notorious

Mr. Steadson, of course, is a provocative liar. He is the de facto agent of US-based racketeers - a latter-day Lord Haw Haw reciting a reality-inverting script. The poor boy is attempting to divert your readers attention. In reality, Steadson knows full-well that only one 'Amway' corporate structure faced a civil investigation and trial in the UK. This counterfeit 'direct selling' company hid an (effectively) 100% failure-rate for its participants, and had itself lost more than $25 millions in the 8 years prior to investigation. 'Amway UK Ltd.' only survived compulsory closure under UK insolvency rules, because its highly-paid team of lawyers (including a former Deputy Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office) solemnly promised a UK High Court Judge that the company would, henceforth, comply with UK law designed to prohibit illegal lotteries. These lawyers were paid with cash that 'Amway UK' declared to have come from 'Amway S. Korea.' However, the UK commercial regulators knew that 'Amway UK' has been the front for a secondary racket which has removed hundreds of millions of pounds from the UK economy during the previous 35 years. This secondary racket (the sale of books, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc., on the pretext that these materials contain the secret to achieving success in 'Amway') was not the subject of the recent UK investigation and trial. Indeed, the UK commercial regulators were prevented by their own rules from straying into any form of criminal investigation.
Nonetheless, the majority of the cash stolen from UK participants in 'Amway' passed through the hands of Messrs. Jerry Scriven and Patrick Gregory (two British 'Amway Diamonds'), on its way to Dexter Yager (an American 'Amway Diamond'). When the UK civil investigation commenced, Scriven and Gregory were immediately cut adrift by 'Amway' to divert criminal investigation. The leaders of the 'Amway' mob have followed this devious tactic in the past, most-notably in France in the 1980s.
David Brear

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IBOFB said...

Those poor, poor, unintelligent, uneducated High Court judges. If only they'd listen to David Brear they wouldn't be so easily led astray by those nasty, nasty Amway people.