Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Have Kerala government officials made a public confession of guilt?

Years ago I was advised by an American academic not to accuse government officials of being stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, to their faces, because this is counter-productive. Regular readers of Corporate Frauds Watch will know that I didn't follow that timid advice. Indeed, judging by their intellectually-feeble content, perhaps the stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, Kerala government officials who recently came up with these so-called 'Direct Selling Guidelines,' were drunk at the time? Self-evidently, they have allowed this essentially-meaningless document to be written by the de facto agents of US-based 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers; for it is certainly against the interests of the people of Kerala.
The blatantly-obvious point which these stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, Kerala government officials have completely missed, is that, when rigorously-investigated, in all so-called 'MLM income opportunities,' lawful direct selling to the public of goods, and/or services, which these 'Direct Selling Guidelines' seem to describe in theory, cannot be proved to have occurred in practice. However, notice how these 'Guidelines' deliberately use the ambiguous and inaccurate term, 'the consumers,' and not the unambiguous and accurate term, 'the public.'
Thus, if these Kerala government officials had not been stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, their description of direct selling would have read as follows: 
'Lawful Direct Selling' means any viable system of economic exchange, in which it can be proved by independent quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts) that a significant percentage of non-salaried commission agents under contract to an individual or to a commercial company, have regularly retailed significant quantities of consumer goods, and/or services, directly to the public for a profit outside of traditional fixed retail outlets, usually through explanation, and/or demonstration of the goods, and/or services, by the commission agents.
If these Kerala government officials want to prove their intelligence, diligence and honesty to the readers of Corporate Frauds Watch, then all they have to do is make the neccessary amendments to their essentially-meaningless 'Direct Selling Guidelines' without further delay. Indeed, I have kindly done their job for them, and I will take their failure to act on my common sense advice, as a public confession of guilt. Perhaps they will be frightened that I might send them a bill? 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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