Monday, 30 May 2011

Trivedi is lying, because 'MLM retailing rules' have never been enforced

It beggars belief that your intellectually-castrated correspondent, Trivedi, still keeps posting his group's thought-stopping 'MLM' jargon on your Blog. 
This unquestioning little 'Amway' adherent keeps inviting your free-thinking readers to ignore the simple reality that 'Amway' is a criminogenic organization (which has never enforced its own fake 'retailing rules'), and, instead, plunge their minds into the dark 'Amway' labyrinth of mathematical and linguistic treacle. In doing this, Trivedi is slavishly copying his leaders' 'positive' example. The poor little lad is steadfastly trying to deceive your readers using one of the classic, hypnotic, techniques of confidence tricksters, but he is too arrogant to realize that we can see right through him.
A particularly devious confidence trick is known as change-raising. It involves essentially the same, hypnotic technique which young Trivedi has been using (without success) here on Corporate Frauds Watch. The change-raiser (posing as an honest member of the public) asks the victim (a helpful shopkeeper or trader) to give change for a banknote, but then distracts the victim's mind, and robs him/her, by introducing extraneous, thought-stopping, mathematical complication into a straight forward transaction. At all times, experienced change-raisers smile sweetly and give their victims the illusion that they are making a free-choice. 
Since 1979, all 'MLM business opportunity frauds' have hidden behind essentially the same counterfeit 'retailing rules' and extraneous, thought-stopping, mathematical complexity, which has all been maliciously designed to distract casual observers' minds from the simple reality that a form of theft (by deception) is taking place; making it appear that the instigators of these frauds, and their followers, are honest persons who have endeavoured to act within the law. Once inside an 'MLM' fraud, victims' critical and evaluative faculties have been progressively shut down using co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion. In this way, the worst 'MLM' victims have been induced to ignore their mounting losses and duplicate an unlawful, and economically-unviable, plan of consumption and recruitment on the pretext that this is the secret of achieving 'total financial freedom.' In other words, exactly like the victims of change-raisers, 'Amway' victims have been robbed whilst their minds have been occupied elsewhere, but, at all times, the thieves have smiled sweetly and given the victims the illusion that they were making a free-choice. 
For decades, grinning gangs of 'Amway' copy-cat racketeers have been allowed to continue thieving from tens of millions of ill-informed people around the world. These wealthy, but otherwise mediocre, little parasites have dodged prosecution by pointing to their own books of 'rules' and then steadfastly pretending that the 'MLM business opportunities' (which they offer) must be lawful, because it says in black and white that reward is dependent on retailing: rather than on recruiting. In the adult world of quantifiable reality, there has never been an effective, independent mechanism introduced anywhere in the world, to verify that the unquestioning followers of criminogenic groups like 'Amway' have regularly retailed products, and/or services, to the public for a profit.
Some of the selectively deaf, dumb and blind, senior American regulators, who have allowed this terrifying situation to develop, should really be facing criminal charges themselves.
David Brear (Copyright 2011)

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Joecool said...

The evidence is there. Amway goods are overpriced and not competitive against retailers such as WalMart. If the products were so great and of value, then IBOs who quit would surely continue to buy Amway products and their volume would keep gorwing year after year, even if their IBO force did not. But that isn't the case. IBOs themselves are the primary consumers of Amway goods. If the rules were enforced, Amway would be in trouble and IBOFB would have his pants down (again).