Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nigerian scam claims another victim

Yet another Nigerian scam has surfaced in Vijayawada which hit a middle class uneducated farmer in a remote village of Mylavaram of Krishna district.
Mr Talluri Srinivasa Rao, a small time farmer was joyous when he received an SMS on his mobile which stated that he had won one million Great Britain Pounds in a competition organised by the world famous  Coca Cola company. He was asked to contact through an e-mail to claim the amount. With the help of his juniorcollege-going son, he sent an e-mail and he was asked to deposit about Rs. 15,500 to get the amount in a bank account. He promptly deposited the amount and he was immediately asked to pay Rs. 49,500 for the process of the transfer of funds. Little knowing what is in store for him, Mr Rao deposited the amount in the same bank account. Immediately he received another e-mail asking him to deposit Rs. 1,47,000 for paying certain taxes to the Reserve Bank of India and sent some documents purportedly sent by the RBI. Mr Rao obliged and paid the amount in another account in another bank. He got no suspicion of the whole deal as it was the world famous Coca Cola company which he is dealing with.
In two days, he received another e-mail asking him to deposit Rs. 2,20,000 for paying certain taxes. Now he almost ran out of his savings and inquired with an advocate about the veracity of the deal. The advocate who did not know about such rackets told him that Coca Cola was a very big company. However, he contacted another advocate from Vijayawada who advised him to contact Corporate Frauds Watch.
Now Corporate frauds Watch has taken up the case and prepared a complaint to lodge with the police.
This is called Nigerian scam and several people lost millions of rupees to these fraudsters. Though this fraud has been widely reported in newspapers, these crooks always manage to find new victims. 

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