Friday, 1 July 2011

Business in the name of housewife lands her in trouble: speakasiaonline franchisee in jail

Mrs Manasa Reddy who got married just eight months ago to Devireddy Srinivasa Reddy would never have imagined that she was going to face the humiliation of a criminal case and her husband landing in the district jail of Vijayawada. She might have thought that her Chartered Accountant husband is pursuing a 'good business opportunity' in her name. She narrowly escaped the criminal case due to the generosity of the police officials. The CID police were kind enough not to book Mrs Manasa Reddy though she is one of the franchise holders of speakasiaonline for Vijayawada city. Instead they booked her husband since he is the real kingpin. 
Lured by the easy and quick money, Srinivasa Reddy took the bait of speakasiaonline, though it was not clear whether he had the past history of such illegal activities. Now he is cooling his heals in the district jail.
Likewise, Lanka Venkata Ayyappa Swamy a.k.a. MS Swamy is another franchise holder for speakasiaonline for Vijayawada city who found himself in the district jail.
These two are the persons who organised the meeting inviting the prospective members to join speakasiaonline in a hotel in Vijayawada city. I too attended the meeting and warned them that it is an illegal activity. However, they argued that it is a 'good business opportunity' though they could not clarify why should people pay money to express their opinions in the surveys. They bluntly claimed that it is a good business opportunity'.
Anyway, this is a good lesson for housewives to be learnt so that they would not lend their names in future for the business purposes of her husbands without obtaining full information.

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