Thursday, 26 May 2011

More damning-evidence that 'MLM' companies shield 'Prosperity Gospel' cults

Despite the reality-inverting propaganda of the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr.'IBOFB' Steadson, Corporate Frauds Watch is not part of an anti-capitalist/pro-communist cult. On the contrary, we have merely endeavoured to tell ill-informed people the ego-destroying truth about 'Prosperity Gospel' cults like: 'Amway', 'Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing', 'Club Asteria'. 'Speakasiaonline,'  etc. They are all criminogenic or pernicious organizations which have generated, and continue to generate, fortunes for a handful of sanctimonious racketeers who have peddled the ego-building Utopian lie of 'total financial freedom,' whilst promoting unlawful money circulation schemes based on endless-chain recruitment and consumption.
It is often very difficult for casual observers to understand how, and why, the castrated minds of cult adherents fail to function. However, in order to understand cultism, you have always to remember that cult adherents have been conditioned to stop thinking critically and to accept essentially the same, addictive, closed-logic fiction as fact. Whilst they remain under the malign influence of their groups, cult adherents all believe that eventually they will achieve redemption in a future secure Utopian existence, but only if they follow their leaders' positive example without question, and believe 100% in the existence of Utopia. If you try to tell them that they are, in fact, being deceived by an age-old fairytale which has been updated to fit the spirit of the times, 'Prosperity Gospel' cult adherents systematically see you as not only a 'negative loser' who cannot achieve 'total financial freedom', but also as being a threat to their own redemption (and they act accordingly). 
Tellingly, here on Corporate Frauds Watch, we keep receiving peevish comments from former 'Prosperity Gospel' sheep who, on the one hand now accept that so-called 'MLM business opportunities' are deceptions, but on the other, bleat indignantly at you and me Shyam, for not offering them an alternative 'business opportunity' to achieve Utopia.
Interestingly, one of the most-courageous 'Properity Gospel' cult dissidents has been Eric Scheibeler - the American author of 'Merchants of Deception,' in which he explains how he came to waste 10 years of his life under the malign influence of the billionaire shepherds of the 'Amway' flock ; losing approximately $100 000 whilst passing at least $4 millions to his 'Upline'. During this period, Eric recruited thousands of further adherents, rising to an admired and respected level in the 'Amway' para-military hierarchy known as 'Emerald Distributor.'  Eric freely-admits that whilst he was an 'Amway' adherent, he was conditioned to hate any free-thinking individual who challenged the authenticity of his group and its kitsch Utopian myth of 'total financial freedom.' In the course of running his Site, 'Merchants of Deception,' Eric was contacted by many thousands of destitute former-believers in the 'Amway' lie from all around the globe. Some of these people accepted that 'Amway' was a deception, but they were still desperate to find another means to achieve their Dreams and they bleated at Eric to guide them.
Sadly, even when they have abandoned their flock, 'Prosperity Gospel' sheep are often unable to decide which direction to take by themselves, and they hunt round frantically for another leader. My advice to them is a quotation from the excellent 'Monty Python' film, 'The Life of Brian'
'You don't need to follow anybody!'
'You've got to think for yourselves!'
'You are all individuals!' 
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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