Tuesday, 10 May 2011

IBOs tell the new recruits to use Glitter toothpaste very minimal to make it last longer

The self-styled 'independent business owners' a.k.a. IBOs of Amway resort to dubious ways to impress upon the prospective customers. If anybody complains that the products are exorbitantly priced even for personal use let alone selling to others, the Amway apologists try to convince them by saying that the Glitter toothpaste would last longer if they place the paste horizontally on the head of the toothbrush instead of vertically. Likewise, they  advise that the prospective customers could use only small amount of liquid to clean the floor. Funniy, they never extend the same advice to use Nutrilite or other products.
Ultimately, the newly recruited end up buying the products after joining the bandwagon of losers. Soon, they realise that they are losing every month several thousands of rupees and they also realise that it is next to impossible to sell these products.
After losing several thousands of rupees the failed IBO tries to rope in more members and he is thoroughly brainwashed to tell lies to the prospective customers. He/she boasts that he/she is earning every month several thousands of rupees and they too could earn the same amount if they join the scheme. 
Not surprisingly, the upline members blame them for not trying hard to sell the products to their friends and relatives and to rope in more members. Now the newly recruited feels ashamed of himself and blames himself. He never realises that the scheme of Amway India itself is fraudulent and actually it is to be blamed.

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