Friday, 8 July 2011

Nano Excel is just another racketeer a la Amway fleecing Indians all over country

Nano Excel Corporation, a racketeer and a copycat of Amway India has been fleecing the gullible all over India. Dr Harish Maddineni, obviously a person from Andhra Pradesh a coastal State in India, chairman of Nano Excel Corporation, boasts many things including research into Nano technology. However, nano technology has nothing to do what he has been selling to people in the name of Nano Excel.
One look at the website of the company reveals how this fraudulent company has been indulging in illegal money circulation scheme in the name of direct selling.
The products range includes Acai health drink, nano bedsheet set (do not imagine the smallest bedsheet), Alkaline water bottle, Anion watch, Nano washing ball (don't ask what is it. You have to see to believe it), Nano water purifier jug, Nano health cards including body fresh card ( it claims to eliminate body odour by just keeping the card in your pocket), pain relief card (just keep it in your pocket you get relief from all pains), healthy heart card (it controls the heart) and a number of other cards and a range of jewellery of questionable claims among others.
One has to pay  starting from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 36,000 depending upon the package to become a global surveyor, a really fancy name for a distributor. Don't ask how could anybody sell these exorbitantly priced products. No need to sell. Just enroll more members for the entitlement of commission.
Like all these crooks, this fraudulent company also offers an unlimited lifelong income for a global surveyor. Never ask HOW? Just believe in it and become a member. 
A sizable number of Indians were already cheated by this fraudulent company. The dubious company claims that it has already 325,000 distributors all over India. It is high time, the police took serious action against this fraudulent company. It has two prominent global surveyors with offices at Hyderabad.  


~SANUSI~ said...

You are right. Nano Excel have been cheating the people in the name of Nano Technology. In our country there is no any monitoring system, that is why the frauds like these are caught only after people get cheated. Yes people too are responsible for this, but only to a small level. Left all is the responsibility of government officers, who approve and certify companies like these to operate without proper checking and monitoring.

Each and everyone should come forward and act. I've collected so many information's against Nano Excel Corporation, but don't know what should I do with that all.

I know its time to do something.

Shyam Sundar said...

Yeah! That is what I have been doing all these years. You too can join the bandwagon and fight against these unscrupulous people. You can undertake awareness campaign in your areas by organising youth. You could address the local meetings and wherever opportunity knocks the door or by creating opportunities.

ranjannirmalyam said...

madeneni(ravanan) he thinging how
can escape from this citiuvation what about his nano power plant
he try to buy indian officials

support anna hasare