Sunday, 6 November 2011

RMP Infotec cannot dare file writ petition in AP High Court

The crooks who are supporting the fraudulent company RMP Infotec Private Ltd have been spreading canards that the Andhra Pradesh High Court has issued stay orders in favour of RMP Infotec only to cheat some more people into the scam. In fact, the fraudulent company did not file any writ petition in the High Court.
Moreover, the police continue to file criminal cases against the agents and the officials of the company at more places in Krishna district after the Guntur district police filed the criminal case.
A criminal case against RMP Infotec was filed in the Ibrahimpatnam police station in the limits of Vijayawada Police Commissionerate and another criminal case was filed in Chatrayi police station in Krishna district.
In effect, the days are numbered for this fraudulent company in Andhra Pradesh and it may soon fade out in the State. Once the news spreads all over the country, the company might be compelled to close down shop.
These fraudsters, instead of showing their credentials and prove their 'great business model' to the police, are tucking their tails and slinking off. This shows how these cheats have been duping the gullible with the promise of easy and quick money. They are even offering the members perennial income even to their children and grand children.
People should realise that there is nothing like easy and quick money and should not fall prey to the easy and smooth talk of these fraudsters.


Anonymous said...

please follow for facts about RMP

Shyam Sundar said...

There is nothing like legitimate MLM or Network marketing. Every such thing is a fraud. There is nothing like hard working in these companies. It is only to rope in your friends and relatives and known persons who would hate you in future.

Average guy said...

Shyam, Some people are born stupid, some have stupidity thrust upon them, and then there are some who work hard to become stupid.
You know what the MLM aficianados are.
2 things that never fail to make me laugh are

1) People losing money in get rich quick schemes, teak plantations, unregulated financial schemes
2) MLM schemes.

The old adage "a fool and his money are soon parted" will always remain true. You or I can do little to change it.
I think this is an integral part of the economy and this is what keeps the stupid poor and the intelligent either middleclass or rich depending where they started.
Just like you can not fault a person for being a fool, you can not fault an intelligent person for wanting to take advantage of the stupid. Darwin's theory works at various levels, and it wil hold true like the proverb I mentioned before.
I love it when the mindless MLM drones spout things like "build your dream" and "I am Batman".
I like all others have a dream, but I am not sure I can achieve that by crashing into my friends house at odd hours to make a soap demonstration under the pretext of seeing his ailing mother.
I did not become friends with my classmate some 30 years ago, hoping to sell him soap someday.
A fool will lose his money and the fittest will survive.
All you need to work towards is to ensure somehow that the government does not waste public money in pursuing mass duping cases (like teak plantations , or people who lose money in MLM cases)
I think we as a country and a people have matured enough to know stupidity from intelligence. To treat us like we don't is very patronizing.
However keep up the good work, I shall return to read more comments and have a laugh.

Unknown said...

Have you joined RMP earlier, have you read all the term conditions and policies of a company.I do not know how you are getting all the details which are defaming the RMP Infotec.
A Blog JoinRMP.Com which has a lot of stuffs to tell you what is exactly network marketing.

A & H said...

Only Pade like annadis talk against NWM industry.

A & H said...

Does the police knows what is network marketing. they refer 40 year old rule book. And some failures in the industry talk as per their level of understanding. sad. people grow up ! Act and guidelines needed urgently so that no one takes the law in their hand. Neither companies and govt. officials.

Shyam Sundar said...

Let us presume that the police do not know what is network marketing. You explain it.
Joining friends and relatives to create an infinite chain. Is this network marketing? Or do you have something else on your mind?
There is nothing like infinite chain and a large number of people would be the losers in the long run. This is what is called 'mathematical impossibility.'

mlm said...

i canot understand who the hell are this guys who who simply writ any thing about any one.if u guys simply thing their is any fraud in this system simply proove it. or simply shut up.

Shyam Sundar said...

You could not understand because you shut down your thinking faculties. Just open them up and think deeply. It is an open money circulation scheme in which only the company and a handful of its apologists could make money and the rest lose their hard-earned money.

jay said...

Is there any chance of bail in this month

enthuyathi said...

Looks like the people against RMP have finally realized their mistake and stopped posting.

biju titus said...

this is the marketing technology of the 21st century. most of the stupid citizens are still trying to make the rich the richest. my dearest 'against mlm guys', do u mind amitabh recommending zandu balm, navratna oil etc. and also other big celebrities from cricket and film industry are promoting such things which they might have not used themselves at least once. still you buy it wasting almost 70% of ur money to these middlemen. and u hate ur frnd, relative or neighbour recommending something to you. ofcourse our bullshit Indian brains have resisted tractors, then computers and now living on them. first try to find out how it can benefit our commonman's economy than sachin's or amitabh's. do u have anything which is capable of making India a developed country by 2020? If not, there is MLM. JAI HIND.

ajay jaiswal said...

mr.shyam sundar lal i thing u r stupid every thing is possible in the world because of thinking,mahatam gandhi was single person who stand against the english but slowly slowly every people joint him network marketing is a change of life which is running from two to three year old.this is the change of life thinging about purchase of products from trditional way to network way and thus people make money understand this theory and join rmp i think u will be a diamond in rmp .

jai rmp jai jai rmp go diamond
ajay jaiswal
a rmp distributer

Shyam Sundar said...

This pigheaded fellow strongly believes what he is saying is right. Or is he pretending so?
He knows very well that it is a racket but still does not want to come out of the web. That is why it is called cult.

deepak mekani said...

mr. sundar this is not your fault, you are saying just about some fraud and failure MLM concept.i tell u one simple thing - plz check the details of RMP i sure you will change your mantility about Network Marketing..

Shyam Sundar said...

That is why the RMP directors were arrested and Rs. 6 crore in the banks was seized.

Sam said...

Rmp really a fraud company. My brother lost his rs.4 lak in past 1year. They are drinking commenmen blood.

rupam said...

Dear All,

The sad aprt of internet now a days is there is no authenticity, people like anyone like Sham Sunder, self acclaimed reported without having any knowledkge about any MLM companie's policies, gyuidelines posting this big blog without any restrictions. The results of this will be many people will be refrained from joinning the wagons of dreames, achievers in the MLM industry which is called as revolution of 21st century not by me orr self acclaimed reporter/advocate likr Sham suner but by globally renowned economist like, warren buffet, donald trump, bill gates, bill clinton etc. Do this guy know more than them????. A simpl logic people can use...if RMP is a fraud company how it is doing business in all over india, how its website can show all the meeting schedules even after the propoganda created in AP. AP regonal office how it is open if RMP have feared to file the petition....
I have received all the money as per my commitment till date in RMP..and same for all people. Peole are claiming they have loss 4 lac...its a nonsense because if you elligible for payment as per business plan, RMP has a track record of paying every individual..but someone has misguided your brother/ or he have not analysed and closed his mind who can help him. there is no chance of holding money or lossing this is not itseklf prrof that that guy dont understand the basic business plan....
Why cant people do productive things to them and the socity rather than wasting their and peoples time by putting this kind of misguiding blogs.
You can find all the detail about company in
Get all the details and get clariication then only start...IF YOU WANT TO BECOME EXTRAORDINARY IN LIFE!!!!!...and Time will prove as RMP has proved in last 10 years!!!

Shyam Sundar said...

This type of educated crooks are the worst enemies to the growing economies like India. These 'dreamers' and/or 'achievers' are out to cheat their own friends and relatives with their sweet talk only to rob their hard-earned money. These friends and relatives could not file a criminal cases against these crooks but they never trust them in future. That is the most dangerous part of the whole racketeering.
These crooks never respect our judiciary and never honour its verdict. They always look at the 'great Americans' who are out to share the looted profits of the racketeers.
It is high time, the victims came forward with their version of how they lost money to these racketeers.

Sam said...

Shyam Sundar ...i think u r right, u have mentioned all the different aspects of RMP. You do understand what is business and also what is doing by RMP. RMP's maximum victims are uneducated or just minimum graduate ppl who are all don't have much opportunities in their life to earn good amount money.It's a virus for our society. I would like to request to my all of RMP'S fans that can you arrange MOA of your company or can any one explain me how does it work?

After completion of each pair u'll get INR 1000 and like that it should continue,the RMP product lines are basically dumped into the market by their respective manufacturer who would like to discontinue with all of these, they thought to sell it of at Cost Price from where atleast they may get some benefit out of this.

All the fool people i would like to request you that please please leave this fraud group..........samit

jay said...

we r no one to decide that whether rmp is wrong or right...dis is india.. all r the same ....Everything thing starts from government and end up der only....And the one who talk about uneducated people ..its the uneducated people who form the government by giving vote not the educated people.

saurabhmaverick said...

Dear Friends... I read all comments and i am quite pleased that atleast people are educated enough to talk about MLM (for & against); however, I doubt few... infact many of the facts/statements. I am an active RMP distributor, and a software engineer with 50K+ salary (taking away that only uneducated and average people do it). Moreover, in todays time we all are using internet (including posting comments via blogs or social networking sites), so we can really go around and check what Network Marketing is all about. I agree that this industry is full of frauds and crooks; however, it is upto an individual to choose the right one. A person can decide how he/she prevails his business. Company provides same opportunity to everyone, and I have seen from a gadgeted officers to a male nurse to uneducated people earning huge amount and living the life they want.

With all due respect to all, I am not asking here anyone to join any MLM, but if you really want to get some knowledge about this industry then either you can touch base me at or can read on internet what Mr. Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton said. Recently ICDSI (International Council for Direct Selling) chief met Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Mr. Manmohan Singh to regularize this industry and to form a Ministry as per international norms so that cheats can be filtered out. RMP has taken a big step in supporting of formation of a seperate minitsty.

Anyways, I can type in so much, but its all about an individuals belief about things.

Horizon said...

Its like saying POLITICIANS R CORRUPT. Majority maybe. Its not the RULE!!! Shyambhai needs to study Network Marketing which has been introduced as a new subject in MBA curriculums in Indian Universities & then judge.
Patience is missing in majority of common men. Its not their fault. Plus, Indian mindset is spoilt because of past experiences.

RMP has shattered certain records in Network Marketing. I was NEGATIVE for 6 months but when I had an open mindset, I was surprised that Pravin Chandan is actually changing many peoples' life by moving them towards financial freedom.

Shyam Sundar said...

Can you please clarify what is network marketing. For any reasonable person, network marketing means joining certain number of members his downline and they in turn joining more members their downline. That is an infinite chain which mathematically impossible. This could be understood easily by even an uneducated person. Problem arises with the educated who are determined to cheat their own friends and relatives.

Michael said...

Rajesh Bothra was born in Mumbai 1968, in Marwari family from a Rajaldesar village in Rajasthan. When he was aged about 16. He decided to quit his further studies, because his ambition was to become an excellent businessman. After quitting his studies he decided to start his business. In Present days his Business is popular by brand name Mercury, which is sold and uses his product Worldwide by common people.

James K said...

Dear Shyam,

I have read through almost all of your comments, suggestions and thoughts (almost). However, I am not going to support a particular organisation who is following multi-level marketing model. Just to provide you with certain important elements that you as a "journalist" / "writer" should understand; MLM is a model based on organisational structure method. You need to understand the science and maths behind it because all possibilities are based on these two important things. Like you must be aware that you get paid on your work with mathematics associated with it (typically hours invested leading to income generated); similarly, in MLM model, one need to increase the number of hours invested in the business leading to the income associated on mathematical ground.

Lets now talk science and I dont mean technology. The science of people and their business (regardless of any business). There is always something called as opportunistic business that increases revenue of multiple business holdings and eventual leads to remuneration to those who work for the business of the holdings.

If you ask me, I dont care if Shahrukh Khan advertises for any of the products that we use. The product is important and not the film star for us. However, the "endorsement" leads to incremental pricing in the finished product (which I am not wrong, you and me buy). That is called traditional marketing. You have to understand the so called "chain" utilised in product development to MRP (I am sure you can).

Now, if MLM as the model is wrong and if I have to accept your hard worked comments and study; then even traditional marketing model is also wrong.

But then you and me are nowhere.

So, my sincere recommendation for you is to relax and actually put in your intellectual inputs and hard work in may be other better things like helping orphans to study and grow well rather posting your comments on a concept that is out of any individuals identity.


Shyam Sundar said...

This type of skewed argument is the most harmful to the society. James was talking about mathematics. He need to be reminded about the mathematical impossibility. If you enroll two persons and these two persons enroll two persons each the chain would be ended sooner than later. So, there is nothing like infinite chain.
That is why the Supreme Court of India remarked that knowing fully well that the chain is going to break, these fraudulent companies have been resorting to recruitment of members and that is why these crooks should be brought under Section 420 of IPC (cheating).
Mr James there is nothing like infinite chain and that is why MLM is illegal and this has been highlighted by various judgements of High Courts in various states in India and the Supreme Court upheld them.
Mr James, think about the people you are roping in in the name of good business opportunity and about the millions of people who lost money in such scams.

sudhir said...


Starringmh said...

Is that any problem in this Fraud

Hai i am muhu i hve joined in RMP info tech for Network marketing ... I have spend 7000/-.. i have earned 0/-...

it is a Fraud Company
Peoples Don't BE FOOL ... Beware of RMP

Suresh Palamel said...

all network marketing companies are making the people fools

DiamondPeak said...

Dear Shyam,
I am with you where it concerns RMP . The MLM concept is actually the best opportunity for many people, but only if the company has good products. Amway, Oriflame, Herbalife, Forever Living, are companies that provide good quality products that you personally use all the time. In the case of RMP, they don't have that. A few years ago, they introduced plots of land as one of their products and sold out totally. Till date, nobody who bought that land has been given possession, why? Because the said land is in Raigad and most of the members who 'bought' it, live in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, and have never even visited the place. One of the properties, to my knowledge, could be more, is in dispute and the case is going on at Mangaon Court. The land exists, although no member has received allotment, but the N/A order has been issued illegally, I have documentary proof of this and if anyone here wants a copy, I will gladly send it to you. I agree with you that this is a money making scam, RMP supporters have different opinions when they make a little money. What about their downline? How much money did they lose for you to make that money?
Cheers Shyam, let's get rid of these cheats!

Unknown said...

Dear Shyam,
Thanks for nice post, it’s truly said that “common sense is very uncommon “. I will put my thoughts point wise.
1) People do not understand that for them to gain money someone has to lose the money.
The people of top level gain because of the bottom level invest (lose) money. So people at one level higher is gaining the hard earned money of their own friends or close relatives or someone who trust them. MLM Company is not giving any pie to them. But people are blind by their selfishness. This chain go on as people at bottom will find few more BAKRAS. This will keep the chain going and widening the base at bottom.
2) The money is generated only by new joiners at the bottommost not at the TOP. So who is paying them money? Just think …… ….. … .. .
3) The money at the bottom is not less equal to the money the just one layer gets. The money is distributed to whole chain. Mostly higher amount going to company itself. So company gain from your friends and relatives. But opposite is told in their meetings.
4) The company does not do anything but earn money ( no manufacturing of products). The money generated here comes out form the Trust of people which you just have sold to the MLM. You sell your trusted people to them in exchange for few rupees (really Horrible).
5) I learned some people arguing that doctors, engineers and highly qualified people have joined RMP. But I argue this people may be well Trained but still not be well Educated people.
6) The items sold on this chain are general items which you can purchase at very lower prices in wholesale / regular market. But you are ready to pay Printed price on the box. We certainly know that MRP is not set by government. But MRP is totally misused.
7) Some body claims you purchase the good from market because some celebrity sells this items who himself may never use them, this is not entirely true do you really buy goods sold by celebrity, if yes you are fool.
8) Other argument this type of selling cuts Marketing chain of distributors and wholesalers and middle man , in reality this bring thousands of middle man between you and the selling company as profit is shared by all layers above you.
9) If really cuts marketing chain of distributors and wholesalers and middle man then the products should be sold at very low price than market. Also considering the bulk discount MLM Company may be getting on its bulk purchase. They should sell at very low price than market. But this does not happen.
10) Samajhdar ko ishara hi kafi hai….
11) Don’t get into fraudulent MLM company’s like this. Save you and your dear / near ones.

Good job Shyam …
Jai Hind …..
Jago re .. … ….